How to Create Delicious Oil Free Raw Salad Dressing Recipes

How to Create Delicious Oil Free Raw Salad Dressing Recipes

This is John Kohler with OKRAW.COM. This will
probably be one of my best episodes that I have given you so far. Now, I don’t necessarily
like to give like recipe demos, you’ll notice that I do have a whole lot of recipe demos
because I want to teach you guys much more than recipes, you know, in our culture here
in our society today we’re all taught to follow the leader. So follow the recipe, follow what
the head guy says, you know, and I want you guys to start thinking for yourself cause
beyond just eating a healthy diet I think it’s very important to make changes in this
world that we live in today and start thinking for yourself, because so many people today
are just directed on what to eat, what to think, and what to do in life. So this video
today is very valuable because what I’m going to teach you guys is concept in how to think
for yourself and make your own delicious raw salad dressings by using, you know, different
ingredients that you have available at home. And I’ve come up with this method over many
years of trial and tribulations to find the best method to make tasty salad dressings
that you’ll actually look forward to every single night to eat, actually last night’s
salad dressing — it was delish — actually some sesame seeds, macadamia nuts, two brazil
nuts for my selenium, also some citrus juice, a mixed citrus juice of tangerine, lemon,
and blood orange, with some a little bit of garlic, and some uh, miso for the salt, and
MAN — that was delicious! So one of things I think is that the salad should be the main
dish of your raw foods lifestyle, when you’re eating a lamb-based raw lifestyle, vegan lifestyle,
or just a conventional lifestyle, you wanna eat LARGE salads because salad greens and
the greens salads are the most nutrient foods on the planet but, you know, a lot of people
have problems just eating salad greens alone because they don’t taste good. So, I want
you guys to make the healthy salad dressing, so without further ado let’s just go into
the clip where I’m going to share with you guys how to make your own delicious raw salad
dressings at home. John inside:
Welcome. Hello everyone thank you for coming tonight.
Uh, today I will be giving a talk, a talk about some salad dressings that you can make
at home. This is a very special talk because I haven’t given this talk for about, man,
about three years now, so it’s going to be really good really exciting I mean this is
basically what I’ve learned over the last eighteen years of being into living a raw-foods-diet.
You know, I’ve tried to learn, the best way possible. Now, how many people here have heard
my story before and heard why I got into the raw foods diet? So there’s a hand full of
people so for those of you who haven’t, um, I’ll go ahead and just briefly get into it
give you a really quick summary because I’m not here to tell my story I can talk for hours
about my story, but basically why I got into the raw food diet is because I had a health
condition. When I was younger I had what’s called spinal meningitis, you know, I was
hospitalized put into the intensive care unit, as you may know, spinal meningitis can be
fatal. K deadly actually. So I was in the hospital, the doctors told me that I might
not make it out alive and that’s not a fun place to be at any age but especially when
you have your whole life ahead of you and you just graduated college and you’re in your
twenties. So, you know, I had a lot of time to think in the hospital and the doctor with
his standard western medicine couldn’t guarantee that I was going to walk out of there and
I started maybe questioning if western medicine was what I wanted to really, you know, put
my faith into if I got sick again, ha, or if I even made it through that situation.
So while I was in the hospital I thought a lot about a lot of different things, what
I thought most about was: what is the most important thing I have right now, you know,
I mean is it all the money in the world or if I have my nice corvette you know with convertible,
you know, is that really worth anything if I don’t walk out of here. So instead of valuing
money and things that like normal society would want me to value I really had to shift
my focus because I lost the thing that was truly the most valuable to me, which is my
LIFE. I don’t want to lose my life, you know, I can lose all my money you know that wouldn’t
be fun but I’d rather have my life than my money. I’ll give that up any day. So um, I
learned that my health is my greatest wealth and after that time when I did get out of
the hospital I asked the doctor Why did I end up in the hospital, nobody else I know
got sick with the spinal meningitis why did I get it and he said well you have what’s
called compliment immune deficiency and what that is, basically he blamed a chronically
weak immune system on bad genes, defective genes, that I’ve have since birth and that
I was more susceptible than getting a sickness whether it’s spinal meningitis or anything
than the standard person, he said next time no matter what disease I may get I may not
be so lucky and get out of a situation so at that point, because is started valuing
my health I’m like okay I got to do anything I can to increase my health to make it so
that I don’t end up in the hospital again and the doctors are not telling me again that
I might not make it out of there alive because you know the only odds I had was up to the
higher powers it wasn’t up to the doctors at that point and I don’t like, I mean I have
faith but you know I want to do anything in my control to be as healthy as I can. From
that point on, it has been a long journey and I had to determine and learn how to eat
the healthiest way possible so I found of course juicing and then raw foods, and I found
that by eating fresh fruits and fresh vegetables in their minimally processed state is the
healthiest things for us to eat. And that’s pretty much what it is. And during this whole
time I’ve always tried to use this principle I call “CANI” C-A-N-I stands for constant
and never-ending improvement. So whatever I do today I try to do a little better tomorrow.
Just the other day I was researching ancient fruits to see if ancient fruits from, you
know, thousands of years ago if they had as much sweetness or sugar as the ones these
days. And my research showed that tropical fruits absolutely did have very similar properties
to today’s fruits although you know some of the non-tropical fruits were, but that’s a
whole other story, but nonetheless I constantly researched and learned new things to build
on what im doing so then I can truly be as healthy as I can so I’m really diving in deep
to raw foods specifically for my health. Some people might get into it for weight loss or
because they’re vegan and need a plant-based diet and that’s the next logical step for
people that are eating a plant-based diet is to go raw and plant-based but I got into
it specifically for my health and that’s what I’ve been focusing on all these years. That’s
the background I have. I want to mention this because it is very important to me. Not everybody
who is into raw foods is doing it for their health, there may be a chef and they wanna
make fancy stuff that taste good. But not always the stuff that tastes good, even if
it is raw, is not healthy but that’s a whole other talk that I can give about that so that’s
why I advocate eating whole foods in their natural state as much as possible and uh for
the most part tonight those are the ingredients that I will be using for this talk ’cause
you know I read a lot of the answers that came up on the meet-up questionnaire when
you sign up to come like most people I use like olive oil vinegar dressings with the
raw dressings because we don’t know any different we are not taught any “raw dressings” when
we are a kid we are taught to use you know stuff out of a bottle and olive oil and vinegar
which is, you know, could be raw! But in my opinion, that’s not the healthiest dressing
to eat, it can definitely sabotage your health goals in my opinion. And I mean the very simple
reason for this is Number one: Nutrient density of the foods
(so, we take olive oil, or hemp oil which is better, or any oil whether it’s olive oil,
hemp oil, or coconut oil, sunflower oil, if you’re using an olive oil or oil in vinegar
dressing the main problem I see is number one it’s one hundred percent fat). We have
a lot of fat-phobics maybe in the room or just in our culture in general and we don’t
wanna eat a high fat diet or too much fat cause we think it makes you fat and you know
I’m not going to debate that either, but in just one tablespoon of oil and it’s not a
lot you know it’s one hundred and twenty five calories is on the label. So you know, just
by eating a little bit of oil with some vinegar and if you put two table spoons and I’m sure
you are dumping the oil on you’re not measuring it could be three hundred calories in just
a little bit of oil and then you dump it over a salad that’s this big your salad of leaves
might contain only eighty calories so now you’re eating a really high in fat diet and
another problem with oil is that it doesn’t contain a lot of nutrition and besides the
oil or the fat there’s no micro nutrients there’s no you know other healthy properties
in it that are really healthy for us. So that’s why I, you know, don’t recommend eating oils.
