[ENG] 밴쯔 소울푸드! 엄마표 청국장&제육볶음 먹방!

[ENG] 밴쯔 소울푸드! 엄마표 청국장&제육볶음 먹방!

Hi, Guys. Today, I’ll eat Jeyukbokkeum and Cheonggukjang
which were made by my mom This is kinda Soul Food for me. After having a long day,
she makes Jeyukbokkeum and Cheonggukjang for me Because,,, I ask her to make those lol
So Those Soul Foods, made by my mom! This cheonggukjang has a lot of ingredients than usual ones
and has strong bean-smell and this is boiled cabbage, which is super good for wrap and this is gotkimchi which is given from one of my neighborhoods from Jeonlado the bean spouts is made by mom
and I borrowed my dad’s brass chopsticks and spoon ah a funny thing of seniors is, they usually sip on water right before eating Bon Appetit! pepper~ lettuce is good for wrap but boil cabbage is.. speechless~ Of a lot of different cheonggukjang, my favorite is the one with lots of bean, tofu and pork This smelly one is always the best This is how we usually eat right? even with pepper in the wrap? oh? My mom also put some kimchi in the Jeyuk! This is the tip part of kimchi This is great This is Ssammu! rice~ This is brown rice Brown rice is kinda like.. popping every time I chew it put a ssammu on a boiled cabbage, See, it’s one of my favorite parts Fat! See this!! Jeyuk is spicy and has strong flavor but still has to be eaten with Ssamjang! my mom uses a lot of black pepper when making bean sprout Even tho I have normal kimchi here, it’s still different with this kimchi If you are not a fan of meat, then just go with rice and ssamjang This boiled cabbage has the unique sweetness this ssammu is sour and sweet and this has strong flavor and.. also Jeyuk.. and this tip part of kimchi! this is.. unresistable lol all the different parts have all the different texture or flavor~
I love it sometimes, Jeyukbokkeum from restaurants can make your mouth dry
but my mom doesn’t use any msg so it’s very clean There are a lot of beans at the bottom~ I love this ingredients I’m being lazy~ oh I almost forgot this When making a wrap, putting rice in the wrap is another delicacy~
I’ve forgotten about it Can you see all the ingredients in it? now I get.. why we should prepare some water while having a meal.. I just choked on something.. dang.. I only have little rice left and don’t want to throw away the soup left over there but I can’t eat more rice because my parents should eat dinner too so.. I’ll eat this! If I don’t do it, I’ll feel bummer Mixing cheonggukjang and jeyuk like 1:1.. this is.. stunning! It’s like.. mixing tteokbokki with pizza or chicken,
which means, just mixing every yummy thing together Tada~ I just put 1 of the instant rice in each I won’t add any sesame oil because it can kill the flavor of the foods instead, I’ll put this bean sprout because my mom already
put some sesame oil in it when making it This is like.. mixing all the side dishes with Jeyuk-dupbob I really like this kinda Jeyukbokkeum which has a lot of soup feel like.. I have more foods than actually I have Let’s be closer~ ah, I’ve told not to move while eating.. sorry put a ssammu on it like this I just put some gotkimchi on it and before mixing this cheonggukjang, let me take a spoon.. don’t have to mix it perfectly~ wow this gotkimchi is amazing the one thing I feel bad to mom is.. this plate sucks for mixing something super uneasy rice sticks to every where See, how easy this pot is to eat. If you feel like ‘did I put too much rice? or it’s kinda bland’, then, you can use the kimchi especially the sauce like this~ so Today, I had my Soul Food, Jeyukbokkeum and Cheonggukjang, which are made by my mom! It was amazing Mom! Thanks for the meal Bye! Ah.. Bye guys too!!

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