How Cheese Is Made

How Cheese Is Made

one of the things that makes she is so impressive is that there’s so many different types better the milk to better the cheese everybody believes that you want cows that are happy it’s a very labor intensive physical job that’s part of the fun I’m always amazed when I just see hundreds and blocks that jeans just sitting there anytime I tell anyone that I work in she is almost everyone’s immediate reaction is I love cheese tired process takes around 5 hours so we pasteurize our milk fill our that add culture after that would be rennet addition which will coagulate the milk you let it sit undisturbed so it sets and makes similar to like a pudding non liquid form and at that point we cut and have to curd some way it’s great it feels good it’s fun to make something since the day I started here it’s always been a really cool experience obviously the fact that I love cheese enjoy eating she has made it really easy to get more in depth about this I love being able to eat cheese every day but I guess I could do that no matter what job I have it’s very fast-paced and enjoyable to keep herds and white moving keep them from settling sticking back to each other they want to stick together naturally it is a lot of cheese for a couple arm it’s a very labor-intensive physical job as part of the fun of it it’s not sitting behind the desk you know but it’s a tangible activity it’s we’re working with our hands I think it continues to be interesting and I love chess absolutely love it and from there we are doing what’s called shattering and that’s just a process of stacking and flipping the loaves of cheese to form proteins and let the cheese acidified that’s the big step that’s really what adds a lot of the traits of our flagship they’re fairly heavy but you know it’s like anything else you build the muscles with repetition and that’s a good workout there’s always more to learn I work with an incredible staff so it really is possible there is currently some juice at my desk it’s all round all the time.i it’s in my refrigerator at home at least four different types of futures cheese my sister sometimes gets overwhelmed with how much cheese is in my friend it’s a great situation I guess a fun way to live it’s a whole world I mean there’s science there is certainly a learning curve because in the beginning people are like wow these things are really heavy and then a couple months into working here you’re just moving stuff around nine [Music] the flagship cheese is a delicious cheese and that is because of a lot of different things it’s because of the passionate involve people we have making it by hand every day it’s because of the recipe that we’ve developed over the the details of our recipe of an effect on what we’re looking for what we’re trying to me final step is hooping put it into the hoop it gets pressed into large ones the aging process is an integral part of our cheese making process here that aging process Tex texture moisture and flavor profile always have a piece of flagship in my fridge at home super creamy melts really well it has enough flavor than you know you’re eating and cheese always loved a grilled cheese sandwich so it seemed like a natural fit to come and work at Beecher’s probably one things that makes cheese so impressive is that there’s so many different types depends so much on the person the situation everything one of the reasons I chose to buy a farm is I’ve always loved the outdoors so I wanted a place where I could make cheese but I would want to relax outside that’s how it all began the better the milk the better the cheese everybody believes that you want cows that are happy we use raw milk for our cheese for for many reasons when you eat a raw milk cheese you do pick up more of the flavors what the cows were eating especially if they’re allowed to eat outside what makes it unique compared to other cheeses is the color it has natural and Netto which is a natural coloring that gives it that bright color makes it look in a way almost like something from outer space like the moon the more I got into cheese making and visiting firms more I fell in love with it now one of the things I talk about is the art of possibility that almost anything is possible just about every cheese made follows the basic steps so how can this just be so different from another cheese I think what humans can bring to a canned cheese is that sense of the moment we do follow a strict formula but your eyes and your hands and your senses will tell you that despite you know what you’re supposed to do maybe stir it for an extra couple minutes because of the way it feels you want the right texture there are wonderful things that can be done with growbox but there’s certain human emotions they can affect food or anything else you do and positive way so if you really love what you’re doing you can’t really program a robot to have that same kind of love and passion for it it’ll do what you program it to do but it’ll end there once you make the cheese there’s a long waiting period during the aging process aged cheese’s you go into it knowing that you may not see the fruits of your labor for six months to a year up so you have to have a lot of patience with is cheese one of the things I really enjoy is I have an excuse to build this below ground cave [Music] when the cheeses are in the cave they’re still alive and the cultures are still reacting the cheeses can just sit and they developed this rind based on the different strains of bacteria in the air we do our best to give it the right environment to thrive you have to try and keep the air clean what it picks up to create the molds adds another level to the flavor and also the texture because it’s a high humidity environment that’s basically a drying process that takes a long time staying there in a year let’s it developed its true its potential [Music] when I’m in the cave I’m always amazed when I just see hundreds of wheels and wants that cheese just sitting there I’m sure there’s several hundred thousand dollars worth of cheese down there to me they seem happy when you complete a batch of cheese whether it works out or not you feel good because you’ve created and done it it’s a wonderful feeling the whole circle value of doing everything from start to finish is my attempt at what one might call artistry [Music] you know when I taste cheese there is a bit of magic I’m just blown away by it that feeling doesn’t change that’s why I take so much pleasure in improving it maybe it’s harder but that’s so what we’re trying to do [Music] my hopes and dreams for the future are to enjoy life the best way I can working on the farm there long hours there’s no doubt about it but I wake up and I’m healthy and I could make cheese gives me reason for doing what I’m doing the more I got into cheese making more I fell in love with it the fact that I love she’s an enjoy eating she has made it really easy you go into it knowing that you may not see the fruits of your labor for a year up but it’s fun to make something it’s great it feels good when I taste cheese there is a bit of magic I’m just blown away by it super creamy melts really well it really is awesome the reason I do this because almost anything is possible I first see continuing to make and eat great cheese for all my days [Music] you [Music]



  2. you could have edited her to say anything for the opening line and you chose cheese, not even two different sentences. You stitched every word XDD

  3. sweet dreams are made of cheese.
    who am I to dissagree?
    cheedar the world and feta cheese.
    everybody’s lookin’ for some cheese.

    Ik I got this from a comment.
    But I gotta spread the word

  4. I got offend when it said “we want happy cows” bruh cows are not that happy the milk that u get comes from cows that were forced to get pregnant 😒😒🤭

  5. dairy causes cancer.
    all animal products cause cancer.
    the only way to feel good in yourself is to eat plant foods, and "organic" whre possible, to avoid pesticides.

    we dont need to support animal exploitation and ill health or environmental toxins caused by animal farming.

  6. This video just repeated itself over and over. This people think they can just make shit content and get by with it. Step it up tasty. I want my ten min back

  7. Oia aia tutti produturi e già Va bene così ma già lo sapete che ci vuole prototo genuino e di cualita Non fare cuantita ma cualita che le persone debono mangiare bene e de fondamentale il prototo che sia puro non scarto di maiale ecc ecc

  8. I’m from Minnesota you guys flex cheese we flex snow what’s better to play in snow what is a thing you can be allergic to cheese

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