Now, I’ll tell you a story this is kind of a funny story when I was young into raw foods
I thought I could buy the best highest quality olive oil I could buy because once again if
you go to a regular grocery store and you buy regular olive oil it may not be raw it
may be extracted with nasty chemicals and may be doctoring it up with like cheap canola
oil and all this other stuff but I got this stuff called berriani olive oil and it’s actually
grown on organic groves and near Sacramento, California. They harvest the olives. They
actually have an old stone mill grinder that grinds up the olives and presses out the oil
and then they don’t filter it so like this is like one of the best quality really raw
olive oil you can get and I had it in my cupboard, and like many people into raw foods, I used
to make olive oil vinegar dressings and my friend, my good friend doctor Rick Dean would
come over to my house and always give me stuff like John why are you always using olive oil
and vinegar?? And I’m like Rick, this is very good, this is the best olive oil you can get
it’s unfiltered it’s you know organic it’s cold pressed all this kind of stuff and he
kept giving me stuff about it and I never really understood why he gave me so much stuff
about my organic cold pressed olive oil. And you know finally one day I realized it, number
one it is a fractionated food so it’s just the fat of the olive missing all the nutrients
and it’s also very high calorie and the other thing is you know at the point I was when
I first got into raw food is actually a good thing I was eating olive oil because I was
actually eating more salads but and I felt fine after eating it but then at some point
things shifted I would eat the olive oil and feel real tired after I ate and that’s because
you know getting into raw foods what I was doing the standard American veganish red meat
you know I was doing something better. I finally plateau-ed and I need to go you know further
than that. I’m not saying you should quit your olive oil today but you might want to
be more aware of this is you are using it and I’m here to actually show you a bunch
of different options that are in my opinion a lot healthier than using some of the oils.
So uh let’s see here, so I guess the main reason for the salad dressing is because it
will allow you to eat more salads I know some people that answered the question here also
use like bottled dressings from trader joe’s or from whole foods and using a bottle dressing
gets you to use more greens I think that’s GREAT. You know definitely keep that up! Also
I would encourage you to you know make a HEALTHIER SALAD DRESSING than the highly processed salad
dressings that are out there I mean some of the different salad dressings may contain
different oils maybe GMO and contain many different additives or preservatives
so you’re missing out on the extra nutrition
you COULD BE getting if you make your own salad dressings fresh. So if we eat more salads
this is really great because I think a raw foods diet should be the main dish I mean
it should be one of the staples of a raw foods diet. The main reason for this is because
the leafy greens and uh the most nutrient dense foods on the planet so how many people
have been to whole foods? And seen the ANDI score system they use, few people, so if you
go to whole foods there is this ANDI scoring system and any produce items are scored and
many other items are scored so basically what they do is rate the nutritional content of
the foods in whole foods or many of them anyways on a scale from like zero to one thousand
and a thousand is the most nutrient dense food which means it has the most nutrients,
vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, biochemicals, antioxidants, and bionutrients, per calorie.
So for example, if you want to look at a low nutrient dense food it’s like a soda is like
a one. And on the top list it’s like the kale the collard greens the bok choi let’s see
uhhh watercress and basically at the top of the list is pretty much all the leafy greens
the thousands of kale it comes down then you have those fruit/vegetables the leafy greens
then you have maybe some vegetables then you have the fruits. So if you’re eating the fruits
the vegetables and the leaves you’re eating the most nutrient dense foods on the planet
which are the least amount of calories but contain the most nutrients in there so most
Americans if they’re eating McDonalds or other fast food restaurants they’re eating a lot
of calories but low nutrients. And I think nowadays we’re getting far too many calories
as a society and not enough nutrition so that’s why the salad should be the main course because
it has the most nutrients per calorie and can help you in my opinion achieve your weight
loss goals also your health goals it has definitely made me a whole heck of a lot healthier. And
so uh most people don’t eat enough salad so that’s where the dressings come in they can
allow you to eat more salads my goal every day is to eat two pounds of leafy green vegetables
and that is a lot and you know some days I may get a pound just today this morning I
juiced about a pound of spinach in my morning vegetable juice so that’s already a pound
and then I eat one pound of greens for my salad at night and there’s my two pounds and
the other thing I could do is like make a greens smoothie and use about a pound of leafy
greens or eight ounces you know in the smoothie and that’s definitely a lot of greens and
you’re not used to eating that volume of greens don’t start tomorrow, start small and the
make it bigger so you know you’re not shocking your body with all this nutrition all at once.
Too much of a good thing may not be a good thing if you’re not used to it.
So this talk is to get people away from eating from bottled dressings so uh dressings that
have highly processed although potentially raw foods. Such as like many oils, many oils
are cold pressed but just because it is raw doesn’t mean it’s automatically the healthiest
thing we’ll explain more about that. Uh let’s see yeah the and so I have some examples here
here’s the HEMP OIL, and it says it is cold pressed so it’s probably raw but because it’s
raw you know I wouldn’t necessarily choose it I mean we got the hemp oil and the hemp
seeds here, what they do they take the hemp seeds they basically press them out they press
out the oil and then it’s like juicing a carrot when you juice the carrot you get the juice
and that would be the same as the oil then you get the pulp and I didn’t bring one back
here but the pulp would be the PROTEIN POWDER, so if you’re buying protein powder for your
protein hemp powder is basically they take out the oil they have a waste product now
they sell it to you as protein powder whereas in my opinion it’s much better to get the
whole hemp seed and then you get the oil in the protein all in one better package it is
not going to oxidize and the hemp oil needs to be refrigerated or the oil can go rancid
or when it’s in a whole packaged form like found in mother nature it’s going to be more
resistant to going rancid and bad. I guess the next ingredient we will go over is we
got the oil and then we got the vinegar! So um many vinegar especially if you are not
using like uh apple cider vinegar may not truly be raw so based on my research which
was a while back balsamic vinegars are not raw but if you want to get a raw vinegar and
you do want to use a vinegar still I recommend something like this they have this at the
store. This is the apple cider vinegar raw and filtered. Kind of cloudy down there. And
I always like to get the the highest quality ingredients no matter what ingredient I am
using. Another new product that’s coming out lately I guess I got the coconut vinegar and
this is actually the coconut amino acid which we will talk a little bit later in the talk.
So if you’re not using like an oil vinegar dressing what are you gonna use? You’re gonna
use whole foods real WHOLE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES to make your salad dressings and uh once again
as I talked about the nutrient density these are the most nutrient dense foods on the planet.
