Exposing Dangerous how-to videos 5-Minute Crafts & So Yummy | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Exposing Dangerous how-to videos 5-Minute Crafts & So Yummy | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon and today due to popular demand we’re going to be debunking a few more
fake baking videos. If you’re new to this series then it is a bit like the fake
news of the baking world … making up recipes that don’t work or can’t work
just to make a viral video 💰 We’re also going to be looking at
something today which is perhaps a lot more important which is what if kids
follow these hacks or baking recipes and something goes wrong and they get hurt,
who’s responsible for that? One of my subscribers sent me a shocking story
about a teenager, she’s 14 years old with her 12 year old friend who were
following a baking hack. They were real fans of Ms Yeah’s Channel, they tried
to replicate one of her videos where she makes popcorn and it all went horribly
wrong. The fourteen-year-old received burns to 96% of her body and died two
weeks later in hospital which is just awful and the 12 year old girl is still
requiring treatment for her burns. Well Ms Yeah responded in a public statement
on her Weibo page saying that these are the darkest days of her life. She has
been publicly labeled a murderer and she has seriously asked herself ‘am I a
murderer did I cause her death’? She goes on to say that if they followed her
video and did it exactly as she did there would have been no danger and she
points out there are lots of other videos online that show a similar method.
So let’s just stop there and look at what actually happened in this situation.
Ms Yeah in her video uses a soda can and a tea stand with an alcohol lamp
underneath it to make popcorn. I’m sure you’ve seen similar videos to this
before. The police photo shows that the girls didn’t use an alcohol lamp they in
fact used two cans and there are hundreds of videos showing how to use
two cans to make popcorn. The main difference is those ones all use a candle
underneath. In this situation the girls decided to use alcohol for the heat
source and you can see in a lot of Ms Yeah’s other videos she uses alcohol
for the heat source as well so they could have got the idea from there or
they could have got the idea from somewhere else there are other videos
showing making your own alcohol burner for popping popcorn or for any other use.
So it’s impossible to say with certainty where these girls got the idea of using
the alcohol burner in the can it could have been from ms yeah’s video it could
have been from one of hundreds of other videos online. The danger came in where
the flame wasn’t big enough so they added more alcohol to the already lit
burner and the alcohol that you’re pouring in the flame can just follow
that back up to the bottle which is what happened and then caused the bottle of
alcohol to explode which then puts flaming alcohol and soaks everything in
sight. Now i remember when i did the bombe alaska video I gave that exact warning …
don’t pour alcohol from the bottle or the flame can follow it up and cause the
bottle to explode. The reason I warned of that is this has happened before … it’s
happened when chefs have poured stuff at the table and then the bottles have
exploded causing burns to all the people at the table. So it is dangerous and just
heed that warning. Ms Yeah went on to say in her statement that her videos are
just meant to be entertainment for adults they are not meant to be
instructional videos for children and although she believes that the accident
was not based on the imitation of her video this tragic accident does make her
deeply reflect on her own goals. She says the Internet is not an adult
internet a large number of children consume it as an important information
source and she says I did not provide a good example I’m sorry I let everyone
down. She plans to add more safety warnings in the future and will pay for
the family’s medical bells as neither of the girls families can afford
those medical bills but obviously that’s not going to bring the
fourteen-year-old child back or repair what’s happened to the twelve-year-old. I
do think that in this particular case that she is being unfairly burdened with
blame and responsibility on this. If the girls did follow exactly what she did in
her video there wouldn’t have been this tragic accident, however I think she’s
made some good points there of kids are watching this content even if it’s been
made for adult entertainment and not with kids in mind, kids are still
watching and they’re absorbing like sponges and taking this into their brain
as this is the way things work and things work this way … I can replicate
that and do that at home. So that brings me to the question: what if they did
it exactly like it’s in the video and got harmed whose responsibility would
that be? So in the example like of the bleached strawberries that we showed in
the previous video is that the responsibility of the content creator
who put that up if a kid eats a blecch strawberry and gets sick or is it the
responsibility of YouTube? I know several of my subscribers have raised this
particular video as an issue and the response every time has been: “It doesn’t
violate any of our policies if you don’t like it don’t watch it” is basically
the response they were given. I also have asked about that particular video with
my contacts at YouTube and got the same response … it doesn’t violate any of our
policies at all it can stay monetized and it can stay on the platform … which I
was quite surprised about because I think that it could cause harm. So is the
platform at fault if someone gets hurt? I’ve got another couple of examples for
you today you guys have been just sending this one video to me again and
again wanting to know 1.) is it possible? and 2.) is it dangerous? That’s the two
questions I keep getting on this one video. So let’s dive in and check
and see how it goes. First is it even possible? So if I put a werther’s caramel
on a fry pan on high heat after about 20 seconds it starts to melt and then it
starts to burn and give off a putrid smoke 🤢That’s gonna take a while to clean
the pan. Attempt number two at medium heat after waiting one minute it looks like
this and at two minutes it’s still not completely melted but again it’s
starting to burn and we’ve got to clean the pan again. Attempt number three I’ve
