How Pizza For Dogs Is Made

How Pizza For Dogs Is Made

Sydney Kramer: Want some pizza? Thank you. Brian Nittayo: Right now
we have a whole wheat, yeast-free crust; roasted
carrot purée; low-fat ricotta; grilled, diced chicken breast; and sprinkled with a
little bit of parsley. Dogs eat better than us. It’s very nutritious, and
it’s a great treat for them. We’re always into getting new customers, and now we have dog customers,
so it’s pretty cool. Sydney: Ready? You ready? Come on. Yeah. What’s that? Ooh. Let’s see if he knows how to eat pizza. No clue. I think he likes it. Customer: It’s pretty bland,
but it’s healthy for them. I don’t like it very
much; I prefer this one. Sydney: I’m gonna give it a shot. Tastes like baby food. But, I mean, I can tell
you, there’s no salt or anything flavorful
or delicious in here, so it’s perfect for dogs. Customer: I love pizza. Now
he loves pizza, too, so.


  1. I just don't see how people can eat right next to any animal. I'm sorry I can't hold an animal in my lap while trying to eat food. I don't even like when people getting animals into grocery stores it's disgusting. Animals are just that animals. Why are people treating them better than humans? It makes no sense. I guess though. Next it's going to be people getting sexually involved with their animals since they love them so much. 🙄

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  3. Everyone who is buying pizza for their dogs, think of better ways to spend your money. Maybe help the homeless issues in your state, looking at you Cali.

  4. why not just buy your dog a raw chicken leg or turkey leg and let them chomp on that, it will keep them occupied for awhile, they love it and its probably way cheaper then buying that pizza. How much is a pizza probably like 15$? :{

  5. When there are children below the poverty line who go to bed hungry every night and these people casually buy their dogs gourmet pizza.

    I get it, there is no one who loves dogs more than I do. I've worked at the Humane Society for more than 10 years, I foster, I adopt, and my dogs are my family–they eat before I do.

    But with how much that costs, I just hope that the people who can afford this are also mindful of the homeless population in California (where this restaurant is.) The homelessness rate in California is the highest in the nation, so I hope these customers help a little there too.

    It's your money, and it's your prerogative on how you spend it. This is just some "food for thought"…. (lol sorry I'll leave now)

  6. World is going towards its own destruction how humanity failed millions of people including children sleeping hungry at night and the west is busy in pampering luxuriously their cats and dogs.

  7. Interesting. So, there are countries so poor they eat dogs and then there are countries so rich they make pizza for dogs. Love the juxtaposition.

  8. Why would I get pizza where dogs roam that’s nasty , so many irresponsible dog owners I bet there’s dog poop everywhere around that joint 🤢

  9. I am all for spoiling your pets every now and then but taking away what makes them an animal by feeding them this crap is ridiculous.
    People should stop trying to make their pets more like humans.

  10. Listen very carefully. If you have enough money to spend to buy a pizza specifically for your dog, not give the dog a slice of the pizza you were already eating, just buying for the dog, than you are one of the richest humans who have ever lived. Now take stock of your situation, your income, your housing scenario. Those are the criteria to be rich. Wasnt as high a bar as you thought huh?

  11. Just give them dog food! If it doesn’t taste like anything then what’s the point? You can just make this at home for not even half as much as you’d pay for this!

  12. can everybody complaining about people literally feeding their dogs pizzas? this was meant to be a fun video on how someone decided to make a pizza for dogs, and yeah it might be expensive, but it doesnt mean you should argue that they dont care about poverty or about poor people. thought the comments section would be a lot nicer than this.

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