So the equipment you’re going to need to make your salad dressings are basically you’re
gonna need a blender. It’s just very simple a juicer may also be helpful but it’s not
totally required so I got I like to recommend the vitamixed turbo VS and this is the standard
carafe the comes with it’s the sixty four ounce carafe. What many people don’t know
is there is a smaller thirty two ounce carafe this is actually a good size for making dressings
’cause sometimes you know getting your dressings out from the bottom of the carafe can be a
little bit of a hassle. Two assist in that I’ve got this nice spatula here and this is
actually from Williams Sonoma, especially when I’m using like ten dollar pound macadamia
nuts as my dressings I don’t wanna leave any residues in the blender carafe and it gets
right between the blades really well to scrape out all my dressings. I have a good demonstration
on youtube where I compare the nutribullet and the vitamixed. And it doesn’t do as good
of a job as the vitamixed. Now if you do have a regular blender one of the techniques you
can use for the dressings which I’ll show in a minute you will see me dump all the ingredients
in the blender and just turn it on it just going to liquefy everything and break it up
into a nice creamy sauce that you guys are going to TASTE in a minute! But if you don’t
have a vitamixed you know I’d recommend number one saving for when you are SERIOUS about
getting healthy because it’s the device and the blender that I find that uh breaks down
the food the most, if you have a blend-tech it’s just about the same as the vitamixed
but I prefer the vitamixed over all but if you have the standard blender what you’re
gonna do is add all your liquids you know and I’ll show you guys in a minute you’re
going to have to add all your liquids first and instead of just putting the whole hand
full of nuts in at once you’re going to maybe just add one let it blend, at two let it blend,
add three…this way it doesn’t overload your blender with like two much at one time. One
of the things I liked about the vitamixed is that it’s so powerful it’ll only make cream
out of the nuts there will be NO NUT FRAGMENTS. And when it does this, you’re basically breaking
open the cell walls to explode the nutrients in the food which creates there being more
surface air so that your digestive system can get more nutrition out of them. I mean
the other thing you can use, you can pour these ingredients all over your salad but
then make sure you chew very well, um id rather blend them up to get better extractions then
I don’t have to chew as much then I already spent an hour maybe even more to eat my salad
because chewing is VERY IMPORTANT. And don’t underestimate the power of your jaw. Why making
a salad dressing out of produce is better than chopping and putting the ingredients
on your salads. Say for example you’re gonna have a big salad, and you know you wanna put
some bell pepper in there you’re gonna take the knife and chop up the bell pepper and
you know just slices of little chunks and you’re just gonna throw this on top of your
salad and pour the dressing on top. So does anybody have any ideas why it’s better to
actually throw the pepper In the vitamix to cream it up instead of actually chopping it
up on top of your salad? AUDIENCE: Breaks down better!
John: Breaks down better, right, so when you put it in the blender, it will break it up,
how many people have heard like it’s better to cook a carrot than to eat a carrot raw
because you get more nutrition out of a cooked carrot? Anybody? I mean it’s a thing that
is constantly going around and that is the absolute truth. A raw carrot compared to a
cooked carrot, you’re gonna get more nutrition out of a cooked carrot. Because the cooking
process breaks open those fibers and cell walls. But if we compare a cooked carrot to
like carrot juice to even a blended carrot, then guess what, then guess what has more
nutrition? The one that is blended or juice because now you’re doing the same exact thing
but now it’s without the HEAT, because in the heating process you’re losing some of
the vitamins like VITAMIN C it gradually goes down. So by the same token, same thing with
the tomatoes, and the lichopene, you cook a tomato and that’s why you eat tomato sauce
instead of eating a whole tomato. That’s because the cooking process breaks open the cells
walls but guess what the blenders and the juicers will also do that so that’s why it’s
better to blend your tomatoes up in your dressing and then fractionate it to make more surface
air open those cells so you get better absorption of the nutrients in there including the lichopene.
And all the other hundreds of vita chemicals and vita nutrients in the foods you’re eating.
So often times, this may be boring to a lot of people, but often times my salad is just
a big bowl of whatever leafy green I have whether it’s arugula or you know, romaine,
or spinach, and then I’ll just uh a whole bunch of stuff in the blender and pour dressing
over it. So it’ll be just the leafy green and the dressing. If I’m getting you know
I don’t know creative might put a couple tomatoes on top but why do that I like to eat really
simple and that’s another thing I want to talk about — when you’re making some of the
recipes and I’ll show you only a few examples you want to try and keep it down to a minimal
amount of ingredients, you don’t wanna try to put everything but the kitchen sink in
there ’cause I’ve made a few horrible things, once you start adding too much stuff then
you gotta like overcompensate with something else and we’ve all done this in the kitchen
and it’s not a lot of fun so just keep it simple. All the recipes I strive to make are
under six ingredients and usually some days like today we’re going to make a salad dressing
with JUST TWO ingredients. It’s insane. So let’s see here, okay, next, ingredients for
a whole foods salad dressing for those of you guys taking notes, this is where you want
to start taking some notes it’s the important part of my talk, um there’s three components
to any wholes foods salad dressing that I’m gonna make NUMBER ONE is the the base! The
base is the majority of the blending it’s gonna be about a majority of the blender (points
to/measures on carafe). THE BASE. Next, is the thickener. So the thickener is not going
to be as much quantity as the base and the thickener is less quantity and we’ll go over
what these are in a minute. And then finally the last component of your salad dressing
is your FLAVORING AGENT. And that has the least amount of quantity. And we’ll explain
what all of these are with all the stuff I got on the table. So first lets go over the
base, so the base of your salad dressing should be something “water-rich”. So that’s something
with a HIGH water content. Some of the things you could use are fresh fruits so whether
it’s organic cherry tomatoes or larger tomatoes that could be a base. Uh if you have a bunch
of peppers you could use that, I like to remove the seeds first, blend that up as a base and
so now you have a nice water-y base. Or you could use some non-sweet fruits or sweet fruits.
One of the sweet fruits I like to use are sweeter fruits and I wouldn’t necessarily
use a banana in my dressing but I would use acid or SUB-acid fruit. So things like you
know um citrus (really works well). Something like strawberry really works well. I made
a pineapple dressing but I don’t like that so much. The main fruits I like to use are
the citrus and the strawberries. And I’ve experimented with others ones, and oh, mangos.
Mangos work really well. But you’ll find ones that you like. So we got the fruits, whether
they’re acid or sub-acid, and we got as the base the non-sweet fruits then we can have
something like JUICES. We can use fresh juices as a base instead of the whole fruit and so
today we got a few different juices. We got some fresh made carrot juice earlier today
so you could use some vegetable juices, maybe use some cucumber juice, that could be your
base. Uh I like carrot juice because it’s a little bit sweet, you can make celery juice.
That would be kind of a weird base but you could do it. We also have some of a tangerine
um orange juice here. And another one that is really cool we have some sweet lime juice.
How many people have taste sweet limes before? We’ll talk more about that in a minute. So
you could use a juice as your base. Another thing you can use as your base is coconut
water which is super water rich. Coconut water adds a tinge of sweetness to the base and
you can also use white Mexican coconut water as a base so don’t use the brown coconut water
’cause that tastes kind of funky. So the next thing you’re going to want to add is a thickener
so the thickeners can be something like NUTS, so any kind of nuts that you may have or seeds,
or why don’t we go over them since we have a whole table full of cool stuff to show off.
Uh so hemp seeds. That’s a great thickener. You can use something like pine nuts. So pine
nuts are fabulous nuts to use. All these you can buy at the store. You can also use pistachios
as a thickener these are wonderful, hard to find raw pistachios, oh and here’s one, whole
raw organic cashews, I would say you can use this as a thickener but I would be highly
cautious when using raw cashews that are from major brand like now or even from the bulk
bins at whole foods. Even if cashews are labeled raw they are probably not really raw because
they have been heat processed in extracting them, and in addition I have bad reactions
when I eat cashews they don’t tend to digest well for me and let me tell you another story.
