Hello, welcome to another amazing science experiment. What are we gonna be doing today, Brett? -Today we’ll be testing the limits of homemade caviar. -See… …right here in front of us, we have a unique invention. Cost well over $200 retail price on the market It’s called the “Spherificator”. … …yeah, “Spherificator.” Uhhh This invention was made This invention was made to take any type of food any type of food and make it into *homemade*… caviar. And we mean *anything*. So we wanted to try it. Here today, Here today, we’ll have Y’know, unbeknownst to them- uhh victims Try our- very very expensive, right? I mean, if we were to sell this on the market, it’d be very very expensive. -Yeah, it’d be like uhh.. -Markup price. -Ooh yeah, big markup for sure. -Did you get a little uh… little like- “sauté” uhh… I got- we got crackers- -Crackers to go along with. -I got champagne… -Ooooh! -We’re gonna throw a little party, here…! we got this… -A fancy establishment, might I say so… What’s the first one that you have over there? -Which one do you wanna start with? -I mean this one here is-… -This one? Looking good? -But imagine something like this… just… grinded down into a sphere… so this- I think aptly named should be called Something of like the “late night”, you know? “late night” -the “after party” -the “after-party”…? Ooh…! -Well, I’m very excited to test out, we have a new blender… -Nice! Yeah, I bought that one on Amazon right there It was like 20 bucks! This is the after-party at work here… -Well, that’s uh… -otherwise known as the- the “late-night craving”. I just wanna, you know- I want to keep that late-night I want to keep that late-night in there because I like that. People do this kind of stuff all the time and like they just They try unique things and you branch out and that’s how you get new inventions Why are you eating that? That has *meat* in it…!! -No, it’s beans only -ha ha ha ha ha ha Shit you got me -baja blast -excellent choice! Formerly exclusive to said establishment, no longer is the case -I’m actually quite frightened of what I’m about to witness *blending* It’s g- turned white *blending and Brett laughing* -Uh oh, it’s changing colors again…! -oh, no… They explicitly said… “Don’t put anything solid into the Sphereator” So we’ll be sieving all of the solids out of our liquids for use in this don’t smell that. I need about 1 cup tell me when I get to 1 Cup. It’s like making lemonade Okay, that actually came out really fucking good. Yeah, can you read what that says you’re gonna add 1 teaspoon and 1/4 of the alginate to this would you say this is one I want a solid one this is first item is stabilizing Recipe – can I throw this away keep a gordita crunch for myself here We’ll be replicating movie theater popcorn so we have table we have the classic flavorful flavorful Flavorful used in real on movie theatres and of course can’t forget that good good butter Hmm, I think the movie goer is definitely an a subtle named aptly named for this specific type of caviar maybe a little more flavor call movie goer very nice It’s not Maybe you should have used the more butter and then Joan that one maybe here the ninja should be the actual like start out one probably should be All right here, we’re gonna. Have a mixture for my influence on this. I thought squid we’ve got it giant calamari can’t You’re right until you smell it And cuttlefish game This is not a liquid at all Yeah Jelly Joe it’s like black gelling so what’s wrong. We call this one. I was thinking earlier The fisherman I think would be quite a good name This looks like greywater, but like someone dies in their bathtub. This is what they have to like scoop out of the dream I’ve done bad things in this kitchen for this next one. I really challenge myself, but it’s seasonal I thought what are people starting to think about right now. What do people get in cravings for how about that Halloween candy? Maybe the the sweet tooth Maybe the sweet tooth – the trigger – I mean what he what goes good with Halloween man sleek a balk. I like just like a seasonal type touch on the name, but not exactly alluding to what that season may be and What’s the blenders motor Where’s the fucking mixing gum oh I Was just seasonal player season Beautiful little flare the seasons perfect name the seasonal flare seasonal player Jesus Christ What is going on over there fine? Holy shit? This one’s not leaking like uh okay? Now this one is based on When my girlfriend gets through period there’s a type of sandwich that she really likes so we’re gonna try out those two unique flavors today Am I gonna get this out of the blender when I’m done with that It’s leaking on the bottom, dude is leaking on the bottom quick. I need that blender Switch A little cocktail spritzer get that extra liquid. I’m a little bubbly. Okay ready So I mean should we be very upfront about where the name comes from here in the period you’re gonna call it the period the period craving You think they litter what if they think they’re literally that’s borderline your disgust all right fine. You’re fine you’re lying discuss the Period craving