Hot Spicy Mapa Tofu Cooking Chinese Food & Korean Style (Eng Sub) [Cooking c08] JMT YUMMY

Hot Spicy Mapa Tofu Cooking Chinese Food & Korean Style (Eng Sub) [Cooking c08] JMT YUMMY

Hello. I’m ‘Duke in Korea’. I cooked Mapa Tofu after a long time. Do you like Mapa Tofu? In fact, I don’t like the usual Mapa Tofu. 🙂 the slippery feeling of tofu, the bean smell taste,
The starch level is not harmonious. Tofu is very important in Mapa Tofu. I like fried tofu. Or soft tofu that I will use today. Chop garlic, Spring onion, onion and carrot into small pieces. I’ve added bamboo shoots and shishito pappers, but you can add your favorite vegetables~ But the ingredients I put in are really delicious. Well. Today’s main character is Soft Tofu. The Soft Tofu is less smell and soft, and it’s really an art taste. Cut it roughly to the right size like this way. And the important ingredient is potato starch!!! You should adjust the concentration of potato starch to make the Mapa tofu delicious. 🙂 Mix 1 tablespoon of potato starch and 1 teaspoon of water and you’re done preparing the ingredients. Before stir-frying the ingredients, I boiled five spoon of oil and made it like red chili oil. You can use red chili oil or Layou sold at the market!! But red chili oil and Layou are expensive. 🙂 Dissolve the frozen minced pork first and stir-fry. If it’s chilled pork, make garlic and Spring onion oil first and add the meat. Ginger removes the meat’s smell and enhances its flavor. When pork, green onion and garlic begin to brown, add two spoons of red chili oil and stir-fry together. Red pepper powder and red chili oil are easy to burn, so you should control the fire. Onions are a lot of sweetness and savory, so I put them first and stir-fry them. Add the rest of the ingredients later for the texture. What did you call burning soy sauce at high temperatures in my last cook? Yes, It is Baoguo skill. This is the process of dressing vegetables with the flavor and smell of soy sauce. Add rice wine, or alcohol, and the effect will be improved. If you feel hot chili oil or vegetables burning while stir-frying, add some water and stir-fry. Add a little bit of sugar to balance the taste. Mirim is also a good condiment to balance the taste. Soju,Rice wine, Mirim, and Wine are similar but have different roles. It’s good to study at least once. 🙂 I’m still a beginner, so I’m not good enough to explain in detail. lol~ If you want it to be spicy, you can add hot peppers or pepperoncino like me. Add 2 spoons more chili oil. Please adjust it according to the amount of ingredients.~ Add pepper powder as well as chili to add spicy flavor! Mapa Tofu is a very spicy food. Because It’s Sichuan food in China. It’s spicy taste of Sichuan foods characteristic uses this Sichuan pepper. The Korean Sichuan pepper is a bit tender unlike the sSichuan pepper, so don’t worry because it’s not too spicy like Spicy hot pot in china. 🙂 In Korea, we use Sichuan pepper for fresh water fish dishes such as
Mudfish soup or spicy river fish soup. The soft tofu is fragile, so please don’t touch it. Unbreakable soft tofu is more delicious. 🙂 Finally, adjust the concentration of the sauce with starch. Too little starch water is watery, more starch water is too thick. It’s easy to use starch a few times, but if it’s the first time, add a little bit and adjust the concentration. Stir in the pan so that the soft tofu doesn’t break. 🙂 I put in about two spoons of starch water, but drop the sauce and check the concentration.~ Lastly, if you feel bland after looking at the liver, add a little salt to make the seasoning work. And add a spoonful of savory sesame oil. Mix them together and It’s done! I put it in a bowl and put Cheongyang red pepper and green onion in garnish. It was so delicious, but I don’t have enough way to express it. The eating show is in the next video~ 🙂


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  24. You have a good concept in videos. I am new in blogging and camera shy interesting take. I might use that in my next blog.

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  28. Friends, you should study Chinese cooking. You should have no taste of tofu. Too much seasoning combined with tofu does not match! Mapo tofu is not the case.

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