here’s a quick and frugal lunch idea
with items all bought from the Dollar Tree this is going to be way less than a
dollar I mean each of these items this the bag was a dollar that’s spinach this
is peas and carrots for a dollar and in the Top Ramen I believe comes with five
or six in there so you know they’re 25 cents each and I’m only going to use
some of the vegetables I got this nice little microwave ramen cooker up at
Dollar General that was really affordable but you can just cook them in
a bowl or cook them in a pot I’m gonna just add everything to it and show you
what it looks like at the end so this lunch is gonna be under $1 and
you can make more portions that I’m just making it for one today here it is ready
to go in the microwave for about five minutes just for flavoring or wet ahead
and added some garlic powder some red pepper flakes and some ginger and then
I’m just gonna be having that with some black coffee I’ll show you it when it’s
done all set to have my lunch now it’s done and out of the microwave I have to
let it sit for a few minutes so the noodles absorb the fluid here’s what
looks like it’s pre tasty I don’t know the exact math but I’m sure this is
under fifty cents of serving and I’m gonna have it with some black coffee my
husband’s not home today so one of the things I do when I eat lunch and he’s
not here is just watched some Dave Ramsey on YouTube oh this one posted
today I mean look at that title parents pay off kids mortgages I mean could you
imagine what a way to bless your kids when they are starting out in life to be
mortgage free Wow I’m 47 and I’m still not mortgage free I mean we’re working
on that baby step I talked about that my 20 19
resolution words were paying off business debt and working on paying down
the house but Wow who of us wouldn’t love to be those parents would you not
love to just bless your children I mean honestly wouldn’t that be cool to just
in your in your child’s adult life be able to say hey god bless you I have
paid off your mortgage Wow

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