who craves a period, but this one six one on the menu consider this the wild card now here we see we’ve got the chicken hearts and liver feast Oh combined with the salmon fees ah Our cameraman loves that yeah, not the first rodeo for you is it nice and easy here at the end was that canned fish Gonna, what are you gonna add to this like to hose water? Fizzy fizzy, bubbly, that’s a lot or dark Refreshing well I think we’ve beaten around the bush a little bit too much with some of these names So maybe we just straight-up call this with the feline, ooh Okay, how there’s gonna say cat free? Like what is this a trick and I’m like it’s not I mean we have to be somewhat sophisticated come on You’re right. We got a step up This blender smells like every bad idea we’ve had today bath number one This is a calcium Carbonate water mixture science so I put this into this yeah And just let it do its thing and theoretically we should you should put this underneath in like so that we things kind of? Loop it out. Yeah, okay Let’s see if this startup company can get this right moment of truth Somehow that doesn’t seem right keep going that doesn’t seem right it’ll form a beetle for that’s not that’s not it That’s not how this where is it? I don’t know. I don’t know We just built like an entire set and video based on this product then Doesn’t seem like it’s going our way. So maybe it doesn’t it Maybe it doesn’t need to be thicker though like maybe I won’t use a lot of this I’m just kind of like put a little bit like that see how all this works What look there at least shapes, okay? Like they are the or balls they are oh Maybe it didn’t even be fingered. Maybe we just need to thicken up the moviegoer instead yeah Do you think this would this would be real if you ordered like that let’s do that does look like crap Caviar so that fresh look like have your mr.. Gore alright. What do you what do you think about this one though? Well, you know this one. They look like Eggs Number one That still looks Vienna Jones you know even with the like, that’s I don’t know what the fuck is going on in that ball right now This is done Mrs.. De that’s my spare just to like we shall throw this through and clean it. No matter what we’ve got three great flavors That’s right Results of our Experimentation Are as follows the after party was a success? The movie goer however was not However the substance was made into a very significant puree for a very new ritzy side cracker the fisherman Went great the pyramid period craving Also success almost in your miss on that one almost the near miss We lost one five out of six not good not not not good, but I mean it’s great actually It’s it’s not bad at all a very good ratio I must say so we can you take one plate at a time? And I’ll I’ll describe what they are I guess to them give them the name are we gonna Just watch this let’s not let’s not ever tell them what’s in it until they watch the movies all right But just rain it on their own opinions And then a video will go up no. No if so, this is the part II this is the after-party okay? Yes, here we go okay everyone Please gather around so we purchased in you items today that allows you to make basically homemade caviar So we’ve been toiling away in the kitchen for hours making this homemade caviar from scratch You made homemade fish eggs. Yes, try the champagne see what you think? Autistics champagne, it’s making me thirsty. He’s not of age. He’s in Canada I was sure He has a few dozen can train for that Number one in our tasting menu What’s it called this caviar is called the after-party, okay? It looks like fucking mealworms, so yeah, shape is a little Soggy cracker and gourmet Crashing it’s not torture. Okay. I just get one Cheers let me know what you think about the after-party This isn’t Kelly you eat like fucking you’re vegetarian you like roots. I’ll bad really yeah, okay. What’s in this? It’s you you tell me it’s like a rice pilaf was it cold came out of the Ocean, I don’t I don’t like this I don’t like that not a fan of the Afterburner when you rate it on a letter scale after you barely ate any why are you being a baby? Of all the ones we’re gonna give you your in this is it easiest one We’ll move on We’ll set him with something seasonal seasonal Seasonal flare she’s known for something a little delicious. You’re sure they’re kind of depressed. They’re gonna be yeah I gotta go home and Play online in to do we watch Netflix this will cheer him up come here Come here. Get close to the table. This is called the seasonal flare flare different colors new textures new palates, Oh Oh, you’re over there now Yeah a seasonal flare give it a shot later with you two Don’t be scared. It’s not poison I’m Lena nobody scared you just just looks disgusting Wants this shit on this table Just really that’s bad better, or worse than the last time worse is like jelly beans growth the flavors roll over. Yeah It’s not special it tastes like this man. It’s not like to have your taste. This is artisan capture It doesn’t even it’s not the textures not even caviar. It’s this is gross. Ma’am makes you stuck