Eating just a bit lighter // What I Ate Wednesday #91 | Mary’s Test Kitchen

Eating just a bit lighter // What I Ate Wednesday #91 | Mary’s Test Kitchen

Hello friends and not yet friends, Welcome back to What I Ate Wednesday. In this episode, I share what I’ve been eating to
lose weight. This ain’t no weight loss channel but I am
carrying some extra, so for health reasons, I’ll be eating at a deficit while trying to
keep my sanity because y’all know, I have no willpower. After the usual morning coffee, I’m having
some brown rice and lentil congee that I heated up. This time, I’m adding some sliced up extra
firm tofu. Kind of bland but I don’t really care this
early on a week day. I’ve got to have the protein to keep me full
and…I didn’t feel like making an effort. Plus some homemade kimchi. Cilantro for some vitamin C to help my body
absorb the iron in the legumes more effectively. Finally, some Korean BBQ sauce. This was actually pretty tasty. Usually I would add toasted sesame oil…but
sacrifices for health, guys. Sacrifices. For lunch, I cut up some more tofu and coated
it with some flour, nutritional yeast, curry powder, and some other spices which I’ll list
in the description box. I put it on parchment with a little oil to
help with the breading’s texture and popped that in the oven at 400°F for a little over
half an hour, flipping them halfway. They came out looking pretty nice. Not the most delicious tofu sticks ever, but
not bad. Could’ve used more flavour but the texture
was good. I ate half of these; my boyfriend ate the
other half. Had those with some gai lan also known as
Chinese broccoli. Water sauteed with garlic and ginger. It’s not as tasty as when I saute with oil
but I can live with it. A little dark soy sauce and it becomes a pretty
tasty dish though. I’ve got to get in the habit of buying more
Chinese greens because I love them. Just don’t love having to wash them first. Lazy problems. For dinner, I had a seitan burger. I used a little oil on the grill. But looking back, I didn’t really need to. I’ve been experimenting with this seitan burger
recipe. I don’t have it really ready for you yet,
but soon. And that was super juicy. Better than the seitan burger from a couple
weeks ago. And I know what you’re thinking, “No fries
with that burger? Not even a salad?” The answer is no. Whenever I even think about losing weight,
I start randomly craving calorically dense food. Literally, I can be sitting there, probably
just ate and not hungry, probably reading some latest study on how weight influences
health risks and think, “hmm, maybe I should try….and then I’ll crave chocolate cake.” So I planned ahead and saved a little space
for that chocolate because if I *can’t* have what I want, well, I’m just going to have
it anyway. Hence, the Chocolate mug cake. This recipe is from Chocolate Covered Katie
and it’s super perfect. I like making single serving desserts so I
can stop at one serving. I always want more but if I sit a while and
have a bit of hot water or tea, the feeling passes and I end up feeling satisfied instead
of regretful. And that was my food day. I’ve done this calorie counting thing before
and while it is annoying as hey, it’s been effective for me and not too difficult. As long as I plan ahead with enough protein
and greens in the plan, I don’t feel hungry either. But while we’re on the subject, please don’t
follow what I eat as what you should eat. Everybody’s needs are different; physical,
mental, cultural needs. They are all important. Especially if you’re young and growing, it’s
super important to eat enough. I wish I ate more as a teen; I’m convinced
I could be a couple inches taller. Anyways, thanks for watching friends. Please give this video a thumbs up if you
liked it and subscribe if you haven’t already. I’m posting more nutrient dense recipes for
during the week and, of course, fun food on the weekends. Especially Chinese take out and stuff like
that that you do not want to miss! Bye for now!


  1. I’m right there with ya on lack of willpower. 😩 I need a drill sergeant to follow me around to slap things out of my hand and get me to exercise. I think I was a sloth in a past life. 😹

  2. Does anybody knows how can i solve problem with dry skin and dundruff on my scalp and hairloss, i am vegan and i think it might be iron deffficit, does anybody had this problem and what should i do to solve this…..great video, great youtuber!

  3. That cake… oh my god I'm drooling.

    Also – I'm eating for weight loss as well and also find that adding tofu to things really helps to keep me full. You can pack it with loads of flavour, and it goes with anything. I'm not really calorie counting, but eating at a deficit as well (following a different program). It's been working so far, but I'm like you and when I want that calorie dense treat, I NEED to have it, in a controlled form, otherwise I will just go overboard and binge on way more than I need or want, which is obviously not helpful for weight loss.

