Gravity Defying Caramel Popcorn Cake | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Gravity Defying Caramel Popcorn Cake | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon and today we’re making a gravity-defying popcorn cake. It looks
like it’s just a pot with popcorn exploding out of the top but it’s
actually a rich chocolate cake with layers of cream and salted caramel. And
very exciting news today we have a giveaway you could win one of 6
KitchenAid stand-mixers!!! I’ll tell you more about that and you’ll need to watch
the video CAREFULLY to enter that one 🙂 Let’s start with the lid – first you
want to temper some chocolate if you don’t know how to do that watch my
chocolate secrets video and I’ll link you to that below and at the end. It’s
important that you temper your chocolate or it won’t set at room temperature. To
make the dome shaped lid, spray a little oil on the underside of a pan lid
and then gently rub it with some paper towel so that you have a thin layer of
oil. Pour on a good amount of your tempered chocolate and spread it out
around the lid. As it starts to thicken as it sets just spread it out from the
middle back towards the edges so the edges aren’t super thin and then place
that in the fridge to set. Now for our cake we need some butter and dark
chocolate in a bowl sugar eggs and yes there’s lots of eggs because it’s a rich
cake flour cocoa powder and baking powder. First thing you’ll need to do is
melt the butter and chocolate in the microwave.
Once that is melted add in the sugar and the eggs and whisk those together well
and I’ll put all the recipe quantities for this cake on the
website for you in grams and ounces and cups and there’s a link to that below.
Then mix in the flour baking powder and cocoa until it’s just combined and you
don’t want to over mix it once you’ve added the flour. Split that between three 8-inch baking tins and bake those in the oven for around 25 minutes or until a
knife inserted into the center comes out clean. Next put some water sugar and
glucose syrup into a pan and we’re making our yummy salted caramel for
between the layers of our cake. Give that a little stir to make sure all the sugar
is wet. Try not to get any sugar up on the sides of the pan. If you do just wash it off using a wet pastry brush because if you have
sugar crystals on the edge it’ll make our caramel crystallize and go more like
fudge and we don’t want that. Leave it unstirred so that it can just boil and
bubble away and after a few minutes it will thicken and start to turn golden.
Leave it for just a few seconds more to let it get an even golden color but
watch that you don’t burn it we don’t want to burnt flavor to it. Remove it
from the heat and add in your vanilla and the cream being careful not to get
burnt by the steam as you add that in. Now you’ll end up with lumps of caramel
in your cream and that’s just fine don’t panic just return it to the heat and
keep stirring it until that caramel is melted into the cream. Add in your salt
and now it’s time to test the thickness … to do that you just put a small amount
of the caramel into a bowl of cold water. And then you can just see how thick it
is I’ll just tip out the water so you can see this caramel is still really
liquidy we want it to be quite a lot thicker so return it to the heat and
boil it unstirred. And every 30 seconds or so take a spoonful and tip it into
cold water and then check the thickness. See how now that’s a lot thicker and
it’s just sitting on my finger now there that looks about right to me so you can
take it off the heat and pour it into a bowl. Now it still looks thin but that’s
because what’s in the pan is really hot and it will thicken as it cools. Let’s
check on our lid. Just run your nail around the edge and then flip it over
and there you have the domed part of your saucepan lid. To make the edge look
good I’m going to use a fondant extruder to make a snake of black fondant if you
don’t have one you can just roll one. Then rub a little bit of water around
the edge of the chocolate and wrap that fondant around the lid and then use a
knife to gently press it onto the chocolate that looks much better. To make
a handle just roll a thick snake of black and then use your fingers to press
down and keep rolling to make it thinner on each side. Chop off the excess and
then fold the ends down. Now you just want to
check using a ruler that that’s the right width for your lid and then leave
the fondant to dry out. To make the outside of the pot I’m gonna need
something round to make the right shape but this tin is not tall enough so I’m
gonna put it on a bowl there like that. Then I’m gonna wrap a piece of acetate
around and then make a mark here where those two are joining so that I know where
the chocolate has to go to. Then where I’ve drawn that mark I’m gonna put
another piece of acetate just beyond it and stick that into place. Now wrap a
smaller piece of acetate around the tin so that we have something that’s
covering that and we can get the chocolate off later. On your bigger piece
of acetate spread tempered chocolate in an even layer all over it, don’t you just
love melted chocolate! It looks amazing. Then lift that piece up so that you have
straight edges on it and the excess is left on the counter.
