Hello Counselor | Hello Counselor! Fried pork cutlets! Lover~❤ [SUB : ENG,THA/2017.11.13]

Hello Counselor |  Hello Counselor! Fried pork cutlets! Lover~❤ [SUB : ENG,THA/2017.11.13]

It’s a fun story. She has a lot to say to our show. To our show? Hello, I’m a newly married wife. It’s supposed to be super romantic, but I’m lonely. It’s because my husband is into something every night. “It’s starting!” “Lalalalala, Hello!” My husband is really into this show. To our show? He’s watches every new episode when it premieres. He would watch it over and over. The same episode over 20 times. – Hello, Counselor? / – More than 20 times. Don’t we have to hire him? Babe, earlier… That is so funny! He doesn’t listen to me at all. “Stop watching that, aren’t you sick of it?” “How dare a woman say such a thing to a man?” He’s copying inflexible men that were on the show. It’s like mimicking soap operas. He’s kidding. But funny thing is every time he watches the show, he gets angry over those nasty husbands. In fact, he’s actually similar to those husbands. So I’m seriously concerned. Please hear my story. The first time meeting someone – addicted to our show in 7 years. / – Yeah. Wife is concerned her husband is addicted to our show. Please come out. (Who’s concerned over her husband?) (Hwang Yeji) (Precious Sehun’s hand) (Jealous) How does it feel to have Suhun escorting you? It felt like my heart would explode. It didn’t. How much does your husband love our show? When he gets home after work – He watches it until he falls asleep. / – Thank you. He watches reruns? Yeah, reruns as well. It’s aired on monday, right? He sets his alarm at 11 p.m. Did he set the alarm clock? He tunes in in the middle of watching another show. Sometime he watches it until 3 in the morning. – Our show? / – Yeah. And he suffers when he goes to work the next day. After watching the show? So are we like cigarettes and alcohol? Why would watching the show become your concern? Well, we’re newly married. I want to talk to him when he gets home. Whenever I talk to him about living expenses or I tell him there were problems at home, he would be like, “Okay, sure.” Not serious at all. After he answers like that, he never remembers that I told him already. It feels like he doesn’t care about what I say at all. Do you spend time together during weekends? Weekends? No, he watches it right as he wakes up until he sleeps. He watches it on the weekends too? He watches it right he wakes up until he sleeps. If I tell him that I want to go out on the weekend… – Like eating out? / – Yeah. He’ll just keep on watching episode after episode. Finally, he’s like, “Let’s go next time.” It’s always like this. Did he ever apply for admission? He did many times. But he failed about 5 to 6 times. So he’s now on the show as a concern. Smart. He couldn’t join the audience, so he’s on as a concern. I have another concern. It was in the story. You said you would let it all out. He eats fried pork cutlets as much as he watches Hello Counselor. – Fried pork cutlets? / – Yeah. (Fried pork cutlet addict) He’s addicted to fried pork cutlets? Yeah. Why would that be a concern? – How many does he eat? / – Every day. Every day? I fry it for him every weekend morning. He eats it for all three meals. Always making the same food would be relaxing. I got sick of it. – You can’t eat it every day. / – I hate the oil smell. Sohyun, you are married. What do you think of her concern? I can relate to her. Like he’s addicted to fried pork cutlets, Junho is addicted to meat. He doesn’t accept meals without meat. He only eats meat. He fries pork belly in the morning. And pork skin… He eats pork skin in the morning? He eats it before having a meal. – That’s odd. / – Pork belly and skin in the morning? Does he still do that? What’s that look? It’s all true. Okay. You indeed love her more. Let’s meet our fried pork cutlet addict. Hello, nice to meet you. Hello. He does look like a fried pork cutlet lover. Do you love our show that much? The reason is it has my favorite MCs. Thank you. And because ordinary people are on the show, it feels more realistic. I learn more appropriate ways to talk to other people. Are you learning from the show? I can watch and learn. The show is very educational. Do you watch the same episodes over and over? Those crazy stories are fun to watch. I watch it because they are fun to watch. What episode did you watch more than 20 times? The dad addicted to gambling, the husband addicted to amusement parks. and the husband who cursed at his wife. That was a few weeks ago. He knows every episode. They made the whole country angry. Inflexible husbands are fun to watch. Do you want to be an inflexible husband? I find it fun to say unrealistic or ridiculous things in real life. For example? “How dare a woman do that!” (Just stop…) – He’s just kidding. / – He doesn’t mean it. I’m not that kind of person. How did you feel when you heard this? Stop smoking, stop eating fried pork cutlets. “Stop smoking, stop eating fried pork cutlets.” Stop watching Hello Counselor! If I’m being direct, he would be like “How dare a woman talk