ENG/한옥마을에서 3박 4일 고창 여행, 올모스트 홈 스테이

ENG/한옥마을에서 3박 4일 고창 여행, 올모스트 홈 스테이

Last weekend, I hopped on a KTX to Gochang with a friend We’ll stay 2nights in Gochang where I had visited for a shooting of Epigram Arrived in Jeongeup, then rented a car to drive to Gochang Where we are going to stay in Gochang Hanok Village is ‘ALMOST HOME stay’ First night in Muiljae, second night in Binajae Gong yoo’s autograph in the accommodation The Hanok… it’s magnificent Clean and neat interior Delicate coexistence of the past and present Raining on and off all the afternoon Snacking on hot coffee and some Hangwa(traditional Korean sweets) Even if it’s not allowed to cook in Hanok, an electric kettle and small snacks are provided “I think it’s really pretty” Running through Airbnb, but they provide some amenities, which is unusual Such as a handkerchief, diary and pencil Even coffee’s from Epigram I haven’t eaten Hangwa in a long time A coffee break by the window Super great moment for us “It would be awesome even if it had been raining now” We’re just gonna chill like this, then go out for a dinner There’s an office of ALMOST HOME stay next door Here are a variety of products for sale We bought two bottles of barley tea The manager gave us some tea and snacks while we were sitting for a minute Shall we have a look at the tourist ma…p? (It’s got ripped a bit) (Embarrassed) (Exchanging a look) Re-collecting ourselves and planning for tomorrow and the day after Now let’s go for the dinner Came across a nice rock on the way reminded me of driving on the Ringroad of Iceland Grilled Eels for dinner Came here again because it was so good when I visited last time during the shoot Diverse and delicious side dishes It’s possible to finish off two bowls of rice only with side dishes, no eels The grilled eels turned out Eel, chives and laver warped in ssam, at a gulp I’d come to Gochang again to visit here… I’m done and that was amazing! Raspberry extract for dessert, then back to the Airbnb Alcohol can’t be missed in a trip of alcoholics Shake well the raspberry Makgeolli(Rice wine) to mix Had a little chat Going to bed as we were too tired even it was only 10 Morning on the second day It’s a beautiful day We soaked up the sun, sitting on the wooden porch Checking out at 11 “Would you get in after I move the car?” Leaving our stuff, we start another day The first destination is ‘Gochang eupseong(Fortress)’ Wonderful Only five minutes walk because it’s right next to Gochang Hanok Village We are busy taking videos I’d love to come again in autumn when leaves turn red and yellow The reason why I wanted to come here was the bamboo grove The shrill chirrups of cicadas Despite the cool autumn winds, it was really hot maybe because of the strong sunlight After much meandering, we found the bamboo grove Please don’t do this… I love bamboo trees We had a leisure time by ourselves with no one else The best part of Gochang was I could see traditional scenes everywhere I wanna try living in this kinda town Brunch at a cafe Insipid though… Fairytale-like clouds and weather Perfect for a drive And stopped by at a green barley field Couldn’t see any green barley because of the season, but saw a lot of beautiful cosmos It reminded me of a hick town of Rome, where I went to before In the afternoon, we came back to ALMOST HOME stay for a sec Moving to another room, Binajae We will go out after a little break It was better and bigger than Muiljae where we stayed for the first night No matter which window I open, we can see trees and roof tiles Recharging our energies by drinking a cup of cool barley tea Leaving for a sunset We had soy sauce marinated crabs near the sea We just entered the restaurant extemporaneously, but it was awesome I love the Korean-style table setting We gulped down all of them… After the very satisfying meal, heading to Gochang mud flat The sky’s blue since it’s still 6 Waiting patiently until 7 when the sun sets Hi there When I came earlier, it was so hot that I had a rough time It only takes seconds that the seasons change The sun started going down and we made efforts to capture the moments Feels like I’m on the salt desert During the magic hours, they are like masterpieces no matter how I take pictures Day 2 in Gachang has gone Morning again, twisting and turning in the bed to get up as late as possible Time to leave already Morning coffee on the wooden porch Sad to have to leave I guess we could enjoy the beauty of Gochang only because we stayed at a hanok Tidying up before leaving Packing our stuff Lastly, stopped off at Sangha Farm before taking a train I found that green color is beautiful for the first time in Gochang Peaceful Sangha Farm Lunch here Already crowded in two hours since opening The meal was much more fabulous than I expected Next time I come to Gochang, I’ll have a meal here for sure (Another meal at the restaurant, which serves the grilled eels) It would be nice to have some beer with a pizza and sausages in the evening Sangha Farm is big enough to take a walk Also, there’s a shop that carries clothes and living goods of Epigram Good to see very Korean items There were a few animals like cattle, goats and donkeys They’re freely grazing in in the fields I bought some carrots and fed the goats Shopping for some little things and relaxing at a cafe, having an ice-cream latte Back to Seoul by KTX The very nice ALMOST HOME stay and trip to Gochang Behind the scene The reality of the scene where I go out (struggling) “The door ain’t open” Gotta kick back !!! Found a gigantic mosquito But I actually got bitten in the mountain…


