How “premium” orange juice is really made (CBC Marketplace)

How “premium” orange juice is really made (CBC Marketplace)

(♪♪)>>Tom: It’s morning at “Marketplace”. (♪♪)>>Tom: — Spillage there. And we’ve invited these viewers over to put one of their favourite morning rituals to the test.>>Are you ready for this?>>Tom: A taste test, to be exact.>>This is the best time of day to taste anything.>>Tom: Like most of you, this bunch love to start the day with a glass of orange juice.>>I will say I do have the one glass a day.>>Tom: But if they’re thinking it’s all sunshine and vitamins … (♪♪)>>Tom: We’re about to pop some balloons… Good morning all.>>Morning.>>Tom: best juicer for carrots (♪♪)>>Tom: In front of each of our tasters, six samples of orange juice and one simple question: which juice tickles their taste buds best? Rate each one, and then at the end decide which one you think is the freshest tasting one. Sound fairly straightforward?>>Yes. (♪♪)>>Tom: Helping us out is Konrad Edjbick. Now the fruit of the vine is his usual choice… But this wine expert says judging juice of any kind isn’t all that different.>>What I’m looking for is a sense of life, a natural fruit, in this case orange. I want no aspect of chemistry or artificiality. That’s what I’m looking for.>>Tom: Our testers have no labels to read. Though you will soon… And no idea which brand of O.J. they’re tasting.>>It’s kinda cheap tasting and a little bit stale.>>It hasn’t been squeezed five minutes ago, that’s for sure. Like, this might be from concentrate, I don’t know.>>Tom: So far, it’s a guessing game. But Wayne Gueran and his daughters are hoping this test will help peel back some answers. (♪♪)>>We love our orange juice! (♪♪)>>Tom: The Gueran family doesn’t just love their O.J. They guzzle it down to the tune of six cartons a month. That’s 50 glasses between them. Their fridge isn’t just running; it’s getting a workout.>>I want the Tropicana.>>I got it first!>>Tom: But you don’t drink that much O.J. without noticing a thing or two.>>That’s all that’s in it. 100% orange juice.>>Tom: Like the promise of “pure” and “natural” juice.>>No sugar or water added.>>Tom: So he’s got one simple question for us…>>Why does the orange juice in the store that I buy taste so different than freshly squeezed?>>Tom: Good question, Wayne. The O.J. Wayne’s asking about are the premium brands such as these… Most of us believe they’re better than frozen concentrate. That’s O.J. where water’s been taken out then put back in. “Marketplace” commissions a poll and finds 58% of Canadian O.J. fans believe premium brands are more natural than juices made from concentrate. And say they’re willing to pay more for that difference; up to twice as much.>>It’s the best.>>I bet you it’s my Tropicana because I haven’t had it this morning. I waited. (laughing)>>Tom: You were holding up for it. Good.>>That’s it. That’s it.>>Tom: So how natural is premium O.J.? How you doing, Wayne?>>Good, how are you?>>Tom: Good, thanks. So you’re into number two. What do you think of it?>>It’s just one of the secrets we’re after at our taste test.>>It tastes very sweet. That aroma knocks you out. (laughing)>>It really does.>>Tom: Wait a minute. What’s in that orange juice? Oh! Jeez. (♪♪)>>Tom: Juices are sampled. Tongues swirled. Notes scribbled.>>Three smells really bad though.>>Tom: Our group doesn’t know it, but our six samples breakdown this way. Two are from concentrate. Three not from concentrate. And our secret weapon, a glass of freshly squeezed.>>Pretty weak.>>Tom: It’s all orange juice. Officially, at least. But our testers say they do taste different from each other.>>It’s the smell from my youth.>>Tom: Right, mine, too. Why is that? We’ve got a secret expert in the room with the first clue.>>Orange juice manufacturers are trying to now imitate the taste of processed orange juice rather than the real thing.>>Tom: The real thing.>>Right.>>Tom: Alissa Hamilton loves oranges. She just doesn’t like what the juice industry does to them. And she should know because she’s written a book on it, called “Squeezed: What You Don’t Know About Orange Juice.”>>The orange juice industry has definitely profited from the idea that this is a simple, natural, direct product.>>Tom: Is orange juice natural?>>You can squeeze it at home, and you’re getting a natural juice. But most of the juices that you’re buying in the store are heavily processed and engineered.>>Tom: Engineered? That’s not a word the big orange juice makers use.>>Here’s wonderful news for you and me, that Minute Maid gives more Vitamin C. (♪♪)>>Tom: This is how juice makers have sold it for decades. As if oranges fall off the tree and into your carton.>>There are 16 fresh picked oranges squeezed into each cartoon of Tropicana Pure Premium.>>Tom: 100% pure. 100% natural. From “grove to glass.”>>Simply orange. Honestly simple.