back”! Whenever he answers me, he speaks in this tone. So I’m confused if it’s a joke or not. I’m just doing it for fun. If you do it often, others might feel uncomfortable. She was not angry. – She said she was. / – Were you? How dare you interrupt when a man is speaking? Bad, bad, bad. How did you start loving the show? We were watching the show together, and it was lots of fun. My favorite MCs are on the show. Do you love us that much? It was a coincidence. But it was really fun. I watched the whole past year’s worth of episodes. You binged a year’s worth. So the wife provided the cause. I watched it because I like the show, but I didn’t know he would become addicted. How do you feel to be on the show? My heart is fluttering. His heart is fluttering. This is where the guilty party sits. (The guilty party sits in court) You are not guilty. – Is this a court? / – He went too far. So? I have to be careful with what I say… Can you tell us the pros and cons of the show? Pros is the show is aired 1 to 3 weeks after the shooting. Those people might be reflecting on themselves but after airing, they get severely criticized online. That’s really unexpected. Even the show crew doesn’t study like him. It’s because they are criticized? It must be heartbreaking. For them. He’s very sharp. Your wife says she has a concern. What do you think about it? Compared to inflexible husbands, I’m substantially different. “Substantially different.” How serious do you think is her concern? It’s not really a concern. It’s tiny. You know everyone who sits there says that, right? Why do you love fried pork cutlets that much? (We must ask because he said it’s not a concern) I have the appetite of a child. I make much of texture. – Texture. / – Crunchy. I cook it until right before it burns. Until it turns black. I don’t even need sauce. Are you trying to show off your way of eating? Yes. I love the crunchiness. So you enjoy the flavor of oil itself… I do. Why don’t you stop cooking it for him? If I don’t, he would act cute. Is it because you hate him acting cute? No. Acting cute is good. If I don’t do it and make him something else, then he would act cute. How did he act cute? I don’t know if it’s just me but… – He’s handsome. / – So? I think it’s just you. It’s just you. (I think we’re getting concerned) Let’s just pretend he’s handsome. And? He stands in front of the refrigerator. He would stamp his feet like a baby and – beg me with his eyes closed. / – That must be cute. Can you show us? (Seal claps) Pick up the microphone, and stand up. So you’re standing by the refrigerator. At first, I say, “Make me a fried pork cutlet.” Tell him you won’t. No, stop eating pork cutlets. Just once. No, no, seriously stop. – I’ll stop eating it tomorrow. / – No! Ahh! Pork cut… (Hello Campaign – Only act cute at home) I would just cook it for him… That’s cute. You’re just like newlyweds. And the husband… He looks so cute too. It’s not acting cute. I’m just whining from being annoyed. Do you know you’re cute? I think I’m a little bit. Do you know acting cute works on her? Because I do it so often, I think she’s gotten used to it these days. Why can’t cook yourself? You can stop acting cute, just cook. I have done it a lot recently. The problem is he’ll cook it but won’t clean it up. The floor becomes extremely oily. I would clean the oil with baking soda and lemon every 2 to 3 days. He doesn’t clean up. – Suho doesn’t clean up. / – Really? (Come on) What would you do if Suho didn’t clean? I would clean hard. (Big difference here) Does he eat anything else you cook? No, he doesn’t. He only eats pork cutlets? You know those kind of newlywed fantasies. When my husband got home from work, I’d wait with a pretty apron on with food ready. With soup bubbling. One time I made stir-fried spicy pork. I’m not experienced and was afraid of messing it up, so I stood by the stove for many hours and made the stir-fried spicy pork. He came home with an ice box. I was wondering what was inside. It was fried pork cutlets. I asked if he’d eat the food I cooked that day. He said he would eat it tomorrow. When the food was all ready? – Why would he do that? / – It’s so delicious. And? One time I cooked mackerel. He had one bite, and went to throw up like a pregnant woman with morning sickness. I asked what was wrong and he said it was disgusting. – Was it that bad? / – It was bad enough to spit out? She cooked fried mackerel with curry sauce. – Mackerel with curry sauce? / – Yeah. – With fried mackerel? / – That sounds delicious. When I bit into it, I thought it was rotten. You are too honest. You need to learn white lies. I would understand if was nice about it. But he frowned and spit it out after one bite. So my heart was broken. Wasn’t spitting it out too much? It was so odd. Saying it’s because of fish bones would be better. I think it was because of fish bones. – Now you do? / – It poked my tongue. Are you eating pork cutlets because your wife’s cooking is terrible? I eat her food, but I need to have a pork cutlet in every meal. What food does she make best? – The most delicious one? / – The best