How To Cure A Leg Ulcer

The majority of leg ulcers are caused by vein
problems, well over 80% in fact and in most cases the cause is superficial vein reflux.
This is important to know as leg ulcers can be cured by the correct treatment and I am
going to describe how. Recently, I met a lady who developed varicose
veins and then over the years, the skin changed, a condition called varicose eczema. If you
have watched any of my videos, you will know that varicose eczema is the precursor of a
leg ulcer, it is a warning sign that the skin is being damaged and that is vulnerable. Sadly,
despite seeing her family doctor, her varicose eczema wasn’t taken seriously and a few
months later she developed a leg ulcer. This is what her leg looked like when I first met
her. You can see varicose veins, varicose eczema and a painful ulcer near her ankle
which she had endured in bandages for nearly 2 years. I treated her with endovenous laser to eradicate
the superficial vein reflux and now six months after laser, her ulcer is healed, she is pain
free and at last she can think of holidays where she can wear shorts. Will her leg go back to normal completely?
Probably not. There will of course be further improvement but the eczema is actually skin
damage. Some of it is repairable by her body’s healing processes, but some of it is damaged
skin which is beyond repair. But there are 2 important lessons. Firstly, get varicose
eczema treated as soon as possible to prevent ulcers and secondly if you do have an ulcer,
it can be treated and long-term bandages are not the answer. I hope you have found this interesting. Please
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the latest news in vein health. My name is Doctor Haroun Gajraj, thank you for watching.

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