  4. Could you do a cookbook review: How Not to Die: the Cookbook by Dr. Michael Greger. I think his ideas on healthy eating are pretty ideal. I have his cookbook and haven't really delve into much of his stuff, except made healthy alternatives to the staples we have (like replacing sugar with homemade date syrup, etc). Also, have you read his book: How Not To Die. I'm kind of obsessed with it. Maybe it'll be a good motivator for you. Good luck! I'm always happy to be in the Fat Vegan Family, however I too want to be a healthy weight. <3

  5. What has helped me was to buy new plates and bowls that are smaller. I just had to admit that I don't need the same amount of food as my boyfriend and it still feels like a lot with the smaller bowls. But now I'm eating closer to 1/3 of whatever we cook and he can have more. Loved the video!

  6. There's a great new study out that shows as long as you're eating whole, non processed foods, you'll lose calorie counting needed

  7. Hi! I'm Indian… 24 years old… All my childhood I wasn't allowed to be vegan and was raised as a lacto vegetarian … Now it's a bit tough for me.. I've already stopped using non vegan non food products like silk, leather and honey.. But I'm having a tough time leaving things like mozzarella and ice cream. And we don't get vegan alternatives to that. Moreover, what do you do about medicines?

  8. I definitely "plan ahead" as well for my desserts hehe. If I am craving a dessert..I will have it….just alter my dinner a little.

  9. Patiently waiting on that burger recipe! Looks so good! And sigh…..I feel you on the eating on a deficit, I was just thinking to myself I gotta start eating better and not so much junk πŸ™ˆ

  10. I have been dieting off and on since I was way too young to be focusing so much on my weight at all. I follow another YouTuber, Lilykoi Hawaii, and she has an amazing weight loss series about the importance of whole, high carb plant foods to keep you full and healthy. I will never be the few sweets, oil free goddess that she is, but it did help me a lot with my deep rooted fear of carbs and constant calorie restriction. I hope your journey continues to be delicious and successful, and if you need further inspiration, I highly recommend her. πŸ˜€

  11. Omg those tofu sticks look so good tho! I feel you on the water sautΓ©, I can live with it but am i living my best life? I’m so excited for that burger recipe when you are ready to bestow your wisdom πŸ™

  12. Chocolate Covered Katie is great! I have her cookbook and my family loves the molasses cookies in there. Good luck on your calorie counting journey!

  13. Wow that chocolate cake looked amazing! I’m in the same spot as you, after the holidays I’m carrying a few extra pounds and I need to lose them…but my willpower is so lacking! High protein breakfasts are definitely a must for me too

  14. I have the opposite problem, haha. I had jaw surgery a few weeks ago, and due to being on a strict liquid diet at first, I lost over 10 pounds and became quite underweight. Been trying to get back to normal.

  15. LOL me too on the couple inches taller thing. (I would throw out my packed school lunches because I was a picky eater.) For the chocolate cake/treat of the day, how do you feel about banana "soft serve?" I've tried it and it's actually satisfying. You can throw on the real chocolate chips and it's still a huge caloric saver because of the frozen banana being the only other ingredient. And how do you feel about a gf burger instead of the seitan ones? Think they might help in your goals as I personally find avoiding the wheat gluten to help with being trimmer and not causing bloating.

  16. Oh Mary! The amount of oil you use to cook in is minut and that's not what would put weight on you. I don't think you're carrying enough extra weight to eat depressingly! You sound awful and spices and Seasonings sauces and such to make food interesting and tasty is not going to make you heavier either! Maybe not so many test recipes of desserts. I for one don't make many desserts because it's difficult for me to do now. But I would love more Savory ideas especially for my midday meal because I only eat two meals a day so my first meal was around 2 to 3 p.m. or sometimes later. We all need a treat sometimes too! πŸ™‚

  17. Thanks for the great info and also putting the link for the mug cake in the description. I can't wait to surprise my wife with one.

  18. Mmmm I love chinese broccoli – especially from my local Chinese restaurant – sauteed with lots of garlic and oil!! Can I buy it at the grocery store or do I have to go to an Asian market? I live in Ontario. PS: Love your channel! πŸ™‚

  19. I love gai lan! I would probably eat it every day if I lived in a country where it's readily available. Here in Finland I can only get it in Asian stores, and besides it not being very cheap, I never know when they have it. It's 6:30 AM and I have to wait a few hours, but I'll definitely go and see if they have some today. I told you your WIAWs always make me want greens!

  20. Hi, Mary! Other than that chocolate cake that look super yummy I’m not too inspired by the other food. However i wanna tell you that fat is not the enemy. You need fat to lose fat. Just make sure to eat the right kind of fat i.e monounsaturated fat in moderation and just walk 15-30min after each meal then you’ll start to feel better. Here’s my go to smoothie to help me lose some fat: 1 orange, 1-2 figs, 1 tbs flax seed, 1 tbs almond, a handful of green+water then blend. If you use hemp seed or protein powder, then use it instead of flax seed. Alternating them helps

  21. The unhealthiest vegan loose weight video that I have ever see. I think that you will need a really long time to loose weight with this processed shit. Where are the veggies and fruits?

