(ENG SUB CC) Taiwan’s Street Food that Only Locals Know It! THIS IS NOT CLICK BAIT!

(ENG SUB CC) Taiwan’s Street Food that Only Locals Know It! THIS IS NOT CLICK BAIT!

Hello everyone I’m back with special video So For all the viewers here Maybe if I’m talking like this only Indonesian people understand what I’m saying But I will Put subtitle for you guys that not Indonesian, so! What is this video talking about I will talk about Taiwan’s Street Food It really mainstream! Boba Boba milk tea Shihlin (night market) Hot star uhmm what else..? Oh oh beef noodle what.. what tofu..? that quite stink What is the Indonesian of stinky tofu…the mandarin is 臭豆腐 (chou dou fu) Like a lot of people will say those food, right? so just like the title of this video This Taiwan’s street food not discovered by any food website Is it too exaggerating..? But I already check like six.. Six website and those website didn’t put this street food I was like, “Why they didn’t put this food? This is really delicious” I don’t know for others but for me Taiwan’s street foods are more bland than Indonesian food, that’s why Taiwan’s street foods smell good But after I eat it, it feel bland Not for this street food This street food you can choose how salty the food is and how spicy want to put garlic, onion, or… whatever it is.. What is the name of this Taiwan street food The name of this food is yan shui ji You guys need to remember this three words Because the food stall really doesn’t have any english word All of the words are in Chinese. If you guys want to go to Taiwan You guys really need to Remember this three Chinese words I’m serious Actually what is 鹽水雞 鹽yan is salt 水is water 雞is chicken If it combines salt water chicken If I said it like this it sounds really horrible Maybe the name is chicken with.. salt water Maybe it can be called like that Because from what I know (well maybe wrong) This chicken is boiled with salt water And then they put it out, but this street food This street food is cold street food this is not hot street food This is not I will put the picture of the food stall The food stall is It’s fancier than a cart but not that fancy Because it’s still street food They will put the food in the stall and it’s lot of part of chicken chicken breast, drumstick, also wait what is the name.. chicken’s heart part of chicken head a lot of chicken’s part is there after that they will put vegetables there are lots of vegetables I usually ask for bitter melon, broccoli, bean, or maybe long beans But the problem is every food stall have different vegetables sometimes there are quail eggs sometimes they don’t have for the vegetables it’s not fix you guys need to see the food stall and pick from inside Some of them using menu and some of them don’t have and you guys just pick it from the stall Where can you find this food You can find this food in night market there are a lot of night market will have this food I just don’t know why a lot of food website for Taiwan’s street food, never said about this food, I don’t know why because I like salty and spicy food, I really like this food really salty also really spicy if you feel not spicy enough you can ask the owner It’s not spicy enough, I need more spicy But, if Taiwanese people see me ask this This already the most spicy! I just like, “No, it’s not enough please add the chili Then their response will “HUH?” Usually when they add the chili they will “Is she sure for this thing”, their face like can’t believe it at all Oh This is it This is the food It looks like weird but It really tasty, I swear Because I like salty food A lot of Indonesian like salty food right? Or it just me? For me this is the only food that doesn’t taste bland And this I usually Chicken, broccoli, bitter melon I really love bitter melon Today, I only bought that They usually will give us garlic, onion, yeah, I think it’s only that yes That’s why, if you guys want to go to Taiwan don’t forget this three words This three Chinese words 鹽水雞 If you guys didn’t try it you guys will regret it. Or should I open a store for this food in Indonesia Hmm, open store in Indonesia.. Let me think Yeah it’s only until here This really like Sometimes they will have packet combo one chicken one chicken with vegetables are like a hundred or two hundred NTD or maybe there is half chicken combo or maybe only drumsticks, chicken breasts plus some vegetables Sometime, they will have package (I don’t even remember what did I say, I’m sorry) The owner scam me He said it’s spicy It’s not spicy at all Okay for your information If in Indonesia, the level spicy that I can eat is level 2 But this really not spicy at all It’s not spicy really the owner scammed me.. Yeah.. it’s only that The things I wanna say.. This is delicious If you guys come Taiwan at least try once If you guys like this video don’t forget to like, subscribe and share to your friends So lot of people will know my youtube content also don’t forget to follow my IG if you guys want to more update about my Youtube channel Don’t forget to follow! So, see you next video! BYEBYEE


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