Healthy Recipes:Lettuce Wrapped Turkey Muffins

Healthy Recipes:Lettuce Wrapped Turkey Muffins

Hi guys, Jillian Beck back
with another healthy recipe with Today I’m gonna be showing
you my lettuce-wrapped turkey muffins. I know there are a lot of
turkey muffin recipes out there. This is just my version. It’s pretty simple. It’s very versatile so I’m just
gonna show you how to put it together, give you
some different options, but you can play around
with it and we’ll get started. It should take about
25 minutes to make altogether with the baking. It’s gonna be in the oven for 20
minutes at 375 and then it takes about 5 minutes just to
throw everything together. So what you’re gonna
need is our ground turkey. I usually go 96% and above. Right now I think
this is 96% lean. If I’m closer to like a
show or a photo shoot, I definitely go leaner, 99%
is what I usually go with. So I got this. I basically just went through my
fridge since we’re doing kind of mid-week meal prepping at our
house and kind of just grabbed whatever veggies I had in stock. And so we have some spinach,
some bell pepper and some onions and then I usually like to
throw in like a fresh herb. I’ve done fresh basil, I think
that was last week and this week I’m gonna do some
fresh cilantro. So those are the veggies
we’re gonna use to throw in with the ground turkey. You’ll also need one egg
white and then our seasonings. And I like to use
Bragg’s liquid aminos. It’s a natural soy
sauce alternative. I go with my staples of
seasonings which is garlic, ginger and then a little bit
of sea salt and cracked pepper. And then you’ll need some
cooking spray for our muffin tin and then some romaine lettuce
leaves like for the hearts to wrap the turkey burger
or turkey muffins in. So it’s really
simple, really easy. I’ve got the
turkey already in here. I’ve chopped our veggies up
so I’m just gonna go ahead and add those. And so you don’t
have to like stick with the exact veggies that I do. Definitely play around with what
you like and what you have in your fridge at the time. We’re gonna
throw that in there. There’s kind of the
staples we have around. If we have some green onion, I like to throw
that in there as well. If I want them spicy,
I put in some chili flakes. These are just gonna be pretty
standard and they’re just great to have on hand during the week. You know, for quick lunches,
you can break them up and put it over brown rice
if you want some carbs. If we have them for dinner, I
usually just wrap them in the romaine lettuce leaves and so
they’re really good that way. And then I put some mustard or
Walden Farms like barbecue sauce is amazing so I
like that as well. I’m gonna add my
one egg white here. And some turkey muffins call for
like quinoa flour or out flour to help bind
everything but like I said, mine’s pretty simple, basic. I don’t have a ton of
ingredients and so it’s just egg white, turkey and veggies and I
like to keep it simple that way. So I’m adding these spices and
I don’t really measure them, but I would say maybe it’s like 1
teaspoon, but I just kind of go with eyeballing it since
I do this all the time so. And then for the liquid aminos,
I would say 1–let’s see here, 1 teaspoon about so. We’ll mix all these
ingredients together. You can get in there with your
hands too and really make sure everything is combined well. I’m just using this
wooden spoon here. It’s almost ready. It’s kind of just
a different version of the turkey burgers
that I make. So when I want to do turkey
burgers like if we’re having a barbecue or, you know, and I
want to make my own burgers, I’ll do turkey burgers with
a recipe very similar to this but I’ll make patties and I’ll
grill them up and then wrap them in butter leaf lettuce. But these muffins are just super
easy, especially when you’re, you know, in the kitchen so much
and doing a lot of meal prep. So, I just wanted to keep it
simple and healthy for you guys. So that’s all mixed. I’m gonna ahead and spray
the muffin tin with this Pam. Good to go. I’m gonna use a spoon here too. I’d say it’s like a baseball
size for each muffin and we’ll just
pop that in there. And so if you want to find out
kind of like what your macros for this meal are, definitely
what I do is take like two muffins and put it on the
scale and kind of measure it out and see what I’m at. I usually try to go for
3 to 4 ounces of protein and that’s usually about
200 calories or less. I mean it’s all just
veggies in here so it’s not a whole lot of anything else. So depending on what your
macronutrient needs are, you can have two or three, you know,
turkey muffins or more than that if you’re trying to put on
some more size or muscle and you need a higher
dose of protein so. Almost ready here. And that made
perfect 12 muffins. Put that back on here. Sit that aside. My hands are really gross
right now so I’m gonna go rinse them real quick. Okay, so here
are our turkey muffins before they go in the oven. So I’m gonna go ahead
and put them in there at 375 for 20 minutes
and I will be right back. All right, guys, so the
turkey muffins are done. They’ve baked for about 20
minutes at 375 and I went ahead and let them cool off
for about 2 minutes or so. And I’ve taken out the romaine
lettuce hearts and I placed two muffins on there,
if you can see them. And–I guess you
can’t but they’re there. And I’ll go ahead and probably
put some spicy mustard on there. If I’m getting a little
crazy with it, I might add some avocado, which will be a really
excellent choice, especially for dinner time if you’re, you know,
omitting like any other carbs and you want to add
some extra fats, sliced avocado on these
would be excellent. So yeah, I might do some
spicy mustard and avocado, but again it’s your choice. You can add
Walden’s barbecue sauce. Some low-sugar
ketchup would be good. So feel free to
make it your own. It’s really simple,
really quick and delicious. Thank you so much for tuning
in for healthy recipes on
and tune in next week for more recipes like these. Thank you so much.

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