Emergency Ferret Care : Stress Ulcers in Your Pet Ferret

Emergency Ferret Care : Stress Ulcers in Your Pet Ferret

Hi! My name is Fran Friedman and I’m with
Morning Star Animal Sanctuary and I would like to talk about stress ulcers in ferrets
on behalf of expertvillage.com. Stress ulcers are very common. We probably see them more
often here at Morning Star Sanctuary because ferrets are often separated from their owners
and lost or taken from their owners who can’t care for them any more and they becomes very
very stressed. Some things that you can do for them before it gets too serious to take
them to the vet and maybe keep the problem from getting worse is use my Duck Soup recipe.
Take a cube of, definitely have the 1 mg. Melatonin in the Duck Soup and see to make
sure that they are eating that. If you have to syringe feed them, that;s fine. Make sure
that they eat at least 3 times during the day to make sure they are eating. If they
are not off their food, maybe you can do it just twice a day. Definitely you want to get
that ulcer under control. Also in the Duck Soup, you may want to put some slippery elm
bark; it can be bought at health food stores. Just a pinch goes in and that will definitely
soothe their stomach. It is a lot more pallable than the alternative which is some Pepto Bismol.
It also helps them with the stress because it coats their stomachs and they really hate
the taste. So definitely the slippery elm bark is a better way but if they need some
fast action, the Pepto Bismol usually works well. Always call your vet and see if they
can get a weight on your ferret. They will tell you the amount. It’s usually low 1.2
maximum usually for that.

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