How grow Money plant , Complete guide

How grow Money plant , Complete guide

Hello friends this is Ayan from Bonsai tricks and a lot more. Today I am going to show you How to grow money plant at home. Hindi ( Same as English ) ….. I will cover everything From making soil How to care money plant , how to water money plant etc. everything in the video So, lets start the journey Let me show you how to grow money plant from cuttings first Then we will going to discuss about soil and etc. I am going to use the paper cup Hindi ……. For growing media I am using sand Money plant roots very well in sand You don’t have to mix anything with sand Hindi ( same as english ) ….. Hindi ( same as English)…… For growing Money plant I am using two paper cups one over another. There is certain reason. Thhis is called root escaping method Please watch the video till end. I will explain everything about this Money plant is best for good luck , feng sui , and vastu Hindi ( same as English ) ….. Always wet sand before planting the cuttings I am wetting it…. Press the sand around the cutting with fingers.. You can grow money plant from cutting by just using water only Now , it is the time for result Let me check it. Can you see, small roots are coming out from drainage hole ? Now , this is the cutting which I have grown in plain water Can you see , it has also rooted very well ? Let me give you a closer look.. Can you see the beautiful roots ? Now , lets prepare the pot for money plant To grow money plant I am going to use this ceramic bowl But only problem with the bowl , there is no drainage hole To make drainage hole I am using water and then we will going to drill using ceramic drill bit If you drill it straight, you won’t be able to drill very well that was wrong method You have to start drilling at tilted position and then you have to slowly straighten the drill machine Now lets prepare the soil for money plant I am using coco peat with sand vermicompost and little bit of perlite ( optional ) The mixture ratio will be 60 % sand 20 % coco peat , 10% vermicompost and 10 % perlite I am mixing it very well Friends , do you like the video ? If yes , then Like , Comment and Share and don’t forget to subscribe my channel for regular update And if you have any suggestion about anything that shown on my channel Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment section below.. Thats it for today. Good bye….


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  2. My money plant tree was growing in water and it Was ok but all the leaves are getting yellow and dry after doing transfer in the soil. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks

  3. I have more than 100 big money plants in pots at my home … ( in pots made up of cement and glass )also they are ( all of them ) 30 + years old ..

  4. While rooting how to care it means where to place n when to change water etc..coz i hv planted money plants in 3 different ways water soil n in coconut shell ..but nw 20 dys roots are not in water one..

  5. gonna show this to my mom and say " you say money doesint grow on trees. your right. they grow on plants "

  6. Everybady sharing how grow money plants..but nobody shares the rutain issues on money plants and how solve and save plants from decaying of leaf can you explain how to save my plants am in Dubai…

  7. Sirji mene monyplant apne planter me mittime ugaya he… Bahothi care karta hu… Regyuler fertilizer dalta hu lekin fast growv nahi karta.. To fast grow ke koi he trik aapke pass?

  8. Brother , I( ALexander Badiya )like your bonsai methods is it possible to get Rosemary plant.I'm in visakhapatnam AP. This is my cell no:+91 9704381356

  9. Money plant prefers well aerated light soil. Whether perlite be replaced with powdered charcoal and cowdung compost in 50:50 ratio ?

  10. I like 2 grow plants but i dnt have any idea m yur new viewer plz guide i bought mogra money plant dhaniya plant plz teach me wht can i do i put in pot

  11. Hello sir!!!! I have tried this process and i made 3 saplings from cuttings!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! Please make a video on care of jade plant!!!!!!

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  15. Money plant is dull no shine as before not growing in soil not much growth in water slso please sugst fertilizer or plant tonic

  16. Sir Maine money plant water mein lagaya tha but uske leaf bhut chotey-2 a rahe hain root to bhut long a gayi hein n uski trunk b bhut thin hai iska mother plant bhut acha aur healthy hai n uske leaf n growth n height bushy bhut hai but jaise apko bola wo jo water mein grow kiya hai bhut weak hai Kya karu

  17. Thanks for this.. I like your videos. I had a question regarding bugs in the soil. One of my empty pots has been infested by white bugs. How do I get rid of these bugs as I want to soon plant money plant in it? Please help. Thanks.

  18. Sir i bought a money plant ..the leaves in it were very big approx 8 inch long..but when i reported it in my vase ..since then the new leaves that are growing are very small…why is it so ..i have tried everything ..i water them regularly like with a gap of 3..4 days and also put organic fertiliser(khaad).then why are the leaves not growing as they used to initially..please reply

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