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and today we are making this amazing gravity-defying watering can cake. And both the pot plant down the bottom and
the watering can are made out of rich, yummy chocolate cake. I’ll show you how you can make that in a minute
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so you can get past those levels. First of all to make this cake what we need
to do is make 2 quantities of my rich chocolate cake recipe and we’ll bake some of that in
a round cake tin – and I’ll put all the recipe quantities and on my website
for you and I’ll link to that below. For this cake I’ve made the baking paper come up higher
than the tin and that’s so the cake doesn’t overflow in the oven when it rises. Bake the rest of the mixture in a terracotta
pot. Make sure you line the base and the sides of the pot really well so it does not come
into contact with the cake. Then fill that up with cake batter to about 3/4’s full, again
the baking paper should come up higher than the pot so it doesn’t overflow in the oven.
Bake those in the oven until they are done which is just when you can put a knife in
the middle and it comes out clean. Now to float the watering can in the air we
need some heavy duty support for the cake. Cut the cake boards in the shape shown on
the template and drill a hole through where it’s shown. The lady at the cake decorating
shop told me these were wood inside but unfortunately they are not, they’re just cardboard, and
that’s not going to be strong enough. So let’s improvise and use a wooden ruler instead and
we’ll use one to secure the top one too. We also need a hole in our base board so just
drill that all the way through. Down the center of the cake we need are going
to use a threaded metal rod. Place one end through your cake board and screw the nut
on so we can see how thick it is. And you’ll also need feet under the cake board to hold
it off the counter so that the support has room to sit there. Unscrew that and pull it
out and take note of how much room you need at the end there – and this will vary depending
on the thickness of your board at the bottom. Line that bottom nut up with the template
leaving the room for the board and the nut at the base. Then decide how high you want
the watering can to hover above the plant, you can make that gap bigger if you like.
Then above the top cake board but still inside the cake, mark the height of the rod and cut
that to size using a hack saw then wash it and the nuts in the dishwasher. Cover the base board in foil and then put
the threaded rod through with a nut underneath just like we did before, then add a nut on
the top side of the cake board and screw it up really tightly because this is going to
support out cake. Now take some turquoise fondant and some tylose
power. Now what the tylose powder does is it just makes the fondant dry out really quickly
so you don’t have to wait days for it to go hard. So that means you need to work with
it quickly as well or it will set before your ready. If you can’t get tylose powder you
can just make these fondant details a week ahead and leave them to dry out. Roll a thick snake and flatten it using a
rolling pin. Cut a strip to the length shown on the template. Cut off each of the corners
off the ends and round them out using the side of your knife.
Now lift it up and bend it around. Grab the side template and make sure it easily fits
over the can because we are going to have the fondant in between there as well.
Cut another strip of fondant for the side handle and we’re going to curl the ends so
that it is easier to join it onto the cake, and it looks pretty. Roll the top one down and in and the bottom
one down and out so it spirals on the other side of it. Bend it around to match the template
and then poke in some spaghetti. I am going to add two pieces to the top and two pieces
to the base. This will help us attach the handle to the cake later on. Now for the nozzle of the watering can. Cut
a thick circle in the size shown on the template then use the side of your knife to smooth
it out just like we did on the edge of the handle. Take a ball of grey and squash it down on
the sides using the palms of your hand to make a domed shape.
Cut that into a neat circle using a cutter or you could use a bowl if you don’t have
a round cutter. Then dampen the turquoise circle with a little water and add the grey
to the top. Now we need to make a hole on the angle of the support pole. Just hold it
over the template and push through some spaghetti to make sure it’s in the right spot. Once
you’re happy with it use a wooden cake spike to make the hole bigger so that our support
rod will fix down the middle there. Place it back down flat and use a cake pop
stick to add more holes so it looks like a watering can nozzle. For extra support I am going to add two cake
pop sticks through the turquoise circle. Just poke those in there. Now for our plant, roll out some green fondant
thinly and cut leaf shapes. Just go around and around. Peel off the excess green fondant
and then use your knife to gently draw a line down the middle of each leaf. To make them curved just rest the baking paper
over a snake of fondant and leave those to dry out. And we’ll also need to make the stem,
just roll a thin snake leave that to dry out as well. Now that the cakes have completely cooled
you can tip it out of the pot and peel off the paper. To me this cake always looks a
bit ugly but it tastes so much better than any other recipe so I just think that it doesn’t
matter. Use a ruler to mark out three even layers then cut it using a serrated knife. Take a round cake board with a hole to one
side so we can fit this cake over the support rod.
