Gooey KIMCHI MAC & CHEESE 🍜🧀Delish Noodle Series | HONEYSUCKLE

Gooey KIMCHI MAC & CHEESE 🍜🧀Delish Noodle Series | HONEYSUCKLE

Ooey gooey kimchi mac and cheese. Hey, Buzybeez! It’s Dzung, and today, I’m back with another friendly
recipe. To continue our noodle series, you guys voted, and kimchi mac
and cheese won by a landslide. Who knew? I’m so excited to share this recipe with you. It’s your classic mac and cheese
with that spicy, delicious twist. Give this video a big thumbs up if you
are excited to see how this is made, and don’t forget to subscribe below if you guys want
to see more friendly and interesting recipes. We’ll go ahead and get started with the ingredients. Alright, so I wanted to walk you guys
through what I’m gonna be using first. Of course, since it’s kimchi mac and
cheese, I have my kimchi here. For the kimchi, it’s similar to our
kimchi fried rice, the more pungent and fermented the kimchi is the better. That just infuses a lot more flavor, the kimchi has had time to ripen and it just gives you a lot more of that spicy, tangy, umami flavor in your mac and cheese. And then, of course, for our cheese. My favorite combination to use in any mac and
cheese is sharp cheddar and Gruyère. If you guys want it a little
bit more mellow or mild, go ahead and just use cheddar with even um… Monterey Jack cheese is also
really good, or mozzarella. The combination of cheddar and like, a melty cheese, something that you get like a stringiness to, is perfect. And then for the noodles, I’m
using 1 pound of elbow pasta. I cooked it off already but my secret to cooking the elbow pasta for mac
and cheese is always to undercook it. I found that for 4 minutes is like the sweet spot, so cook it in rapid boiling water for about 4 minutes, and you get this almost semi-cooked mac and cheese. Now, don’t worry if it’s undercooked because we’re gonna bake it off,
and it’s gonna be perfect once it’s melded together with our
cheese and kimchi, and everything. Okay first, I’m gonna start by grating our cheese. I’m gonna start with the Gruyère here, and I’m just gonna grate it down. I’ll probably get about one and a half
cups of this. It’s six ounces. You guys might be wondering why I’m not using
the already grated cheese in the packet. Well, they put like air-tight caking agent in that and it doesn’t melt as beautifully once I cook it up, and I don’t know. I feel like it then
becomes kind of gritty, so I don’t like it, and I love just using cheese from a block because it has a lot more flavor. But maybe that’s just me, but if you want to take the shortcut and use the already grated cheese, you can totally do that. It works. Alright, so we got just about 2 cups of cheese here. A mountain of cheese. I’ll just go ahead and transfer it to my bowl. Perfect! I’ll set this guy aside, and then I’ll work on my cheddar. I’m looking for about four cups of cheddar here. This is a workout. Need a break! (pants) I’m almost there; my box grader has
like a measuring tool on the side here so I can gauge to see if I’m almost there. Once I finished this block, I think
we’re gonna be just right. I’ll consider this my workout before
I indulge in the mac and cheese. And we’re finally done! All right, I have just about four cups here. Nice and compact. Just separate them. Beautiful. Now, I’ll transfer this to my bowl. All right, and last being to prep before we get started. Panko! Let me grab it real quick. Okay, here, I have one cup of panko bread crumbs. This is just a lighter Japanese bread crumb that I’m gonna use to top our mac and cheese. It’s gonna give it that crunchy little bits on top. It’s so good. But to prepare it, all I have is one cup here, and then I’m gonna add one tablespoon of olive oil. Just drizzle it on and I’ll mix it up. This will help it brown and get really nice and toasty. Alright, all of our ingredients are prepped, so now, t’s time to get cookin’! So, I have all the ingredients laid out, and I have my beautiful Le Creuset here that I’m gonna cook, bake, and serve in. It’s super pretty and I love that
it doubles as a serving pan. If you guys want to know more about it I’ll leave it in the description box below. So first, I’m gonna start by melting
