1. Years ago when I was pregnant with my son I had terrible morning sickness and my doctor prescribed Benadryl, the same medication you can get over the counter now. Took one before bed and it worked like a charm.

  2. sometimes i get all sick in the morning and occasionally when it happens i throw up… i'm not even pregnant lol i know im not because im a 16 year old virgin haha

  3. @Madadader ya! my grandma said the whole time she was pregnant with my dad, my grandpa would get morning sickness like every day and she had almost no morning sickness herself haha funny how that happens somtimes :p

  4. OMG! I can't believe you're advising brushing your teeth after vomiting! That's so bad for your teeth! You're brushing the bacteria and pyrosis between your teeth which will result in tooth decay. Better to gargle with water or mouthwash until you really need to brush your teeth.

  5. omg!!! this nausea is gonna kill me =/ i hope my husband gets morning sickness so he can know how i feel muahah…..

  6. Regarding the advice to brush your teeth often. It's usually advised to try to wait an hour after vomiting before brushing teeth since it can be hard on your enamel, as teeth are covered in gastric acids. Try to swish some water and spit it out before brushing your teeth twenty times per day.

  7. Tried all this, none of it works… only the lemonade and mint tea seem to lessen it. doesnt stop the vomitting though. 15 weeks and still hasent let up, yay….

  8. I was having pretty bad morning sickness, but I bought the seasick bracelet, very inexpensive, and it kind of helped with it. I tried ginger and it didn't work.
    Meanwhile, during the sickness and pain, I created pregnantandfunny to help us have some fun

  9. @sweetsnackz this is exactly my case, no sickness if my stomach's full, so i have to eat few times a day, little amounts though. Did you gain a lot of weight with this way of eating? i'm considering of doing prenatal pilates to stay fit cause i'm only 8 weeks pregnant now=)

  10. I'm 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant today and the morning sickness hit like a ton of bricks 2 days ago. It SUCKS, especially when you have things to do. I find that gingerale helps me the most, what makes me sick the most is drinking water. I NEVER drank cokes before I got pregnant and I always drank water but now I absolutely can't drink water without gagging. 🙁

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  12. Thank God I'm over the morning sickness now. It ended up stopping at about 15/16 weeks. I'm 25 weeks now and expecting a baby boy 🙂

  13. Thanks for video I'm in need of any advise concerning morning sickness 1st pregnancy it lasted 4months severe in 2001 now again I'm pregnant and sick

  14. Got morning sickness really bad, from morning to night. It's my first pregnancy and really giving me and my husband a hard time.

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  16. I'm 15 weeks and my morning sickness went away 6 days ago. But I still don't look pregnant. My belly is still flat.

  17. omg some of this stuff is bull pies! water and lemon stuff are stuff that make u throw up if u have morning sickness! and u should never brush your teeth after throwing up cuz your vomit is full of acid and your brushing weakens the teeth more. just swish water and spit.

  18. Iv been pregnant 4 times. The first time I had horrible morning sickness. Then I took "herbal hearts GINGER CAPSULES. It saved me! I used the same capsules in all my pregnancies and I didn't have to worry about morning sickness any more. If you're pregnant you should definitely get Herbal Hearts capsules. I find great deals on ebay so I get mine from there.
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  19. I can only say one thing: NEVER take vitamins if you are sick! They will only make you feel more sick! I had terrible sickness that lasted until week 18. It stopped when i stop forcing myself to take them.

  20. I have heard take vitamins at night before you sleep help but I had the worst morning sickness first trimester with my daughter oh my gosh, I threw up 15 times and nothing was helping but thank God for second trimester all that went away.  I had zero morning sickness with both my sons.  I tried peppermint tea.  It was horrible.  Even if I smelled garbage I threw up.

  21. my mom is very sick has not been feeling well ultimamemt, she is 8 months pregnant, I am very happy for my brother but I worry about the health of my breast.
    This only happens at night, I have 15 years, my dad works and I take care of my mom, the evening has a hard time falling asleep and in the morning begins with a bad cough one day almost vomits both coughing, also has a lot of phlegm stuck in the throat and has a chest discomfort every night I have to be at his bedside a bucket because when you start coughing out phlegm and have to throw them away, and so every night is passed, coughing and phlegm bouncing like me concerned because the phlegm bloody boot them out like its a day of vomiting coughing both gave and began to vomit blood and phlegm vote, really I am very concerned his health took her to the doctor and said he was not quite sure this would influence pregnancy my mom gave him some medicine but have no effect if anyone knows please do let me know. Every day is worse 😰

  22. Please help my life, well morning, is absolutely a living hell I wake up and feel sick and gag and its in my mind all the time and I do not want to eat. It is horrible and I hope know one else has it I'm a kid and I want to get rid of it its so horrible, any solutions??

    P.S please help

  23. I have morning sickness to I'm a man thank god u said men can get it 2 I was starting to think I was pregnant. Also these stuff do help but I want to know why I get it 2.

  24. I hav lost 6 kgs bcz of morning sickness and not eating anything it's worst thn anything I m 15 weeks and still struggling with it from da start horrible I feel I wll die by vomiting all da time

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  28. lol why would you put videos of people throwing up into a video with tips on how to not be nauseated, I was so nauseated and looking for tips to feel better and the videos of the girls throwing up made me feel so much worse

  29. I am sure that "No to morning sickness tea" is truly a trustworthy source to fight with morning sickness, drink it early in the morning before breakfast, it’ll recedes nausea and then before every meal keeps well throughout the whole day.

  30. The vitimans make me feel worse. I avoid dry food as much as possible cause it's a lot harder to bring it back up and to breathe through it

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  32. "No to morning sickness tea" is amazingly soothing thing for morning sickness, it works really well to eliminate vomiting and nausea and the best thing on its part is its organic blend which makes it safer for mom and the baby both.

  33. There’s More To Pregnancy Than Just Morning Sickness

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