>>Tom: But the truth is really not that simple. If juice makers told you the real deal, here’s how a commercial might look. Come join me. (♪♪)>>Tom: By the time O.J. reaches your table, this miracle of nature has become a miracle of manipulation. The oranges are plucked from their perch. And land on an assembly line. Where they’re sprayed and squeezed into juice. Next, it’s here for pasteurization. Heating up. And then on to huge tanks where the juice can be stored for months, sometimes up to a year. The oxygen is taken out so nothing goes bad. But one, pretty important quality “does” go: most of the orange flavour. So how do they put it back in? Juice makers use something called flavour packs. Okay. Hang on a second. So you’re saying they make so much orange juice and store it for so long and then they have people add flavour to it later?>>Exactly.>>Tom: How?>>I asked for the precise time when the flavour is added. It’s added — I was actually told “we’d have to shoot you if we told you that.” So…>>Tom: What?>>There’s a lot of secrecy around, you know, around what they do because they don’t want this to be perceived as a heavily processed product. (♪♪)>>Tom: It’s a secret formula for making money. In Canada, worth almost half a billion dollars in sales. Pepsi, which makes Tropicana, got almost two-thirds of that. Simply orange. So how much added flavour are we buying? What do you think? That over the…>>That looks good.>>Tom: To figure it out, associate producer Anu and I are packing up samples, getting ready to send them off to a lab. How’d I do?>>M’mm. I think mine’s better.>>Tom: Hey, wait a minute! I’m the host! Flavour packs are made up of natural components of orange essence and oils. Broken down, mixed and matched, then rebuilt by chemists. Flavour packs help juice taste the same, year-round. We’re searching for one chemical in particular. Ethyl butyrate. Juice makers know North Americans like the smell and equate it to a fresh squeezed orange. So they boost flavour with it. We want to see for ourselves.>>Okay. They’re both marked.>>Tom: Among the brands going to the lab? Some from our taste test. Tropicana, Simply Orange, Canadian Brand Oasis. With pulp. Not a pulp guy myself. You?>>No? I like a little pulp, yeah. (blender whirring)>>Tom: We also make freshly squeezed, for a baseline.>>Tom: All right. Off to grandmother’s house. No, going to the lab. (♪♪)>>Tom: Two weeks later we find ethyl butyrate in all our samples. Now, the amount can vary depending on the crop and time of year. But the premium juice? All have levels higher than freshly squeezed.>>You can see it in the taste test. I could smell immediately which one was fresh because it was palpably different than, the smell of it, than the others. And the same goes for the taste.>>Tom: Ethyl butyrate is naturally occurring in oranges anyway.>>That’s correct.>>Tom: So what’s the problem with adding it later in the process?>>Well, you’re not adding it back in the concentrations that exist in nature. So what you’re getting back in these flavour packs is an engineered product.>>Tom: Back at our taste test, we reveal how O.J. makers boost flavour. The fact is that it’s made in a very different way. They add flavour. What do you think of that?>>On a lot of the packages it says made from pure 100% orange juice. No sugar added, no water added. What is added? So we should — we should be aware of that.>>Tom: At the next table Alex Herber can’t believe what he’s hearing; or what he’s drinking.>>I’m angry. I’m angry. I feel duped. That’s 100%.>>Tom: Why?>>It’s just — I want to know what’s in my food and they’re telling me, “oh, look, it’s being picked off a tree,” but really it’s not.>>Tom: Freshly peeved, Alex is about to become a student on a mission. When we come back…>>Come on over and try our smell test.>>Tom: He’s out to educate… One squirt at a time?>>Smells floral. Floral and perfumey.>>Tom: That’s orange juice.>>That’s orange juice?>>Tom: Mm-hm. And we expose how companies avoid giving you the full story.>>We deserve to know.>>Tom: And we’re not being told.>>And we’re not being told.>>Erica: And later… Who’s hungry? We serve up the truth about breakfast sandwiches.>>Wow.>>Tom: Don’t skip our breakfast facts. Join us on Facebook and Twitter. (♪♪)>>Tom: Hey, Alex. How you doing? We’re revealing juicy secrets about your glass of O.J. And “Marketplace” viewer Alex Herber is giving us a hand. Show us the way, Alex. We’ve told him that premium orange juice is heavily processed and that flavour packs are added. It’s all left a sour taste in his mouth. So now Alex is ready to reveal the secrets that O.J. makers don’t want you to know.>>There we go.>>Tom: Excellent.>>Come on over and try our smell test. Do you have a good nose?>>We’ll find out.>>All right. Ready. So hold out your wrist and give that a smell. What do you think that is?>>Tom: To help illustrate the flavour story, we’ve put some Tropicana in a perfume bottle and put it alongside real perfume.>>I have the eau de toilette.>>Tom: And I have the eau de l’orange.>>Smells floral. Floral and perfumey.>>Tom: best small juicer.>>That’s orange juice?>>Tom: Mm-hm. What’s the reason behind our spray test?