  1. So in love with the aesthetic vibes of your videos and so the places that you've been and even the song. So calming and make me in love more with nature. Anyway unnie what is the tittle of the song you played? So beautiful so inspired by you. Keep it up ❤ love love

  2. Thank you very much for the efforts you put in each video!  <3  
    Must be one of the greatest feelings – to see that your art finds response in the hearts of many people.

  3. 네~ 저도 전기포트 예쁘다고 생각했습니다

    한옥도 나름의 멋이 있는 것 같다는요 ㅎㅋ

    고즈넉한 풍경과 한 잔의 차가 어우러져



    저 어제 무사히 이사완료했습니다 ^^

    믿겨지지가 않았는데 오늘 새벽에 깨어
    낯선 천장을 보며
    ‘여긴 어디? 난 누구?’ 이랬다는 ㅎㅋㅋㅋ

    새로 고친 욕실과 붙박이장도 맘에 들고
    오늘 아까 온 제 자신에게 주는 혼수품인
    드럼세탁기도 엄청 맘에 들어
    이제야 비로소 실감이 나드래요 ㅎㅋ

    주말에는 일하느라 이번에도
    베베 양을 못보게 되어 무척 아쉽지만
    언젠가는 만나리라 희망을 가져봅니다.

    지금 짐정리를 못해 어수선한 상태에서
    슛뚜 님의 영상을 보지만
    한결 나아진 환경과 도움을 주셨던 분들께
    감사한 마음으로 더욱 잘 예쁘게
    살겠습니다 ^^/

    구독자 분들도 편안한 주말되세요! 🙂

  4. Another boring comment written by me, but really! What more can I say that thank you for a beautiful video! Because of you I want to visit places like this one and enjoy the little things there. After stressful week I always find a joy in watching your new material. Thank you once again!
    Also! I hope you'll spend a great time with your viewers in meeting you're planning. I wish I could meet you one day 🥺 Sending lots of love xxx

  5. 배경음악 애플은 어떤거사용하시는지 물어보면 실례일까요 ^^;
    음악이 너무 좋아서 알고싶어집니다 ㅋ

  6. 대왕모기 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    어째요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    유과를 구입해서 드시는거예요?
    아님 묵으면 그냥 주는거예요? ㅎㅎ
    커피드실때마다 나와서요~~

  7. I love this video.so calming and beautiful moments captured.thanks for uploading.always look forward to your videos.brings my mind at peace.also,what is the name of piano music and the song on beach/madflat?plz tell:)

  8. Thank you Sueddu for this beautiful video of this splendid Gochang 😍 I love too much houses and interiors … Food is good in all the restaurants you have chosen. What happiness ! There was only Bebe missing ❣️ isn’t it Sueddu ? Thanks again 👍🥰

  9. 영상이정말아름답네요. 다음에가보고싶은곳이많네요. 게다가 장어복분자게장에 파스타까지맛있다뇨. 고창 딱한번가봤는데다시가고싶네요. 저는 고창에 고인돌유적지도 좋았데 너른 벌판에 돌이 덩그러니놓여있는모습이 묘하게편하게느껴졌어요.

  10. ¡¡Hace poco encontré tu canal y me encanta!! ¡¡Mil gracias por los subtítulos!! Saludos desde Nayarit, México. 😘😃

  11. The behind the scenes is so important as we need to enjoy living in reality too. Nothing is perfect but all things are special.

  12. 슛뚜님 덕분에 여름 휴가 다녀온 기분이에요😄
    한옥과 자연물을 보니 정말 그곳에 간 기분이었어요💕💕

  13. 고창 한옥마을 같은 곳에 가서 나뭇소리랑 새 소리 들으며 널브러져 쉬고 싶네요.ㅎ 슛뚜님 영상들은 다 영화 같지만 나중에 진짜 중단편 영화를 찍어보시면 어떨까 하는 생각이 들었어요. 줄거리는… 도시에 살다가 쉬러 한옥마을에 온 주인공. 그 마을에서 흰 강아지 한마리가 자꾸 짖으며 어딘가로 인도한다. 깊은 숲속으로 강아지를 따라들어갔다가 뜻밖의 것을 발견하고 놀라는데…
    당황한 주인공은 다시 한옥마을로 뛰어 돌아오다가 넘어지며 카메라를 분실하게 되고, 발목을 다쳐 며칠 쉬게 된다. 숲에서 본 것을 함께 머물던 히조언니에게 말하자 히조는 뻥치지 말라며 웃어넘긴다.
    며칠 후 카메라를 찾으러 숲속에 다시 들어간 주인공. 다행히 카메라를 찾게 되지만 카메라에 뜻밖의 장면들이 찍혀있는 걸 발견한다.
    2020년 여름 개봉!
    (재미없었다면 죄송합니다;;)

