Healthy Breakfast Ideas that Will Keep You Full Until Lunch

Healthy Breakfast Ideas that Will Keep You Full Until Lunch

Most of us are faced with a time problem when
it comes to our morning routines, leaving no room for a healthy breakfast. So, if you
snooze until it’s too late, and grab an unhealthy cereal bar or croissant on your
way out the door, you’ve come to the right place! With just a few small changes, you can make
nutritional meals that will boost your energy and keep you productive until lunch-time rolls
around. While grabbing for take-out can be tempting
– even at 7am, why not prepare something from the night before? These overnight oats are great if you’re
usually strapped for time in the morning. They are packed with healthy nutrients and
can be paired with your favourite nuts, fruits or syrups. The best part? They can keep for
up to three days in the fridge! To prepare this easy recipe, place all the
ingredients in a mixing bowl and stir together. Afterwards, pour the mixture into a jar and
cover with cling film. Leave the oats in the fridge and enjoy the following morning. Alternatively, any kind of muffins can be
a lifesaver when you’re always on the go. While these blueberry and dark chocolate muffins
may sound unhealthy, they are packed with hidden wholesomeness. Made from bananas and
blueberries, you’ll be sure to get one of your five a day! To prepare this wholesome snack, preheat an
oven to 350ºF (175ºC) and spray a muffin tin with cooking oil. In a separate bowl,
beat your eggs and whisk in the yoghurt, bananas, maple syrup and vanilla until the mixture
is smooth. Stir in the oats, cinnamon, baking powder and soda before adding the flour. Then
fold in the blueberries and chocolate chunks and pop into the oven to bake for 23 minutes. A slice of banana bread can be just the thing
to get you going for the day. The best part? This recipe will ensure you have enough for
a few days on the trot. Or you could freeze it and enjoy your loaf at a later stage. To bake this delicious bread, preheat an oven
to 350ºF (175ºC) and butter a 4x8inch loaf tin. In a mixing bowl, mash the bananas and
stir in the melted butter. Mix in baking soda and salt, followed by the sugar, egg and vanilla
extract before adding the flour. Pour the mixture into the tin and bake for an hour
until the bread has a golden colour. And if you often reach for shop-bought granola,
why not make your own at home? By creating this healthy alternative, you know exactly
what ingredients go into your breakfast, so you don’t have to worry about added calories
later. The method is really simple; you just need
to heat coconut oil and maple syrup together for two minutes before adding the salt, cinnamon
and rolled oats. Preheat your oven to 350ºF (175ºC) and lay a flat tray with baking paper,
place the rolled-out mixture onto the tray and bake for 20 minutes. But if you’re not one for heavy foods in
the morning, you can still get all the nutrients you need by drinking a wholesome smoothie. In just a few minutes, you can blitz your
favourite ingredients together and enjoy a liquid breakfast, at home or on-the-go. To do so, simply put all the ingredients into
a blender and whizz until it’s smooth. And voilà, it’s ready for you to drink! If you have some time to spare, why not prep
some delicious oat pancakes? It’ll only take 15-minutes to prep and cook. Add the
finishing touch with your favourite sauce of choice: this could either be maple syrup,
peanut butter or organic cocoa spread. To create these scrumptious pancakes, place
the oats and almond milk into a blender and mix until smooth. In a separate bowl, beat
the egg and fold into the rest of the ingredients and fry in a pan until golden. Another great at-home choice are these baked
eggs in avocado. You can prep them and keep them in the oven to cook while you’re getting
ready for the day. To create this simple recipe, preheat an oven
to 325ºF (220ºC), arrange the avocado in a baking dish and pour the egg into the pitted
middle. Season the eggs and bake for 15-20 minutes. Planning your meals weekly and preparing a
food schedule can ensure you start your day right with a balanced breakfast. So, why wait? Start eating healthy today! For more delicious breakfast ideas and tips
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