Flat Belly Diet Drink/पेट की चरबी ग़ायब सिर्फ़ 7 दिन में/no diet no exercise

Flat Belly Diet Drink/पेट की चरबी ग़ायब सिर्फ़ 7 दिन में/no diet no exercise

hello! myself Ritu Tiwari and today we will learn our way to get flat belly in just 7 days so,let’s checkout the ingredients first lemon 4-5 big slices ginger 2 tbsp grated or pounded cucumber 1 medium sized mint leaves 10-15 strands one ltr of room temperature water we will infuse everything in water for at least 4-6 hours so let’s put all our ingredients in water mint don’t waste:)) cucumber ginger lemon so we will cover it for at least 4-6 hrs the water is room temperature this is not hot or cold and all these ingredients we are taking should be fresh don’t use concentrates no shortcuts your drink is ready after 6 hrs and the same ingredients will last for 2 days and the recommendation is to consume full drink in one day if you drink before sleeping gives good results and a glass first thing in morning empty stomach is better once the water is finished, refill the jar in the night and the drink is ready to consume for the next day the ingredients we used to make this drink are natural, no side effects. for more see description it is beneficial in many ways. tastes great you will definitely loose 4-6 pounds you can continue for four weeks if you have more targets you can continue after a week’s break a must try recipe. don’t forget to mention your weight loss achievement in comment section below it keeps you hydrated which keeps your skin glowing and fresh good luck! and keep well don’t forget to like and subscribe


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