  14. Your videos always remind me to stop and smell the roses. I am living in New York City…so much noise and millions of people and sometimes forget how important the simple pleasures of life are. Thank you for showing us such beauty, tranquility and appreciation of life.

  15. 한국적인 여행지에 슛뚜님의 영상미가 더해지니 정말 너무 좋아요 💚🌱 숙소도 너무 예쁘고 꼭 한번 묶어보고 싶네요!

  16. Hi Sueddu this video realy make my day it was very touching 🌅thank you very much and Congratulations for so beautiful landscape. ❤️🐾

  17. Korean architecture is mesmerising !! As usual, the shots were amazing and calming <3 alot of greenery and nature beautiful sounds 🙂 thank you again and always .

  18. 고창군에서는 이 영상을 홍보영상으로 구매해야할 거 같아요✨당장 고창 여행 뽐뿌 발바닥이 근질근질한데 장어집에선 이미 고창 가버림 ㅋㅋ 한옥 숙소 👍슛뚜님👍👍👍

  19. 저번 영상을 보고 고창 놀러가고 싶다고 친구들이랑 얘기했는데, 친구도 슛뚜님 영상 봤다고 하더라구요! 이번 영상도 보여주고 고창 여행 가자고 해야겠어요🤭 숙소가 진짜 너무너무 예뻐요! 문을 열었을 때 숙소의 풍경이 전부 그림같이 예쁘네요. 장어집도 그렇고 대나무 숲도 가보고 싶고!! 노을 지는 바닷가 너무 예뻐서 계속 감탄 했어요. 이번 영상 너무 좋아요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 마지막 에필로그 귀여워욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  20. 고창에서 멀지않은 곳에 살면서도 한 번도 못가봤었는데, 슛뚜님 영상보니 너무 가보고싶어졌어요 *.*! 영상도 너무 예쁘구! 늘 보면서 힐링합니당💞

  21. とても余裕があっていい時間の使い方ですね。

  22. Fell in love with your video and subscribed after seeing your dress ( I will be getting some) Truly beautiful video, I keep falling in love with Korea😍

  23. Hi Sueddu thank you for uploading this video, so calming and beautiful as always 🙏🏻💕✨ may I know the song name of the instrumental piano music for the background when you’re feeding the goats? Thank you ❤️❤️

  24. Mon Dieu quel dépaysement, je suis toujours admirative par les jolis plans des images, vraiment sur cette vidéo et la précédente vidéo. J'ai L'impression d'avoir pris les vacances sans me déplacer.
    My God, what a change of scenery, I am always admiring by the pretty shots of the images, really on this video and the previous video. I feel like I have taken the holidays without moving.

  25. 17:20 나가는 씬 어떻게 찍나 항상 궁금했었는데 저렇게 찍으시는 군ㄴ요ㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 너무 예상했던거라 웃겼어요ㅋㅋ

  26. I really want to go on a trip like that whenever I watch your videos. I hope I can make it one day. It really looks so good and fun.✨😊✨

  27. 영상 잘봤습니다 🙂 항상 챙겨보는데 이번 영상 에필로그가 재미있었어요 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 다음 영상 기대할게요~

  28. Очень красивые места и их природа , прекрасное видео ! Большое спасибо !

  29. 고창은 가는 것도 한번에 가기가 힘들군요 😭😭
    근데 한옥 느낌이 진짜 너무너무 포근하고 좋네요!
    슛뚜님 영상보고 고창 여행 가고 싶은 마음이 몽글몽글 생겨납니다! 🧡💚

  30. 슛뜨님~ 영상 잘보고 있어요^^ 혹시 포트 브랜드 알 수 있을까요?
    영상이 너무 예뻐서 지인에게 마구 추천하고 있답니다^^
    추석명절 잘 보내세요^^

  31. 제 고향인 고창을 슛뚜님 영상에서 보니까 되게 반갑구 괜히 자랑스러워요! 10대때는 매일 보는 풍경이니 좋다고 생각 못했는데 서울살이 하다보니 항상 고창이 그리워요😭😭 나중에 또 놀러오세요💖

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