got this over very low heat and after a long wait ten minutes to be exact to
melt one candy it was looking like it might start to burn so I quickly plunged
the pan into cold water to cool it and once it was cold I couldn’t get it off
the pan. Now to be fair I wasn’t using a nonstick pan and it looks like they were
so that might solve that problem but even so that is not the way to make
candy tuiles, it is a very ineffective time-wasting way and you’re likely to
burn the candy. If you want to make candy tuiles just super quickly put them into a
food processor and blitz them up or if you don’t have a food processor put them
into a bag and bash it with a rolling pin – until you’ve got a powder. Then just put
a small spoonful of that onto some baking paper and bake it in the oven
just keep an eye on it we’re gonna take a couple of minutes for that to melt
because you’ve got quite a fine layer there. Pull it out leave them to cool
completely and then you can just peel them off the non-stick baking paper and
you’ve got these cute little candy tuiles you can make them finer or thicker
depending how much of that powder you put on to your baking paper. Next thing
they do in the video is they pour melted Werther’s over a single beater that is
spinning! The question I keep getting from everyone is is that safe or is that
going to burn you and splatter caramel on you. I think that’s a very good
question yes I think it’s gonna splatter caramel whether it’s gonna burn or not I
actually wasn’t sure because that’s like will the caramel have cooled down enough
by the time it’s been dripped down and flicked out to not burn you or is it
still gonna be hot? So we’re gonna have to do some experiments to figure out
whether this one’s actually dangerous or just messy. To test it out I’ve put my beaters
inside a box and then I’ve cut a hole in the top so that I can put the melted
caramel in the top just like they did and then all along the front here I have
plastic food wrap so that we can see if the caramel burns through it or not.
Plastic food wrap is surprisingly heat resistant … if I take some over a bowl and
pour on boiling water which as you know would burn your skin the plastic food
wrap doesn’t melt, it’s made to be heat-resistant. Good quality plastic wrap
has a melting point of between 120 and 140 C or 250 to 290 F. So well into the
zone where you’re going to burn your skin before you start to melt the
plastic wrap. Now in comparison crack hard candy is 148 C or 300 degrees F so
much hotter than the plastic wrap but as I said my question is is it going to be
cooled down by the time it’s flung through the air so is it really gonna
still be that hot? Obviously it’s that hot in the pan but what about once it’s
flung off the beaches? I’m filming this in slow motion so you can see what’s
happening with the caramel WOW! that’s a big splatter of hot caramel that would
have gone all over you if the plastic wasn’t there. I don’t know if you can see
from this angle but it’s made a hole in the plastic wrap the whole way down and
this caramel fused and melted into that plastic so I guess that answers the
question of yes that caramel is still hot 🔥 Let me film that a second time for
you, again this is in 180 frames a second so it’s much slower
than in real life and that went right through. Imagine that hot caramel stuck
to your skin we’re talking some serious burns here! Anyone who’s been burnt by
hot caramel will know why I say it’s lava hot it’s hotter than hot water
every time we’re using it. So I want to know there’s a poll on this video let me know … I
want to know your thoughts is YouTube the platform or Facebook the platform
responsible for allowing these videos to be on their platform if someone gets
hurt doing this? Or is it the content creators fault or is it purely in the
viewers or the parents if they’re children responsibility to actually do
their own research before they follow these recipes. Most people I know since
I’ve been making these say ‘why would anyone make fake baking videos?’ just this
whole confusion this whole concept that anyone would do that but it’s all about
getting views it’s all about virality it’s all about getting paid it’s all
about money 🤑 and that’s why people are doing it they’re making fake stuff
because that’s more shareable it’s more interesting than real stuff because
we’ve all seen how to make apple pie 100 different ways and there’s not
much more new to do with that so they’ve turned to faking it to get more clicks
and more views. It’s an interesting world that we live in. If you do get burnt by
hot caramel 5-minute crafts comes into play with this video telling us
what to do… apparently you just put some toothpaste
on it and that will soothe the hot burn! Colgate has actually put a whole page on
their website dedicated to why you should not put toothpaste on burns!
They say the ingredients in toothpaste are not soothing, it contains abrasives
and detergents which work well for cleaning your teeth but not for easing
the pain of a burn. The American Academy of Dermatology which is skin doctors
basically also advises not to put toothpaste on burns because it can lead
to infections. In case you don’t actually know what you should do if you have a
burn or a friend has a burn if it’s a minor burn run it under cool running
water it doesn’t need to be ice or see cold water that can do more damage
to the skin just cool water running from the tap just over it and keep it there
for quite a few minutes up to 20 minutes is recommended. Now obviously if you have
a larger area or a deeper burn run the cooler water and then immediately call
an ambulance and follow their instructions they’ll tell you what to do
over the phone. So that’s been quite a serious video, apologies for that today
but it is a serious topic and I think that it would be interesting to know
what you think about responsibility and blame where that should land. I’m
fascinated to wait and see the results of that poll and see what you think. To
watch more of my debunking videos click here. To watch some recipes that actually
work click here. Subscribe to How To Cook That for more cakes chocolates and
desserts, if you want more debunking videos let me know and tweet me the
videos you want me to review. With thanks to my patrons who sponsor me every week
and make video is still possible on this channel 💝. Make it a great week and I’ll
see you on Friday.


