Emergency Dog Health Care : How to Tell if Your Dog Is Sick

Emergency Dog Health Care : How to Tell if Your Dog Is Sick

Hi I’m Dr. Adrienne Mulligan of Camp Verde
Veterinary Clinic in Arizona and I’m here today to talk to you about taking vital statistics
on your dog on behalf of expertvillage.com. There will be times when you wonder if you
dog is sick or if your dog is in a emergency crisis and whether or not if you should be
running to the vet. A couple of things that I wanted to sort of debunked are myths about
how to tell if a dog is healthy. One this is whether there nose is moist or dry and
well it may be true but if your dog has a dry nose he may be sick but, it doesn’t mean
that every time his nose is dry that he is sick because his nose moisture would come
and go based on the outside humidity, on the outside dryness. On to your tear production
on his part cause tear production if lets say if he got a runny eye because he got allergies
that could make his nose more wet. So that is not a real reliable indicator but heart
rate, temperature, and respiratory rate are all three things that are very important plus
the color of there gums. That is very important. When you call a veterinarian he may ask you
to tell him if your dog has a temperature or if there gums are pale so these are things
you want to know how to check. When you check a dogs gums you want to lift the lips and
look at the color of his pink under his lip and above his teeth and that is a nice pink
color he is probably in good shape. If it is to dark, to blue, to red, brick red, or
to white, then your dog is probably in series trouble. That is the first thing to look at.
The next thing is to try to check a pulse. You can just place your hand against the side
of a dogs chest and then if you feel that right behind the elbow so if you locate the
elbow and press your fingers against the ribs right at the point you can feel the heart
beat. Then you can take a watch and count that heartbeat. Sit down. Sit. You could count
that heartbeat for 15 seconds and then multiply that by four. So a typical dogs heart rate
is about 120 beats per minute. So I’m counting his and he is right about 120 beats per minute.
Then I’m going to try to take a temperature. You could buy these at any Wal-Mart or any
basic drug store and you want to lubricate it. It is a good idea to use some KY jelly
or some Vaseline and lubricate it and lift there tail. Insert it just barely into there
anus. It doesn’t have to go very far. Turn the button on to beep and it would take about
a minute before it would beep and tell you what the temperature is.


  1. It is very important to understand common symptoms and warning signs with dogs. Knowing what to look for could mean the difference between life and death in some cases. Dogs show signs of illness and distress differently than we do. Knowing some sings can catch the illness in time so they can get the proper treatment.

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  2. My dog has not been acting themselves and I noticed their pee is red and they just lay down and don't move and they also vomit do you know what it is?

  3. I have a dog and he's sick we went to the vet the doctor said if he's gum black or white need emergency tomorrow he's really really sick can't go to vet cause my dad has work and my mum 🙁 :(:(:(

  4. Adorable ! Great tips ! I always give my dog antioxidant supplement to prevent sickness. It is called OPC formula for dog. Really help though. I can show you more.

  5. The heartbeat also depends on the size of the dog. You cannot just say that all dogs have a specific heartbeat each minute.

  6. Gluten can make some dogs feel ill as well.

  7. I have a shih tzu Chihuahua mix. She has not been acting normal. She just turned 1 and she had a very rapid change in energy level. She is usally very hyper. But now she has stopped eating she won't move at all from my room, she also has black gums, black skin and very skinny. Please help me figure out what to do I love this dog more than anything I am very concered for her health

  8. lol if im petting my dog and looking her right in the eye and stop petting her she wont breath for a few seconds i dont know if shell go longer but when shee starts doing this is scream bailey and start petting her. she then blinks and goes back to breathing

  9. Love the way the video ended. She inserts the thermometer, and the dog turns his head as if to say "Hello".

  10. My dog isn't acting normal. He always barks wen people walk past my house and when people are walking there dogs. He's not eating his dinner and he keeps lying down in weird places. I checked his nose and its moist and the others and there all fine. Please give me all your feed back on what you know about what that means please😣

  11. i think my dog got shot in the head over a week ago he cannot move but can still eat and drink water do you think he will recover or should we put him to sleep ?

