Gordon Ramsay Hunts For Lionfish To Cook | Season 1 Ep. 4 | THE F WORD

Gordon Ramsay Hunts For Lionfish To Cook | Season 1 Ep. 4 | THE F WORD

[music playing] GORDON RAMSAY
(VOICEOVER): This is Florida, a state known for as
hot sun and amazing seafood. But in these crystal blue
waters, an unwelcome predator, the lion fish, threatens
the very ecosystem that makes this place so incredible. I’m going to meet Eric
and Grace who are a husband and wife team, and they
dedicate their life hunting down this fish. GORDON RAMSAY (VOICEOVER):
Dumped into the waters by careless aquarium
owners, these predators belong in the Indian Ocean,
not in the Florida Keys. This lion fish is a pest. GORDON RAMSAY
(VOICEOVER): We speed off the coast of Islamorada in
hopes of taking some of them out. Then I’ll show Eric
and Grace how to cook them into a delicious meal. Here is our target. So you can see
these dorsal spikes. It’s almost like a
hypodermic needle. – Bloody hell.
– And this– Oh, you can see. That holds the venom. You can see it. And how dangerous is
this sort of venom? What does it feel like? Yeah, what does it feel like? I, unfortunately, have
been hit many times. – You serious?
– You know, big, bald– It’s awful. –tattoo, muscle guy was
crying like a little baby. It was bad.
– Gee. But we’re not going
to get stung today. – No.
– No. Not today.
(VOICEOVER): I’ve been diving for more than
20 years, but never with a mission like this. 80 feet to the ocean
floor, and the hunt begins. To really make a
difference in this fight, we need to find the
biggest fish, the ones that do the most damage to the reef. Eric spots some movement
amongst the rocks. [music playing] His instincts have paid off. We’re able to find several big
ones, and we take them out. This small part of the reef
is safe for the moment. It’s time to ascend. That was incredible. Woo! Look at the size of that one. Oh, my god. Look at the size on this. [music playing] A beast. Wow. GORDON RAMSAY
(VOICEOVER): I’m thrilled about the size of my catch. I’m no stranger to diving, but
I’ve never felt such a rush. Look at that. [bleep] that’s ugly, huh? [music playing] GORDON RAMSAY (VOICEOVER):
We’ve done a small part to help save this incredible ecosystem. Now it’s time to turn
these harmful creatures into a delicious meal. Caribbean fish curry
is on the menu. [music playing] First, marinate with
turmeric and olive oil. So I suppose sort of
a light, fragrant curry. GORDON RAMSAY (VOICEOVER): Hit
the curry with some ginger, garlic, and pepper. Ooh, yum. GORDON RAMSAY
(VOICEOVER): Coconut milk to bring the curry to life. Fish on the grill
skin side down. [sizzling] That is glistening
Minutes later lunch is served. Nice. Beautiful. Grace, who’d like
some lion fish? All of us. Alrighty, guys. [music playing] Literally speared,
filleted, cooked. Right to your plate. [music playing] Mm. The big shock, from
a chef’s point of view, is that something
being so poisonous that decimates the coral
reef could be so tasty. Right. No excuses now. Next time you cook that– Man, the bar is high now. –elevate it. [music playing]

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  1. The fish will tell stories for centuries of how a mysterious angry man and his muscular friend saved the reef from the invading lion fish

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