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  2. Absolutely both the content creator and the platform should be held accountable for injuries, UNLESS the video itself carefully explains that it is NOT a real thing and that nobody should be doing it – which, of course, they will never do. It's flabbergasting that this kind of thing is not the cause of these platforms being sued out of existence. Why is there not some legal entity dedicated to policing the internet???

  3. The responsibility is the parents and their kids, when did we become so stupid as a society that everything we see is ok to do, back in the day kids learned not to do dumb shit early

  4. One time, i saw in one of theese videos that the lifehack was "Need hot water for your tea? Fear no more! Just attatch a metal fork to an electric cable and put the fork in water to heat it! "

    Wich made me so mad…

  5. I feel like it's at an odd 3 way fault and would be extremely situational.
    The video maker would be at fault if there's no proper warning and instruction.
    It would be the sites fault if they do not remove or require an edit to the harmful video.
    It would be the viewers if they don't take the idea and do more research on how to handle the material better, even just watching more videos.

    For the situation of Ms.Yeah it's Herself, as she mentioned with not putting warnings, but also the viewer, for not taking the time to research.

    For 5 minute crafts its the creator for making fake tips with no warning and the sites for not requesting an edit or just removing the video.

  6. Every one is. youtube for not monitoring the youtuber for not putting something safe up. and everyone that watches and thumbs up.

  7. 3:49 she's only saying these things to save her ass. If nobody had sufferer, she would keep on making "tutorials" totally not tutorials wink wink nudge nudge

  8. I think the responsiblity lies with the video maker and the parents. Children below a certain age should be on the internet without an older caregiver present. at the same time, the video maker should put disclaimers that explain the dangers of working with the stuff in said videos.