When I was actually in Costa Rica, I was staying in a butterfly sanctuary which was a beautiful
place and out in front of the butterfly sanctuary they have this beautiful tree and it was huge
and had all these little fruits on it. And they’re all like multi-colored and they looked
like apples with a little cashew-like appendage on top and what that was, it was a cashew
apple tree. The cashew apple tree makes cashew apple fruits. They’re for some people, not
for others. I don’t particularly care for them too much and then they have the little
nut as an appendage on top and the interesting thing is if you look down below you’d see
all the fruits were gone but there would be all the nut appendages like on the ground
like no animals were eating them, so I’m like what’s going on, so I asked the host, you
know the guy who owns the place, and I’m like how come no one is eating the raw cashews
aren’t they really good, he’s like no man you can’t pick those up ’cause if you try
to peel them the appendage thing there’s like a little coating on there it’ll burn your
skin, I’m like no way, he’s like you gotta pick them up we actually gotta roast them
over the stove and that like burns off the toxins in there. So the animals don’t even
eat those and with heat processing you can heat them up and get toxins out. But if nature
really doesn’t want us to eat something like that, then maybe we shouldn’t be eating it.
And plus the other fact is it doesn’t really digest well for me. But with that being said,
there are certain companies that sell they are really raw cashews and they get them out
in a special way and this kind of stuff. But I still don’t believe they are that good,
so instead of using cashews because cashews are relatively inexpensive and they make a
nice creamy sauce and unfortunately you know in most raw food recipes they ALWAYS USE CASHEWS
and it bugs me so much because of the you know they’re not really raw. And they don’t
digest well for me so what I recommend instead is something like this stuff right here, macadamia
nuts, I pick my own macadamia nuts in Hawaii off the tree and had them fresh not even dried,
they taste more like a water chestnut they are absolutely delicious and the macadamia
nuts digest a lot better for me and one of the things that I didn’t talk about was you’ll
make it a 3 to 6 ratio which are essential facts in all these different nuts. If you
use almonds, they are very rich in omega-3. I like the macadamia nuts because they won’t
mess up your three to six ratio and they are very omega-3-rich. Most people are deficient
in omega-3. Macadamia nuts also have a very neutral flavor and uh will make an excellent
cream sauce as well or even better, in my opinion, than cashews because they have more
flavor than them. And these ones are from Hawaii these are some of my favorite ones.
Let’s see, next nut, oh this nut is crazy. Some people heard of peeling nuts? None. So,
peeling nuts are very rare and very hard to find so it’s the only place in Las Vegas that
sells them. If you want something, you know, you’re trying to get off the oil this is the
next best thing. These are probably the most oil-rich nuts in the world. I mean, for example,
if we look at the nutrition facts like serving size one ounce uh calories per serving two
hundred and sixteen calories from fat two hundred, so that’s like almost all fat. So
that’s going to give you nice rich texture in your salad dressing. So the peeling nuts,
yeah definitely really good. Now let’s see what other things we have here.
Yeah so, those are the um thickeners, now besides nuts as a thickener, nuts and seeds,
’cause you know maybe you’re trying to do a lower fat thing and you don’t wanna eat
that many nuts or seeds, oh another seed I have sesame seeds on the table, and you know
the thing that I also want to say is on the nuts as a thickener, I’m not using that much
as I mentioned earlier the base is the majority of your blender carafe and the nuts and seeds
or the thickeners not going to be as much so in general my guide, and I don’t really
like to measure things out in my kitchen, I like to use you know one or two handfuls
of the nut or seed into my dressings. That’s my nut or seed allowance for the day I don’t
try to eat a lot of nuts and seeds while they are definitely better than oils they can be
higher in fat I don’t want to eat you know too high of a fat percentage because I have
seen over the long run that eating a high percentage of fat may not be the healthiest
thing because now if you’re eating higher in fats that’s where your calories are gonna
come from you’re now displacing other nutrient dense foods like the leafy greens and the
fruits that you should be eating in my opinion instead of higher fats so yeah one or two
handfuls of the nuts and seeds. Now if you don’t want to use nuts and seeds as the thickener
because we need something to make it thick otherwise you can just pour the orange juice
over your salad as a salad dressing which you could do but it always goes to the bottom
of the bowls and I like something that sticks on you know that’s going to have a nice texture
in my mouth. So besides using the nuts and seeds, what you can also use is dried fruits,
I dry my own tomatoes, you can use something like sundried tomatoes, also I dry my own
peppers, um I grow my own peppers and then I dry them myself, you could also just buy
red bell pepper or yellow bell peppers, orange bell peppers, and dry them yourself, when
they’re on sale, cut them up, and then dry them so you have these to add as a thickener
to your recipes, you can also dry other you know vegetables like zucchini will work really
well, use them fresh instead of dried, but basically you’re looking for something that’s
going to soak up some of this moisture and instead of it being a watery consistency,
you wanna make it more rich and thick and creamy and that’s what some of these thickeners
do so sometimes what I’ll do instead of adding you know like I don’t know one handful of
sesame seeds I might add a half handful and then I’ll just add a few sundried tomatoes
to help thicken that up. So this is a way you can get away from eating more nuts and
seeds, if you don’t want to. Another thickener you can use is just standard vegetable so
zucchinis a nice vegetable ’cause it’s kind of dense you know there’s a no bean hummus
that people make without the chickpeas they use the zucchini as a thickener you can use
that actually in your salad dressing as a thickener as well. Something like carrots
you can use carrots as a thickener although it’s gonna add a lot of TEXTURE which you
know is not something I’m super looking for I want a nice, I like a nice creamy, dressing
myself. And then finally after the uh base and thickener we have the flavoring agents.
You’re going to use the least amount of quantity in your dressing as a flavoring agent so let’s
go over some of the different flavoring agents I have on the table today. Let’s see here,
so some people may think “Oh so John, is Bragg’s Liquid Aminos a flavoring agent??” Well yes,
absolutely Bragg’s Liquid Aminos can be a flavoring agent this is an all purpose seasoning
from soy protein. Now while this may be raw, and I don’t see where it says raw on the label
anymore but it used to say raw on there, um I don’t think this is necessarily a health
food in my opinion. Way back in the day, there’s a big internet controversy about the Bragg’s
Liquid Aminos and that it contains naturally occurring MSG and the story I have about Bragg’s
Liquid Aminos is really interesting I was actually at a raw food retreat up in near
Portland, Oregon. And there was these chefs uh making dinner one night and they came out
with a it was a carrot-avocado-creamy soup and actually we’re gonna make a dressing very
similar to that, and they used the carrot juice and avocado and they put a bunch of
Bragg’s in there and then probably some other ingredients, and they sent it out to everybody
and everybody ate it and after I ate it I started getting a headache and I’m like man
I’m eating the raw foods and I’m getting a headache like this shouldn’t happen you know
I mean I don’t wanna get a headache that’s not a good sign when my body reacts to something
’cause I rarely EVER get headaches. So then I’m like okay John you’re just overly sensitive
because you’ve been doing this for so long and you’ve been pretty “clean” is what Iike
to say, anyways somebody else in the table said oh you know I ate the soup and I don’t
feel so good. And I was like “Ahh, something’s going on here.” And then I saw somebody else
actually at another table get up and start walking out of the room like they didn’t look
good so then I immediately got up and walked after him and said “Hey what’s going on?”
and she said, “well I ate the soup and I don’t feel good I’m going to go back to my room.”
