Flynn Regretted “Lock Her Up” Speech Almost Immediately (HBO)

Flynn Regretted “Lock Her Up” Speech Almost Immediately (HBO)

As part of his G20 meetings tomorrow, President Trump will sit down face-to-face
with Russian President Vladimir Putin. At Trump’s side will be his
National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster. But had things gone differently, it would have been Michael Flynn. Flynn was Trump’s first National Security Advisor. But soon after taking the job, he was fired for lying about
his contacts with Russian officials and admitted he worked on behalf
of the Turkish government. He’s now the lynchpin of
a massive federal investigation, and every single Trump-Russia conspiracy theory. It’s been a remarkable fall from grace for a man who, until recently, was a highly respected three-star general, a man who President Obama put in charge of one
of the nation’s biggest intelligence operations— the Defense Intelligence Agency, or DIA. VICE News spoke with more than a dozen people
who knew and worked with Flynn during that time to try to answer a question
many of them still ask themselves: How did the career of a celebrated
commander collapse so quickly? — There were two camps in DIA when I arrived: One were those who were firmly
aligned behind Mike Flynn, and those that weren’t. And I think those communities were very pronounced. — Is that that unusual to see, like, that kind of…? — It was highly unusual. You bet. And, ultimately, Mike Flynn bears responsibility for that. — Doug Wise spent 28 years in the CIA. He retired last year. — This is a 9mm submachine gun. Some of the Shia extremists
captured some of these weapons, and we, in turn, re-captured them. — In 2014, he was detailed to the Defense Intelligence Agency, or DIA, to help clean up a mess. Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, who had been running the agency for two years, had fallen out of favor with the Obama administration. Flynn was on the way out— his reputation marred, his military career effectively over. — This was the pinnacle of a
military intelligence officer’s career. I mean, this was an extraordinary opportunity, to be the director of the largest defense
intelligence enterprise in the Defense Department. — It was an opportunity Flynn had earned after nearly a decade as one of America’s
most accomplished intelligence officers — Last night in Iraq, United States military forces
killed the terrorist al-Zarqawi. — Maybe his greatest achievement: The 2006 raid on the compound
of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq. It had taken months of work to track down Zarqawi. At the time, Flynn was the head of intelligence for the
Joint Special Operations Command, or JSOC. — JSOC is the rule breaker of the military. They’re like the elite athletes of the service, and Mike Flynn excelled in that community. And he also excelled because he had
a very tight relationship with his boss. — That boss, Stanley McChrystal, gave Flynn the leeway to do what
it took in pursuit of his obsession: getting the right information into the right
people’s hands so they could kill the bad guy. Flynn’s JSOC teams ignored the rules
they thought were counterproductive. They shared intel with anyone they felt needed it. And it worked. — Mike Flynn helped build that machine. And that machine, in many ways, is what won the conflict for a few years in Iraq, because it just ripped the heart out of the insurgency. — People who knew Flynn then
describe a man of two reputations: the diligent soldier who toiled
quietly behind the scenes, studying intelligence reports
18 hours a day without break; and the brash, confident JSOC vet, who wasn’t afraid to let others know
when he was right and they were wrong. In 2010, while on active duty in Afghanistan, that second Flynn emerged when
he published a paper with a think-tank that bashed the intelligence community for failing
to provide useful information to warriors in the field. The paper made Flynn’s reputation
as a revolutionary thinker. But it also made him a lot of enemies, especially in the CIA. — I thought the criticism was very unfair, and I think Mike Flynn had the seniority
and the experience to know that. — I mean, he was right. — Absolutely. Doctrinally, he was correct. But it was a little bit frustrating when Mike Flynn, in the face of our investment, in the face of our commitment, that he would be so critical. — It was a pattern that would recur
over the rest of Flynn’s career: good idea, bad execution. Flynn and McChrystal had hoped to
remake the war effort in Afghanistan, but McChrystal soon lost his job, following a scandalous article in “Rolling Stone.” Flynn was sent to Washington. It was a frustrating time for him. He was disillusioned with the D.C. bureaucracy— and they were wary of him. When Obama gave him the chance to run DIA, he had big changes he wanted to make. — Mr. Secretary, I just want to say thanks to you
for this terrific opportunity. — And like at JSOC, he was ready to run over anything, or anyone, who got in his way. Jim Sisco served in Afghanistan with Flynn, and later helped him prepare for the transition to DIA: — DIA, some of the other three that are agencies, are political machines that are