Once it starting to set but it’s still a little bit soft roll the chocolate
around your cake tin. And once you’ve got that all the way around just put that on
the bowl like we did before. Repeat that process with another thinner strip of
acetate and we’re going to use this bit for around the pan lid. Wrap it around
another cake tin lined with acetate and then leave those to set. Once they are
set you need to just slowly and gently pull and turn pull and turn and it
slowly, slowly will wiggle it off the tin. Once it is free use a knife to remove
that smaller piece of acetate from the inside of the chocolate then have a look
if you have any broken bits like here or gaps you want to fill those now before
you take the acetate off the outside so just get a bit more tempered chocolate
and fill those in. Peel the acetate off the little ring of chocolate then get your
pan lid and turn that upside down and place the ring on top. Use some more
tempered chocolate and pipe it around the inside of the join so that it’s nice
and secure. Whip some cream in your mixer, now I’m not gonna add any sugar to this
one because our salted caramel is going to give it all the sweetness it needs, so
I’m just going to add a dash of vanilla and mix that through. To support the lid
I’m going to try and use this cake frame I’ve used this once before on a big
fondant cake and it was not strong enough to hold it up it fell over.
But hopefully on this one because it’s only holding the lid and it doesn’t need
to hold any cake weight hopefully it will be all right. You could of course
use a wooden cake board and a metal support like I’ve shown you before and
that would definitely be strong enough. Place your first cake down over the
support so that that upright piece is on one side of the cake and then add the
ring of chocolate over the top. Add a big scoop of salted caramel and spread that
out over the cake then add some whipped cream and spread that out making sure
you’re getting it all the way to the edges and then continue to stack it up
with more cake caramel cream another layer of cake and then a final layer of
that yummy salted caramel this stuff is great to keep in a jar for on top of ice
cream or giving someone just a gift of a jar of salted caramel and they can eat
it by the spoonful it is yummy stuff. Wet a little ball of fondant and add it to
the lid and then you use those to attach the handle into place. Now using a dry
paintbrush and some silver luster dust brush over the whole lid and the handle
so that it looks like it’s metal instead of chocolate. Do the same with the
outside of the pot brushing it all over and make sure you brush on the inside
edge as well and along the rim. Make two more handles like we did before but make
these ones bend out a bit on the ends and use the cake tin to get them on the
right angle to attach to the pot. Now poke a lollipop stick into those handles
so that we’ve got something to poke into the cake so they don’t just fall off and
then brush those with silver luster dust too. It’s popcorn time! Pop a good amount
of popcorn and then put that into a big pot. In another pan
some sugar and some water and keep some butter to one side. Heat the sugar and
water until it goes golden and then stir in the butter. Immediately pour that over
the popcorn and stir it around to get an even coating on the popcorn instead of
one big lump and again I’ll put the recipe quantities for this on the
website. Tip your popcorn out onto some baking paper YUM! And then using some
gloves because it’s still hot shape it into a cylinder. You don’t want to squash
this or crush it you just want to gently push it together while that caramel is
cooling and setting just keep guiding it into shape until you have a nice
cylinder there and then just let it cool and set. Add the top of the cake support
into place and then add that big chunk of caramel popcorn into the center. Put
some chocolate onto the cake support and rest the lid on top on an angle so it
looks like it’s just flying off the pan. And now we want to make another batch of
the caramel popcorn this stuff is so yummy and then you want to add pieces
and chunks of popcorn all over the cylinder so it looks more like an
explosion rather than an organized cylinder in the middle. I used bits of
set caramel as well to make a few pieces that stick out of the side. Now to add
the handles you want to heat up a metal skewer and just poke that into your
chocolate so you get a nice neat hole. Then add your handles in on each side I
should have made these handles a bit earlier so they had a chance to firm up
but they’ll be okay if you’re making the cake make these handles at the same time
as you make the one for the lid. And there it is a gravity-defying caramel
popcorn cake perfect for a movie night celebration and now as I promised it’s
your chance to win one of six KitchenAid stand mixers! To enter all you need to do
is click on the entry form in the description below … you can enter from
anywhere in the world and we have six KitchenAid stand mixers to give away!
Very Exciting! Click here to go to the recipe
and the entry form, here for chocolate secrets and here for more of my videos
make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday.


