English lessons – Different words to describe ‘sadness’ in English ( English Vocabulary Lesson)

English lessons – Different words to describe ‘sadness’ in English ( English Vocabulary Lesson)

So , how are you today ? Are you feeling sad
and depressed and low about life ? Don’t worry it happens to the best of us ! Now how about I give you some interesting words to describe the feeling of sadness?? Hi !I am Rima and welcome to today’s lesson …now , today’s lesson is very , very valuable because it’s
all bout describing the feeling of sadness.Now , all of us go through this some time or the
other … We’re feeling sad , feeling low ,not so good , depressed but its not always
the same feeling now .. is it ?Well , there are mood swings and there’s sadness and
a little more sadness and then a little less sadness ..very confusing to describe so I‘ve
come up with some interesting words that can help you describe the feeling of sadness.So
, the first one on my list is morose .Umm, I think this word has a sad feeling to it
, doesn’t it ? I am feeling morose which means you are so sad that your face is all
contorted and sullen and sulky … so morose actually means sullen or sulky which means
you are feeling so bad and so negative that you cant even keep a straight face ; you are
just sulking around the house you are just feeling so sullen …so whatever you are feeling
inside is on your face.Imagine that ! what an effective word that is !I am feeling morose
or better still .. every morning when I wake up I hate looking at my wife’s morose face
! Don’t you ever say that to her face cos you are going to be in trouble then.That’s
morose to you and the next one I have is downcast . Now this is really simple to understand
; it means down…cast which means someone who’s feeling so sad and so low that they
are gazing down . They don’t have the courage, the strength to even keep their chin up …someone
who is in despair .So some times when you receive some bad news ; especially when you
are anticipating positive news and you end up receiving the negative version of it .. you
feel downcast , you feel like the world has ended ; you feel like you cant even look up
anymore , you cant even face life anymore ..you just want to walk down the road looking
down at your feet as if everything is rock-bottom. So downcast could also mean … ..you know
.. feeling very low . So imagine you have just negative news in your life and you are
feeling so low and you are in so much despair that you cant bear to carry on … that’s
when you are feeling downcast .So, when Sam received bad news from home , he was very
downcast .See a simple sentence becomes you know so weighty and solid when you use the
word downcast which means someone who is in deep despair or some one who is very ,very
low .Moving on I have the next one … now this one is down in the dumps or it could
be down in the doldrums . Now both the usages actually mean the same it means someone who
is very, very sad and depressed. Its actually used when you feel that your life couldn’t
go any lower , when you feel that your life has hit rock-bottom ,that everything that
had to go wrong has already gone wrong and there’s nothing more in your life that can
go wrong .. that’s when you are down in the dumps /doldrums .After Sally’s breakup
she was down in the dumps or she was down in the doldrums .Both the usages actually
mean the same and they add a lot of weight to the sentence , they actually justify her
deep feeling of sadness and despair . So that is down in the dumps for you !Moving on I
have the next one on my list …now this one appears really simple .. its blue ; like the
color but its got a very, very deep meaning of sadness . It means really really depressed.
Now the word blue can be used to describe how a day is feeling or how you’re feeling
or it could also be used to describe when you’re feeling not so good in terms of your
health. I woke up feeling very, very blue … it could mean that you woke feeling sad
with a feeling of overwhelming sadness or it could also mean that you woke up feeling
not so healthy , you know sometimes when you are expecting a fever you know you are anticipating
a sickness because you are feeling like that and its going to happen to your body you could
also say you know what I am all blue and under the weather and it could actually work so
blue stands for depressed and not feeling good at all. The second would be in terms
of your health ; you could also use blue in terms of the weather ; I woke up and the weather
was all blue but the most common usage for blue is you know on Mondays ; actually Mondays
are called blue ; you know Mondays people actually get the blues that means they get
depressed because they have to face another week of work after a fabulous weekend so Monday
blues is a very very common usage for the word blue meaning you are feeling not so good
or depressed. Moving on ,we have melancholy ; melancholy means sad or depressed but for
no particular reason.So imagine you are not looking too good you are looking sad and depressed
and someone asks you what happened and you say nothing , just melancholy means that you
are enveloped with this general feeling of sadness ; there is no one particular reason
for it and you are just generally feeling all low and sad and depressed and low on energy
so that’s when you use the word melancholy which means sad or depressed but for no particular
reason .now melancholy can also be used to describe a feeling that’s enveloping a whole
place or the weather so could say something ;like after the earthquake the entire village
was enveloped in a feeling of melancholy or the entire village was melancholy and that
would work just fine so , melancholy is a very heavy word but it just hits the mark
right. Moving on there is despondent some who is in deep despair very very disheartened.