one. Why are you asking? Stir-fried anchovies and spicy stir-fried chicken. Spicy stir-fried chicken? That’s hard to make. What about the worst? Chilled cucumber soup and greens. I only like 2 kinds of greens. I’m curious about the wife’s cooking skills. She brought the side dishes that she made. – Let’s try them. / – They look delicious. What are they? (Let’s check it out) – Did you make it all yourself? / – Yeah, this morning. She made it this morning. Bean paste soup. Chives. – Oh, chilled cucumber soup. / – Is this water parsley? Eggplant. Come here and try. I haven’t had home-cooked food for a while. There’s not much in the soup. Just fried tofu and tofu. Let’s try the chilled cucumber soup together. He said it wasn’t good. – Let’s try the soup first. / – All at once. Spoon. It’s not too good. – It’s pretty bland. / – Too bland. It’s bland. It’s very bland. (Told you so) – Why? / – Is vinegar missing? (To be honest) How is it? Tell us. – It’s too… / – Be honest. All I taste is seaweed. Doesn’t seawater taste like this? Right? It tastes like seawater. How is it? I think it would be better with some ice in it. It’s supposed to be cold. Isn’t it bland? – I like it. / – He likes his food bland. Let’s try the bean paste soup. It tastes like bean paste soup. This one’s fine. Everything’s relatively bland. This one is a bit sweet. It’s sweet. It’s sweet. Shall we try the greens? This one is good. Isn’t this forgivable when you’re newlyweds? – This one is fine. / – It’s fine. The water parsley is great. This is delicious, but… People who like fried food don’t eat water parsley. Everything’s pretty sweet. The eggplant is fine. Did I eat it wrong? I think the food is not awesome… – But it’s edible. / – Exactly. It tastes healthy. How does this compare to Sohyun’s food? Sohyun’s food tastes better to me, but it’s hard to tell which is better. So they are on the same level? Sohyun, how is it? She’s only been married for one year. Everything’s perfect except that the chilled cucumber soup needs more vinegar. It’s not good enough to fix the fried pork cutlet addict. Fish cakes would work better. Something like stir-fried fish cakes. He’s not used to the flavors of adults, so he’s having a hard time. She’s only been married for a short time, so I’d consider this fairly good. She’s good at it. (Nice, Youngjae!) I’m strong. It was delicious. How was it, Suho? It was fine. It’s just that they were a bit sweet. Except for that, they were fine. How would you respond if your wife cooked like this? I would eat it. That’s love. What about Sehun? I loved it. He liked the chilled cucumber soup too. They were all pretty fine. It’s not inedible. But I want my favorite food every meal. Fried pork cutlets. He’s a bit like a child. Children do not eat greens, but they always ask for sausages. Meatballs too. Because he eats fried pork cutlets, I eat along with him because it’s cooked. I get fat with him. Whenever we eat out, we eat pork cutlets and spaghetti. Or pork cutlets with pork cutlets. Pork cutlets with pork cutlets. Isn’t it a bit selfish that you only eat what you want? Recently, we went to Cheonan. Cheonan is famous for blood sausage, right? Byungcheon blood sausage. At the Ahwoonae Market. I love those kinds of things. I told him, “Cheonan is famous for blood sausage.” But he had already found pork cutlet restaurants. We arrived at noon, so we had pork cutlets for lunch. I thought we would eat local food for dinner because we had pork cutlets for lunch. For dinner, we went to another pork cutlet restaurant. Are you haunted by the ghost of pork cutlets? I always ask my wife. I ask her what she wants to eat. She said what she wanted, so I asked if she wants to eat pork cutlets. She rejected it once, but she never rejected it twice. If she rejected it 3 times, I would’ve listened to her. What? If she rejected it 3 times? I’m serious. – Really? / – Yeah. Do you know your wife’s favorite food? She likes pasta. So do you go to restaurants that serve both? She said no. I like Korean food like rice soup, hangover soup, or blood sausage soup. Why did you think it was pasta? Every time I ask her what she wants, she says pasta. Because she doesn’t want to eat pork cutlets. She eats pasta because she doesn’t like pork cutlets. Pasta is a bit better than pork cutlets for her. Do your in-laws know about this? Yes, and they’re very worried. He’s gained about 10 kilograms since we married. It’s because of pork cutlets. So he’s 99.7kg now. He doesn’t look like it. What do your in-laws say? They told me not to cook pork cutlets for his health. I’m always worried because he’s gaining more weight. What else do you like? He would like ham. Except for those kinds of things. I like Spam. I just said no ham. Do you like tuna? I like tuna. Chicken nugget. That’s too much like a child. (So it’s just pork cutlets) It’s almost the same texture. That’s funny. Let’s meet her mother. Hello. Hello. Do you understand her concern? I think I do. I bought half-dried herring to feed him some seafood. That’s delicious. I like to drink alcohol, but he doesn’t. He doesn’t drink alcohol. So I bought him