is there anything today that I a that
wasn’t like a fucking there’s just nothing coming together by your chef
thank you very much fuck off you fat useless sack of fucking Yankee Yankee
Doodle shite fuck off will you please yeah congratulations on the worst dish in
this competition so far don’t do it look I’m here to help you
please don’t hey don’t worry listen listen listen listen
fuck off fuck off fuck up bogum happy birthday dad I made you breakfast
in bed alright let’s take a look then eggs undercooked bacon but to a fucking
crisp okay there’s a shit wouldn’t feed this to a fucking Mouse I can do it
again no you’ve wasted enough food already
send in your Jack and get the fuck out of my face I am making ratatouille well how would
you prepare it so fucking complicated you certainly should like that tell you
jacket and fuck off Bisons penis boys that shit you fucking donkey you’re
welcome to join us no thanks what do you think of my
buffalo wings I’m all worried about your bone Apple feet hey Gordon how about
giving my cheese egg meal toast to spot on your restaurant menu looks like what
do you think of his rainbow bagel is that a dog shoe joy Gordon Ramsay what do you think of my
grilled chicken and I to understand what’s going through
your fucking mind this is fucking painful what’s so
fucking complicated we serve you sure like that
take your jacket and fuck off the lamb sauce telling me that you should be
ashamed your special has now become not very special fucking pathetic
Bisons penis why is that shit you fucking donkey fuck you piece of shit
look at this that’s right the god it’s the kind of shit you’d expect Tiger
Woods to tee off with look at it rubber rubber rubber precious little what do I wish that Google could help me
find um it’s been ten years in the making but I would love them to help me
find the freaking lamb sauce hey hey Gordon you making breakfast for
us what the fuck did I tell you about looking me in my eyes right right I’m so
sorry I was just thinking maybe the eggs could use a little bit of salt I suppose
you’re right I should sort the eggs if I wanted them to taste like absolute
fucking shit you’re so right I’m sorry I’m sorry I
gotta fuck off Piper these eggs leave them dry then
your girlfriend’s fucking twat shit okay can you say the way I’m something real
quick where’s the lamb sauce fuck off fuck off you if they’re
anything today that I ate that wasn’t microwave this fucking donut of course
you don’t put fuck is there anything today that I hey that
wasn’t microwave these fucking doorknob cause you don’t we do come in come in please doing Brian
I said move your powers read yourself this is those fucking start sharing your
fat mouth of me are you putting fucking fish on a
fucking Razak then you won’t open your fat fucking mouth stand up straight at
least look like a fucking cook you donkey you’re cooking this is fucking
plain fucking of that it’s fucking embarrassing
Thanks you’re fucking useless you know it’s barely are you fucking blind I
don’t know what the fuck you doing is not going anywhere mister says in the
fucking big the longer you’re here the worse you’re
getting you jumped up more fucker are you hey fuck you shut up turn the volume
down you fat fuck fuck make sense little fucker fuck what you’ve done and you’ve
ambitions you do seriously Thank You chef
they thank you so much I’m beau glad that you’re able to see that you know
like everything I do you know I put in a hundred 100 teams in you know garance what do you think of the exabyte
go to Ramsey what are you thinking my pizza garlic bread
it’s the get Russell Gosselin cooking for the missus tonight what do you think what do you think of my smokey body the
cabbage come on garage go chase them down there just a little quiet
none of your work as a team where’s the lamb sauce come on man coming up there’s
just nothing coming together by your chef thank you very much fuck off you
fat useless sack of fucking the Yankees thank you do – I’d fuck up with your
shit you are so shit you don’t realize what
you do fuck off you fat useless sack of fucking Yankees thank you doodle sites
give our fucking consistent as pigeons challenge upon us where you suck up
precious little taste the dining room I news playing to the
fucking customer why you’re so shit fuck off will you
go on then you pompous fuck excuse me years ago I’m done standing here with a
bunch of idiots fuck you all good luck where’s the lamb sauce come on man coming up there’s just nothing coming
together by your Shepherd thank you very much fuck off you fat useless sack of
fucking Yankees thank you do – I’d fuck off will you


  1. there is something special about Gordon like yeah everyone talks about his insults but you gotta realise that dealing with all this BS constantly it is not freaking wonder he is pissed off with people. He can be nice to both adults and children as long as you care about what you are doing then he in turn will help you but if you be a little shit then he will treat you as one simple as that. He knows what he is doing and people pretend like he never earned his status as a world renowned chef. Also being from Scotland does not help with his swearing at all either I mean come on it is the most common stuff over here.

  2. You know he has a 2 daughters and a son right. One of the daughters is looking to be a chef. She has a show called matilda and the ramasy bunch. She seems nice so hope she dont end up saying YoU fUcKeN dOnUtH

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