How to cook – Okra | Healthy vegan recipe

hello everyone I will be sharing with
you today my special 4 ingredient okra dish We will need for that 500 grams
of okra one large onion three or four cloves of garlic some oil and some
spices turmeric cumin powder and some salt. so let’s get started. First thing
you need to do you need to wash your okra, and the main reason for that is
because you don’t want water to get inside okra it will make the dish watery
and really not nice. So… Chopping the onion. the onions should be sliced really
thin, we need three or four let’s say four cloves of garlic just crush them now we’re going to chop our okras about
1/2 inch long switch this on.. pan put the oil, make sure that oil is really hot
when you add the onion. So we add the onions, mix well until they are golden. As soon as the onions are golden we’ll
add the rest of the ingredients. It’s about one minute and we’ll be ready
the onions are ready we’ll add the rest of our ingredients need to add our okra Spices, turmeric, cumin powder and salt give it a little stir, add the garlic’s as
well. Very nice and beautiful colors at this point we need to add a little
bit of water, just for the spices to bland together properly, and not to burn. now on a slow heat, we let this simmer for about five to seven minutes you can have this dish as a side dish
you can have it is on its own as you wish. its been already three min, now I am just going to stir a little. half way cooked. we don’t want to overcook it. To retain the
color and the texture now about two three minutes more and it will be ready and I think is ready now, it looks perfect
so good. this is ready now we just take it out if someone likes it more spicy you can
add a couple of chillies. Better! there you go. If you have any questions make sure you
comment below and if you want to see more of our videos make sure you
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