1. Oh poor sweet Lily. Hope she’s not afraid of birds from here out. They are pretty aggressive at the beaches. We usually picnic in the car, put the a/c on and the radio and have a small refreshing break.

  2. We were swarmed by them too at St Pete’s beach. One of them almost took one of my kids sandwich. After that we told the kids to “hide” under the umbrellas.

  3. Why does Lily look so grown up in this thumbnail 😢
    Whoops I was looking at a thumbnail to another recent video and accidentally posted it here.

  4. Poor lily! That’s so scary. Thankfully she didn’t get hurt!! Thanks as always for sharing, I enjoy watching all your videos with my 4 year old, Emma. She loves seeing all the fun things you come up with. In fact, if she hears your voice she will come running into the tv room and plop down to watch. “Lunchy videos” are a hit at our house.

  5. Poor Lily, that must’ve been so scary. I’m so glad she was ok. x

    Wow, Disney etc looks great fun at Christmas. Maybe I’ll get to go there one Christmas time, even if it’s the Paris one.

  6. I literally go to Clearwater beach every other day and I am so upset I either missed you guys or just wasn't there the day you went. ):

  7. Oh no poor Lilly! Glad to see her playing in the sand with the other kids. By the way I think she looks just like your mom. Your kids are adorable!

  8. Please explain to me . Why here in Ohio those drinks are labeled "bad" here… Anybody else ever of these drinks? I really wanna know what those drinks are like. Because I'm afarid to get them haha 😅 maybe it's a miscommunication but just need y'all's help.

  9. Wow, they have quite. A few places here in So California that have boiled peanuts. Guess it depends on where you live. In our area, there are several laces that sell them. Glad Lily is ok. That had to have been scary 🙁

  10. It’s weird that the gulls were so aggressive, generally speaking (although I’m only speaking from a U.K. perspective mind) they shouldn’t have been that bad unless its breeding season which according to google is around end of June- mid July sort of time for where you are. I’d also suggest that the next time you decide to picnic al fresco you either treat it like a school/ work day and make everyone’s lunchboxes or if you do decide to buy ready made components at the supermarket then buy it the day before and put it in everybody’s lunchboxes or buy a picnic basket (I appreciate if you have guests you may not have enough lunchboxes for all), the lunchboxes or picnic basket if kept closed when there’s food not currently laid on the blanket inside will hide all the food that’s not being eaten from the birds and therefore they won’t swarm. Hope Lily’s ok, great video. Much love from the U.K.

  11. Ooooooo we had the exact same thing happening when we went for a picknick in Daytona Beach. Stupid birds 😜. It is ok to cry Lily, I screamed my lungs out and everybody laughed at me 🤣🤣🤣 those birds are scary!

  12. The birds (and squirrels) are used to people feeding them so they just take stuff now.

    Next time keep your food packed away and only take out one thing at a time. And try not to have food on the ground near you.

    We pack food all the time for the beach and haven't haf anything stolen.

  13. Poor Lilly😔. I hope she's doing okay! I've never been to Disney, but some day I hope to take my little family there! Love your videos!

  14. Poor lily! Last summer when I was in Germany at the northsee the see birds came and stole my 4 balls ice-cream right out of my hand. 1 from behind shocked me by picking in and then 10 of them attacked me. I was so scared too… Luckily they were not biting in my hand 😲🤪🙈

  15. Make sure you stop back to living with the land after dark starting Nov 29th!! Did you hear they are doing a gorgeous Christmas overlay this year!? I’m sure the kids would be a bit more interested then!

  16. I'm excited to try the pear and pomegranate fruit cup! My grocery store didn't have that kind. Side note, we went to Clearwater Beach in August as a family and my girls loved it! It was my second time going, I went in high school some years ago lol.

  17. Hope it's to scared of the gulls. They are massive and your right they can be nasty. But doesn't help when people willingly feed them so they used to people food

  18. don’t not take food to the beach with you It’s normal for seagulls to take and want people food. I think Lilly & you were over reacting a bit

  19. All these lunches look so great and it seems like you all had a fun week! I always love your creativity! It would be awesome if I could get a shout out! 😊

  20. Do you smoke with our amazing can you please give me a shout out BTW I also try to make when she's with you but I can't really get them perfect

  21. Poor Lily. I'm an adult and those seagulls scare me too. lol They really are aggressive. I've had them pretty much chase/swarm me as well and I dropped my bag of chips and ran. They immediately swooped in and took the chips away. Maybe if I wouldn't have been so scared I could have scared them away without dropping my food, but they really are aggressive and kind of scary. Seagulls are the bullies of the beach. lol

  22. I don't have Instagram so how about was tonight share with you on my lunch my lunch idea can I pick good lunch ideas cuz I'm not very I'm not very picky

  23. I feel bad for lily but the birds don’t know any better all they think of is food. Seagulls are so greedy hopefully lily isn’t too scared of them

  24. Hi Fudge Fam! I was just saying how we call mandarin oranges, just mandarins! Love you guys keep up bunches of lunches as they help me with ideas for my lunch at school From Ruby ❤️❤️

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