GS25 편의점 먹방! 이집 디저트 잘하네~!!~!😋 Korean Convenient Store Food Mukbang

Hi, this is Leeby! For today, GS25 Convenience Store Food Mukbang I’ve prepped some snacks from a GS 25
convenience store. I don’t really go to a convenience store, to be honest, so I’m not sure these snacks are a new line-up. I’ve bought it like this. I’ve picked the ones that stand out the most. Well, this one is called Black Sugar Milk Tea: 1,500 won. Black sugar means it is brown sugar. I will give this one a go first. Do I have to shake it before drinking? Maybe it was too late…? Like this It’s exactly the same. It tastes exactly like real brown sugar milk tea. Tastes nice! (Amazing) I think if you cook some tapioca pearls at home and pour them in this, it’d taste the same as the milk tea you would find
at a market. Oh yeah, I’m gonna try this one by one, but I think I have to pour water in the ramen bowl first. Let me pour some water in the bowl, and maybe microwave these frozen foods. I did it like this! The ramen is cooked. had the chicken and samgak kimbab* microwaved. This one is called Garlic ramen-bokki* (means stir-fried)(1,600 won) I felt like having stir-fried ramen more than the soupy ramen we are familiar with. And this one over here is samgak kimbab, which means triangular kimbab. A new flavor, buldak (fire noodle), came out, so I bought this one also. I thought it’d go well with garlic-flavored ramen bokki, so that’s why I bought it. I think it’s got garlic flakes or something…, or maybe garlic slices. Hmm… I think they are real garlic slices. Wow! Didn’t expect it’d have garlic slices. Like this. Ta-dah! Bon appetit! Fabulous! For real! It tastes like typical ramen-bokki, but it’s a bit sweet. Adding to that, they’ve added garlic flavors to it, and guess what, I love garlic, so this tastes really nice! And this one is buldak triangle kimbap. For this one, I think it’d taste better if you make your own triangle kimbab at home with fire noodle sauce and some rice in your hand. I mean this tastes somewhat bland. I know it is buldak, but it tastes dull. It tastes a bit like buldak though… I mean it says it’s buldak, so sure it’d taste like buldak, but the thing is, it’s got some chicken on the inside, and I don’t know whether it has to do with the chicken, but the flavor’s got smoothed out and has become softer than normal buldak. It’s not spicy. I guess you could say it’s got better in some sense, but this is not my type.
(I like the sharp and pungent flavor) Like this! With noodles! This is amazing! Garlic flavor steps in to save the day. The somewhat obscure and vague flavor’s got definitely better. It’s not bad! Next up! This is carbonara buldak chicken.
(5,900 won) There were normal buldak flavor and this carbonara buldak flavor. I guess since I bought this one as carbonara flavor, it doesn’t taste like buldak. Rather it tastes like the typical chicken you would find at a buffet. That’s how it feels. This one’s not bad! Tasty! It feels like the meat part is soft meat that’s become dry, or the meat feels like it’s somewhere in between soft and dry meat. The chicken tastes a lot like ramen powder in a nutshell. Oops, I went too far. It’s salty with these two. I guess this carbo-buldak is okayish!
(Just so good!) Alright, let’s go for desserts now… though this one’s not a dessert…, oh well! Bread!
(Quatro Cheese Toast: 2,200 won) Oh, it’s hot! I had this microwaved way before, but it’s still hot. The Quatro cheese implies it has four types of cheese ranging from cheddar, gorgonzoloa, gouda and mozzarella cheese. Look at how the cheese stretches! It’s flexin’! Looks nice! Let’s give it a shot! The bread feels like it’s been soaked in milk and butter just like a French toast, so the bread is soft and chewy. The cheese on the inside mingles nicely with other cheeses, so it’s got soft and melting texture. I like how the bread is soft. I hate bread crust though. Now that the soft part is finished, for the crust, if you have it with milk tea, it’s okay-ish! And I have high expectations for this. It’s snowy white. Looks like it doesn’t have any bread in it.
(Pure milk cake: 2,500 won) Alright, for this one… it’s got bread inside soaked in creamy oil. So, not only chewy castella-like bread melts in your mouth, it’s got clotty and soft cream. Yummy! I brought a spoon from the kitchen, for the plastic spoon was too small. Delicious! For the next one,
(Fromage Cheesecake: 3,200 won) it looks like it’s undergone some problems when it’s peeled off, but it looks like this. I would buy it if someone says this is not from a convenience store. It’s rich in flavor! Amazing! It’s got fresh cream on top, and there’s this cheesecake layer at the bottom. I think it’s fromage cheesecake. It tastes not only similar to the cheesecake you would find at a cafe, but goes beyond. It tastes exactly the same. What’s more, I think this cheesecake is rather softer than its counterpart. Oh, it does have bread part on the inside! There’s castella part in the center. For the last one,
(Honey Butter Chip Lavender & Blueberry: 1,500 won) I wasn’t planning to buy it, but it happens to
catch my eye. it’s lavender and blueberry flavor. I mean I had cherry blossom flavor before, but never saw this coming. Let me try it just for once. (Precisely analyzing) This one is aromatic and refreshing potato chip! Gods, an abomination! Who created this atrocity? Alright, I’ve enjoyed the meal! For the GS 25 convenience store snacks, I think the foods I had today are not something exclusively found at GS 25. You can find these anywhere else, except the desserts perhaps. The best one so far today is garlic ramen-bokki!
(Today’s best!) I mean this one didn’t even spring to mind. It just caught my eye…, (Didn’t feel like having other ramen to be honest) but it proved to be the best one among these. I liked the garlic ramen-bokki the best. For the next ones…, The desserts were all okay! I think GS 25 exclusive desserts are the best desserts you could possibly get from a convenience store. Alright, the food was nice today. If you liked the video, please like and subscribe to my channel! That’s it for today!

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