How to Be Romantic without Being Cheesy

How to Be Romantic without Being Cheesy

How to Be Romantic without Being Cheesy. There’s a fine line between being a hopeless
romantic and just being hopeless. These tips will help keep you on this side
of cheesy. You will need Insight Cliché avoidance Writing
skills and act of kindness. Step 1. Know your partner’s tastes, especially when
it comes to public displays of affection. What’s hopelessly romantic to one person is
mortifyingly cheesy to another. Step 2. Avoid cliches. If your romantic gesture is a staple of bodice-ripping
novels and bad rom-coms, it’s probably more cheesy than romantic. Step 3. Unless you’re a professional singer/songwriter,
don’t write your love a song. Insipid lyrics, out-of-tune singing, one-note
guitar strumming — they haven’t got time for the cheese. Step 4. Do try your hand at writing your sweetie a
love letter — on real paper. To make it romantic without being cheesy,
keep it simple and straightforward. Don’t compare their lips to rubies or their
eyes to diamonds; just tell them honestly why you love them. If you write them a love poem, make sure it
doesn’t rhyme. Step 5. When it comes to gifts, treat your lover like
a grown-up. If the present is something a 5-year-old would
enjoy, it’s cheesy, not romantic. Step 6. Do something nice for them that makes their
day a little brighter or their life a little easier. Sometimes, just being kind is the most romantic
gesture of all. Did you know Honolulu was voted the most romantic
city in the United States, and Dallas/Forth Worth was voted the least romantic.


  1. I once had my boss tell me the sure fire way to get into a womans pants was simple. Knock on their door and say repairman. When she begins to chit chat you say "lets drink some coffee and [email protected]#k! It does not work! 🙁

  2. you will need: no poems, no candles, intelligence skills

    step 1: poems/love letter are the most cliche on the planet
    step 3: if you were smart in the first place you wouldn't be reading this
    did you know that water melons kill 1 billion people every second?

  3. A huge problem I have is that when I try to be sweet or romantic it comes off as cheesy, while no I would never do the music juke box thing but I have written some poems before. My idea of romance is understanding the girl, she just got off of a double shift and is exhausted from being on her feet all day. So, offering a foot rub and ordering in so she does not have to cook or do dishes is my idea. None of that is cheesy, but my issue is trying to give her a compliment, those always sound cheesy when I actually mean it. She does not always feel the most attractive, so a while ago I told her I'd remind her at least once every day, I tell her that you are very beautiful. I want to remind you of that the same way I always get reminded each time I see you. Which is quite cheesy. Anyone have any idea to make that sound as genuine as it is meant to be?

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