Having gone bankrupt ; Sam’s entire future seems despondent as in there was absolutely
no hope left what so ever , that is despondent for you … now all of these words oh my god
they are so , so sad. So the next time someone asks you how you are feeling you could actually
use one of these words to aptly describe how you are feeling .I am going to go over these
one more time ; there is morose which means sullen or sulky so your inner bad feeling
is actually out there on your face. Then there is downcast where you are feeling so low that
you cant even keep your chin up ; then of course there is down in the dumps or down
in the doldrums which means you are very very sad and depressed and everything that has
to go wrong has already gone wrong … and then there is blue which means you are feeling
depressed or not feeling good health wise and then there is melancholy which means you
are sad and depressed but for no reason or probably not for one particular reason there
could be many many reasons just a general feeling of sadness and there is despondent
which means deep despair and absolutely no hope but don’t worry there is a lot of hope
for you ; I have some more words which will help you describe sadness ; stay with me .still
feeling sad , feeling blue , down in the dumps don’t worry I have some more words I can
help you with to describe the feeling of sadness. Now the next one that I have on the list is
dejected which means disheartened or to lose heart . now whenever you receive a piece of
really bad news its natural to lose heart to feel disheartened and that’s when you
can use the word dejected.when I didn’t get the job I was dejected which means I lost
heart or I felt disheartened .. you know something within me broke and made me feel very very
sad n low . so that’s the usage of dejected and the next one a word that has been over
used and over abused sorry . Now this one I am going to treat it differently today ; the
normal usage for sorry would be to apologize saying I am sorry , I hope I didn’t hurt
you .. I am sorry I was late but in this context It means sad … when I saw the sorry faces
of the beggar kids sitting and shivering in the cold I felt really bad for them which
means faces which were full of sadness , faces that had no hope . Now that is the context
in which you can use the word sorry to describe sadness.A sorry face is a sad face , a face
that lacks hope , a face that lacks any kind of positivity so make sure you remember this
usage of sorry because it is slightly rare but its definitely correct there is also another
usage of sorry that means to empathize .
So imagine if you know of somebody which has just suffered a tragic loss so you could say
something like I am sorry about your loss … does that mean you are apologizing for
that persons loss ? NO it means that you are expressing empathy about that persons loss
which means you are telling that person I understand what you are going through and
I am feeling sad about it and I want to share your sadness. So that’s another usage of
sorry .. so remember sorry is a loaded word and it doesn’t always mean apology , it
could mean to empathize or it could mean plain simple sad .The next one is forlorn … sounds
difficult ? no its ot .. it just means absolutely sad and deadpan…. Sad or expressionless
. You know sometimes when we go through a lot in life , we experience deep deep sadness
.. our face sort of loses all expression you know we can kind of stop feeling a lot of
things we become emotionless.So that’s what forlorn actually means and if I had to use
it in a sentence I could say something like when Sally loss her mother suddenly day by
day she grew into a forlorn girl which means she suddenly actually stopped feeling a lot
of things her face became emotionless and she became really sad and expression less
so that is the usage of forlorn and the last one for today is Rock-bottom … sounds like
the name of a bar that you would visit right ? well that’s not what oit means it means
hitting the lowest point of life so imagine that Murphys law has worked and how and everything
that had to go wrong in life has gone wrong and life cant get any worse then you know
you have hit rock-bottom so you could say something like when Sam got fired he started
drinking heavily and hit rock-bottom which means he messed up his life in such a large
way that it couldn’t get any worse . Well I really really hope that you don’t hit
rock-bottom trying to memorize all these words and I hope you master the art of describing
sadness ; well those are my words dejected means disheartened , sorry means sad or to
empathize , forlorn means sad and expressionless , rock bottom which means hitting the lowest
point of your life !Well that was my lesson for you today and I hope you enjoyed the words
and if you have anything interesting to say to me definitely not sad but something positive
make sure you type in the comment box below; this is me Rima saying bye and thank you !


  1. I heard(maybe not true) that there r more words for sadness/negativity than happiness/positive. Crazy world keep your self happy/positive.

  2. Thank you very much for your classes really enjoy very much as their knowledge achieved .I would like to get you to talk about tag questions, and the ends ed rules in the past regualr verbs Pronunciations thank you again

  3. Thank you, Rima. A lot of new vocabulary for me. I liked how you have explained different kinds of sadness. It's a relief put in words all the feelings that we have. See you, then.

  4. Nice list there, Rima! I have also made a video lesson with more than 7 idioms associated with sadness. 🙂

  5. Wow this is the first time I'm impressed with a lesson from a non native speaker..Great job explaining..And I love that you have put the explanations in a description

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