half-dried herring. But he took a bite and grimaced. Some people can’t eat it. I asked what was wrong, and he said he can eat it, but it doesn’t taste good. Every time I buy him food, I ask if he has a problem eating it. He eats it after saying he has no problem with it. But I’m concerned that there’s no news of a pregnancy, but I would like one. That’s because of our show. He watches TV all the time. So do you hate our show? No. He watches this show because he loves Dongyeob so much. You have good taste, yet you keep eating pork cutlets. Don’t you feel that pork cutlets are harming your health? I get my health checked every year. I have high cholesterol, but everything else is fine. Why do you disregard that? (High cholesterol is caused by fried food) People who love fried food are concerned about cholesterol. That’s like us saying everything is fine except for a failing liver. He seems pretty confident with his health. He drew the conclusion himself. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is common among women. It’s usually caused by immediate weight gain. If it doesn’t heal, it might lead to infertility. I cried at the hospital when I heard that. I suggested he exercise with me, but he said he’s too lazy for it. I’m glad that you’re here today. Did you know about this? About 40% of Korean women have that disease. So I didn’t feel it was that serious. Did you disregard that too? He’s pretty stubborn. You have no respect towards anybody. You only stubbornly do what you want to do. You don’t respect your wife. Don’t you want to spend more time with your wife? I understand she feels that way. When I’m watching TV, it’s hard to focus on what she says. Why don’t you start exercising with her? You can watch the show while running. We played badminton several times. Only for 3 days. It’s meaningless if you don’t stick to it. Eating one type of food every day is fine. What would be the problem? But she has health concerns. I think you must be more self-aware. Do you want to say anything to your husband? I’m not saying you must quit eating pork cutlets. I’ll accept eating it once or twice per week. I’m not saying you must stop watching this show. Then what? I’ll accept watching 1 to 2 episodes a day. And let’s work hard on planning our family. – That’s the most important one, right? / – Yes. That’s all. Suho, is it a concern? Definitely. Push the button if you agree. Okay. I see his wife is getting stressed over this problem. So it’s definitely a concern. It’s hard to become addicted to something. But it’s just that you went too far. (Wow) So… What’s so great about his saying? I think this is a negotiable problem between the two, so I won’t push the button. – Sohyun. / – I think it’s a concern. The biggest problem is that he doesn’t know what his wife likes the most. Watch your favorite food and watch the show one time. Then your wife gets to choose the food and show. She’s not okay, but says she is because she loves you. (Wise) That’s really smart. Junho has a great wife. I wish she would be like this to me. You wish she would? I’m shocked. You don’t know everything about your husband. And men never know what women want. If you open up a little more, it wouldn’t be a concern. If you can relate, please push the button! (What would the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Stop. Please say something to your wife. To the one I love the most… Look, he’s tenderhearted. He loves her so much. He’s tenderhearted. Don’t cry. Stop eating fried pork cutlets! He’s sorry. He never knew. (Wife is tearing up too) – He’s tenderhearted. / – He never realized. You don’t have to cry. Just eat fewer fried pork cutlets! Did someone pass away? Excuse me, ma’am… You can have pork cutlets today. – Why cry so much? / – You can have it today. Dongyeob, comfort him. Excuse me. Stop crying! Why are you crying? Is it because you’re afraid of getting criticized? – He’s so pure. / – So kind. – He never realized the problem. / – He’s a nice guy. I think he’s really sorry. Please, go ahead. I never knew it before. Go on. He’s so cute. We said he’s like a child, but he is a child. Kids don’t know anything. Before you came, did you think you wouldn’t be criticized and wouldn’t learn anything here? I never knew it was this much of a concern. What were you shocked at? I realized that I didn’t know. Like? That I was inconsiderate to my wife. He felt it now. He wiped his tears. When he covered his face and lifted his face, there weren’t any tears on his face. He wiped them off. I thought he was bawling so hard. But I didn’t see any tears. – Go ahead. / – He’s reflecting. I’ll put myself in your shoes every time, and I’ll eat fewer pork cutlets for our health and talk to you more for our happy marriage. What about this show? I won’t watch the reruns too many times. Okay, that’ll do. Tell her that you love her. Let’s live happily ever after. I love you. “Hello Counselor? No!” Show us the result. (Show the result) It’s getting lots of votes as lots of women are here. It’s over 100. 146? 136? 116! (Earned 116 votes)


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