>>It does smell natural.>>Tom: It’s another juicy secret. Turns out, the same company that gives this perfume its smell also gives this orange juice its taste. That’s right. The flavour packs are fashioned by fragrance companies. But can our samplers sniff it out?>>Maybe like a little tangerine or something like that?>>Smells like oranges?>>Well, this one definitely smells more natural.>>Tom: What if I told you that the company that makes the perfume smell so good makes orange juice taste so good? Same company.>>Oh. Well, maybe that’s not such a good thing.>>I’m not sure I believe you. Because that and that should not be the same. I don’t like that.>>Tom: We explain to our sniffers why their juice needs freshening up and flavouring up. When orange juice is mass produced, it’s pasteurized and heated, and then stored for months, even a year, in huge vats. So that process strips it of its flavour. They add flavour late in the process. These are flavour packs that our natural flavors created by the fragrance companies that’s added to the process to make the juice taste like orange juice again.>>Wow. As an industrial model, I think it’s obviously impressive, but I think in terms of a personal level, I find it kind of frightening.>>I’ll have to think about my fresh orange juice. Or my fresh orange juice in the container that I pick up every week.>>Tom: Do you believe that?>>Not any more.>>I think I wanna buy my own oranges and make juice myself.>>I guess it should be on a nutrition label perhaps.>>Tom: But “added flavour” is nowhere to be found on any label. Despite the fact that Canadian Food Inspection Agency has rules saying it should. Our poll reveals Canadians want the full story. 95% of orange juice fans believe any added ingredient should be included on the carton. Our expert Alissa Hamilton says O.J. makers owe us the truth.>>If you love your Tropicana or whatever orange juice it is that you like and you know what you’re getting and you know what you’re paying for, fine. But know what you’re getting, and we deserve to know.>>Tom: And we’re not being told.>>And we’re not being told.>>Cheers!>>Tom: Alex Herber thinks that’s wrong. He finds out one way to get the CFIA to act is file a complaint. So he does.>>Record a concern. Food labelling. All right. Submit. Let’s see what happens.>>Tom: As for the orange juice makers? They argue they’re just putting natural flavour back in juice that was lost during processing. And even though O.J. is more science than nature, a label doesn’t need to reflect that fact. Meantime a long list of American consumers is forcing their hand. Suing the big O.J. makers for misleading them. Charging premium prices for a juice that’s so processed. No lawsuits here. But when we ask the companies from our taste test for an on-camera interview, they say “no.” Some people might feel that they’re being misled when they’re buying a premium processed orange juice. Are they? Being misled?>>Yes. If they’re thinking that it’s fresh squeezed, if they’re thinking this is what they’re getting, that image, yes, they’re being misled.>>Tom: Juice makers may be keeping silent, but their secrets are out. The only thing left to reveal… The engineered O.J. our tasters liked best.>>Oasis.>>Oh, my god!>>What?>>Tom: So that’s the favourite premium but…>>There’s no substitute for that aroma.>>Total different taste.>>Tom: Fresh squeezed gets top ranking.>>Like you get the, not just the inside of the orange, you’ll get, like, the whole thing. Flavour.>>Tom: A surprise twist though… Many say they’ll stick to the processed stuff.>>The scent is so foreign to me. It’s so foreign.>>Fresh squeezed I always thought was orangey-er. And I don’t know. I’m not sure.>>Tom: Yeah, yeah. That’s fine. That’s good. So what did you think of the last one?>>Six, it tasted very much like fresh orange juice, but honestly, I get that it’s fresh I just didn’t like it as much.>>Tom: So the stuff that may be out of a box, you prefer than the one right out of the orange.>>Honestly, I guess I’m just used to the whole marketed flavour of orange juice that fresh orange just doesn’t do it for me any more.>>Tom: It apparently doesn’t do it for Wayne Gueran’s family either. Even though they now know why premium juice tastes different from freshly squeezed.>>After finding out which orange juice was the pure orange juice, and I may just start doing that at home.>>Tom: Making it freshly squeezed?>>Yes.>>No! (Laughter)>>Tom: Maybe it’s time to put the squeeze on O.J. makers to be… Simply honest.>>Erica: After the break…>>500?>>Erica: How popular breakfast sandwiches stack up.>>Can you beat our breakfast quiz? Find out now at (♪♪)>>Erica: A busy morning in downtown Toronto. You’re on the move. In a rush.>>Erica: So how about breakfast with “Marketplace” on a Toronto streetcar! (♪♪)>>Erica: Hey, everyone! We’re serving up breakfast at “Marketplace.” What’s on the menu? A hot trend; breakfast sandwiches.>>With every early morning rise, you rub the sleep outta your eyes.