self-licking ice cream cones for politicians, for the National Security Council, and he wanted to push it out. He wanted to make it relevant. He wanted to make it support the warfighter. — Flynn had an aggressive plan
to reorganize the agency, to push analysts out of their bunkers in Washington, and closer to the action. Joshua Manning was an intelligence analyst
at DIA when Flynn started: — There were a lot of people who were excited, like me, that he was coming in and was going
to shake things up a little bit. He was known as someone that was going
to try and put people out in the field and try and really get people out of their chairs. — But Flynn’s JSOC style of leadership
didn’t go over so well in Washington. — Pretty quickly after he started, we get these indicators that things weren’t
going to work out quite like we thought. So it was things like, you, know let’s have
civilians do PT with the military folks, let’s have a dress code— whether it was his idea or not, it was implemented when he got there. It definitely affected morale. When people came to work they weren’t happy, they were stressed out. It became a difficult place to work. — In the fall of 2012, Flynn was at a crossroads. It was clear his revolution at DIA wasn’t taking hold— and he was losing patience. — Mike Flynn is now catapulted into Washington. He’s got to deal with Congress. He’s got to deal with a lot of stakeholders. And it’s a fundamentally different ballgame than he’s played for the first three decades of his career. — That October, Flynn spoke at a major intelligence
conference in Orlando. He had a message for people in the bureaucracy he felt were standing in his way: — Many who resist change say they can wait you out. How are you gonna accelerate their execution? — Move them or fire them. — One focus of his ire: David Shedd, a career CIA official and his number two. — There was cases where, you know,
Mike Flynn would put out something. And David Shedd, who’s supposed to be his deputy, backing the guy up, you know, the minute he left the room, would be like, “We’re not going to do that.” — Shedd declined to comment. But even Sisco, who still admires Flynn, says that he suspected early on that Flynn
might turn out to be his own worst enemy. — It really was a gut feeling
that this isn’t going to go well. — Do you think he didn’t have that gut feeling? — I know that he knew the challenges ahead of him. But when you’re driven by a belief,
you believe that you can do anything— and especially when you have
three stars on your shoulder. That’s huge. — In the spring of 2014, Flynn was fired. People sometimes ask: How did Mike Flynn change so much? How did he go from the disciplined warrior,
who helped build the modern day special forces, to a man who mingled recklessly with the Russians,
and omitted key information from his security forms, a man who signed on to Donald Trump’s
moonshot presidential campaign, tweeted out Islamophobic sentiments and fake news, and did this at the Republican National Convention: — Lock her up! That’s right. If I did a tenth, a tenth of what she did, I would be in jail today. Crooked Hillary Clinton, leave this race now! — The answer is that Flynn didn’t change, while the world around him did. Flynn was always someone with
his own way of doing things, his own single-minded belief about
the right way to manage national security. In the field, those were strengths. In Washington, they were weaknesses. He didn’t adjust, and the experience left him frustrated, and bitter. As he later wrote: Some of his allies told VICE he vowed to get revenge— they used terms like “comeback strategy,” and “eye for an eye.” With Trump, he would get that chance. — He had lived his life inside the cloistered
world of the intelligence community and the military part of that. And so, he had access to this information
and a particular worldview and a particular proximity to
the enemy for so long. But I think he felt almost obligated
to share that and tell Americans, “Don’t you know what’s really going on in the world?” — Flynn declined to speak to VICE News for this story, but he’s told friends that he regrets
the speech at the RNC— that he was new to politics, got caught up in his passions, in the moment. — I have a picture of Mike Flynn in my head, and that picture is not what’s
being portrayed in the media. — What about the emotions in that speech? Did that surprise you? “Lock her up”? — I never saw that side of him. But you know, politics is politics. It does things to people that you wouldn’t expect it to. — Not everyone is so willing to let Flynn off the hook, especially for his private business
dealings with foreigners. — If you look at his background, you look at the assignments he had, you look at the seniority, and then you try to reconcile all that
with his post-military behavior, it’s a real enigma and confusing. And in many respects, I have to tell you, it’s… it’s very disappointing. Because I just wouldn’t have expected
that kind of behavior out of Mike Flynn. — It’s not just he should have known,
but in fact, he would have known. — He would have known. It would have been very clear to him. — What do you think Flynn’s legacy is? — Unfortunately, you know, he’s going to be viewed as the shortest
tenured National Security Advisor, the guy who got fired. There’s no re-branding Mike Flynn, which is a shame.


