Exercise vs Diet

Exercise vs Diet

Trying to lose weight can be difficult, and
while we all know a good combination of exercise and diet is essential, which one is more important?
If you had to choose, should you be hitting the gym, or eating salads? There are many ways you can burn a few hundred
calories; running for 20 minutes, an hour of surfing, or singing your favourite song
23 times – in fact we have a whole video dedicated to weird ways of burning calories. But the
point is, it takes time to burn a significant amount of calories even with strenuous activity
– not to mention the extra barrier of travelling to the gym, and then coming home to clean
up. Now, compare this to the number of calories
in, say, a chocolate bar – which is often over 200 Calories. You could either walk for
about an hour to burn that 200 calories, or you could simply not eat that chocolate bar.
Which sounds easier to you? How about running for 30 minutes every day or cutting out those
two cans of soda? Many physicians point out that there is a lot of high-sugar, high-fat,
high calorie foods we could cut from our diet, to see weight loss results more quickly. And studies tend to show that diet does indeed
play a bigger role in weight loss than exercise. A 2011 meta-analysis of children found that
their level of physical activity was not the main determining factor of their weight. And
a study of 3000 adults found that minimizing calories was linked to greater weight loss
maintenance than exercise alone. Furthermore, studies comparing industrialized and developing
countries show that the rate of physical activity is fairly similar between the two, making
activity and exercise an unlikely culprit for obesity rates in the industrial world. Of course, a combination of diet and exercise
would yield the best results long term. And exercise has many health benefits beyond weight
loss, like slowing the aging process and improving mental health. But at the end of the day,
if you’re looking to lose weight, you’re likely to get more bang for your buck if you
focus on your diet first. Special thanks to audible for supporting this
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  1. Good. I'm willing to cut out food from my diet and count calories more than exercise but I'll probably do both excessively anyway

  2. How much calories is a chocolate mug cake with three scoops of icecream and chocolate sauce on top? (totally not eating that right now)

  3. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn 🔥 so eat lots of protein and avoid carbs you'll become slimmer and trimmer in no time

  4. So there is no need to exercise as long as you keep eating healthy? Is exercise something we can do without in our lives.

  5. Could you please make a video on Drinking Water?? Should we drink water standing or sitting? How much water to consume? How frequently to consume?

  6. Eating salad is a great way to lose muscle mass , then fat.. eat at a calorie maintenance level, then exercise to create a deficit

  7. This is why Americans are fat they listen to people like you. Excersice naturally curves the appetite of an overeater. So rather then struggle to eat less (ALL DAY) workout 20-30 minutes (BREAK A SWEAT) then pay attention to what you actually don't want to eat.

    Americans need to move more and eat less in that order!

  8. I'm sorry as someone who works in the health care field, an overweight person who is active lives a much better life for much longer than a skinny person who doesn't work out. I would always take thick and strong over skinny and frail. Especially after 60 years old

  9. Weight loss doesn't begin in the gym with a dumb bell; it starts in your head with a decisionnnnn > https://t.co/ulDqhr6avk?fg56fddsss

  10. Simple common sense, huh? I can attest to this approach: in December, 2016, I weighed 249 lbs.; in December, 2017, 211 lbs; on June 28, 2018, I weighed 188 lbs.
    A year out of high school ('69) I was at 258 lbs. and never looked back. The difference now? I have cut down on my calorie intake, pure and simple.
    My excellent brother Ray shared an image with me several years ago that made sense. He told me to make a fist and said that my stomach was actually about that size. If I eat more than that at any one time, I'm overeating.
    This was my epiphany. That easy truth provided me a path for portion control. When I'm hungry, I eat, whatever I want, until I feel full. The portions are now much abbreviated, and the quality of my diet has improved. I do not 'diet', what with the pointlessness of most. I just eat less.
    The weight loss has pleased my physician; my labs are all satisfactory. And did I mention I am close to ending my need for injecting insulin? Huh. Go figure!

  11. Honestly I’m so glad this is the case because I’m way too lazy to go to the gym. And I hate sweating. I can cut junk food all day though 🙂

  12. This is great for weight loss and all but… I'm an ectomorph. I CAN'T GAIN WEIGHT TO LOSE! I want muscles😭😭


  13. Idek why people add pizza as a junk food I'm Italian and pizza isn't a junk food it's normal food it just people in America make it in an unhealthy way with way more mozerella then needed and too much oil it you eat an actual Italian pizza its way lighter

  14. There is one factor that you overlooked in this video, although I don’t really know how much it influences the result. That fact is: If you have more muscle tissue, you burn more calories when you are resting. It’s not just the physical movement alone that burns calories, it’s also creating a body that uses more calories.

  15. Cutting calories through dietary changes seems to promote weight loss more effectively than does exercise and physical activity. The key to weight loss is to consume fewer calories than you burn. To know about healthy tips, you can DM us @missbellydietexpert FB Page or download the app https://land.ly/medicalwale

  16. Finally, I stumble upon a video that explains it very well, thank you! Just sayin for those tryin to start their change, A buddy of mine created this new site, i've been using & loving for some time now, it's called eatfridge.com. You just type in what you eat and it calculates how much more you have to eat. (depending on what u want weight gain/-loss)
    Feel free to check it out, I must say it's pretty cool. ^^

  17. But what about people that arent fat and dont need to lose weight?…… I cant seem to find anything on if you dont have time to exercise but eat healthy & if thats good enough and thats what I want to know.
    Sorry if me saying fat offended anyone, but idk how else to word that XD lol

  18. "Insane" – Miro

    I now do not know: whether to laugh, or to call the coach of psychiatric care. But seriously: many of you sin inadequate perception of reality and yourself in it.


  19. BS, only temporary. Sure eating healthy is important. Consider this. Diet is usually temporary. But ask why they have a problem maintaining in the first place. Ok, why? Well if muscle burns fat. Well that means your initial muscle base and activity was too low to keep up with food intake. So more muscle = metabolism. Diet? what happens if you eat too little instead of just healthy? Your body eats muscle and only makes it harder to maintain. Everyone is different, some need more base muscle than others. Once you reach that level, the amount of maintenance exercise drops.

  20. When I think “Is this healthy?” I’m like:
    “Hmmm, french fries,
    French fried are just like, potatoes,
    Potatoes are healthy!
    Wow, this is a healthy snack”

  21. Fun fact (Or not): India’s biggest junk food is rice, I got to stop eating it, it’s like I am drinking alcohol daily and can’t live without it…

  22. I wanna see the restaurant that is unique.Like Russian, Egyptian, anywhere European restaurant or different kinds of restaurant!

  23. Why the actual hell is all of this “Diet” and “Exercise” stuff in my recommended lmao Is YouTube trying to tell me something

  24. I eat a lot of junk foods but I did a lot of exercise, especially in the morning and my body maintained 44 kg's. Sometimes it went to 45, but I never eat at night or stop before 6 pm so that's how my weight just maintain and hardly gain.

  25. Eat less junk, and more healthy foods rich in nutrients. Add exercise to burn calories and to release good chemicals such as dopamine.

  26. Calories in calories out. If you’re not gonna workout at all stick to 1,500 calories a day if you workout you can eat more each day and cut out a lot of excess sugar and junk food

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