Henry Cavill Reveals The Worst Part Of Playing The Witcher

Henry Cavill Reveals The Worst Part Of Playing The Witcher

Henry Cavill’s fans aren’t the only ones who
are thirsty. The new face of Geralt of Rivia recently sat
down with Graham Norton back in his native England to talk about his role on Netflix’s
The Witcher. The scene everyone was desperate for after
the first Witcher trailer arrived – the monster-hunting Geralt sitting in that famous wooden bathtub,
naked as the day he was born – was the big clip featured during Cavill’s interview with
Norton, and that naturally invited questions about how he prepared for The Witcher’s most
famous scene. Fans are at least casually familiar in this
age of Thors and Supermen that the diet required to maintain a perfectly sculpted brickhouse
physique is punishing and mostly comprised of eating one’s weight in boneless, skinless
chicken breasts. Chatting with Norton about how he got ready
to portray Geralt, Cavill revealed a new twist in the horror-show that putting perfect bodies
on film necessitates: purposefully dehydrating himself over several days. Cavill explained that the worst part about
playing Geralt was the sharp decline in fluid intake he had to endure to get ready for all
the shirtless scenes. He told Norton, “On the first day, you’ll have, like a liter
and a half [of water], the second day a half-liter, and then the third day, no water, and you’ll
shoot on the fourth.” He went on to say that by the time he’s done
shooting on that fourth day, he’s, quote, “the most miserable person on Earth.” “Bleh! Dry mouth!” But why, though? Isn’t putting Cavill through an incredibly
bland and utilitarian diet for months on end for the sake of vanity enough? “It makes your skin really thin, so it sits
on the muscles.” This method of purposeful dehydration is a
common one for bodybuilders preparing for competition or photoshoots, boxers and MMA
fighters trying to drop pounds before weigh-ins, and actors alike. Sure, Cavill is still massive in size and
could probably crush a watermelon between his bicep and forearm, but the high-definition
cut of his musculature requires tricking the body temporarily. Warning: We don’t recommend trying any of
this without medical supervision! Dehydrating is the final step in the process
towards a temporary period of maximum muscle definition, and bodybuilders refer to it as
“peak day.” The first stage, about two weeks before the
target date, requires temporarily increasing your sodium consumption, which tricks the
body’s usual water retention ratio. At first, it will retain water, but eventually
re-adapt and normalize. When sodium intake is severely cut a week
later, water will rapidly exit the body along with it, meaning there’s almost no added water
weight or possible bloating because of it. Along with this process, consumption of carbs
are cut to almost nothing. This temporarily supercharges burning the
minuscule amount of excess fat left in the body. It’s a precarious balancing act to increasingly
deprive yourself of water, and yet give your muscles enough hydration to handle those workouts
that still have to get done. The skin thins for the lack of fluid within
and underneath it, giving that last little bit of definition. At the end of all that, you get exactly one
perfect day to get slicked over with baby oil and tossed into tastefully-opaque bathwater
for five minutes of sexy footage. For The Witcher, Cavill had to go through
this grueling process repeatedly for every single one of the several scenes in which
he’s featured shirtless, because his super-cut physique can’t be consistently maintained
for the weeks and weeks it takes to film a TV series. You’re hungry and thirsty, and when you’re
not working in front of a camera, you’re still working off-site in a gym with an entire team
of people monitoring you down to the finest, dehumanizing detail. Cavill said in the interview that by the end
of all those day-4 shoots, he had a peculiar sensation. “You get to the point on the last day where
you can smell water, like nearby.” Sounds like one of Geralt’s special skills
… “I smelled what you were doing!” Bless Henry Cavill for his dedication and
patience, because this whole process sounds like the absolute worst. See the results for yourself on Netflix, where
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  1. That's how you know he's probably a natural. No one on drugs would have to work that extreme to prepare for how he looked in that scene.

  2. That was unnecessarily excessive. A man who does rigorous exercises to look the part also has to go thirsty. This is the unnecessary length Hollywood goes for authenticity, crazed method acting & Hollywood insanity at it's finest lol

  3. The Wither 3 is my all time favorite game and this show I've seen about 3 episodes and it blew me the f*** away. The brutal fight scenes are ridiculous can not wait to watch more.

  4. This is why bodybuilder and strongman competitions are different things and the competitors reflect that. Bodybuilders spend so much time building muscle so that on thier "peak day" they can look thier best while actually being at thier physically weakest.

  5. Paid well to work with hot women and to stay in shape with the help from professionals. I'm sure he can deal with the hard ship.

  6. I enjoyed the show but I just wish the story wasnt so confusing and that it was explained better. Half of the time I was like "what is this?"

  7. The Witcher just needed a little more witching. I suppose they are waiting for additional seasons. I'm looking forward to the next season!

  8. I mean Hugh Jackman did the same thing for wolverine.. not saying it’s easy but shit he’s not the only person that did that for appearance on screen

  9. Bah, he has a nice physique as it is I dont see why he has to go through this punishment for every half naked shoot, seems unnecessary.

  10. I dont get it, he didnt even have abs in that scene. He was fat, had no definition. I am way leaner that that in my offseason. Dont get me wrong he looks okey, but its not a physique that u look at and say " damn he is lean"

  11. Henry wasn't that cut in all the shirtless scenes tbh.
    He had definition for sure, but it was more bulk than muscle definition.
    I don't think the producers wanted him to look like a bodybuilder lol.

  12. The show talks about destiny a lot, it was destiny for Cavill the gamer who played and loved the the Witcher series, to become the perfect on-screen Witcher

  13. 'most famous scene' . said no other ever. only the people who make videos of 'most famous scene' made that sort of statement. total bullshit.

  14. Yeah hugh Jackman had to do this for the wolverine movies too, but I would imagine shooting like this for a show would be a lot harder than a movie. Much more screentime

  15. So basically you are talking about a interview, that he just did with some1 else, lmao. You should atleast link the video you straight up took this from.

  16. One big thing i noticed is the fact the the 1st Witcher vs Humans fight scene was AMAZING!!! The choreography was noticeably Top Notch but what happened to the rest of the fight scenes buget!?!?! There was a noticeable big decline after the 1st episode. It was like they spent 1/2 the fight budget and was like awe shi*…we still have 7 more episodes to go 😂🤣😂🤣

  17. Umm as far as I know drinking water makes you lose weight. I know of water fasting diet,never heard of a dehydration/not drinking water diet dafuq.

  18. Witcher is over hyped, it's 6/10 at best, sub par production, convoluted unnecessary jumps on time lines, laughable script at 2nd half, esp the "Run!" part when the doppelganger killed the guy mage LOL

  19. And that no credential Rotten Tomatoes critics loved to put the show down. Ive read all the books and yes it may be a little off sometimes but the netflix adaptation was well executed so far. It’s always hard to put an entire book in jus few mins per episodes episodes ..so these critics can kiss my ass. Pls toss coin to your witcher!

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