  9. I do understand that not having the “Don’t try this at home” sign can be a responsibility from the content creator, but does anyone asked him/her self where were this girl’s parents???? I know that can be an old phrase, but parents have the ultimate obligation of knowing which content their kids consume. I blame this entirely on the lack of adult supervision

  10. fursuit maker here! As i was working on a commission i dropped one of the pieces on my leg. not bad right? wrong, it had super hot hot glue on it.. and it dropped.. hot glue first. I still have the little scar but! it does not compare to when I was cooking something with caramel idk what it was though… anyway as i was waiting for it to melt i looked over to see if it was melted, guess what? A big glob of hot caramel flung onto my arm. Had to go to the hospital.. never even got to eat it 🙁 but yeah Caramel was hotter then hot glue. Like you say, "Lava Hot" lol

  11. how does someone get those ideas? lets show them how to make spun sugar… but with a mixer? why not show how really make it?

  12. I feel YouTube as well as the creators of the video are responsible for the content that could in fact harm kids. Kids don't always make the best decisions nor do they tend to question videos that are directed towards them so I feel its an adult's responsibility to take precautions to prevent harm towards kids. At the very least they could put warnings directly and clearly on the videos such as "for entertainment purposes only, try at your own risk" or "do not attempt without adult supervision."

  13. Youtuber: Look at my dog doing a hitler salute
    Youtube: Obliterates
    Youtuber: accidentally includes 10 seconds of copyrighted music in a video
    Youtube: Obliterates
    Youtuber: I have opinions on subjects that differ from the pro-corporate mainstream american view
    Youtube: Obliterates
    Youtuber: Dip your food in bleach before you eat it, it looks really cool
    Youtube: Seems fine
    Also youtube: We'Re JuSt ReMoViNg HaRmFuL vIdEoS tO pRoTeCt ThE cHiLdReN.

  14. Something I want to point out on the toothpaste: Initially, what comes out of the tube looks a bit like toothpaste, but then they cute and the blob coming out no longer looks like toothpaste to me, it has a much more ointmenty consistency. Personally if you get a burn and you want to put something on it, might I recommend burn cream (after running under water). I've always had good results running my hand under cold water for an extended period though. Obviously if it looks like a burn that needs medical attention, go get medical attention.

  15. Ms.Ye should not be blamed for ones mistakes. It wasn't her fault that a 14 year old, old enough to think about this, chose to do this, and didn't know how despite her providing instructions on how to.

  16. I think YouTube and the content creators could be held liable if they had foreknowledge that a videos instructions are dangerous. The courts aren’t going to care that it wasn’t against their policies.

  17. 10:49 This is literally something that we used to say to prank each other back in school: Got an itch? Rub some toothpaste on it! Got a burn? Rub some toothpaste on it! Got a scar? Rub some toothpaste on it! etc.

  18. I was a Girl Scout for 15 years, so i had cpr and First aid training regularly frol age 11 to 23(im now 31), it blows my mind in 2019 we are STILL debunking and teaching people how to deal with small burns. (I hope calling emergency services for sever burns is comon knowledge 🤞)

  19. Youtube is for all of us, Americans might be watching this video and think calling an ambulance is a good idea and wont' cost them thousands of dollars… haha… 🙁

  20. The creator, viewer and platform are all responsible, but the viewers and imitators are often just children. Youtube/the platform only become responsible after being made aware (Youtube is aware and doesn't care). The creators are pretty scummy releasing fake DIYs and almost evil once it gets dangerous.

  21. Honestly it’s the fault of both the platform allowing the harmful content to be posted and the people making the harmful content.

  22. I think if it has been reported and the platform did nothing then its the platforms fault if it hasn't been reported it's the creators fault

  23. Tip: if you get burned just put aloe vera lidocaine on it. I promise its even cooler and more soothing than toothpaste and it smells soooo good

  24. It's one thing to truthfully say, "If you follow these steps exactly, __ will happen."
    It's another thing to straight up lie. I think liers should be held responsible when people trust them and get hurt.

  25. I think it is wrong to make money off of something that could hurt someone. Also YouTube or Facebook should not allow it.

  26. In answer to your question, I don't think Youtube can be held responsible. I think Youtube can do more to offer security though.

    Parents have the onus to make sure their children are safe. The dangers of the internet are huge for young minds. We have professional chefs on terrestrial TV during the day showing us how to flambe foods, which is far more dangerous.

