Geography Now! Belgium

Geography Now! Belgium


  1. This is all wrong. When Belgium gained independence in 1830, Flanders and Wallonia didn't even exist yet. There was a nationwide French speaking elite and the rest of the people (both in the south and north of the country) spoke all sorts of dialects. Due to political decisions of the 20th century, Flanders and Wallonia came into existence and eventually became full regions.

  2. Hello ! As 99% of commentaries, I'm Belgian. And the luxembourg province is the best. As we say in Belgium to tell you goodbye, "allez vous faire enculé" .

  3. Sorry Geography Now! But Belgium was under french control before 1830, then we kicked the french out and we did try to merge with the Netherlands (lasted only 15 years) before we became Belgians ourself.

  4. I only have bad experiences in Belgium. They are pretty much racists towards Asians. The importantly they tend to keep their mouth shut, if asians know how to speak proper English.

  5. And these are the people running the EU? No wonder the UK voted to leave. They don't seem to understand politics at all. I think its time to hand over the EU to Germany.

  6. So many false facts… The worst one is the one about the referenderum for the parts to reannexate to France and the Netherlands??? What the f…?????

  7. Informative, educational and logical….
    I am 1/4th Belgian…. 1/2 English & 1/4 Irish….
    Proud to be a mixed breed Western European…. Its rare …
    My question is…. How may I get the honour to surf for my Grandmother's birth place, Belgium – Ghent…. In the 2020 Olympics?

  8. So I was in a debate before and I said Belgian people are either Dutch or French in dna type there’s no such thing as Belgian dna but only nationality is this true?

  9. Its not that hard to understand. Historically the greater netherlands consisted of many kingdoms and landlords. The flemish region culturally belongs to the same region as catholic southern netherlands ( or the other way around, whatever ) but greedy kings, governments, and landlords dont care about cultural things. Just what suits them best financially.

    Im from the ( southern) Netherlands but i like Flanders much more than Holland.

  10. One thing I know about Belgium, their beer is GREAT. Our country needs a Belgium beer pipeline and I'll be at the end all day.

  11. You should do a best friends episode where You list the countries with the most or go through each country and say what their best friend is…You know, in 2055 when you finish

  12. Rember, we italians are everywere because the Empire ask us to control the economy and stability of provinces in Europe, but also of the new Empire

  13. Wat mijn de belegen hieronder zijn vergeten is dit nadat KW2 of was het KW3 de belgen / en hun geloof dusdanig had beledigd ..,hebben de Belgen in hun grondwet staan dat de ORANJES NOOIT MEER OVER DE BELGEN MOGEN REGEREN ( hebben ze gelijkm in ) dus een samen voeging kan pas als Belgie uit elkaar dondert en dan nemen wij gewoon weer Vlaanderen over en herstellen daar mee onze grenzen , van waar wij Nederlanders begonnen.
    Volgende waar gebeurd probeert niet in een kroeg in het duits sprekende gedeelte iets in het nederlands te bestellen , gaat niet goed en als grensbewoner kon over in mijn tweede taal het duits en kreeg toen pas bier , jawel.

  14. Can we take a moment… there’s one 1% german in belgium, yet flemish kids have to learn both french and german (and english)
    We are forced to take those extra languages. But as far as I know the french and german part don’t need to learn the language so yeah, jeeej voor ons jeej, pour nous; jeej, für uns

  15. i lived in Belgium for several years cause the german politicians are already totaly weird. if you want our biggest Joke (germans are not as boring at the Belgien people) lots of the people here Voted for cat Contents in Brussels, but we only got a depressive politician there

  16. I am from Belgium and I think this video was rather accurate.

    I feel our country is the one on the map that just likes to sit back and relax while other countries are getting more attention.

  17. Wallonia was never French. France invaded many parts that should have been Belgium like Picardy and Artois, but also Lorraine and other parts. Holland still occupies parts of Brabant and Limburg. We are happy to be Belgiums and don't need France or Holland.

  18. you missed to mention the biggest EDM music festival in the world TOMMOROWLAND, which by the way Belgium kind of works for them

  19. I have been in Belgium ones (in Brussel) and it was really funny bc every street name had to be in Franch AND Dutch ass well as menucards and billboard signs

  20. i am from belguim but am really nationalistic about flanders cause walloons steal our money if you see me and tell me im a Belgian i will passively aggressively explain to you i am a flemish

  21. You may wonder what happened between congo and belgium , well long story short after the discovery of vulcanization of rubber (charles goodyear, 1839) belgium invaded congo and take their rubber which is highly valuable , how did they take it ? from trees . They slaved millions of people and killed more than 10 millon. Next time you think about most evil person in the history , you may think king Leopold II beside hitler

  22. Nobody is probably going to see this but I am from Belgium and I can understand the poletics
    By the way you forgot to tell that the EU has been created by Belgium

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