I’m like okay man something’s going on I gotta go in the kitchen and find out what’s happening,
what was in the soup that’s making people not feel so good and I asked him and he said
there are carrots, avocado, Bragg’s Liquid Aminos and I was like “Aha! It is the MSG
in Bragg’s Aminos.” And I started asking well hey man did you know that Bragg’s Aminos has
naturally occurring MSG? And he’s like “No.” There are so many people who, that are not
into their health like I am, that use Bragg’s Liquid Aminos and not even know that there
may contain MSG!, in health recipe books, etc . So I discourage you guys to use Bragg’s
even though it may be healthier than other things, but nonetheless there are better options
out there. Coconut Aminos is actually a new option and
I haven’t fully researched this but once again I wanna encourage you guys to eat wholes foods,
if it’s coming in a bottle that’s like this, I mean how the heck did they get coconut aminos
out of a coconut we all know what a coconut looks like I mean how did they make this brown
stuff that comes in a bottle. Just basically add some like salty taste you know you wanna
salty taste I recommend not using anything like this you might just wanna use salt! So
while you could use salt as a flavoring agent because we all know that is a flavoring agent
I would highly discourage you guys from using salt. Now why would I say this you might wonder?
Well john this is real salt (HIMILAYYAN ROCK SALT) this is the healthy stuff! This isn’t
the iodized salt that you know all the doctors tell us don’t eat salt because it raises your
blood pressure and can cause a whole bunch of other things that can happen to your body
that’s not normal. The reason why I say that is because you know the issue is not whether
it’s from the Himalayas or Celtic Sea Salt from France, it’s all about the sodium content
in my opinion. You know there’s standard iodized salt is like ninety nine percent sodium chloride
and even if you go to one of these guys Nature’s First Sea Salt called the real salt or the
Himalayan rock salt. These are still very high in sodium. Let me go ahead and give you
some numbers here so according to the US RDA for sodium is, anybody know? (to audience)
fifteen hundred milligrams is what the US RDA says for the average person you know if
you’re younger or older it’s different, but on average it’s like fifteen hundred milligrams.
So guess how much iodized sea salt is fifteen hundred milligrams. It’s like point, it’s
around point six five of a TEASPOON like that’s very little salt that’s your whole daily allowance
according to the US RDA now if you’re putting more than a teaspoon in your dressing you
know there’s that and all the other stuff, if you’re eating kale chips it has salt. You’re
really eating more salt than what’s even recommended but you know the standard American eats WAY
TOO MUCH SALT in my opinion. You say “well okay john I’m gonna be healthy instead of
using the iodized sea salt I’m gonna use the real salt or the Himalayan salt you know how
much of this stuff could I use??” Well guess what? Can anybody, does anybody want to take
a guess of how much of this stuff you can use before you meet your fifteen hundred uh
milligram US RDA allowance? Pretty close. It’s like 1.13 teaspoons or something! Still
not very much. I mean that’s almost double but not quite but still you know many raw
food chefs add too much salt and that’s already more than your allowance. All the fruits and
vegetables you’re eating also are filled with sodium especially if you’re eating celery
so now you’re eating more than your daily allowance. Now some things like eating leafy
greens I wouldn’t have a problem with you guys eating more than your daily allowance
of leafy greens ’cause most people don’t eat enough but I do have some issues with eating
too much salt so highly discourage you guys from eating this salt, now you might be thinking
“John, if I’m not eating the salt what do I do to make my food taste good?” well throw
this stuff away and I’ll show you the better option, well actually, we’re gonna keep one
of these on the table here ’cause I’m going to compare these side-by-side for you guys.
So the better option in my opinion, is to get rid of these guys ’cause we don’t want
these guys here either. The better option in my opinion are these guys right here and
what are these guys? These guys are SEA VEGETABLES. So once again, so this salt is mined in Utah
“a locally sourced product” I like that. But it’s just uh one thing it’s only the salt.
They also extract the salt from the sea and yes there is some mineral contamination here
with some other minerals in there but once again it’s mostly sodium and you can really
overdue it quickly. And you know the US RDA is fifteen hundred milligrams for me personally
my personal goal is about one hundred and one thousand milligrams. So you know, I could,
just by using my numbers, then the amount of salt I use I can go even lower. So for
that reason, I recommend these guys because what these guys are are these guys are salt
rich and mineral rich foods that are more foods as found in nature. so these are from
sea vegetables which are basically um plants or algae that grow in the sea. And then they
are just dried. Because they are grown in the sea, guess what, they have a wide access
to the salt and all the other minerals that are washed into the oceans and they ABSORB
IT. So for example you know instead of using salt in your recipes I highly encourage you
to use some sea vegetables so if we go over the uh sodium content for example uh one table
spoon of this stuff contains only eighty seven milligrams. So I mean you can eat a whole
table spoon it is eighty seven milligrams grains of salt that’s like not really contributing
much to your daily allowance of if you’re trying to do fifteen hundred or for me I’m
trying to a thousand. And this one, oh this one doesn’t have the nutrition facts on this
one…let me see about this…yeah this one okay it’s seven thousand five hundred milligrams
for one tablespoon whereas one tablespoon of this you got eighty seven milligrams of
sodium, so that’s like dramatically.. I mean the sodium is like over your daily allowance
and in my opinion can cause an issue. Um so this stuff is much lower in sodium but besides
the sodium content I’m really interested in you guys eating you know a trace mineral rich
foods so many people might take a Centrum from their trace minerals but you know in
nature we would get our trace minerals from the foods we eat but unfortunately as many
people may know our soil is devoid of minerals especially as regular farmers even many organic
farmers are only putting can be concerned about three minerals are put back into the
soil MPK, you know hardly any farmers are putting trace minerals back into the soil,
and you can do this, I actually do this, but so it’s not only the salt that lights up our
taste buds on our tongue but we also have trace mineral receptors so although this doesn’t
have a sodium content of salt it tastes also really good just because all the other minerals
including potassium and a whole host of minerals in there. What I am really concerned about
for myself and for many other people is the sodium content you know in every cell in our
body there’s what’s called sodium potassium pump (to audience) how many people have heard
of this. So the sodium potassium pump means we need to have a certain volume of sodium
and potassium in our cells because that’s how cells move things in and out of the cell.
And if you don’t have the right ratio then you may not be working often and every cell
in your body is not gonna be working optimally as collectively as a whole you’re not working
optimally. Once again most people’s sodium potassium ratio is way off ’cause they got
far too much sodium and not enough potassium. So for example this dull seaweed is three
hundred and ninety one milligrams of potassium and eighty seven milligrams of sodium so this
will raise up your potassium (to audience) what’s another good source of potassium? Bananas!
Thank you that always comes up. If you’re eating more salt at least eat more bananas
to get a balanced ratio so that it’s more balanced. But I just say, chuck the salt and
you know eat this stuff that has sodium but also has potassium so you know if you think
“oh sea vegetables are boring there are only a few kinds!” well check this out, there’s
this store here they got all different kinds. And these are really rare to find. And they
got the dolls flakes, and I like the dolls flakes because they don’t taste fishy to me.
They’re actually quite good. So that could be a good salt substitute for you guys. The
next one we have here is the comboo flakes and uh once again the sodium on this is uh
more it’s two hundred and twenty two milligrams the other one’s eighty seven but the potassium
is still five hundred and sixty. So that’s still over the double amount of potassium.