  1. These Trump friends are certified liars, criminals or just plain ruthless – yet you animals describe them as your "heroes." That says alot, stay out the way.

  2. The only thing that's "a shame" is that this dude won't be in prison the rest of his life. Go f yourself "Flynny". Lock him up!

  3. At least in prison Mr Trump will get a healthier diet instead of his current massive intake of Mc Donald’s. Phew! No wonder he has to get up so early as he bolts to the toilet. Still, he can Twitter to you from the throne. Appropriate really when you get think about what he types.

  4. I believe a guy like mike should be forgiving by us he have so much to offer reunited him with his base I swear he'll be a weapon against Russia

  5. Flynn was doing illegal shit his whole career. Officers have a good ol boys club, and some are also parts of larger groups such as Masons, or West Point. The paper trail can be faked but more likely doesn't exist. Special treatment for rich Americans. Guy sold secrets, TO EVERYONE!

  6. Why was he sacked by Obama? Because he got radicalized. Couldn't cope with it all. Then spewed forth his pent up angst against Hillary. What goes aroun comes around.

  7. Everything and anybody who gets close or touch by Trump usually gets ruined….
    That orange things is dangerous…..


  9. 45 is like a cancer. It takes good healthy cells into misshapen, ugly, evil, destructive, stinking, painful, regretful wretches.

  10. Flynn is certainly intellectually smart and experienced. He knows the intelligence and most certainly knows the details of Don and his regime secret deals and agendas. Let's hope he cleans up his integrity and fully cooperates with the absolutely the truth. Not keeps on with his anger and ego as his fuel.

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  13. I keep asking why is Hillary Clinton wearing an angle monitor. ……like is she under some kind of criminal indictment. ….what's going on????

  14. Whatever! Guy is on camera making the speech; guy is on camera leading the chant afterwards. He is as inflamed as the most ravenous among them, fists bumbing the air in rythm. He just be grateful Mueller offered him this deal, whatever it consists of – and disappear. No body wants to hear him crying his phony tears right now.

  15. So its ok for Hillary to get away with lying to the fbi but when this man does it its ok if he gets fired? He lied and she lied but he gets consequences and she gets a free pass. Ok… ur at least ur consistent with ur double standards. Lock them both up if u want to be equal. Its too bad u mfs dont see this.

  16. I have to say that how Flynn went from being an experienced intelligence operator to someone that failed to register as a foreign agent while working for Turkey as well as failing to report interactions he had with Russian officials, is utterly baffling. Given his time in the military with what his specific duties were, there is no explanation he or anyone in the Trump administration has provided that makes any kind of sense. I'd like to think, as ignorant as I am concerning international law, I would know better than to attempt to negotiate anything on behalf of the United States without explicit direction from the President to do so. I'd like to think that Flynn is smart enough to know better as well. If Trump directed him to do any of the things he's accused of, I hope he tells Mueller. Not just to bring down Trump but to salvage what little reputation he has. Regardless of how I feel about his political views, he served this country for 30 years well enough to become a 3 star general and that has to count for something.

