Eating at The Worst Reviewed Restaurant in Eastern Europe

Eating at The Worst Reviewed Restaurant in Eastern Europe

hello hello hello welcome to my home country of Slovakia Eastern Europe well geographically Central Europe the culturally Eastern there’s a very popular trend nowadays on YouTube people try the worst reviewed restaurants cafes bars in New York London la but nobody cares about Eastern Europe the region most people view as unfunctional poor and ugly but in fact it offers beauty generosity and some amazing places but we’re not showing you that today we’re going to the worst we rest around here [Music] let’s find the worst reviewed restaurant in Slovakia where to Slovakia Europe yes exactly what do we want here we don’t want hotels we don’t want things to do we want restaurants so we have to go to page 33 and I can already see the worst restaurant here okay some of them have only one review so we don’t want to go there because it’s just one review and they have been just one customer and the restaurant may be actually good but oh I can already see it I can already see the worst weird restaurant it’s called Paris sciatica which means a little pig in Slovak let’s see some of the reviews tourist wrap the food look like my own vomit this BuzzFeed we left half of it on the plates two hours later I had to vomit on my stomach the mains arrived they were nothing special except my friends wilted salad average food bad service very expensive noble the worst overall the restaurant we ever visited worst service experience ever they charged us for one Caesar salad 30 90 euros plus 150 for service without bringing anything no breath no salt no oil these thieves charges 9 euros for one beer I really expected an ugly-looking restaurant but this one looks but luxurious how can this be the worst reread restaurant so according to these reviews we should probably prepare for some food poisoning but we should probably expect a very rude service and we should go to an ATM because apparently it’s inexpensive let’s go to the worst weird restaurant in Slovakia [Music] I really don’t know what to think about this restaurant because it looks luxurious but man that was readings huge mystery for us [Music] little pig little pig what surprises are you hiding from us to find out we headed to the city center and hope the little pig wasn’t a pigsty [Music] [Music] so we arrived at a city center with my cameraman and since most of the reviews were saying that the staff is rude to tourists we’re gonna pretend we are tourists we’re gonna talk in English let’s go currently in the small city center of our town of Bratislava full of tourists as you can see and apparently tourist traps just two minutes away from the restaurant we are starving and then it finally appeared in front of us you would never expect the little pig to be the worst reviewed restaurant in Slovakia it was packed with people who all look pretty happy was it just a mirage we were about to find out [Applause] [Music] look at this this is luxurious you can’t we can sit here the hell hi can we can we sit here and eat here no on the upstairs okay thank you thank you thank you thank you we’ll wait 45 minutes for the food it’s okay okay it’s fine excuse me you don’t have to okay okay no problem first of all some something to drink something to drink wait wait wait where are the drinks are where are the drinks can you see the drinks here there are no drinks on the menu there are no drinks so we have no idea how much they cost so the prices are a bit higher but we’re in the center so that’s completely understandable yeah I would like a beer you’re gonna have rusty Slavs charm exactly so far so good they they’re pretty kind everyone’s pretty kind the server’s are smiling all the time they don’t seem rude at all first impressions pretty good you may be drinking the most expensive water in the world do you realize that the jerk you very much thank you to become legally honest with you that took like 25 minutes not 45 thumbs up little pig let’s try the Caesar salad first it’s not seasoned at all there’s no salt no pepper it’s kind of bland nothing special I would expect a little higher quality in the city center of Bratislava for a Caesar salad that costs 14 euros blend really blend but we’re starving so I’m probably gonna eat like a half of it let’s try the the magical dish Rostislav charm it looks really good so this should be pork and also be that’s good but I have problem with this this one you can see right here this is like the cheapest it’s not even a ham how do you explain this you know what this this is this is not even a hammer it’s it’s a cheap stuff from supermarket like something like a ham but it’s not a real ham but apart from that it’s pretty good the sauce is good the seasoning is good wonderful we are from the US in the middle duckie yeah yes no I’m from hell we plated well we played it well but the media’s fine the meat is delicious the sauce is great so a Rasta Bluffs charm really is charming I don’t know what all these people found bad about this place thank you thank you very good can we can we have the menu please again thank you thank you thank you very much we should end this wonderful stay in this restaurant with with a dessert so we’re gonna order one of my favorites of Slovakia she wants a mikvah which is poppy seed noodles I would describe it more as a as a gnocchi it’s made out of potatoes yeah we’re gonna have this yeah please to share thank you very much you’re nervous why it’s not gonna ask you I’m gonna say that you have your special target yes I’m gonna say that you were choked at birth okay thank you poppy seed noodles that that sounds really strange for a foreigner right now I kind of understand some of the reviews that was read thank you very much so this is it please don’t disappoint me I love this meal we always need to dip it in sugar to taste something but again it’s not bad but it’s nothing special I’m confronting the waiter with the reviews and I’m gonna ask him what he thinks about it and I’m also gonna say that it wasn’t as bad as we expected or as the reviews are saying and I’m not gonna include what he said to those Asian people I don’t know like I was working in a restaurant and especially during peak hours and during busy times customers really pissed me off and sometimes I whispered something in my native language I was working in the US so nobody would understand me so I can kind of understand what was going on there but if this happens on daily basis several times a day that’s just fine rude thank you very much so the beer was 450 not 9 euros as someone mentioned in the reviews the water was 330 it’s a bit higher than normally even in the city centre we’re paying 54 euros for lunch of two people in the city centre of Bratislava our stomachs are full let’s confront the servers dosoo resins the illogic Tory soon is Lavazza activities Vikatan atrocious an atrocious at Indaba service degree strategy just squirt squirt akiza bosun Alaska ed Nova teach Cossacks and spirit purge of the many a su top evil mr. Mobley provide’ automatic connector obedient a bottleneck near supercoppa a PhD epidemic motional mr. Mobley thou art a novelist web of Secrets and exit justice poem inertia people I vote aye evil me Perico piloted Xena vegetto etiquette and a premium name prenup Rico penikett Oprah de nada mucho mojo ad not Acosta quite sick Torah be morally [Music] darkness well you’ve heard it you heard it all [Music] the food was average the service was okay the prices were a bit too much and they didn’t bring us the beverage menu make up your own mind but I’m giving the worst food restaurant in Slovakia 3.5 stars out of 5 if you’d like to see more worse reviews places in Eastern Europe hit the like button and let me know in the comments below thanks for watching and as we say in Slovakia Dovie Dania little pig