>>Erica: Seems suddenly ads for ’em are everywhere.>>This is turkey? Yeah, turkey sausage. Good, right? It’s great.>>Erica: You, too, can be the picture of health, if you eat the right breakfast sandwich?>>(commercial): Breakfast makes mornings real nice… (♪♪)>>Erica: We’ve got turkey, sausage, bacon. Breakfast sandwiches for everyone! Who’s hungry?>>I’ll try sausage.>>Can I have bacon?>>I love breakfast sandwiches.>>Erica: What do you like about a breakfast sandwiche?>>Um, grab-and-go.>>Erica: Handy for busy people who don’t have time, and that’s how they’re sold to us. What do you like about it?>>It’s quick. It’s easy. Take it on the go.>>Yum, yum, yum.>>Erica: Small wonder the industry’s hungry to win you over. South of the border the first meal of the day is a $42 billion dollar business, and growing. They look fresh and hot, but which ones are a better way to start the day? We bite into three popular choices from three of Canada’s biggest restaurant chains. From Starbucks, the sausage and cheddar sandwich on an English muffin. We’ve got McDonald’s bacon and egg on a whole grain bagel. And Tim Hortons’ turkey sausage on a biscuit.>>I would love to have the Starbuck sausage.>>Erica: Okay. So there you go. Tempting, but know how much sodium’s under that wrapper? There’s a whole bunch of sodium in it. Almost 1,000 milligrams.>>Oh, my goodness. That’s not good!>>Erica: Not good at all, says nutritionist Leslie Beck.>>Adults aged 19 to 50 need, every day, only 1,500 milligrams of sodium for health. So if you have a breakfast sandwich that’s got 1,000 milligrams of sodium, you’ve already consumed two-thirds of your days’ worth of sodium in one meal.>>Erica: The McDonald’s option? Even more sodium! And Tim’s, tops the chart! Too much of that?>>Is linked with a greater risk of high blood pressure, stroke, kidney stones, and maybe even obesity.>>Erica: And what do these commuters know about how much fat these handheld breakfasts are serving up? That Tim Hortons’ option? 21 grams of fat.>>Now I don’t want to eat it.>>Erica: McDonald’s bacon and egg sandwich? And Starbucks’ sausage and cheddar, both almost 30 grams of fat! And it’s about half the fat that someone should have in a whole day.>>Whoa. Thank you.>>Erica: And how do these brekkies stack up when it comes to counting calories? There are more calories in it than in a Big Mac!>>Really?>>Erica: Yep. This McDonald’s bacon and egg on a multigrain bagel packs 610 calories! 80 more than a Big Mac.>>I did not know that. That is very gross to hear. It’s supposed to be a breakfast sandwich. It’s just not a good way to start the day.>>Erica: As for the more pricey Starbucks option? This has 500 calories in it.>>500! Wow! I will do a lot of exercise to burn it off!>>Erica: Get off the streetcar and walk to your destination. (Laughing)>>Erica: And that leaves our Tim Hortons’ sandwich. Made with turkey.>>Turkey is supposed to be like the least fat meat.>>That’s what I heard, that turkey is the best meat.>>Erica: Is it? We hit three drive-thrus to find out. I’d like a breakfast sandwich, please. Which one has fewer calories, the bacon or the turkey sausage?>>Turkey sausage.>>Erica: Turkey sausage.>>Yeah.>>I believe the turkey. Bacon has more calories.>>Erica: Sounds right but the turkey sandwich is a bit bigger so get bacon or turkey on a biscuit and you’re actually taking in the same amount of fat and calories!>>They see turkey on the menu and they think that’s a healthier choice but turkey sausage is not turkey breast. It’s a processed meat so it’s going to have more sodium and also more fat.>>Erica: Since so many of us still have to eat on the go, how can we make better choices?>>If you’re looking to save calories, opt for an English muffin because they are smaller, there’s less bread.>>Erica: They all have an English muffin option. Like the Golden Arches’ basic egg Mcmuffin. The breakfast sandwich that started this craze more than 40 years ago. It’s got fewer than 300 calories.>>The next thing, choose egg whites if you want to cut cholesterol and saturated fat. That’s definitely a lighter choice.>>Erica: Tim Hortons’ egg white breakfast sandwich, just 220 calories!>>And skip the meat. You don’t need the meat in a breakfast sandwich. You’re getting protein, but unfortunately it’s greasy, salt-laden protein.>>Erica: How about Starbucks’ spinach and feta wrap with egg whites. Also in the under-300 calories club. But spoiler alert; it’s packing with a lot of sodium!>>Thank you very much.>>Erica: Everyone’s fed, for better or worse. So…. That’s a wrap on breakfast sandwiches.>>Tom: Next week on “Marketplace”… We’ll help you hold onto your cash! We reveal who’s got their hand in your pocket.>>I’m just flabbergasted. I can’t believe that.>>Tom: Are you really getting what you pay for?>>For being hoodwinked into paying something they don’t have to pay.>>We’ll show you how you can fight back.>>I’m very happy with “Marketplace” and very happy with myself for doing something good.>>So you can stash your cash!