  12. i have a pitbull and well hes a puppy idk if puppies are suppose to act like this he poops verry saggy nd his eyes look sad he has his first shot but if you can pls comment help me i dont whant my dog to die hah well ty

  13. My dog has been vomiting and doesn't want to eat her food. She has a runny eyes, and she always sleeps. What should I do??

  14. Thnx a lot. I already know about the gums and the temperature, but i didn´t know how to measure the heartrate. I´m sure it will come in handy : )

  15. if i try to use the temperature on my dog i will be the one who need to go to the emergency clinic with 8 holes in my hand xD

  16. our 2 dog died yesterday bacause we didn't know how to cure it…my father try to cure them by the melted sugar cuz they dont want dog food. is that correct??

  17. My dog wont eat or drink all he does is throw up and sleep somebody plz help me im worried and hes Just a pup im so scared 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  18. PLEASE ANSWER IM VERY WORRIED! my dogs gums are that same pink but about the teeth they have black markings

  19. +JameyPlayz my dog has that too dont worry too much about it your dog's teeth are just dirty some of the treats that you may give your dog are not good for their teeth, you can go to a vet for advice it will not go away if your dog has it but it's best to do something about it it can mabey lead to serious things (im sorry if my english isn't correct)

  20. Please help my dog gums are white but in the front they get a little of rose pink but not that much she is only 11 months old….and yes I have seen that she has had diarrhea and vomit last week but now she is good but the gum thing is making me worried ??😭😭😭😭😭

  21. Hi anyone know what to give? My puppy is a shihtzu, she is 3 weeks old only and she's not energetic like before. I think theres not enough milk in her mother's breast. What could be the possible substitute milk or food for her? :((( Thank you

  22. my 3 months pup is keeping his head tilted to the right from past two days.. even while walking… pls someone what I gotta do … his vet said me to wait for two days since he is away …

  23. um I had a pokemon ball a friend gave me i left it on thr floor and i saw my dog chewing it his tounge was a blue i am worry cause can it kill him please reply back!😯

  24. By the time she is done explaining if its an emergency the dog is dead. By the way you had me cracking up about the look on the dogs face when she took his temp.

  25. my dog has a runny nose she is not drinkin as much water as she usally does but she still eating should i take her to the vet

  26. Oh Shit , I have always turned it on then inserted !!!! Even when my child was sick , damn have I been doing it wrong his WHOLE LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I just got a puppy. And I think he has a fever, anything I can give him to feel ok??? And also he breathes very fast is that due to the fever? Or is something wrong with him

  28. I'm kinda having trouble with my Pomeranian I'm hoping he is not sick cause I'm very worried about my baby boy he was drooling and he kinda threw up a little he ate some food and now he is resting idk of he is overweighted or sick or not I'm really worried I'm hoping he is not really sick bad😢

  29. Does a dogs nose change from black to almost white if they die and are left out in the weather for 16 days after being "hit by a car"? Need to know because I was supposedly given where my dog was dumped by odot and Oregon state police 16 days after allegedly being hit but my dogs or I'm told , head was the only part with flesh in tacked and the fur looked really white where there should be brown and the nose was a light pink almost white it had been raining I have now buried the poor dog but I still can't really tell with the way it was left if it was my dog or not .

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  31. i just want to ask u..why my dogs has early milk inside her breast..what king of symptoms it is??my mom wondering why the dog has milk..but not yet have baby..

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  33. What is the problem with my dog he's mouth is so wet its dripping to the ground and has bubbles like poison -Philippines I'm worried about my dog we thinks he ate a Philippine frog which is poisonous but we want to be sure both my dog and my little dog has this! Pls reply ASAP THANK YOU

  34. Lubricate it, and stick it where!😮 why don't you just ask me to squeeze his anal gland while I'm at it,…..your job, not mine, I love him….but not that much.

  35. my dog maybe sick . so i click on this video and towards the end .. the dog in the video had me rolling lmao oh man i'm trying to be serious about what to do to help my dog out but couldn't help myself from laughing .. i would take my dog to the vet but, A ) it's Sunday and B ) no money to afford it ..

  36. My daughter left me last Friday… she was beagle and was so energetic that she didn’t let us know that she was suffering from acute acid reflux… I hold myself responsible and killer as I had no idea about basic health checks… otherwise I might save her

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