1. Doctor Fung, your the best. Thank you.
    Type 2 diabetic for 10 years now off my meds with intermittent fasting.

  2. Great information but ruined by the close using the man who doubled our national debt and spied on American citizens. No he couldn't.

  3. The more I listen to Dr. Fung I am amazed by his sheer depth of knowledge in physiology. This man is on god mode in this field!!!

  4. So Dr Fung talks about how the liver is affected with Type 2 Diabetes…my husband is a Type 2 now for 25 years and his liver function panel has been and still is in normal range. What does this mean then?

  5. My A1C 8.7 on my first test two years ago. I discovered Dr. Fung. Started his program per videos and his book. In less than 5 months A1C dropped to 5.9; lost 40 lbs. After two years gained back 15 lbs and is steady for a year. A1C 6.3 .As I get back on intermittent fasting; No processed sugars and carbs; eat only when hungry; no snacks; weekly 36 hour fast, my metabolic set point will drop more. He saved my life.

  6. So I am not a diabetic, but I have found something really interesting, more of an unusual hyperglycemic effect. I usually stop eating around 8 or 9 pm and start again at 12 or 1, sometimes a bit later. LOVE intermittent fasting and how it makes me feel. But my blood sugar has been really high. I know because I have a meter because I'm a nursing student and just a weirdo and I like to check it. When I wake up with tons of energy I'll check my sugars and they're like 105-130- and no food for 8+ hours. It will stay a bit high until I eat, and about an hour after I eat it will drop into the 90's. There is basically no info on blood sugar levels in people without diabetes. Am I burning fat stores and seeing the released glucose in my blood? Does anyone have any info on this?

  7. Funny how western medicine's mistakes always seem to err on the side of producing increased profits for the pharmaceutical industry. Western medicine is all about the profit motive. Like everything with the system we live in, there are the success stories, the aspects that work to bring you, like antibiotics, but once in, so much is all about getting you hooked on drugs for your entire life.

  8. People living in Allopathic glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

    As far as the treatment of Chronic diseases goes, Allopathy is a house of horrors 💀☠️

    Just like Cholesterol, BP & Blood sugar are NOT diseases and is in constant state of fluctuation based on age, genetics, diet, stress and exercise.

    Big Pharma and their subservient servants, the Allopaths, who have prostituted the healing profession and the Hippocratic Oath to the pharmaceutical industry, want you to believe that they are diseases and take prescription drugs for life so that they can reap enormous profits.
    The worst thing to do is to constantly check blood for Cholesterol, glucose and pressure because when it is high it will cause stress and further elevate blood glucose and blood pressure. It is a vicious cycle of no return. Reductionist science at it's worst.

    Rather than that, people should increase the consumption of local herbs and spices to strengthen the Liver and Kidneys to age gracefully and focus on Subjective wellbeing not Objective blood tests.
    Holistic Science is better than Reductionist science.

    Treat the patient; not the disease.

    Dr Gerard Jayamohan
    MD Medicina Alternativa
    Mohanaturo Holistics
    Kuala Lumpur
    Malaysia 🇲🇾

  9. I have a question: If you do endurance sport all your life, does this change anything about these negative effects of carbs and sugar? For example if you go running three times a week, do you "burn" something off, so it does not get stored in the liver? Does anybody know, or has a similar video?

  10. Dr Fung you are the best. The more educate us . The better we are able to treat our Insulin Resistance, Fatty Liver, Type 2 Diabetes.

  11. We have one of the best doctors in the world.. giving us the most amazing medical advice .. All for free !!… How lucky are we !!!.. Thank you ! X

  12. Dr Fung Dr Berg Dr Berry all amazing! Keep united and keep up the good work! I was in the 1970s at start of low fat era and one of the reasons was medical profs were finding more bowel cancer. They then said we needed more roughage for our bowel. Sadly they said grain roughage rather than leafy green and grains were cheap.

  13. I'm a living example. 9 months OMAD with 20 hrs IF with 92 lbs weightloss, blood pressure is now normal 118/80. Cannot even THINK about returning to the unhealthy old ways.

  14. So I can get on board with this discussion, but for one thing………The Japanese eat a lot of rice right? They are not an obese people. So, is rice a bad thing? I think that fasting (emptying the liver), and not over filling it……. is the key to a healthy ecosystem. I'll work on that. Thank you for helping me understand diabetes!

  15. I wish I knew this stuff when I was younger. I think the diet industry knew this information all along. Even Weight Watchers denies the validity of Intermittent Fasting. Since I am doing both WW and Intermittent fasting, I know this is true. WW leaders will bad mouth intermittent fasting if you bring it up at a meeting. You would think they would want to jump on the science and incorporate it into their program to give their customers the best possible outcome. I think they are more interested in making money then really helping people. They know that their method as a stand alone plan, ensures repeat customers because people will eventually fail and gain the weight back.