1/4 cup of unsalted butter. I’ll let it melt all the way through, and then I’ll add 2 tablespoons of flour. What I’m doing here is making our roux. I’ll let the flour cook and get rid of
that raw taste for about a minute. If the flour gets kind of clumpy,
just go ahead and keep mixing it until it blends in with the butter. Once it’s nice and smooth like this, we’re ready to add our milk. 2 cups of milk that I’ve already
warmed up in the microwave. The flour that I just added
in will help thicken the milk and create this beautiful sauce. You definitely want to take your time with this, and I’m just cooking it on like medium low heat, but in the meantime, I’m gonna add in
one tablespoon of Dijon mustard, and 1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg. This is gonna add an interesting tang, it’s almost like a bechamel sauce,
to our mac and cheese. Continue whisking until it thickens up. I’ll let the milk get nice and bubbly. To test if our bechamel is ready, I’m gonna coat the back of our spatula and run my finger through it. If the sauce stays in place and doesn’t
come back together, it’s ready! Now, I’ll add 1 teaspoon of salt, our Gruyère cheese, and our cheddar cheese. I’ve turned off the heat, and now I’m just gonna let
it melt into that bechamel sauce and become a cheesy, delicious sauce. Look at the cheese sauce. you guys! It’s nice and gooey! This is mostly because of Gruyère because it’s like a gooey-er cheese. And now, comes our kimchi. (angelic voice) So once I’ve added the kimchi in, I’ll give it another good mix. Our mac and cheese turned into this
beautiful, reddish color from the peppers and the kimchi juice. So good. I’m gonna give this a quick taste to make sure
our cheese sauce is perfect. You want it kind of on the salty side because once you add the noodles in, it’ll mellow and blend everything out. All right, I’m ready for my noodles! The noods are in. Give it a quick mix to make sure each
elbow is coated in our cheese sauce. Each of our noodles are coated in
that cheesy, spicy kimchi sauce. Ah, I cannot wait to dig in. We’re not done yet, though. Now, I’m gonna sprinkle the top with our panko. I have a nice even layer of panko on top, and now it goes into the oven at 375 degrees for about 15 to 20 minutes until the cheese sauce is bubbling and the panko topping is nice and golden-brown. And our kimchi mac and cheese is done. I wish you guys can smell this. Oh my gosh, it smells like kimchi, grilled cheese, just buttery, cheesy, delicious! Oh my gosh, this definitely is not like one
of our usual healthy dish. It’s a little indulgent, but for a special occasion or just for days
when you need something comforting, this is perfect. I also wanted to make a note. I know I said that it would take 25 minutes or so for everything to brown and get bubbly, that was because my pan is pretty big and it’s shallow. If you guys are using a traditional like baking pan, I would say leave it in for maybe 35 to 40 minutes until it’s bubbly and brown. Shall we serve this, guys? I think I’m just gonna eat this directly from the pot. This is steaming hot, and the cheese sauce is nice and gooey, there’s chunks of kimchi in there, the panko is nice and toasty. I’m gonna wait until it gets a little
cooler, and then I’m going in. Man, that was so good! The macaroni still has its al dente-ness
because we undercooked it earlier, and the cheese sauce, you guys. The tanginess and the spiciness of the kimchi just
boosted the flavor of our cheddar cheese, and it’s freaking amazing. Oh, my gosh. If I were to make this, and I actually have made it before to
serve for a dinner party, and I paired it with steak and some vegetables. It’s just like the perfect complement to
your delicious, decadent dinner. I hope you guys give this a try, and for our next noodle video, I’m gonna stop teasing you guys, and I’m gonna go ahead and make the
shrimp scampi zoodles for our next video. Hopefully coming out on Wednesday or Thursday. Thank you so much for watching, you guys. I would love to know what your other
favorite noodle dishes are so I could start planning the rest of our series. Comment below and also let me know what you
thought of this kimchi mac and cheese. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you guys next week. Bye!

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