1. How about financial geniuses? One worthless piece of paper delivered gets bearer $2 billion in cash equivalents. Undead Einstein failed repeatedly. Big long list of failures, all filled with greed, if one has the genius to know what greed really is. 3,000 PhDs and the head professor can't even get a job. Too many "connections", Mr. Weiner — I was born with the name Wiener. This week, with Slick Willy's becoming the Wayward Airplane Pilot, he dropped from second on my list of best friends to my enemies list. Obama is #1 best friend. Eric Schmidt, that genius, is now #2, with the Wayward Airplane Pilot vacating the #2 slot.

  2. Both Vint and Eric missed a connection when Vint mentioned that perhaps Europe kept all the folks with risk averse genes while those who were not risk averse emigrated to the Americas. The immigrant may not only arrive on foreign shores with risk averse genes, but often comes with "nothing to lose" both in attitude and resources. Often immigrants have either lost it all or left it all behind or never had anything to begin with when they land at Ellis Island. Many may be more like the unskilled folks who were told to let go and have fun–nothing to lose is nothing to risk..

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