    Letting your teenage child use an unrestricted internet unsupervised will expose your child to many dangers. I am a foster parent and we have tight security on the internet. All children are permitted to use the internet only when we can monitor them. We encourage the children to join in with cooking, but again heavily supervised.

    If you chose to give a child a device capable of accessing the internet, then you should be monitoring the usage.

  27. Wow, I'm really glad ur making these debunking videos. I can't believe so many people put fake and dangerous DIY vids just to get views.

  28. There are laws in place that designate blame to one parties. Publishers by law are legally responsible for the content they "publish" should it cause harm or damage, etc. Public forums are not legally responsible. Youtube is considered a public forum. Public Forums under section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 in the US states public forums, whether physical or virtual are not liable. So in this case it would be the content provider that should be liable

  29. If you blame anyone but the viewer your just as dumb as the 14 yr old that died. Kids do stupid shit constantly, if we blaimed people for all the stupid shit kids do everyone would be in jail. Just because you're not smart enough to not accidentally kill yourself does not make your stupidity someone else's problem. It is only the creators fault if the method is advertised as safe but there is no safe way to do it, a perfect example is the Carmel spin.

    Edit: if you think the bleach soaked strawberries are anything but a cool science experiment and you try to eat them, that's just natural selection. Because that kind of stupidity can't be fixed. You're literally just a toddler that can speak at that point.

  30. Well it depends if they add a warning then its the veiwers fault and if they didn't its the platform and the creators fault :^/ OH AND IM A KID

  31. YT is or should be responsible for making sure content obeying their terms of service isn't harmful and for enforcing those terms of service. Content creators are responsible for not putting up bullshit like this. Consumers are instrumental in reporting violations of the terms of service and such as now signalling when the TOS is insufficient. Kind of a "This is wrong" "But it's not illegal" "then we'll change the laws" kind of deal.

  32. Good video but if you researched more in depth to the incident about and Ms Ye you would have known that the two girls who got burnt they are using industrial alcohol rather than normal alcohol, it’s not Ms Ye’s fault ! The girl’s parents just kept industrial alcohol lying around the house! After the incident happened the parents were raging at Ms Ye and blamed Ms Ye for everything posting biased view of the incident. Honestly, them were just trying to get some cash.

  33. "who is responsible?" the parents definitly they need to take care my mother always told me if i want to do something to please ask her first. its not difficult but for some parents is.

  34. I feel that if the video has proper warnings before showing something that could cause harm to someone who's following along, the blame should be put on the viewer for not taking proper precautions. But if they just show it with no warning like the caramel over the beater than the blame should be put on the content creator.

    Most kids just see that and say "wow thats simple enough" and try it without thinking about the possible danger of the video, if the warnings were put before the clip then it might make the child ask their parents for help or just make them not try the thing shown in the video.

    Like with the popcorn from the beginning of the video, it could've been a fun activity with the parents supervision, but with the circumstances it was a disaster. I dont think the creator was to blame, since they used a bunch of different methods that were shown in different videos.

    Still an unfortunate situation, I just think that warnings should be in place if there is a possibility of danger.

  35. That's what I was thinking myself "why are they doing this, making fake stuff?"… but yeah, since it's for money, then the platform is also responsible.

  36. HTCT: This girl had a horrific death and burned most of her body, and her friend will be traumatized for life. Also here’s an iphone giveaway!

  37. Just saw this video. I'm glad you are doing these. These videos are damaging. To people, to food bloggers/vloggers and children. I really do like your other videos too though. Glad you are exposing the lies.

  38. The creator is responsible for making it YouTube and Facebook are also responsible for realising viewers are at risk and doing nothing about it because they like the money these companies give!! I think these companies give lots of brown envelopes to be allowed to post this rubbish!