  17. Flynn made the cause and pulled his son into the mess he was making. Now he has to reap the effects for what he has done. Power corrupts. He became a traitor to his country. Pathetic.

  18. Flynn might have been working for the Russians even while he was still in the Army. That is the situation that no one is discussing.

  19. Everyone makes a gaff now and then, it's part of being human. But Mike Flynn should never have gotten involved with Donald Trump,. Now his reputation is shot. Had I been in his shoes , I would researched Donald Trump and stayed well away from Mr. Trump.

  20. Maybe he could do a chelsea manning sexchange into hilary cos they're going to LOCK HIM UP NOW MUTHAFUCCKAAAAAAAAA hahahahaha eat my ass Flynny boy….

  21. I think that we should afford General Flynn the right to due process and the presumption of innocence whether he would afford the same to his mainstream political opponents or not.

  22. The guy is a liar and a traitor. No sympathy for this idiot whatsoever. Spouting off about "what's at stake" for America all the while acting as an agent for Turkey and Russia.


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  28. Flynn failed to find a way to make millions in the USA, so he sold out and turned to foreign governments. It's sad, partly because Flynn served honorably in the military for many years. Hopefully he will continue to provide assistance to investigators so he can remain out of prison. A man like Flynn certainly can appreciate the clarity of his actions, from his charges.

  29. I hope this asshole people rotten in jail ,but, that won't happen but if this guy was black ,Latino or something else he will be in jail for ever but the President will pardon him and like no thing happen. So congratulations Donald Trump people.

  30. Flynn will be redeemed. He knows the sauce and took a rubber bullet for Trump. He was fired/ostracized by Obama's administration because he knows the sauce. Just wait and see. Thank me later

  31. The FBI cannot provide a “clean” history of revisions for McCabe/Strzok 302 interviews with General Flynn. That’s why Judge Emmett Sullivan, who is tough on unethical prosecutors, ordered the Special Counsel to disclose exculpatory evidence, which would include ALL the revisions. BUT the IG knows McCabe changed Peter Strzok's 302 / notes with General Flynn. Yet issuing a report saying that the 302 is unclean in effect would call into question thousands of FBI investigations based on 302s . It’s full on freak-out mode, as no one know how to spin this. FLYNN was framed and blackmailed into silence

  32. Flynn has EVIDENCE of wrongdoing at the highest levels. His TESTIMONY & written REPORT WILL EMERGE eventually Please God, make sure it is NOT CLASSIFIED and kept secret
    HE IS A TRUE PATRIOT and a WHISTLEBLOWER and deserves a MEDAL for going through the HELL that the FBI have forced upon him. HE WILL BE VINDICATED

  33. Everyone who sucks up to trump gets screwed. If you are blind to that fact and in it for money etc…then you get what you deserve. For an "intelligence" officer he sure wasn't smart. We can do better. Semper Fi

  34. If "Flynn Regretted "Lock Her Up" Speech" then WHY DID HE DO IT? He's a grown man. And a liar. Who knew? Everyone who is in the tRUMPS orbit gets infected by this toxic virus-laden "man" (if you can call him that).

  35. A Timeline of the Trump-Russia Scandal – Rolling Stone…/a-timeline-of-the-trump-russia-scandal-122539/
    Nov 6, 2017 – Flynn begins serving as an informal adviser to Trump. … two men who will become household names in the Russia scandal: “Carter Page, PhD …

  36. I hope Flynn's words come back to bite him in the you-know-what. "Revenge?" "An Eye for an Eye?" He's a brown-nosing traitor, and I hope he gets his soon. LOCK HIM UP!

  37. This is interesting but not quite accurate. "We have an army of digital soldiers " . Check it out. Perhaps he has gotten his wish to bring his message directly to the people. "There is no rebranding Mike Flynn"? Lol stay tuned.

    Have you considered the possibility that he, will be one of the biggest unsung heroes cleaning up corruption? Taking a bullet for the American people? So I guess the "paper" criticized the cia and that was the problem? Nothing is ever what it seems. #WWG1WGA

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