  1. I always impress that American/Canadian people always seems impress for something so obvious that seems dumb that they didn't know before, did they really thing the companies never use chemicals in the food? Everything is processed in the daily basis, if we told them how everything is done in the supermarket they will never eat again, American/Canadian are very easy to fool, if the label says "natural" and they believed without make any questions…

  2. This is a case of "I don't mind". I actually prefer the taste I get from the cheap and processed juices. My favorite being SunnyD, which is more of an orange flavored drink that a "juice". I have had fresh squeezed and frankly am not a fan. Even tampico is better and it's dirt cheap at just over $1 for a ~4 litre bottle.

  3. If you cut calories and not consume vitamins and minerals you are just starving yourself, in the sense that the more food you eat the more of a chance you will get more vitamins and minerals, the less food you eat the less of a chance you will get more vitamins and minerals.

  4. I worked at Tropicana here in Florida. I have never drank it since. They even put the green oranges in the mix. Whatever is left and they can't use the bottom of the barrell oranges, they are sent to the Prisons and the what they don't eat goes to the hogs. The peels get ground up and put into Cow feed wich they sell. The plant stinks from rotting oranges. When it is time to clean out the storage tanks there is nasty thick slime on the inside walls. Yup, no more orange juice for me other than fresh and that is rare for me. I have been ruined! Grapefruit is made like that too and it can store longer than oranges.

