H. Pylori and Peptic Ulcer Symptoms & Testing Candidates

H. Pylori and Peptic Ulcer Symptoms & Testing Candidates

bjbjm H. Pylori and ulcer disease are quite
common in our society, somewhat more prevalent in underdeveloped or third world countries
because of hygiene factors whereby this bacteria called the Helicobacter pylori can be easily
transferred from food, soil, into the body of an individual. It does not have to a patient
initially because those patients can be totally symptom free, we use the term asymptomatic
and yet, harbor this bacteria in linea stomach for many years before some symptoms, some
illnesses develop as a result of this festering ongoing low-grade infection. H. pylori therefore
plays a role in the development of inflammation of the lining of the stomach that is called
gastritis. In addition to that inflammation, the lining can be altered further, damaged
further and then ulcers form. Ulcer is like, if you will, a burn. Not truly a burn in that
term but something is being dug out of the lining so there is a crater and that is what
we used to say there is an ulcer there. Gastritis, the inflammation, the lining is reddish, but
there is no crater. Now these ulcers do not only have to develop in the stomach, they
also develop in the duodenal or duodenum as called by all physicians. So patients can
have duodenal and gastric ulcers. Now it is important to add that not all ulcers in today
s environment are caused by the H. Pylori bacteria. There may well be that large percentage
of patients who have ulcers are the end result of taking drugs, what commonly are called
nonsteroidals, aspirins, even the coated ones, Afrin, Motrin, Advil, or Aleve and so on and
these drugs injure the lining. Now if I am top of that insult, as I will call it at this
time, there is an H. pylori infection then more likely than that, these changes will
occur and they may be more significant with deeper ulcers or great number of ulcers. Now,
normal individuals develop this, patients do not have to be sick or quiet in H. pylori
infection. You can have ulcers in H. Pylori with minimal symptoms. When patients develop
symptoms of ulcer disease, which may also be related to the development of having had
the bacteria for years and have gastritis, they will have pain, discomfort after eating,
nausea, some patients lose weight, some patient as a result of these ulcers having form of
been there for a while, call it chronic rather just acute, can present with bleeding, black
stools or vomiting blood in addition to the other symptoms that I just stated. Now the
reason why it is important to screen for H. pylori in that setting is that in a small
percent of patients, H. Pylori bacteria can be a precancerous risk factor. So there is
a chronic infection with a chronic gastritis, this can over time many many years allow the
lining of stomach to change over to a precancerous state and there are different changes that
are seen under the microscope that lead to this. Ulcers of this nature are quite common
as I said before in all our countries, our environments, here in the United States, but
also in underdeveloped countries and it is very easy to detect. It is detected by doing
special tests. Some people will check for the H. Pylori positions obviously, in the
stool, if it is there, it is a positive result. The blood tests are not that specific because
you may have been exposed to an H. Pylori infection many years ago, the blood is positive
and you may not have active infection this time so there are other tests which are done
invasive, we call it breath test. Where you drink something that is usually sweet, then
you breath into a little bag and if there is H. pylori that is alive in the stomach,
something is released from that sweet mixture the patient swallowed and then it is a measure
in the bag and if there is an increased release of that something that tells us that there
is active infection with H. pylori bacteria. Ultimately, if you suspect ulcers or the patient
is not getting better then the final test to exclude ulcer disease or be it gastritis,
significant gastritis, is to do an endoscopy with a little light, patients swallows the
instrument very simple, some mild sedation, a topical anesthetic to minimize any nausea,
and then you look at the linings of the stomach and duodenum to see what is there. If there
is no ulcers, and you see some evidence of mild gastritis or more significant gastritis,
biopsies are taken. These will be studied under the microscope. Immediately, they will
be tested for H. Pylori, so there is a spectrum of disease that occurs in the setting. H.
Pylori can occur with very young individuals, school children and also in elderly individuals
as well. So, therefore it is very common, it should be looked for but it is based on
the risk factors, the patient population and the patient symptoms. PAGE PAGE Transcribed
at Divine Mercy Transcription http://www.divinemt.com }u}u hb0} h}3_ h_l5 gdO


  1. Doc I really need help, I have been bleeding very profusely for over 6 years.
     I have reached a point where I can't eat anything, I can literally commit suicide with food.
    Anytime I eat anything with citrus,tomatoes,chocolate,garlic, raw onions,black pepper,
    Oranges, orange juice,cherries,spicy foods,salad with dressings,caffeine, etc….
    I bleed in the stool, i would say at least a cup of blood the whole day on bad days.
    Please help me figure this out, I been to emergency rooms, and they say i have nothing wrong with me, it doesn't make sense.
    I want to live a bit longer, and because of this medical issue my life seems like torture.

  2. Hi Benjamin! Though we can't offer medical advice on your GI trouble, we can point you in the direction of some literature which might help. Medscape's Reference sections offers some guidelines for further instructions in dealing with H. Pylori and Peptic Ulcer, but you should check with your doctor, especially if you're in pain.

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  4. I had this illness in 2008. I went from 175 pounds to 95 pounds. I couldn't keep food down. I couldn't pee or have a bowel movement. I had to move home from Georgia quit my job and basically thought I would die soon. At the time I went to numerous doctors before I saw a GA. Soon after the colonoscopy I still was suffering then one day I went to church and my body began to vomit and have bowel movement at the same time. Only then did they admit into the hospital to see what was wrong. I was in the hospital 4 days before they said I had h pylori and ulcers. They treated however I still suffer stomach spasms till this day. In grateful for the doctors in the hospital they saved my life.

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  6. Doc, I have taken the Pylori Kit for 2 weeks according to my doctor prescription but it does no improvement n my allergy continue so I continue my Pylori Kit again. Will it cause any affect in my body?? I really need help Doc!!!! Thank You

  7. Hello I have H Pylori, I have already done the triple theory treatment and still was there now repeating for the second time. My symptoms were in my throat like something stuck in throat, lots of mucus and burning. Is this symptom common in throat?. Should the treatment cure this second round?

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