  16. i have done low carb under 20 per day for a very long time i ex 90 min per day cut insulin to 2 units my blood sugar is always over 200 some times over 240 i do NOT seem to be getting better by doing this

  17. Hello Dr Jason, insulin resistance is a protective phenomenon against excess energy storage primarily fat which inhibit GLUT 4 transport. MalonylCoA primarly from excess glucose via glycolysis and krebs cycle inhibits CPT1 inhibiting fattyacid transport into mitochondria redirecting LCFA for TG synthesis inside cytoplasm. Inturn the intermediates of TG-ceramide, DAG finally inhibit GLUT4 transport. Glucose inside the cells is not supersaturated as it is shown in studies to have decreased. Its not internal starvation as you explained, but in a different way. You may have to reconsider the new paradigm again Sir.

  18. Jason Fung is my hero. No joke. When I first read "Jason Fung Nobel Prize…" I thought it was a joke… but now I don't anymore. He is saving milions of lives

  19. What if insulin pushes sugar into the cell and the cell develops cancer because of that overdose of sugar? What if toxins, chemicals, heavy metals or viruses or parasites would cause pancreas inflammation and the pancreatic gland would stop producing insulin? My advice: do a detoxification (heavy metals, toxins, chemicals, mold, viruses, parasites, etc. with binders like humic acid, charcoal, clay and zeolite – and later than eventually chelates like DMPS/DMPA) and a healthy diet (no sugars, no dairy, no grains or grass, no meats, no convenience food or processed food) as well as some supplements to support the body doing its metabolic job are the start-off to great health. The positive effect of fasting is that those inflammation-causing foods are not consumed. It is not the fasting itself that causes the change – it is the elimination of certain foods.

  20. Dr. Fung,

    Can you do a video on diet in children. What is the ideal or appropriate diet to meet the nutritional needs of growing boys?

  21. If you don’t have diabetes, big pharma, drs, hospitals, pharmacies, insurance companies would not be able to make big $$$$. The drug lords lose money. THANK YOU DOCTOR. THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

  22. As usual, big medicine wants you to believe that disease is irreversible and that drugs are the only way to manage it. What a crock. Dr. Fung makes more sense than other expert doctors who are living off the Big Pharma gravy train.

  23. It's a nice theory, BUT I have Insulin Resistance but I do NOT have a fatty liver. My ALT is supposed to be below 36 and it is at 15. My blood glucose is negative and my A1C is supposed to be below 6 and it is at 5.6. I also have stage 3b kidney disease with blood work that is excellent. It makes no sense to me. HARVARD HEALTH says that Metabolic Syndrome and Abdominal Obesity may cause Insulin Resistance. I have both of those. It seems to me that Harvard has got it right.

  24. Depending on your age and feeding choices you can have up to 9 meals in transition in your food tube. Intermittent fasting and raw salads with homemade juices will help clean out your system. Don't over consume fiber either. Coffee enemas can also be helpful in clearing the bile duct and colon to help support the livers function.

  25. Dr. Fung provides the most sensible and logical analysis of Type II diabetes I’ve ever seen! I have been arguing the “old school” paradigm of “eat less, move more” or “it’s all about calories” is wrong for overweight/obese/type II diabetics……the body has to be functioning as designed for that to work and not encumbered with fatty liver, hyper insulin issues, etc.

  26. – Intermittent fasting (eat between 11am and 7pm)
    – Regular sleep (10pm-6am)
    – Control Carbs (50grams per day, no sugar)
    – Prioritize Protein (fatty red meat & fatty fish)
    – Fill with Fat (no vegetable oils!)
    – Regularly walk for 30min (twice a day)
    – Perform HIIT (twice a week)
    – do strength training (twice a week)

  27. Dr. Fung you give me hope I purchased your book the diabetic code was wondering why my blood sugar keeps spiking up when all I consume is meat vegetables, I smoke cigarettes on occasions does this set me back? I would appreciate your advice, thank you God bless.

  28. Hope someone or this doctor answer my Question, the a Doctor told my son that he is type 2 diabetes,but he wasn’t fat, he start dieting and exsercs he is continues to losing wight .

  29. ok great….but question please. no sugar =no starch =no cooked potato or perhaps less cooked any vegetables and no bread and no lental soup or split peq soup or and as kidney diesae from 60 yers of out of control type 2 Diabetes and so what do I eat? i noted Dr berry's reply but I understand that the fat is where the body stores toxic substances so when Dr. Berry buys his lard for ex. he gets the horrible toxins the commercial cattle growers and hormones and God aweful stuff pouring into his body. ???!!!! i got Gout 60 years ago from Dr Atkins first book, and 2 nd time i tried iit it did not work for me; but I think he went to healthy fats in his second book. Dr Norman Walker lived to 110, confirmed by me personally and healthy to the day he died raw juices and colonics I wonder how long Dr Berry will live ingesting bacon fat.When I eat animal fat I get chest pain !!!!! Dr Gundry's diet I lost 45 lbs and my a1c dropped to 6 some thing. But wow so few starches wow. Comments please

  30. Generally speaking Doctors don't listen to patients. A huge number of them suffer from M.D. Syndrome (Medical Deity Syndrome). I tried to get my physician to listen and look at some research. He refused so I ended my medical visits and cure my Type II Diabetes myself. I just stopped eating plants.
    My health improved by leaps and bounds as a Facultative Carnivore. Now the only carbs in my dietary regimen are found in beef liver (glycogen) and certain fish. I do eat cod livers. I think that perhaps the glycogen in codfish liver is minimal. Mostly beef, lamb, and limited pork. I do raise ducks for eggs and meat and geese for meat as well. The only plant materials I eat come from 1 cup of coffee per day and black pepper as a seasoning on my meat and eggs. No plants. My health is improving with each passing days. 16+ years of Keto then the last 19 months of Carnivory. I will never go back to eating plants.