Stack the cake onto the board I am using some chopped up chocolate bars
on the frosting between each layer on the plant pot just for a little crunch and caramel
flavour. Add the top layer and a little more simple
syrup on top. Then cover the whole thing in frosting and place it in the fridge. For the round cake place the watering can
template over the top and trim it to size. And then cut that into three even layers just
like we did with the plant pot. Place the first layer onto a small round cake
board then brush some simple syrup over the top. Continue to stack it up with frosting between
the layers then cover the whole thing. Once that first layer of frosting has chilled
in the fridge add some slightly warmed frosting over the top and use it to smooth out the
top and sides. And then place that back in the fridge. Now take your plant pot cake and using baking
paper to help you on the sides, lower it down the support pole to the base then peel off
the baking paper. Roll out a strip of teracotta coloured fondant
measuring it to make it a few centimeters higher then the top of the pot. Wrap it around
the cake, lining up the bottom with the base of it and gently smoothing the sides with
your hands. Just let the top edge just fold over the top
there and then at the back just neatly trim off the excess with scissors and smooth it
down just using your thumb. Use a fondant smoother the smooth the sides
and make sure they are straight just like a plant pot should be. Then use a ruler to mark 11.5 cm on the side
and add an extra strip of fondant around the top, lining it up with that mark you made,
and using a little water to make it stick. Crush up some Oreos in a food processor or
you could smash them in a plastic bag using a rolling pin. And then add them to the top
of the pot for dirt. Spread it out with the back of your spoon and then once you’ve got
it everywhere just sprinkle a little bit more on top so it looks real. Using your template locate where the bottom
of the nozzle will sit and add a nut at that level. Now add in something that can give
us some temporary support and place the nozzle down on top. Add a flat cone shape of fondant with tylose
in it on top of that, squeezing it tightly around the rod. Add another nut. Check on
the template again what level that should be at. I’m just going the trim some of that
fondant down so I can make it lower. Now I’ve designed this whole template so the
watering can and the nozzle can sit at a natural looking angle while hiding the rod. So you
need to keep it exactly as it is. That’s better. Now add the bottom skinny cake
board, covered in foil. And place another nut on top and secure it tightly in place. Take the watering can cake off the cake board
and mark the angle shown on the template. Then cut it diagonally down on that angle. I know this seems unusual but I’ve made it
all work out on the template, in my head it’s going to work, so let’s hope it works in real
life. So it should look like this. Then cut off
a tiny corner on the same angle Using fondant build up the support to make it the right
angle for the watering can. And I’m doing this in a different colour fondant
so you can see it, but this will be covered later on so we won’t see it when we actually
have the cake finished. Add the next support nut into place at the
correct level. And then carefully add the triangle of cake that you cut off just a minute
ago. And then cover the top of that in frosting so it will stick to the board. And add the
next support board into place. Add a nut over the top of that and tighten that well, because
this board is going to hold the rest of the cake up. Then very carefully lower that large piece
of the Watering Can cake into place, wriggling it around a bit to get it in just right position.
Grab some more frosting and use it to cover the joins where the cake boards are and also
to cover the base of the cake in frosting too. Now add a circle of turquoise fondant to the
base and another one to the top, lining it up with the edges of the cake. Then cut a strip of turquoise and wrap it
around the sides of your can. And it’s already starting to look good. Use your hands to smooth it and make sure
it joins at the edges there so it’s nice and neat. And then trim off the excess around where
it joins to the nozzle. Add another thin strip around the top of the
watering can just wrap that around, using a little bit of water to make it stick, and
trim it off at the back. To cover our support in the round bit of the
nozzle there, add a strip around so that looks nice and neat. Then add a thicker strip of
turquoise around that middle area just to cover all of our fondant there. Add the handle into place, just poking the
spaghetti into the top of the cake. Now I just realized we can’t get any water into
our watering can – it’s completely closed. Trim across the top and remove some of the
turquoise fondant, you can do this properly the first time when you do it. And replace
that with black. When I design a cake for you and film it, I always film the first time
that I’ve ever made it, I don’t do it twice. So sometimes I need to do a little correction
as I go. But you can do it the right way first time when you make it.
Now that we’ve fixed that, add a little water on the side and the handle into place
And push some spaghetti through to support it. And then add something to hold that up
while the water dries. Then roll a little ball of fondant and add
it over the top of the spaghetti. Now put some coconut in a bowl and add some
green food colouring and stir it really well until you’re happy with the colour. To make a ganache, use some chocolate and
cream. Pour the cream over the chocolate and microwave it for 30 seconds. Stir it well, then microwave for 30 seconds.
And now it should be really melted so keep stirring just to incorporate the cream into
the chocolate until it’s nice and smooth. Spread that onto the base of the cake board,
now it is quite runny but it will thicken as it cools so quickly add the coconut and
this is going to make it look like grass. This will be easier it you do it in sections
until the whole board is covered so the ganache doesn’t set before you’ve added the coconut. For the water take some isomalt crystals and
heat them over high heat until they are melted. And then pour spoonfuls onto non-stick baking
paper making long drips. Now this is super, super hot so do not touch it. Remove the supports from watering can and
add some drips of isomalt around the rod using some of the melted isomalt to make it stick.
