Health drink for mouth (sores) ulcers & Acidity relief

Health  drink  for mouth (sores) ulcers & Acidity  relief

hello good morning this is going to be
preparation for health drink for acidity and indigestion due to food
intake this will give one typical relief for acidity and a
indigestion now I am going to prepare the health drink with a simple process first
take 150 ml water and now add salt this rock salt or common salt
you can add now take on one lemon divided into two pieces these pieces to be
squeezed into the water seeds should not be crushed under any
circumstances because the seeds are not generally good for our health they
should be avoided and now slowly gently taken another piece now we have to add Tea spoon sugar to taste this should be dissolved
uniformly now the rock salt and the sugar dissolved
completely and the healthy drink is now ready to take this healthy
drink will do the immediate relief after the 15 minutes you will get typical relief
from acidity and indigestion thank you for watching my video if you like share
it and enjoy thank you

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