  1. Ooooh I really like this cake, I actually just rewatched the gravity defying watering can one which I also loved. I really don't have a good reason to watch your videos because I would never actually make anything like this, all I bake is brownies, but your commentary and genuine passion shines through in a way that keeps me watching video after video. I'm so grateful that I found this channel, and it's been a while now watching your videos. I know I can always count on an endless gallery of cheery commentary and baking to cheer me up when I'm down so thank you, Ann, so so much.

  2. How does the video happen? Can u make a video about how u make ur videos? Like do you find a recipe online and try it for the first time while recording then edit a little bit for music and transition in iMovie? Btw I love this cake too! ❤️ 🍰 🎂

  3. This cake looks awesome. I never made a gravity defying cake but I'm thinking I'll try it for my dad's birthday. He loves popcorn and caramel. Best combination ever for him.

  4. Ann, you are simply amazing 🤩 I can't imagine the thought process and how you even dreamt of making that popcorn cake. You are a sugar goddess!

  5. I love these vids there so help full and fun to watch I love them so much I would love more gravity defying vids there so great I love your bakes they look so amazing and so realistic

  6. Ann, please keep making videos like this, I am a suicidal teen and these videos are so bright and cheery that it makes me feel slightly better on the days I feel it’s the end.

  7. Ann your cakes really inspire me to bake , We don't have any ovens yet but soon we will I hope
    The cakes are really good to look at and I think they taste nice too

  8. I love baking but never make these kind of extreme cakes. I just love watching you make them and it makes me really sad that your videos don't pop up on my feed cause your videos make me happy

  9. Did anyone else see Ann get a bunch of egg white on the outside of the mixing bowl when dumping in that massive quantity of eggs??? LOL

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  11. Me seeing the tumbnail

    "How could you even get the cake out of that pot?"

    Me, less than a minute in, having already been mindblown

    Ann Reardon, you have bamboozled me once again. Well done.

  12. Ann! You are a goddess when it comes to making pastries! I have only one question, how do you bake without making a huge mess??? 。゚(TヮT)゚。

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  14. In lieu of gloves, and gloves are safer, dip your hands in water to keep the hot caramel from sticking to and burning your hands… A trick I use in making popcorn balls…

  15. Have you heard of coconut cream salted caramel? I'm vegan, and while I have worked with sugar art in the past, finding a traditional, yet vegan salted caramel recipe that actually works is kind of difficult. But, I found a recipe one day where you basically just brown a little white sugar, vanilla, and cornstarch in a pan (for colour and thickness), then add in a can of coconut cream (which is super sweet, and doesn't taste of coconut at all). Boil it til it starts to bubble, then let it cool, darken, and thicken. It tastes just like to real deal to me, and is much easier! 🙂

  16. If you poke the cakes with a toothpick all over the caramel will seep down into the cake! My family used to make something like this called poke cake

  17. Thank you for the metric measurements on your website, most recipes just use imperial. It's really annoying to have a calculator be part of baking equipment.

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    You are phenomenal!!

    Sending you happiness and support!!

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