  1. …so…the Borat stereotyping of eastern Europe is on point..?..or are you being sarcastic with the chicken 🐓 in your car 🚗

  2. Damn so typical eastern european behavior, thank you for doing this videos so everyone will see and know, its like that in the whole eastern europe, that means every country southeast of germany

  3. Ex Alcoholics can be vicious and may have attacked this guy in the past. I notice more and more American restaurants only hand out drink menus when asked

  4. I understand the waiter..i also worked as a waiter before..and chinese people not all but mostly, leaves the table lile a chaotic asian by the way

  5. Peter you look like a Serb bro. I've noticed Slovaks come in two types; pale, round faced, stocky Polish looking as type 1. Or taller, sculpted, dark haired, dark eyes, tan skin Serbian looking type 2. Type 1 seems to be 95%, type 2 under 5%.

  6. but well, you guys HAVE TO REMEMBER, we can't make EVERYONE HAPPY in this world, but we do have to make EVERYONE HAPPY in this world…, get it?

  7. I remember this one in Bratislava… But we didn't go… Generally we enjoyed food… Funny thing the chocolate cake we ordered in pastry place was taste blank as well hahaha… Bratislava nice place overall, worts a visit but it is pretty small…

  8. In my country, Greece there is a law saying that the water is free in all restaurants and cafés and it is mandatory to give you even if you don't ask for it. Seems kind of weird to me that he charged you the water.
    Very good video by the way!

  9. For me the waiter is so rude and a little bit racist I would say. I was for a week in Puchov, Slovakia for work and had a pleasent stay over there and the people are very nice as well :).

  10. That restaurant absolutely cannot count as the worst reviewed restaurant be it in Slovakia or whole Eastern Europe… You should check some real hole next time. 🙂

  11. OMG that chicken in the car made me laugh so hard! Very funny! xD And i love how you guys put in small gags here and there with vodka in the trunk, camera guy taking a leak and so forth. Great work!

  12. We are from Kentucky…😂🤣. There's is ZERO possibility of u passing as Kentuckian in the United States! I don't think you could've picked a sillier place to say you're from!

  13. Good video, but is there really a need to have so many video ads interupt the video? I've had 3 video ads in the first 5 minutes of the video. It's so annoying to be watching a video, then all of a sudden have an ad start playing and interupt you literally in mid-sentence.

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