on her Ruth. I’m sorry I just I don’t like this man. It’s okay. I only put my heart and soul into it Maybe you add some butter or something next time on the butter This is a sweet flavor get on the ground The movie in the movie goer a movie going right now. Yeah, somebody go. We’re still sweaty With brand-spanking-new crackers, that’s the ego What is it on that’s just a rice is that an herb cracker? I’m scared lose track I mean don’t be scared. I’ve worked for this company for over a year. I know what all the food Is on your whole if I put like shit in it or something shit you probably put like disease bugs or some disease bugs I’m gonna eat it Well yeah, but you’re insane fry. It’s nice. I’m salty let’s try it Rapido Doc’s Asha you fix like all butter and also does it remind you of any kind of experience porno movie fuck yeah That’s right. That’s a sensory overload. This is just like trying to put those saw somebody Powerful flavors you would say yeah, it’s like sunflower seeds and butter and fucking salt. It’s like tits. Yeah It’s like I ate every single piece of a kind of probably the menu theater once Okay, why do you keep leaving your stuff business? That was really filming uh well, I guess I mean I would say the period creating already something here in Appetizer Well here ate craving a Soggy cracker. Let’s go Why is it called the period graded based on a classic? Period craving what the fuck are you doing with your mustache? Why are you brushing it up? What the fuckin whip flashing yes, I am You already are making this shit, so she eat it That’s like uh what the fuck is wrong with you why are you making a mess? What is that? It smells like it is this pickle what’s everyone’s current flavor favorite. I guess the movie goer I’d prefer the first one the after party seems like one that you know a lot of people didn’t really have anything negative to say so to speak so that’s Maybe if you just give up giving they of the fishermen fuck is a fisherman dude There’s a fisherman positioners. What a fisherman dude. I know what a fisherman is. I’m saying what is this? That looks like regular caviar. Okay, okay, are we on the same page? Maybe we should have its actual it’s of the seats of fishermen. I’ll let you know, but so far I think of being let let a flow here you think it didn’t come from the sea No, it doesn’t look like something that came from the sea It smells like just and it looks like happier it looks from a distance but up close this doesn’t look like have you No try it it’s caviar is up no caviar. What is gonna Take a big bite and try it but the flavors pop eat it like you’re eating Roque. I’m meeting you right now You’re nibbling on an edge of a cracker huh stop spitting oh? Yeah, everything you spend on ground Yeah, that was $400 Philip you losing part of the thrill of just ripping out babies from inside a fish room you know it’s kind of what you’re missing here, but we can inject any type of Ingredients or any type of flavor we want stem cells have you heard of them. Yeah someone, please finish your cracker I won’t make you finish the next one if you finish your cracker now. What’s this dailies try the night? Well at this big finale? I’ll try it yeah, they have to finish Phoenix. He’s not so bad. It’s like eating caviar Oh It’s like hanging off your lip dude hanging off there, and it’s really sitting in there You know swish and spit back another cup I’ll bring out the grandpa. Yeah Yeah I’m after you give these to like Local homeless hey, here’s caviar the snobby Youtubers didn’t want to eat this one’s dubbed the feline That’s the feline what does that evoke to you you think about John? Wall’s it’s probably cat food probably do you? Think do you think you can just take anything and turn into caviar that was kind of what you do that what you’re thinking All this imagination went into meat just literally serving you cat food try it Try it and smelly Guinea. There’s no salt added all naturally first of all no Texture no he’s only caviar yourself Favorite and least favorites. I think the $20 champagne probably was my favorite part It’s not it’s not an option. It seems like the after parties by far probably the most Like the popular way though this right here. I mean it was at least a taste the movie-going puree Yeah, at least this had something to it whereas everything else was just bland with like an affectation of dick So just so sad that American palates are so dulled down that it takes something like the moviegoer For to register with their tongues, you know what I still think it’s a success I think science happens education based in the Arctic boundary. There’s actually your favorite drink on that You rejected it Dico soda soda, no. There’s other things in it too, but you’ll never know so you watch the video Thanks for nothing Oh Yeah, you want to pay no, it’s just a Service all right valet service is the valet service is the valet you know that but you the ballet? I’m the valet on the valley and the shaft Give me your watch, what is happening right now noise the videos? Hi?


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