Healthy Soul Food – Dirty Rice and Candied Carrots / “Arroz Sucio” Saludable

Healthy Soul Food – Dirty Rice and Candied Carrots / “Arroz Sucio” Saludable

what is going on guys and welcome back
to the fit men cook kitchen today’s quickie recipe is a personal favorite
and it is a soul food favorite as well we are making up a delicious cajun low-carb
goodie right dish now existing flavor from two things I
believe the first one is Creole season Creole seasoning is a very spicy salty
type of rub made up of paprika and cayenne and oregano and other herbs now
I recognize that some of y’all are not able to walk into your local grocery
store and pick up Creole seasonings so we’re going to try to recreate that
seasoning today for this recipe and the second way that it’s distinct flavor is
from the meat now it’s not uncommon to find variations with sausage with ground
meat but the most common factor in goodie rice has to be the chopped liver
if you’ve had liver by itself it has a very harsh flavor very gamy taste but
when you cook it with the dirty right and you chop it up and it’s mixed in
with the broth and the Creole seasoning it really comes together and brings this
kiss to life so what we are going to be using is
ground beef to make the recipe low carb and a little bit more keto friendly
we’re going to be swapping out these white rice and using cauliflower rice
since 30 rice is very spicy and very savory we’re going to pair it with
carrots because carrots are naturally sweet but of course you are going to
boost the flavor just a little bit by adding a little bit of cinnamon and
sugar free maple syrup all right we’re going to get the hands dirty
I hope so let’s get started first slice colorful characters down the middle and
place them in a bowl add avocado oil sugar free maple syrup cinnamon sea salt
and pepper and thyme mix them up then place them on a baking sheet with
parchment paper or foil roast for 10 to 12 minutes at 450 then add the remaining
syrup and a pinch of sea salt and pepper set them aside to cool spray a pot with
olive oil then add garlic and meat shop and cook the meat until it’s almost no
longer pink about five minutes then add bell pepper celery and red onions
stir it up then toss an onion powder thyme oregano paprika and cayenne mixed
in the seasonings then add Worcestershire and beef or veggie stock
bring to a light simmer and add a pinch of sea salt and pepper then add bay
leaves and sage cover and cook for 15 to 20 minutes on low heat now while that’s
cooking add cauliflower florets to a food processor then pulse blend to
create right add the rice to the meat mixture and fold everything together if
needed add a bit more stock than cover and cook for about 10 minutes boom smash that like button then head
over to fit many cooks calm for the full recipe and macros and remember to
download the fit men cook app on iPhone and Android for more easy healthy
practical meals you


  1. Love that you took into consideration that not everyone has access to the Cajun spice mix, definitely gonna try this recipe, it looks delicious!

  2. that shirt man, I feel like I need a slice of sad pizza and a Mr pibb from a food court with this vid. joking aside this meal looks amazing.

  3. Looks awesome man, any news regarding the upcoming cook book? Thanks for being the number 1 reason I'm into cooking now.

  4. When I make sloppy Joes, I grate in at least a lb of veggies. It is usually cauliflower and zucchini. I also add chopped bell pepper, onion, carrot and celery. With all of the veggies, it ends up being about 2 lb of vegetable. my kids love it and so do i. For some reason, grating the cauliflower into meatloaf or sloppy Joe makes it more enjoyable for the kids. I used to make homemade barbecue/ sloppy Joe sauce with added sugar . Now I use no salt and no sugar added tomato sauce, apple cider vinegar and plenty of worcestershire sauce and ground spices. since we buy grass fed beef, the adding of fresh,cheap veggies helps us save money and gets more variety into our kid's diets.

  5. I've never had dirty rice with liver and I live in Louisiana, we use sausage. Awesome recipe I will give it a try.

  6. Made this with some Beyond Meat scramble instead of beef. It came out really yummy for all my vegans, it's well worth the try. Quick and easy.

  7. I love you😍😍😍😍😍You're so beautiful and well spoken😘you're healthy and happy and you make me feel good about eating well and being fit!!!! DON'T COME TO CHICAGO WITHOUT SEEING ME😘😘😘🙌👏😍

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