  31. I understand that statistics show that patients with higher LDL survive their first infarction at rate higher than those with lower LDL.
    Question: If those patients were put in an RCT with one group then given statins and one group not, which group would have a lower morbidity on their second cardiac infarction? and which group would a higher rate of having a second cardiac infarction? It's kind of brutal for the participants but it would give more insight into the role LDL and/or statins play in CVD. Would probably require at least one other group: those who lowered LDL by diet only if that is possible. Any Phd applicants out there?

  32. I have very limited experience (5 months) with Keto/Omad but so far I am doing very well and really enjoy what I am doing. I've been enslaved to sugar, starch, grains far too long. I used to think that broccoli with melted cheese on it was bad for me. That's how perverted my ideas about food had become. Today's meal will be salmon and broccoli. How do you like them apples?😊😊

  33. Let me put it in a very "Natural" way,…
    What color are leaves on a tree ?… GREEN 🙂
    What color are apples, pears, bananas, pineapples, strawberries & most fruit before it's ripe ?… GREEN & un attractive 🙂
    AT the end of Summer, as the cold weather approaches where plants don't grow much & animals hide & hunker down, all the fruits & berries turn beautiful colors so that humans & animals alike can see them & smell their sweet enticing scents 🙂
    We eat them, they are sweet, full of Fructose, so we eat a lot of it & our Insulin does it's work so we literally FATTEN UP FOR THE WINTER when food is scarce 😉 The Winter where we FAST & turn that fat back to energy to survive the Winter when there isn't much food !
    Problem is,… Fruit is now available all year long 🙁

  34. Yes! Perfect, 100%.

    So now I’m hungry. Really hungry. And in fact, I crave not only food, but sugar!!!!

    Pies, cakes, tons of fruit; now what?

  35. Problems with this new paradigm:
    1. dietary disease demands dietary solution , no need for medications – big pharma and doctors don't make money
    2. too much sugar in your body, stop eating – farmers, food producers and vendors don't make money

    Results: let's not rock the boat

  36. I've read in the Article below that Ketogenic Diet causes Insulin Resistance, is that true?

  37. And the credibility begins at ‘ no commercial interests’….I didn’t really get all of it but the general idea was very clear. Thank you for the useful explanation. Now convincing my dad he can get better health other than from his pills. 😞

  38. You say Cured from T2D . Surely if someone withT2D eats sugar after they are cured ,will not react as a person who has never had T2D . so this is just a Natural Remedy to control T2D without Medicine . Am i correct ?

  39. I have got angry this his amazing information is denied ! But I now have an understanding of why it is ignored. 1) The pharmaceutical industry make money on medications. 2) State regulators like the UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence ( NICE ) or the FDA in America serve that industry. 3) Doctors in the UK are general practitioners who are guided by NICE guidelines. The pharmaceutical industry make money in Insulin for T1 diabetes which is life saving, and even more money from medicating Type 2 diabetes which make people ill ! NICE and the FDA are not our servants, and wont change the guidelines, they just don't care about us. They know who they serve. Its big pharma. its a disgrace and I feel sorry for those who listen to them and don't have the skills to do their own research. I spend a few weeks of research, changed my diet and reversed T2 diabetes within 8 months. Others are not so fortunate. shame on NICE and organisations like them.

  40. Absolutely brilliant. He's practically a preacher. With this sort of knowledge which is so obvious even to a layman, how can mainstream doctors deny it. What do we have to do before mainstream doctors take up this approach? Do we have to see them in handcuffs for malpractice and manslaughter before they start to listen? Thinking about it, that might work.

  41. Dear Dr. Fung,

    I wish to state that your guidance regarding autophagy, insulin resistance and the like helped me quite a bit in reversing my diabetes. I put on record my gratitude unto thee…

    Arun Dongrey

  42. I hosted a health event in which 100 top health tech CEO's were present and all they talked about was how to "manager" Type 2 Diabetes. Over two days not one person discussed reversing it. Shameful. Just apps and telemedicine on how to get people to take the drugs.

  43. Does this brilliant young man know that it was only several decades ago that no one would have known what you were talking about if someone said "Type 2 Diabetes"? At least not where I'm from. All my childhood as I grew up it was referred to as "sugar diabetes," and I'm 55 years old.

    We've always known what causes diabetes. I think referring to it as type 1 or 2 was a linguistic psychological trick to disassociate it from sugar in the minds of the people consuming all the stuff.

  44. Can someone tell me what is going on if blood sugar goes LOW during fasting. Ie 2.7 or 48.6. Slightly overweight, non diabetic, get a headache and feel weak.

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