And each one of these have flavors, this one is the comby flakes, the sodium on this one
is two twelve potassium three eighty two milligrams. And once again on these guys you only need
a little bit you just put like uh tablespoon and you’ll be good. Uh this one has eighty
one milligrams this one’s the nory flakes you can just take whole nori sheets and blend
that up in your blender it’ll fractionate it too. Potassium one thirty four. Still a
really good ratio. Finally we got this stuff right here. This is actually the sea lettuce
flakes and uh this is the sodium eighty seven potassium three ninety one so yeah the sea
vegetables are really good. They also have the products here similar this is the product
that I use which is actually called the sea greens and the sea greens is actually a mix
of a powder uh seaweeds actually this one just has like the one the knotted rag seaweed
but over in Europe and this one is kind of fishy it’s kind of like kelp and you could
also get the kelp powder which are also pretty inexpensive which tastes the most fishy but
they have once again a lot of the trace minerals in there. This one I use over in Europe they
found a lot of research with these especially in England and Ireland where these some of
these seaweeds are formed. You know it’s just there’s like the next level. The whole food
it’s just been powdered. So I like to just add this to my dressing to give it the salty
flavor whenever I want without adding just the, you know, the extracted salt. I also
get all the other minerals vita minerals and vita chemicals found in this seaweed as well.
So besides that as a salty flavoring agent another thing I’d like to use is the chickpea
miso I’m not into uh standard misos with soy, I don’t like to eat a lot of soy, in my diet
although I do eat nato …..i do like the chickpea miso so the chickpea miso does contain
some uh sea salt so that’s once again high in sodium but also has other ingredients so
fermented foods and you’re probably getting some beneficial probiotics in here much lower
in the concentration of the sodium than just using the straight salt itself and also it’ll
give a nice flavor to your dressing. Another thing I’d like to use instead of usually
just pick at one different flavoring agent, another thing for the flavoring agent I’d
like to use that will also add a salty flavor is some fermented food so I always take a
look at the sodium content of the fermented foods so uh some fermented foods may have
a higher sodium content than others. So this farmhouse culture, this is one of the lower
sodium content foods this is actually four tablespoons of this stuff is two hundred and
ninety six milligrams so I mean that’s a bunch of stuff you can dump to get a salty flavor.
But not only are you getting the salty flavor you’re also getting the beneficial probiotics
in there and also it has a nice really good zing instead of like a vinegar to my foods.
Another thing I like is the kimchi, so the kimchi also when they do ferment foods mostof
the time when you buy them they do add some salt you can make these at home yourself without
salt, and I have a video on youtube to explain how to do that. So yeah, this adds a flavor,
plus adds a little bit of salt because I do think it’s important to get adequate amount
of salt I’m not going to say don’t eat any salt! You know I have had friends in the raw
foods who’ve been into it for a long time they haven’t shunned anything that had salt
in it including potentially sea vegetables and then they got their sodium levels checked
and they were actually low in sodium. Now that’s probably outside the norm because probably
in my opinion most people in raw foods are eating far too much salt especially if you’re
eating you know processed and powdered packaged raw foods because anything you eat like kale
chips and other things they’re always gonna add salt to make it taste good! What I like
to say is if you have real nutrient dense food like foods out of my garden they taste
really good without adding nutrition because it’s high quality produce it has the trace
minerals in it from the soil that I’m building. And the problem today is that most foods in
our conventional system including organic foods are not grown with trace minerals so
they taste kind of dull and bland plus that’s intensified by harvesting the produce then
shipping it and then you buying it one week two weeks three weeks maybe even a month later.
When the taste of the food goes down, guess what. The nutrition also goes down as well.
So let’s see uh besides using those things if you wanna do like the no salt thing you
can definitely do that add a flavoring agent such as this one right here and herbs and
spices so you can use herbs and spices as flavoring agents whether you’re using fresh
herbs (which I recommend I’m growing some rosemary and uh let’s see uh sage right now,
in my garden that’s doing really well despite the weather) just harvesting that and throwing
it in the dressing adds some flavor. You can also use dried herbs but this is actually
called a Italian seasoning organic this is the salt-free seasoned blend. How many people
buy those little spice jars (to audience) it’s like what, three or four bucks, for a
spice jar. This whole thing is one pound and this will last you for a year it’s fourteen
dollars and fifteen cents. Or like, you know, split it with your friends and also with the
store here they can actually special order for you other spice blends so like you could
get a curry spice blend I think curry is a good spice to use cause it has the tumurc
in there and uh tumurc is probably one of the best vegetables for antioxidant potential
so yeah tonight we are actually going to use a little pizza seasonings in one of the dressings
I’m going to make. Another flavoring agent I like to use besides the fresh dry bell peppers
and sweet peppers for like a thickener I use like a little hot pepper. So this is like
a hot pepper I got from my garden. That’s super hot so I’m not going to put the whole
bud in there, I’m going to remove the seeds so that adds as nice hot and spicy flavor.
You can also use cayenne pepper if you don’t have your own dried peppers. So those are
some flavoring agents once again we’ll go over those: herbs, fresh or dry, spices, sauerkraut,
seaweeds, you could also use dried fruits or veggies the dried fruits would be this
or some of you know vegetables! Dried vegetables. Okay I also want to mention: don’t use salt
as a flavoring agent. We went over all that. We used seaweeds instead, and the seaweeds
will dramatically increase the trace mineral content of your foods especially if you’re
not growing your own food in rockdust rich soils. So I guess now the fun part I can actually
make some stuff after getting bored and almost falling asleep with my lecture here.
Audience: John? John: Yes.
Audience: Quick question. Uh seaweed dried is that still raw or ….
John: so the question is, is seaweed still raw if it’s dried? It depends on the company
and the process they use to draw it, like in California I harvest my own seaweed and
you can use fresh seaweeds in your dressings which I recommend unfortunately that is unavailable
to most people. I do have a video on youtube if you wanna learn how to do that. Um but
nonetheless it depends on the person drying. So if you support a small company like there’s
many companies out in you know northern califronia in like Mendocino County that actually harvest
the seaweeds and then you sundry and in many places may sundry uh their seaweeds especially
if they’re small companies but big mass companies might not be sun drying so it’s potential
like you know instead of using like powdered dulse flakes which actually may be heat processed
hotter than what we would like you could just get whole dulse weeds and just put whole dulse
weeds in and the blender will fractionate it anyways. So it’s always recommended to
get the seaweeds in the largest pieces you can and also try to go direct to the source
of course that will also cost you more money. So you know probably some of the seaweeds
I buy are not TRULY RAW. You know but I’d rather be you know how many seaweed am I really
eating? Like shaker this or shaker that and most of them are pretty good in general they’re
mostly raw some of them may not be. I think the benefit that adding it far outweighs the
“oh my god, I’m eating a little bit of cooked stuff!” right?
‘Cause I’ve only been 99.999.. percent raw for about eighteen years and I don’t expect
anybody to be one hundred percent and if somebody is saying they are one hundred percent, unless
they are living on an island, growing their own stuff, I don’t believe them. And that’s
another thing, you know, and the goal is not one hundred percent raw foods. What the goal
is for me is about one hundred percent health so you know there are products that I would
consume like some of the powders out there on the shelves that you could also use as
a flavoring agent which are really good too ’cause they’re high in via chemicals and nutrients,
but they may be heat processed hotter than what I’d like but I’m not like “oh it’s not
raw I can’t eat it!” No. this thing has really good nutrition for me. You know, and until
I start growing my own spioralina it’s the best I can do so I’m gonna include those things
because I think it’s so beneficial for me to have. And you each need to make your own
decisions on what those foods are for you. For me personally I’d rather eat some dried
seaweeds that are probably raw maybe not than not include them and OH I’m just going to
eat salt instead. Right? We just learned that. But the salts raw the seaweed might not be!
