How to Cook From Tokyo’s Vending Machines

How to Cook From Tokyo’s Vending Machines


  1. Why does he has to be so vulgar?! I thought people from Japan were very respectful… I would hate to think that it comes from his “american’ side😬

  2. I could never know if notto tasted good or not because I could never eat something that looked like that. I don’t understand how all Japanese food looks so awful

  3. Not only did he suck up the food he f*** up his wallet by wasting his money on the food because the food didn't even get eaten

  4. “Aight f**kers we’re gonna get some eggs”

    How every cooking tutorial should begin

    And the ending when all of amazing drink spills like bro can the have a segment of this man alone😂

  5. This mf was walking down the street with broken eggs, ice cream cones, snot beans, banana juice, and a whiskey bottle.

    This is the greatest channel ever

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