1. Wow, even Rhett and Link both were 100% right. Surprising? Maybe, or vegan cheese is not very good or it is distinctly not cheesy. Interesting anyway.

  2. Not me please evil Rhett, not me, don't put a bounty on my head, using dark web to hire a hitman
    Rhett be like Okay as you wish And meets and hires the hitman in person instead of using the dark web 😂

  3. Has anyone else noticed that pretty much every time they spin the wheel that it lands on gifticality and that this episode Rhett actually stopped it on gifticality???

  4. I'm guessing there's a lot of new people.. So many comments saying "are we just going to ignore how Rhett moved the wheel himself?". We aren't, he does this every year, pretty sure multiple times per year, especially around the end of the year, he'll just do it for a few weeks/months straight. Glad to see there's new fans coming in though.

  5. As a Vegan, I am personally offended…

    ..by nothing at all. This was a great GMMore 😊

    There are some delicious non-dairy cheeses that make amazing grilled cheese sandwiches.
    'Follow Your Heart' do great products but I hope they are listening to R+L on this vid!

  6. Always enjoyed you guys in my recommendeds, never really took the leap of subscribing. Hit the button seconds after you casually announced such a large donation. You guys are awesome clearly!

  7. American Cheese seems to consistently top the best cheeses to make into grilled cheese sandwiches. Must be it's calling in life.

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