Come on man. What is more healthier? Alright so, hopefully that answers your question.
Alright so next let’s get into some of these dressings and start using this blender. Ok
so the first dressing, I will dazzle you with the easiest dressing first. So the first dressing
what I’d like to make is actually just called my orange juice or my uh tangerine juice so
we got some fresh squeezed orange tangerine juice here we’re gonna pour that into the
blender. And the ratios you know for, it it always depends, you know I don’t have like
oh use this much orange juice, this much nuts, I just kinda like start adding the nuts to
thicken it up. So I don’t have a uh specific ratios for you guys but pretty much just throw
some orange juice I through in about I don’t know twelve ounces or so then we’re going
to add a handful of macadamia nuts and then we’re gonna blend it and see the consistency.
If it’s not thick enough I might add a few more macadamia nuts to the mix so we’ll put
that’s about not quite a full handful. After blending…
Alright so with this machine it is pretty powerful so it breaks it up and then I heard
some of the nuts still in chunks so what I would like to do is I like to pulse it that’ll
help to blend it up a bit more. Alright so that’s how easy this dressing was…
Now I happen to use the orange juice and macadamia nuts you can use almonds and orange juice
and sesame seeds or basically any nuts you got just a handful or two with the orange
juice and you can have a different dressing each night by just changing the nut you add
into the blender that night. You could also use hemp seeds and this is kind of thick so
we can go ahead and have you guys sample this out…
Now we’re going to make another dressing. And the dressing we’re gonna make next is
a standard uh miso tahini garlic dressing. This is another really easy one. And uh while
we’re going to use this and this dressing is very simple we’re going to use some sweet
limes uh how many of you guys have had sweet lime? Couple people. So you shop at asian
markets or uh ethnic markets you may know that sweet limes are uh I like the sweet limes
because they’re a lime and they should be pretty much yellow like this and they have
a really neutral flavor they’re not acidic or really sweet they’re just kinda like drinking
water with a hint of citrus to it. So it has a really neutral flavor to it so I like that
a lot. So what I normally do is just usually cut my sweet lime in half and you could see
inside there and I just put it in my press and I just squeeze out some of the juice and
we did this earlier so I wouldn’t have to juice all my sweet limes here. This is really
simple and really easy. And that’s once again my base. The next thing we’re going to add
is a lemon. So I like the lemon for the flavor and you know a little bit of lemon can go
a long way. We’re going to juice a little bit of lemon up in here. So this is sweet
lime and lemon. Then we’ll add the other ingredients. You can use a hand squeezer if you don’t have
this fancy device. And you don’t need a lot of juice to it. Pour that in there. We got
some more here we’ll add and this time maybe we’ll pour eight ounces ’cause last time we
made a little too much. So your standard uh dressing what we’re making now is the lemon
uh tahini miso dressing most people would use like tahini at this point just put some
tahini in there and blend it up and make a nice creamy uh consistency what I’m gonna
do instead is I’m gonna use whole sesame seeds once again you wanna use foods in their whole
state because I’m blending it up anyways the blender will turn this into tahini mixed with
the juice and also the whole sesame seeds are less expensive than buying tahini. So
once again probably just pour a bunch in there. Also in this recipe I add some garlic. How
many people like garlic? Wow. Almost like everybody. So we’ll make this particularly
garlicy today for you guys. Garlic is one of the easiest things to grow in las vegas
actually. Plant it like once and forget about it until it’s ready to harvest. (to audience)
how is that, it’s just two ingredients! A varied version of that is the strawberry
macadamia nut and my brother who doesn’t eat raw or anything he’s like man this stuff tastes
like strawberry yogurt so I mean that’s kind of like the consistency it’s like that orange
yogurt but imagine eating a whole salad with that, man, it’s like ah I just can’t wait
for every bite. Now we got the sweet lime, the lemon, we got the sesame seeds, we got
the garlic and now we’re just gonna add a hint of the uh salty flavor. We got the uh
miso here. Once again we got the chickpea miso. Drop a little quap in there. Then blend
this guy up. So this is
the chickpea miso that will come around next
(passing carafe to audience to try). So I always recommend buying shelled nuts
whenever possible so my macadamia nuts I actually order them directly from Hawaii and actually
there’s this guy that if you order a lot (I’m a macadamia fanatic) ordered ten pounds and
it’s like ninety dollars to deliver that’s nine dollars a pound. If you go to whole foods
it’s like seventeen ninety nine a pound. Plus they deliver plus there’s a farmer in Hawaii
that actually dehydrates the nuts so we didn’t even really talk about that a lot of the nuts
like we did talk about the cashews you know many nuts may be heat processed hotter than
what we would like. This guy totally dehydrates them at a lower temperature and you can definitely
taste the difference they’re much better nuts. Audience: do you know the name of the company?
John: I think it’s like doctor palcos he’s on the big island of Hawaii so if you do just
like uh I think it’s Hawaiian dehydrated nuts on google and you should find them basically
it’s just um you order ten pounds at a time it’s like ninety bucks. That’s about the price.
So on that point I also want to mention it’s best to buy your nuts in shell whenever possible.
Because this is nature’s packaging once you open up the nut it can go rancid. Goes into
whole food’s bulk bins because no bodies buying them. They’re seventeen ninety nine a pound.
So um, I harvest, I didn’t harvest these walnuts but I have walnuts I have harvested. And uh
you know there’s all different kinds of nuts. Like I did want to show this in the demo cause
it is kind of cool. so these are walnuts…oh yeah here we go…*cracks nuts with palms*…so
how many people have seen red walnuts before (to audience). On the inside. So these are
really cool so I mean this can add a different color to your dressing. I always like to try
new and exotic different food because every different food especially in different colors
may have different vita chemicals vita nutrients so these are actually hybrid style not GMO
or anything and uh yeah but these are red so I like these a lot. Mmm. But yeah fresher
the nuts the better. And uh yeah…we got some extra dressing of this so I’ll pour this
out (pours out carafe). Audience: how long does the dressing last?
John: so generally what I do is like I make enough dressing for my one salad that evening
so I won’t make like big batches. Like every night when I’m making a salad I’ll make just
enough dressing for that salad at night and I don’t like to save my dressings. Sometimes
I’ll pour the dressing over the salad and on rare instances like I can’t eat the whole
salad and then I’ll actually uh put the whole salad with the dressing and put it in the
fridge and then eat it you know for lunch tomorrow but yeah once again I wanna only
make as much as I’m gonna eat at that point because then you know once you start oxidizing
these things especially with the blender you want to consume it right after you make it
and so it has the most you know nutrition in it.
I guess uh let’s switch gears here a little bit and let’s do
a non-fat dressing or a….this recipe here
is very easy I’m just going to add the mangos these are just fresh mangos that I cut up.