  5. Fresh Thyme has the 100% absolute best orange juice. It has between 75-90 oranges in a gallon and it sells for $6.99 a half
    Gallon but it’s only Oranges, nothing else
    Orange juice 100% and let me tell you, once you take a drink you’ll never want anything else again.

  6. Though I agree companies should list all the ingredients on the products' labels and not use "100% Orange Juice" to advertise it, I would guess the biggest problem is actually with informing the population (either during their school years or later in life) about natural products, their lifecycle and which options are there to conserve them.

    To me it is very common sense that any juice that takes a while to expire has additives in it. But I grew up in Brazil, so I guess I had more contact with fruits and vegetables (in their natural form) and a climate that makes those go bad relatively quickly if not refrigerated.

  7. At my local grocery store they have a orange juice machine where you can squeeze your own juice with the power of a button, it's almost twice as expensive but is worth it 100%!

  8. Eating oranges is an ok idea. Drinking orange juice is a not so good idea if you understand what your pancreas is put through and the raging diabetes epidemic.

  9. I used to drink OJ like water. I got to the point where I was drinking 3 cartons a DAY. That wasn’t healthy. Turns out all juice is almost as unhealthy as soda. While the fruit has fiber, the juice discards much of the fiber, and you’re left with concentrated sugar.

  10. It's about how you present these facts it is wrong to not be told they add these ingredients but these ingredients aren't harmful so whats wrong with putting it on the label. The real reason why these companies don't put it on there label is because consumers are starting to cry wolf on harmless additives.

  11. So the question is now, can Canadians SUE companies like Oasis and Tropicana for misleading their customers??? Let’s SUE!

  12. Can you Canadians come to the US and show our journalists what REAL journalism is? This is refreshing…. like glass of orange juice lol

  13. Ethyl butyrate is actually naturally occurring in oranges so that doesn't mean that flavour packs are added to all juices, boii

  14. If this is a problem, well what you eat will be a bigger one. Do you think all vegetables or fruit are really "fresh?" Do you think farm animals give you "fresh" eggs or milk? Do you know what they feed them? the answer may surprise you. No, no, and chemicals. Everything really has chemicals inside all food. Bug sprays for vegetables and fruit. Farm animals are fed chemicals on their food so that they can expand and killed to gain a lot of meat like in fairy tales about fatting kids to be eaten. Do you have any other explanation of why millions of burger joints still open to this day? Thay had to do that so that we all can eat meat. Also meaning that the milk and egg your getting might have some trace of chemicals inside them. Since any food animals eat can transfer inside their whole body, That why people are warned to eat them cooked so that the chemicals can burn with any bacteria still lingering on. So next time you order a steak, maybe well-done isn't a bad idea and orange juice is being lied at.

  15. Ok so first of all, the puns 💀😂 can't do it anymore. Second of all, essentially you're just adding those flavor packs to water… using oranges seems like just a formality 😅 🍊

  16. I don't understand what the problem is. Consumers are the one demanding cheap orange juices all year round instead of buying fresh pressed oranges seasonally. You're demands that created the products you have thee days and at least the foods are not artificially flavoured, coloured and cordial drinks.

  17. Fresh dont believe it till you see it for yourself. Honestly comming from a tropic place with lots of fresh fruit one thing that I find disgusted when I tried it first comming here was the orange juice.

  18. As i remember they used fruit juicer to squeeze the orange so eventually it will get bitter for couple minutes or hours. But if they used the squeezer instead i think it will make difference

  19. False advertising..they should be sued and forced to label the true ingredients. I’ve always believed it was pure orange juice.

  20. Haven’t you ever wondered why every glass of Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice tastes the same, no matter where in the world you buy it or what time of year you’re drinking it in? Or maybe your brand of choice is Minute Maid or Simply Orange or Florida’s Natural. Either way, I can ask the same question. Why is the taste and flavor so consistent? Why is it that the Minute Maid never tastes like the Tropicana, but always tastes like its own unique beverage?