  22. I'm trying to give up sugar for 30 days…I didn't last too long but I'm back on track now! Just trying to be a little healthier.

  23. That congee looks soooo good. I've been on a huge savory oatmeal kick recently and this will make a nice addition to the rotation.

  24. I never thought you ate unhealthy based on the recipes you give us but I'm glad you're focusing on your health now and your recipes are still awesome!

  25. In the same boat as you, girl…I know it's a quick fix, but I gave up gluten and have already seen some results in less than a week. Calorie counting sucks, but it works and keeps us accountable! These look delish, still. I'm craving that burger!!

  26. Definitely won't follow what you eat, no worries. I'd go for German Chocolate instead! πŸ˜‚ Everything else looked good, especially those greens!

  27. I lost 60 lbs I gained from prednisone, usually impossible to get off, by adding in more healthy fats, not less.

    Also, soy is estrogen laden and will keep weight on. Estrogen is why women naturally have curves while men don’t.

    And then there are the processed carbs. If you’re going to have cake, and that did look amazing, skip the bun and add a salad…with healthy oils or nuts. The healthy fats will let your brain know your satisfied and bring down your blood sugar.

  28. I love that you're thinking of younger viewers and the effect the idea of 'calories' can have on them. If only I found more people like you when I first learnt about the 'health community' on social media… But I digress. Thank you for being so considerate on how your actions/words can affect others ❀️❀️

  29. Brilliant movie! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we really like to find this kind of content. We create Travel & Food video too, world-wide, and so we are constantly seeking out inspirations and also approaches. Thank You.

  30. Good for you that you treat yourself as a whole person; physical, social, spiritual with a personal body and identity, Great that you gave such good advice at the end that this was your personal way. One thing that is working for me is to put any fat I have in a recipe on top at the end, that way I taste all of it. I agree, not getting too intense about it all works better for me too, and of course listening to your own body first. Best wishes!

  31. Thank you for the microwave wave cake recipe. I ended up making it while finishing your video and the coconut milk was a great addition. Every other time I’ve made it with soy milk, and it comes out weird or dry. 😊 Best way to end the day is with a vegan chocolate treat!

  32. why must you make me hungry with that damn chocolate mug? I'm trying to go to sleep as it is and now I can't stop thinking about chocolate…. cries internally

  33. A good thing to try (which I'm sure you have) is hot pot. I like to use some vegan asian mushroom broth for the base. As you may know how hot pot goes, you just add which ever vegetables and tofu/beancurd you want. After eating most of the toppings I like to add rice noodle or soba noodle at the end. This is super healthy and you get plenty of green vegetables in.

  34. I'm a sucker for making mug brownies but if I make cake instead I could skip the oil.. hmm. Good idea, Mary!
    I'm definitely trying that baked tofu too.

  35. I really hate calorie counting 😩 I did it before and it was HORRIBLE! But I lost 40 pounds. Since then I've gained 100 pounds then lost 40 (how miserable) Getting back to it is painful, though.

  36. You don't need yo lose weight Mary, you're beautiful the way you are <3 you're just like me though, it's hard not giving in to cravings. I had deep fried apple rings, coated in icing sugar for the past three days LOL so bad!

  37. Note to self: Not a good idea watching food videos in the morning in bed. Now excuse me while I have chocolate mug cake for breakfast…

  38. I can never stop at one mugcake, they're so quick to wip together that I always end up making several πŸ˜…πŸ˜‹

  39. This is off the subject, I just watched your review for the thug kitchen cookbook my friend got it for me a couple of months ago and I had a similar experience with it I was really excited about trying some of the recipes but everything I tried came out blaaa… It made me really sad πŸ˜”
    I was curious about why you disabled comments did people get mad at you??

  40. I love how honest you are about the food πŸ˜‚ most people would still say it tastes great but you are just like I mean is it really better than something deep fried?

  41. I’ve discovered my first food allergy, Nutritional yeast! I can eat bread just fine but when i made man n cheese i broke out in a hives. Depending on how it’s used can it still give me a reaction?

  42. …I was hoping to get inspiration to be more healthy but now I just want to eat a mug cake πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

  43. Who are you?? I just now found you channel. What have I been missing all my life?!?You rock 😍😍 Mucho love from Texas!

  44. As soon as I went vegetarian and no sugar, which I eat a lot less dairy and plan to cut it out soon, I dropped 30 pounds in about a month (or less). I am amazed at the energy level I have as well.

    I went from fast food 4 to 5 times a week and processed foods the other days.

    This channel is taking my food to a whole new level! Lol


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