Continue adding more drips coming from the holes in the nozzle. Just like water dripping
down. Then add your little plant and use isomalt
just to make those leaves stick on instantly for you. And the watering can just seems to hang in
mid-air above the plant, which makes it a pretty impressive looking cake. Okay and now to play the game. I’m on level 51 but I’m going to go back to
level 16 so that I can show you one of the new things which we have, which is wind and
the acorns, or the nuts and the squirrels have to get the acorns. So what happens with the wind is if you join
three together, just like you do in any of these sort of slide games, usually everything
falls down from the top. But in this one it doesn’t necessarily do that. It will fall
the way that you have swiped. See there we have a line of 2 pairs and I’ll
move the third one across and everything, all the little cropsies, fill up from the
side so depending which way you’ve swiped, depends which way everything will up from. So if I swipe up from the bottom on the water
here, you’ll see the cropsies come up from the bottom instead of from the side. So that’s
one new thing. The other thing is with the squirrel and the
acorn, to get them together you need to get rid of the stuff that’s in between the two
of them. So if we swipe down with that plum, that will
move the squirrel closer and he swishes his tail and gets rid of the acorn. So that’s quite easy for you to do. The one
thing I do like about this game as well is that once you’ve finished a level, if you
still have moves left, you get to use those. So that helps you get extra points. So you see up in the top corner you’ve got
stars and by getting our extra moves and using them, we can fill up those stars. And the
more stars you get the better your little plant grows for the country fair, so then
you get extra points and things for doing that. So we’ll do that one and finish up that level
because we’ve used up all our moves there. Awesome, level completed. And now I want to show you level 43 which
the reason I want to show you this one is this one has hay and a little goat. And what you’ve got to do is get the goat
to eat the hay in order to get rid of enough of them to fill up the top. Now this one took
me a little while to figure out. What you have to do basically to get the goat
to move is you don’t have to make a match right next to it, well you can do that but
it’s only going ot move one space if you do do that. You’re better off making a match
as far away along the line from the goat as you can. So we’ll match up these pears and you’ll see
it will go all the way across to where we made the match, so that got rid of two hay
bales. So if you match right next to it, it’s only going to move one. Now we need it to move up or down a level,
we can’t really do that right now, so we’re just concentrating on getting our pears and
tomotoes which is what we need to do. We’ll move it all the way back across to that
row that we’d already done. Let everything else match up and do what it needs to do. So now if we could ideally make a match right
at the top or right at the bottom, that would help move it in the direction that we want
to but we don’t have one of those. Let me show you the other thing you can do.
If you have 3 and you can make it 4, like we can with these plums, then you’re going
to get a super cropsie. Let’s have a look. A Super Plum. Now because we don’t actually need plums on
this level because we are not collecting them, it kind of disappeared but what it did as
it disappeared was make the other ones worth extra points there, so you can see that. If it’s one you actually need on the level,
then it will just stay there and you’ll match more of them in a row. Let’s just move these pears across. Line that
up. And let’s see, so now down the bottom we can
make a line of 3 with those tomatoes and that will move the goat down. So we’ll swipe that down and it will just
move down there. Now we’ve got 6 out of 14 of the ones we need for that. And then if we want to move it back up the
top, we need to make a line there. We’ll just move the carrots to make a Super Cropsie of
the carrots. And again we don’t need carrots so that one’s going to disappear and just
give us more points which is great. And moving, shuffling, shuffling on down.
Now let’s move it, we can’t move it further up, move that one across there. We have still
got 8 moves to go, so we’ve got a bit of time. We’ll move the water up and that will move
the goat all the way up to the top. So we have got 8 of our hay bales now, we’re doing
well. Move that one, so it moves across to the next
row. So see what I mean, what you’re doing is anywhere in front of the goat, you’re trying
to get rid of things so that it will move all the way down to that spare spot. So at
first when I started playing I was just trying to get matches right next to it and I could
never get rid of all the hay bales. So we are nearly there with our hay bales.
We still need quite a few pears and quite a few tomatoes but hopefully we will get there. Nearly there, just letting it all shuffle,
shuffle, shuffle. We’ll move that one and that should get us enough hay bales. So now we can forget about the goat, all that
we need is another 4 tomatoes and we have another 3 moves to go so I’m pretty confident
we’ll be able to do that. There we go, we’ve got them in. We now get
showtime because we’ve got moves left. And we will be able to use up our spare moves
and see if we can get some more stars up the top in the top corner. So we will just make another Super sized plum
there and that’s just going to give us extra points on everything around it and then we’ll
line up those ones, pop those in and our stars just went all the way up to the top. So we
got 3 stars which helps grow our plant which is in the little country fair section. So there you go, I hope those tips help you.
You can click on the link below to download the game. It’s free so you can have fun with
that. And to enter the competition to win a ‘Make
it a Great Week’ cup and The Deep Enders book and a $250 Amazon gift voucher, and there’s
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time. You have to get it correct for your entry
to be considered. And then we read all of the entries that have those 2 questions correct
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you can enter from anywhere in the world so enjoy doing that. The link for that is below. Subscribe to HowToCookThat for more cakes,
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