    Generally speaking, beverages that taste consistently the same follow recipes. They’re things like Coca Cola or Pepsi or a Starbucks Frappuccino. When you make orange juice at home, each batch tastes a little different depending on the oranges you made it from. I hope you’re hearing warning bells in your head right about now.
    The reason your store bought orange juice is so consistently flavorful has more to do with chemistry than nature.
    Making OJ should be pretty simple. Pick oranges. Squeeze them. Put the juice in a carton and voilà!
    But actually, there is an important stage in between that is an open secret in the OJ industry. After the oranges are squeezed, the juice is stored in giant holding tanks and, critically, the oxygen is removed from them. That essentially allows the liquid to keep (for up to a year) without spoiling– but that liquid that we think of as orange juice tastes nothing like the Tropicana OJ that comes out of the carton. (source)

    When the juice is stripped of oxygen it is also stripped of flavor providing chemicals. Juice companies therefore hire flavor and fragrance companies, the same ones that formulate perfumes for Dior and Calvin Klein, to engineer flavor packs to add back to the juice to make it taste fresh. Flavor packs aren’t listed as an ingredient on the label because technically they are derived from orange essence and oil. Yet those in the industry will tell you that the flavor packs, whether made for reconstituted or pasteurized orange juice, resemble nothing found in nature. The packs added to juice earmarked for the North American market tend to contain high amounts of ethyl butyrate, a chemical in the fragrance of fresh squeezed orange juice that, juice companies have discovered, Americans favor. Mexicans and Brazilians have a different palate. Flavor packs fabricated for juice geared to these markets therefore highlight different chemicals, the decanals say, or terpene compounds such as valencine.
    The formulas vary to give a brand’s trademark taste. If you’re discerning you may have noticed Minute Maid has a candy like orange flavor. That’s largely due to the flavor pack Coca-Cola has chosen for it. Some companies have even been known to request a flavor pack that mimics the taste of a popular competitor, creating a “hall of mirrors” of flavor packs. Despite the multiple interpretations of a freshly squeezed orange on the market, most flavor packs have a shared source of inspiration: a Florida Valencia orange in spring. (source)

    Good question! As with all industrial foods, it’s because of our convoluted labeling laws. You see, these “flavor packs are made from orange by-products — even though these ‘by-products’ are so chemically manipulated that they hardly qualify as ‘by-products’ any more.” (source) Since they’re made from by-products that originated in oranges, they can be added to the orange juice without being considered an “ingredient,” despite the fact that they are chemically altered.
    First off, I must ask: Why are you drinking juice?? Juice removed from the fruit is just concentrated fructose without any of the naturally-occurring fiber, pectin, and other goodies that make eating a whole fruit good for you. Did you know, for example, that it takes 6-8 medium sized apples to make just 1 cup of apple juice? You probably wouldn’t be able to eat 6-8 medium apples in a single sitting. (I know I can barely eat one!) But you can casually throw back a cup of apple juice, and you would probably be willing to return for seconds. That’s why fruit juice is dangerous. It’s far too easy to consume far too much sugar.

  21. ORGANICALLY grown oranges are suspiciously left out of the equation? Maybe because the lack of Petro chemicals makes ORGANIC taste better than oranges grown with Petro chemicals?

  22. The juice closest to nature is actually the frozen. Unlike the bottled, the frozen is processed near the groves before shipping. Once frozen the loss of flavor and nutrition is minimal, while the liquid being processed and stored will lose more.

  23. This people are crazy if they like the juice of the box. I sell freshly squeezed orange juice at my Bakery and the difference in taste is like night and day. May be is the kind of orange they used

  24. I live in Brazil and natural organic fruits here are pretty easy to find. My dad allways buy oranges, passion fruit, even watermelon and makes juice for us at home. It's TOTALLY different from the ones you buy, even the ones claiming that it's "100% natural fruit". Orange juice should taste something like "fresh", "light" and you can only have this by squeezing the fruits yourself.

  25. Get real people, you can only grow fruit in certain seasons! Pumpkins for example, but you can buy it canned year-round. Of course, a lot of it is stored, not really news.

  26. Takes too much EFFORT& TIME do it RIGHT?
    Well all that PROCESS takes even more TIME & EFFORT!! But in todays WORLD liws are ALWAYS MORE PROFITABLE than the hard TRUTH DENIED!!

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