Gathbandhan – 12th September 2019 – गठ बंधन – Full Episode

Gathbandhan – 12th September 2019 – गठ बंधन – Full Episode

Even if the whole world
is against me… …my husband is with me. He is my inspiration
and my strength. What is all this?
What happened? Nothing. It was raining
so I slipped in mud. I hope you’re not hurt. Where did you go? You get upset even if I go to the
terrace without informing you. However, you don’t inform
me before going anywhere. Sorry. I had some work to do. No worries. Come, let’s go home. I’ll make your favourite
‘Puri Bhaji’. Come. ‘You always look
after my happiness.’ ‘But I created a lot
of problems for you.’ You’re here, Raghu. Well, do you know… …where Mai and father are? When will they arrive? Yes, they were with me and then… …father left
from there and Mai… …stayed back with
Sakhu for some work. So they must be on their way home. That’s good. Here. Have food by then. Eat and tell me how it is. Doesn’t Dhanak seem
a little changed? Have you seen the
doll with a spring? No matter how many
times you strike it… …it regains its
original position. Does she belong to that category? You’re pretending
to be happy, right? No, Raghu, I’m not pretending. I’m trying to be happy. Whatever happened, Raghu… …I’ve accepted it
as my rotten fate. I need to get myself
out of this and… …I’ll need to prove myself. And I’m sure, I can attain
anything until you’re with me. Raghu… You take this. I’ll be back. ‘What happened to Raghu?’ ‘Why did he react in such a way?’ Raghu… Dear… Everything is ruined. I thought Dhanak will be left
crippled after all this… …she’ll get off my back. However, just the
opposite happened. She is completely fine. And my son Raghu is the
one who is morose. Dhanak, dear… …whatever happened with you… …has affected Raghu the most. He is suffering on the inside. You’re the one who can… …help him out of this condition. Please return my son’s happiness. Please, Mai.
Don’t plead with me. You’re right. I’ll need to do something. ‘I did convince Raghu into thinking
that everything was his fault… …but I didn’t think these
would be the consequences.’ Now I can’t afford
to be sad, Preeti. I will have to get a
hold on myself anyhow. I’ll have to move on. Raghu is the most
affected by me being sad. You are absolutely right. Your life will become beautiful… …the sooner you both
move on from this. You know, Preeti, since
the Kalyan Khatri case… …I’d been cursing my fate. But today, when I saw Raghu… …I realised that I have
no right to curse my fate. My fate gave me the
perfect husband. I’m very lucky. I have such a life partner who… …is sad when I’m hurt… …and is happy when I’m happy. Well, you’re no
different from Raghu. I’ve turned Raghu into a
civilized man after much effort. I won’t be able to
see him shattered. I must get him out of this pain. Dhanak, can I say something? Both of you should spend
some time together. Even if it’s only for a day… …just get away from
this place and its people. The more time you will
spend with each other… …the closer you get… …the sooner things
will be sorted out. No, Preeti. There’s already so much problem at
home. We are short of money. How can we… – Well, you don’t
need money to spend time together. All you need is a will… …and a good idea in mind. And I know… …Dhanak has no
shortage of both. Well, you are right, Preeti. I’ll figure out something. Very good! Today I handled
the matter somehow. I saved you from Raghu’s wrath. Only me? I meant, both of us. Had I not shown my
presence of mind… …then that mangy Tiwari… …would’ve exposed us. So, tell me,
what’s to be done next? Well, we’ll do nothing. Oh! So, after putting yourself
at risk in front of Raghu… …you are ready to
face the music. Okay. Congratulations! You’ll always remain foolish. I have arranged something… …to keep business as usual. Raghu won’t reach Tiwari… …and Tiwari won’t
tell him anything. Hey, whatever it is… …tell me clearly. Because I don’t trust you anymore. Tiwari is very fond of
blackmailing others. Now let him do that. That’s bad! I had never thought… …that Tiwari would
turn out to be a fraud. Aslam, there should’ve been a
rewind button in our life. I would’ve rewind it
and fixed everything. And everything would’ve
become like before. I don’t care about myself. Dhanak is going through
