Foot or Balls? Taste Test (GAME)

( music playing )Good to see you again. Now, we’ve tasted
all kinds of body parts
on this show– fish eyes, pig anus,
chicken fingers. So we should know what
different parts taste like, but since the big game
is coming up, we thought we’d put
our taste buds to the test for a little game of… We’ll be given a series
of meat lumps that are made from
either ground up animal feet or ground up animal balls. How does this kind of stuff
happen? ( shudders )
I don’t know. It just does–
’cause it’s football. Yeah, exactly.
So we’re going to taste them, and then on the count of three,
we guess whether it’s a foot – or a ball.
– Or a ball. – Well…
– Here it is. – It is a–
– And it’s shaped like a ball. But it could be anything
’cause it’s just ground up. Mine’s pretty oblong. – That’s an oblong ball.
– Your balls or those balls? Uh, I’m talking
about this ball. It’s oblong.
So am I. You’ve got perfect spheres
for balls? No, I don’t.
They’re actually like this. Exacts, what I was thinking. I’m like,
you got marbles down there? Dink it. You’re confusing me
in all kinds of ways, but really I’m just stalling. Huh. That looks like
chicken pot pie in there. And it tastes good, like potato balls. This is balls
but from a potato. That’s my guess. It literally–
that’s what it tastes like. You taste meat? – Oh, there’s part of…
– Yeah, you gotta get
the meat, man. Yeah, that was a chunk. Mm, very good. – Very good.
– Really? – Yeah.
– No. All right. Ooh, oh. Okay, I’m ready.
Stevie: You ready? – You have your paddle.
– Oh, yeah. – Three, two, one…
– I have my paddle. – I think it’s a foot.
– This is balls. And I think
it’s chicken balls. Stevie:
Okay, so it is balls. – Oh.
– Yes. – Stevie: But it’s lamb balls.
– Lamb balls. Here’s another ball which could
contain a foot or a testicle. That is– That is the game. I think I got too much chili. You can’t eat too much chili if
you wanna have room for balls. Ooh, ooh, that’s chewy. Oh! That’s “cartilagey.” Oh, man. There’s no eating this. It’s brown. Oh, gosh. – And it’s very–
– Look at that. Oh, that’s– I mean, that’s… – That’s gotta be a foot part,
– Yeah. I think that’s
gotta be a foot. – I’m gonna say it’s feet,
and I’m gonna say…
– Calf. Based on my experience,
I’m gonna say that’s
a chicken foot. Stevie:
You’re both correct,
it’s a foot. but it’s an alpaca foot. – Alpaca foot?
– Of course. I’m glad to know
they use every part. Guess what came
in the mail today. Deez nuts. Uh-huh, yeah. Thanks, David. – Yeah.
– Okay. I’m going to start doing
the ol’… Oh, you’re gonna break–
I didn’t wanna break it apart
’cause– – Ew.
– ‘Cause that. Nasty in there. I see what you got going there. It really is about
this part right here. You really gotta isolate
it down to the… Who woulda thought? It is tough to tell whether
something’s a foot or a ball. Good idea, guys. This one’s hard. I’m hard pressed to believe
that balls are this hard. Well… Ugh, ugh. I don’t know, man.
It’s got chambers in it. Like Wu-Tang album? A ball doesn’t have chambers,
though. – Ugh.
– The other part does. Ugh, I’m– Yeah,
I’m saying this is a foot. I’m gonna–
Well, you know what? I believe this is
a foot as well… Ostrich. …but I feel
like I have to go– I’m going to go balls just to have a chance
to even it up, just in case. Of what? Balls of what? I’m going to say it’s
a ball of an alligator. Stevie:
It’s a foot… – Yes.
– Stevie: …of a goat. – Ooh.
– Goat foot. Did I say “goat”? Stevie:
No. Stevie just pointed out that
I’ve gotten all three correct. That’s good for you. Going for queen sleep. ( laughs ) Clean sweep. Oh, man. Guess what came
in the mail today? Deez nuts.
You’ll get it
sooner or later. Okay? Everyone has a relative
like him. Oh, man– Oh, gosh,
look at what you’ve done. I’m just going straight
for it every time now. I mean, it hasn’t helped me. Oh, gosh,
I can smell the ball. This is so bally. – It’s so bally.
– ( gags ) – I gotta put–
– I like it. Can I be more clear? Ew. ( gags ) Ugh, I looked at it. I made eye contact
with the testicle. It’s like you can taste… Now, how many points do we get if we get the animal correct? Stevie:
One million. – One million.
– One million. Yeah, yeah, yeah,
there’s a lot at stake. Stevie:
You have to get foot or balls
and then the animal, and that gets you
the one million. You can, like, taste
reproductive power. And reproductive power
tastes horrible. You know what I’m saying? But it feels right. Feet are like, feet, feet
feet, feet, feet. You know what I’m saying? And balls are like balls. You know–
You know what I mean? You can taste that. I wish I didn’t. Those are balls and… those are cattle balls. I would say feet, but I know these are balls because I can taste
the reproductive power. Mm-hm. Stevie:
What kind of balls? I said– cow balls. Alligator. Stevie:
They are balls,
but they’re llama balls. Llama and alpaca? So, Link, you can get
another “queen sweep.” I know I can. I’m really–
I got my mind set on it. Guess what came
in the mail today? What? Deez nuts. You’ll get it one day, man. Okay. I don’t smell
any reproductive power. There it is right there, right on the edge of glory. Like Gaga. That’s a springy one. If that’s a ball, it’s a ball
that has lost all its power. But there’s no cartilagey
stuff on it. If that’s a ball,
it’s not a bad ball. It is a good ball. That right there’s
a good testicle. – You know what? Nope.
– I’m saying it’s a– I hit a little hard part
in there, and I tasted
the reproductive power. Balls. Well, for the clean sweep I’m saying it’s the balls of a koala. Very small. Very springy. Been there, done that. If we got koala balls,
we’d be under arrest right now. That’s a safe bet. Um, I’m gonna say it’s… What’s the other
small animal from Australia? Peacock, kangaroo. – Wallaby.
– Wallaby balls. Stevie:
They are balls
but they’re yak balls. – Yak balls!
– Yak balls! All right, guess what came
in the mail today. A queen sleep! – Two in one week, guys!
– Oh, gosh. – Two in one week!
– You’re spitting things out. This is your week. I hope you added
celebratory music ’cause no one in here
is celebrating. What’s up, guys? Congratulations, Link. It had to happen one week. Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. You know what time it is. – My name’s Johnny.
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