And I always like to put the mangos in first to get them blended up. That way it’s going
to work better inside the blender. Then add in the bell peppers and then we’re just gonna
add some bell peppers. So this is like one to one ratio one man one bell pepper. And
you can do this that’s still kind of plain for me though. What I like to do to spice
it up a little is I actually add a little bit of a hot pepper. So you could use some
cayenne pepper and these are actually some peppers that I grew we’re going to remove
the seeds because with the seeds it’s gonna be crazy hot. And we’re just gonna put a little
piece in there and see uh hopefully that’ll be hot enough for you guys. Not too spicy.
Guys like that one? (to audience) that one’s the garlic tahini. Alright so this is the
non-fat one and yeah you can add nuts if you want some more texture in there but you know
many people want it a low-fat thing so this is a option. And you know if you don’t got
bell pepper that’s alright use some mangos and some tomatoes just the other day I made
a salad and I didn’t even have a blender and I didn’t wanna use the blender so I diced
up the mango and the peppers and I just added them to my collard greens and that was my
salad. Three ingredients. Collard greens, tomatos, mangos. And it was absolutely great.
Another night I did the same exact thing but then I added just a little bit of sauerkraut
to it and without even blending it although you know I’d prefer to blend it.
So let’s blend this guy up! And if you want to go thicker you just add some dehydrate
mango or freeze dried mango if you really want a kick! Or you can add some like dehydrated
pepper without adding an extra ingredient so many times I like to add the same ingredient
in a different form like a dried form to make it thicker if I want more of a thicker texture.
I tend to like my dressings thicker than thinner. I recommend the vitamixed turbo blend it does
the best job in fractionating the stuff really well.
This next one is a pretty easy one to make. What we are going to use first is the carrot
juice. We got some fresh carrot juice here. Audience: how do you make the juice?
John: the carrot juice, you just use carrots, no water added, all fruits and all foods.
You can use water as a base but that will change the flavor.
So once again we got the carrots in here we’re just gonna add some of avocado to it so this
is another really easy one here and uh so this would technically be a nut free dressing.
And but the avocado still do have fat. I do like the avocados actually instead of using
nuts ’cause I like to eat water-rich fats. They tend to digest better for me. So the
avocados will actually act as a thickener but not as good as the nuts. (to the audience)
how do you guys like those dressings so far? Audience: GOOD…
John: you can do it too! Once again you can use substitutes things if you don’t have carrot
juice you can use cucumber juice and that will be more of a mild flavor. You might want
to add some kind of seasoning agent maybe some sauerkraut or Italian seasoning or something
like that. So once again I’d like to encourage you guys to use more whole foods specifically
fruits and vegetables in your salad dressing so you could maximize the best and most nutritious
foods on earth in my opinion. We’re going to add some sauerkraut and add some flavor
some cool flavor to this. Let’s go ahead and blend this one up in the nutribullet it’s
not a blender! Alright we got a good creamy consistency here. So I think uh that’s going
to be pretty much the end of my demo. If you have any questions on uh any of the recipes
that I made tonight or any other questions uh basically to sum it up you know the dressings
really easy to make, you want to use whole food ingredients, number one you got the base,
which is the majaority of the mixture then you got your thickener I use nuts and seeds,
avacodo, and I used the bell pepper as a thickener which you can also use, or zucchini can be
a thickener cause you know it’s pretty neutral wouldn’t necessarily use cucumber as a thickener
cause it’s going to add a lot of extra water content. Got your thickener and then you just
got your flavor. So a little bit of flavoring agent whether you’re using some seaweeds some
uh miso some Italian seasoning. I mean there’s all different kinds of seasoning if you want
a Mexican style dressing you get the Mexican seasoning you know Sprouts Farmers market
actually has a pretty good section of spices you could just buy by the little bag here
you just get a little bit of to try it you can try the pizza seasoning the Italian or
the Mexican one. Just start playing with all different kinds of ingredients. I give you
permission to experiment in the house and have some fun. By making mistakes through
trial and error you will learn the most, in my opinion.
Audience: you mentioned you were going to make a pizza spice-dressing
John: my thousand island style dressing! Add tomatoes and pell peppers (base), add some
nuts (macadamia maybe), and then add some pizza seasoning to it, I might add some sauerkraut
miso or seaweed or some salty stuff to get some flavor.
Audience: do you have the recipes written somewhere?
John: oh yeah thank you! So uh I don’t all the recipes I made I just like every night
when I make a dressing it’s like I take any ingredients that I have that I can use and
I just make something up on the spot. But if you do want a few of my recipes you know
most of them don’t get written down but I just make them on the spot I mean I made some
of the ones I made for you guys but I never make the exact same proportions because I
never measure anything but what I did do a while back is I actually did come up with
a little book and this booklet has over thirty mouth-watering recipes and it does have a
small section of some of my dressings, the macadamia nut dressing, that I talked about,
it has a berry coconut water dressing, a mango bell pepper dressing, a macadamia miso dressing,
and mango curry dressing, orange almond dressing, nine hundred ninety nine isle dressing, which
is the dressing that I actually just told you. In addition it includes main a=entrees.
All these recipes are based on fruits and vegetables nuts and seeds that’s the bases
without adding a lot of processed foods I don’t ever include in my diet. These are all
recipes that at the time which was six years ago now I did eat and I still eat many of
those ones or variants of them today and I have those available I only have a few left
actually for five dollars. So you can see me afterwards and I do have a website it’s which is where I do an online education. So I currently have over twelve hundred videos
that have been viewed over fifteen million times. Many of those videos may have recipes
in them uh but also they’ll teach you a lot of different concepts in my teachings that
I’ve learned over these eighteen years of being raw, I have about two hundred and fifty
videos on the raw foods I have over seven hundred videos on growing food many of which
actually I had to grown in las vegas. We should all be growing our own food
that is the most natural way to eat, in my
opinion. And I also have a third youtube channel which is called rawfoods.
I made a commitment when I was sick, when I was younger, to live in service and do something
more with my life. This way I feel like I can really help people because I am grateful
to be alive and here talking to you today. Any more questions? How did everybody like
all the dressings? Audience: it was excellent *clapping hands*
John initiates voting: everyone vote for one of these, so if you liked the first one the
orange macadamia nut the best! Raise your hand. Few people. Wow.
If you liked the miso chickpea garlic one raise your hand. That’s winning so far.
And if you liked the um no fat mango bell pepper with a little bit of hot pepper raise
your hand. Some people liked that too. And if you liked the last one carrot avocado
the best raise your hand. Wow so we got a really good spread, everybody liked at least
one of them the most. Hopefully I think everybody voted. But yeah wow man that’s impressive
everybody liked that. Audience: what if you liked them all?
John: haha, if you liked them all *raises hand*
So I hope this was a good use of your time so you can now go home and make more whole
food based salad dressings and eat more fresh fruits and fresh vegetables in your life so
you can be healthier. Thank you. *clapping*
John outside: wow! I must say I am really impressed with you guys! Thank you for watching
this video to the end! In my past statistics that I checked out and analytics on youtube
you know just a small percentage of people watch my videos to the end and I think that’s
really sad because you know in my opinion my videos are action-packed full and chunk-full
of information and knowledge that can help you live a healthier lifestyle. So if you
enjoyed this video I want you to thumbs up this video to let others know that you liked
it and they should hopefully watch it to the end as well. And in any case be sure to also
subscribe to my youtube channel because besides videos like this I put out videos all the
time. That will really teach you the nuts and bolts on how to eat a healthy plant based
raw foods diet. Any case, uh once again my name is john Cola with we’ll see
you next time and remember keep eating your fresh fruits and vegetables they’re the best.


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