so much because of me, it’s… Hello! – How far the cafe work
reached so far? When should I come
for the inauguration? Hey! Don’t talk on the phone! I dare you talk face to face.
Face me! Even if you won’t… …I will drag you here. I’ll go to every police station… …and prove Dhanak’s innocence.
– Hey! Cool your jets! Don’t get too excited. You have yet to shout a lot. I’m sending you a video.
Watch it. You will forget all your threats. Hey! Hello? Tiwari? Hey, Tiwari!
– Raghu, what happened? What happened?
– Hold on! ‘The veneration will begin soon.’ ‘Let’s go outside and talk.’ Oh boy!
Cat got your tongue. It seems, you’ve watched the video. Now threaten me again.
Try exposing me. If I get into trouble… …so will your entire family. Till now only Dhanak
is deemed traitor… …but after watching
this video… …your entire family
will be tagged as traitor. You think about it. I’ll call you later. Raghu, what happened?
What did he say? I’m in knee-deep trouble. I don’t know what to do. Listen, Raghu. ‘You were with him
for around 4-5 days.’ ‘Didn’t you suspect him at all?’ ‘You should have been
alert, Raghu.’ ‘Had you been alert… …he could have
not trapped Dhanak.’ ‘Raghu, today I will present… …you that cheerful Dhanak… …who you were dying to see.’ My sweetheart was cheerful. It just took one bad decision… …of mine to make
her restless… …and wipe the smile… …off her face. Her life is ruined. It is ruined. ‘Raghu,
come to the gym right away.’ ‘I’m waiting for you.’ It was you who once said… …that I’m extremely
romantic, right? I have learned all… …the romance through films. Look Raghu. Today your sweetheart
has planned… …the romance in
just your style. ‘I will die of guilt.’ No, I will speak about
it to sweetheart today.’ ‘I will tell her… …that whatever happened
is due to my mistake.’ ‘I’m ready to face… …whichever punishment
she wishes to give me.’ Your heroine is ready, Raghu. I’m just waiting for my hero. I have committed a mistake. I have committed a huge mistake. I shouldn’t have married you. I’m merely a goon… …from the chawl. And you… …are a princess. I was never worthy of you. I have spoiled the
great life or yours. I have spoiled everything.
– Raghu! Did you consume alcohol? Hey, listen to me. I wish to say something to you. Raghu! Why are you doing all this? Is your life so cheap… …for you to spoil it
after petty problems? Is it for you destroy it? No, right? Raghu… …we are supposed
to handle ourselves. Forget all that. First you
listen to me. – No, Raghu. I don’t want to listen to anything.
I know it, Raghu. I can understand… …the reason why you… …are doing all this. Look at me.
Look at your sweetheart. Your Dhanak is ready again. She is ready with
hope and strength. Look at all this. Who did I do this for? It’s for you. It’s for us. You don’t need to do this… Shut your mouth!
Allow me to speak! Oh, what is… S-So S-Sorry, Dhanak. Sorry. I apologize from the
depth of my heart. I’m feeling afraid. I’m extremely afraid. What is it, Raghu? What do you mean? I’m extremely afraid. Will you leave me? Please don’t leave me. Else, I will die. Raghu! Raghu, be careful. Dhanak, you… You won’t ever leave me, right? You won’t leave me even if you
hear something about me, right? Promise me!
– I promise you. I will never leave you. No! You will leave me.
You will leave me! Raghu! I said, no matter what… …I will never leave you. I cannot live without you. Relax. Don’t say such a thing. If you say that then I
will beat you to a pulp. Calm down. Get up. I got Lord Ganesha’s
holy offering for you. ‘Modak’ (Sweet). You like it a lot, right? I will have ‘Modak’. But first hear me out.
– No. Have the holy offering. Then we will talk. Sweetheart, hear me out. Raghu. Let’s go home. You are drunk. I love you a lot, sweetheart. Me too. It’s 12. Where are they? Their phones are
also not reachable. Careful, Savitri. The night is yet to pass. I hope this doesn’t ruin my life.


  1. Wow they are so adorable so cute they both are awesome todays episode was so lovly yaar so happy to see them together yes rock the show guys all the very best😄😄😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😙😙😙❤❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💖👍👍👍👍💕💕💕💕👌👌👌✌✌✌✌

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