Holy Sh!t – First day of school

Holy Sh!t – First day of school

I don’t remember my first day at school so either it was blissfully happy or very traumatic, I’ve got no recollection of it at all! First day of school Yes, I had my brother’s second-hand school uniform and second-hand school bag that was all broken and things were falling out of it, that’s my memory. I remember it now because I was the only black kid in the entire school I had just literally come from a tiny village in Africa to Manchester so I remember being surrounded by all these children who looked nothing like me but were constantly asking me questions about what I ate and what my life was like back home, and I just remember being surrounded by people and being bombarded with questions. All I can remember is the feeling of being in rigid clothes because they’d never been worn and had just come out of a packet and had just been folded and they —
— Starched — Starched clothes, and having to wear some horrible little bowler hat thing One of the things I remember is I was forever breaking my glasses because I wore glasses from about the age of three so my biggest memory of primary school is going home with broken glasses They had mass before school and I used to go before school every day thinking it was quite cool Did you speak English? Were you fluent? Not a word! Not one word of English! Wow!

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