  39. i saw one that suggested cooking cookies by leaving raw dough on a baking sheet inside your car on a hot day. they'll really say anything. 5 minute crafts also thinks you should put the skin from inside an egg on an open wound which. i'm no doctor but does seem like a pretty direct way to get your wound infected. these ppl need to be stopped for real

  40. From a scientific standpoint, her experiment to see if hot caramel would burn you was kinda bad as you can’t actually tell if it’s an issue of the caramel being hot or the caramel being flung at it at high speeds. I do not mean to say that this was decidedly the cause, rather it would have been better to simply pour the hot caramel onto plastic wrap stretched over a bowl or something and see if it melts that way

  41. Now, I don't think it would be that easy of an answer, to answer it on a poll. I'd say it depends. If the creator is putting all the warnings and disclaimers in place, and shows EXACTLY how to do whatever they are showing, step by step, without missing any important information – then it is most likely the viewers fault. If the creator has not done that – then it might as well be his fault. I'd say it is kind of the platform's fault as well, if a video of that nature does not answer to the guidelines or requisitions such video should have…

  42. For me I personally think it’s the creators fault but if it gets reported and YouTube doesn’t do anything about the concerns than by that point it falls into the hands of both the platform and the creator

  43. The people who voted that its the viewers fault are either boomers, mentally ill, or they have a small phone and big hands and clicked the wrong thing.

  44. On so yummy they nonstick pan to melt candy. She use metal pan which is prone to sticky and deliver heat very fast. She should ve used same pan with the video. And now she loves roasting, yet all her deseert are diabetic and not healthy at all

  45. I believe that it falls, to the majority of weight, to the parents. Content creators, and platforms can be more proactive in clarifications, but should not be seen as at fault for someone else's stupidity, kids or adults alike. I am very much an adult, but should a channel I watch be at fault because I burn my house down failing to safely replicate one of their experiments? No, my stupidity, my error is how I see it, and the same applies to those younger than myself. When I was younger, it didn't matter if it was a scissors, hair dryer, you name it, if it had electricity, an edge, burning potential -like acids, flames etc there was usually a warning to not do this without proper supervision, This is only for entertainment purposes, etc warnings.

  46. i think it’s a combination of the content creators and the platform holders.

    content creators know what gets them clicks and views and are just working to get the most amount of money in a system controlled by youtube. if youtube isn’t taking note of these and is allowing them to continue, then it encourages content creators to continue what they’ve been doing

  47. Maybe the channel’s ultimate ‘hack’ is the one they haven’t named: Darwin at Work…
    But seriously, what kid messes around with alcohol outside of parental supervision, or a Home Ec class; my first recipe with any kind of alcohol, was a trifle in Grade 9- & I was told that: I could not bring the bottle to school- & it couldn’t be any more than the recipe required- & it had to be in a sealed container- & it would go in the teacher’s fridge, ‘til Home Ec class.
    What are kids even being taught anymore?

  48. I think its all three. First the creator who should be responsible for their videos being safe and accurate with proper warnings and instructions. The platform second. You didn't make the video but you are allowing them to share it, promoting it and paying them for it/getting paid from it. If the video is designed to be replicated and is potentially dangerous the platform should flag it or ban it or put a warning on the video at the very least. And last the viewer. Don't believe everything you see, think critically about what you watch especially before you repeat it. And look out for others. If you see something harmful, report it.

  49. Personally I think it's a mix of all three. The platform should take some responsibility if they promoted something dangerous. The content creator should be aware of what they're posting and who's watching and the viewer if they're an adult should do some research. If the viewer is a child I'd hope the parent would be doing these activities with them at the very least which goes back to my previous point.

  50. I feel like it should be handled the same way products are. Where warnings and safety measures are clearly given and then the consumer is responsible if it's not being followed as instructed and if no warnings are given, the video creator and platform should be held responsible.

  51. If the video has been reported many times and is still up then yeah the platform is at fault. And the creator if they know its not safe to do.

  52. I’m a kid and when my parents told me that these DIY are fake and I believe them and I became a kid who knows every DIY are garbage, And now I hate every Youtubers but except pewdiepie, cr1t1kal, or people who are similar pyrocynical and idubbbz i like them

  53. It's up to the platforms to take responsibility and actively punish content creators for putting out videos with misleading dangerous instructionals by demonetizing, removing their videos, and banning them. It id absolute ridiculous that YouTube, a company owned by Google, is able to take a completely hands off approach to something that literally gets children killed because doing otherwise would get in the way of their profits.

  54. Off topic but i once burned myself with hot glue. And my dumbass tried to wiped it off with bare hands. 2 weeks of internship with bandages ✊✊ smh

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