Dr. Cares – Pet Rescue 911: The Movie (Subtitles)

Dr. Cares – Pet Rescue 911: The Movie (Subtitles)

Dr. Cares – Pet Rescue 911 Make way, make way! Gunshot wound coming through! We need some help here! What’s the situation? Maggie got shot in the line of duty. I think the bullet’s lodged under her right shoulder. It may be close to her heart. Amy – we need an IV. Now. On it. We’ll need to find exactly where that bullet is, and how far the damage has spread. We’ve already done an X-ray, Jack. Good. We can’t go in blind. I’ll get it! Jack, Amy – please, do whatever it takes… Maggie… She… She saved my life! We’ll do our best, Officer. Everyone, I need you all at your best tonight. We… We have a hero to save! Two months earlier… Homecoming Hello. Hello. *bwaah* Hello! What is it, Newton? Party! Party! *bwaah* What did I tell you about interrupting me while I… Grandpa? Amy! Why didn’t you tell me you were coming back? I wanted to surprise you! So you’ve passed all the exams? I aced them all! I am officially a veterinarian! Party! Party! *bwaah* Ah! It’s nine already! Time to open the clinic! Can I help? If you’re up for it! Closing time! Closing time! *bwaah* Come tomorrow! Come tomorrow! *bwaah* I missed that crazy bird. I don’t suppose you fancy adopting him? I wouldn’t say no to a bit of peace and quiet every once in a while… How did it feel, Amy? Your first day on the job? It was amazing! You did real good, sweetheart! So, any future career plans? Well… I… Arthur! Help! Emily? What’s happening? Daisy is… Daisy is dying!!! Daisy isn’t dying. She’s just a little sick. Arthur is going to make sure she’s all right. Ok… Please save Daisy? Don’t worry. We’ll take care of your furry friend. She’ll be just fine. Future Plans Amy! Lisa! Wow! Look at you! A full blown veterinarian! How have you been? Any new boyfriends in the big city? Stop it! Oh, don’t be so shy! I know all your secrets anyway! Ah! There you are! I need to run a couple of errands. I trust you two can handle things? Don’t worry, we’ll be fine! Sure! Good! And don’t forget to treat the poor bunny, Amy! Daisy! She’s going to be fine. It was just a bunny version of a minor cold. You’re awesome, Ms. Amy! Thank you so much for your help! We’re happy to have you back. You know… I missed this town. So, what are your plans? Are you going to take over Arthur’s clinic? Well… I… Actually, I’m thinking about going back to New York City… Oh… But I thought… It’s just, Arthur could really use your help… I can’t stay here all my life though, can I? I could help more animals in a bigger clinic! I want to make a real difference in the world! Besides, I’m sure grandpa doesn’t really need my help. New York City, huh? It’s time for you to tell me everything! Dinner? Let’s go! Confessions Delete! Delete! *bwaah* No, Newton! Stop! Great… Now I have to write all my job applications again from scratch. So, your mind’s made up? You’re really leaving again? I love Snuggford, but working at a big clinic is what I really want. It’s where I can truly make a difference… Did you talk to Arthur yet? No… Not yet. You know, he always imagined you’d be the one to take over his clinic… I know… Promise me you’ll talk to him soon. I promise. Well, I’m off! See you later, Amy! Bye, Lisa. You should go home and rest as well. Grandpa, I need to talk to you about something. What is it, sweetheart? I’ve been thinking about what I want to do next, now that I’m a veterinarian… I… I’ve been thinking about applying for a job at one of the veterinary hospitals in New York City. Ah… Excellent decision! I’m sure you’ll do well. Is there anything I can do to help? You’re… You’re not disappointed that I’m not staying in Snuggford? Amy… It’s your decision to make, and only yours. I will stand beside you no matter what you decide. I love you, grandpa. I love you too, sweetheart. Now go home and get some rest. Goodnight, grandpa. Tell Amy. Tell Amy! *bwaah* It’s not that simple, little bird… Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! I can’t tell her now… She needs to make her own choices. Great Escape How’s the job search going, Amy? Ugh. No replies yet. Waiting is the worst! Don’t worry, sweetheart. I’m sure you’ll get a call soon. Oh no. Not again! What is it, grandpa? They escaped again! But… HOW?! Grandpa? What are you talking about? My turtles escaped from the terrarium! Amy, can you please look around the clinic? I’ll check in my office! Phew! I think that’s all of them! I still can’t figure out how they keep escaping! Not the first time, then? Not the last! Not the last! *bwaah* Hello? Yes, this is Amy. Of course. I will. Thank you. I got a call from one of the hospitals! They’ve invited me for an interview! Woohoo! That’s great news! Let’s celebrate! Interview Day Hmm… This is unsettling indeed. To think I was just planning for Scrappy’s birthday next week… But now… Try not to worry for now, Becca. It may be nothing serious. We’ll just have to see. Please, call me as soon as you know something, Arthur. I will. Okay! I’m off for my interview! Good luck, Amy! Fingers crossed! I’m sure you’ll ace it! It’s not good, is it? No. He’s in really bad shape. I’m not sure what we can do to help him. Mrs. Everly is going to be devastated. We’ll call her tomorrow. I need to think this through… Amy! How did the interview go? I… I didn’t get the job… I flunked it… What happened? They gave me a test… I panicked, and… I made a stupid mistake… Hey, it’s OK. It happens to the best of us. It shouldn’t! I thought I was ready… What if I’m not good enough? Don’t think things like that. It’s just the first interview. There’ll be many more to come. They told me I’m not suited for the job… Amy. You can be anything you want to be. Come. Let me get you something warm to eat. Special Delivery Alright. Yeah. I miss you too. Sooooo… Was that a cute boy maybe? Hey! No, it’s nothing like that. Just Crystal, my old roommate from university. Suuuure. Suuuure. *bwaah* Ah, I needed a good laugh. I’m still worried about Scrappy. Did you figure out what’s wrong with him? Well, his kidneys are in really bad shape… Is there anything we can do? I’m not sure. I’ll need to look into this a bit more. Look! More! Look! More! *bwaah* Sorry, Newton, not today. I have to concentrate, so you’ll have to sit this one out. Amy, Lisa, can I count on you two again? Of course! Scrappy needs your full attention. Come on Newton, let’s let Arthur work in peace. Phew! Running this place really takes it out of you! You can say that again! Phew! Phew! *bwaah* I need to take Scrappy to the lab, so we can run some tests. Poor little guy. I hope you find something useful! Me too. He’s a good boy. I’ve got a special delivery for a Miss… Amy Cares? Is she here? CRYSTAL! What are you doing here!? It sounded like you could use a friend. You must be Lisa! Oh my god, I love your shoes! Shall we get dinner? My treat! Yay! My two best friends, what more could I ask for? Biscuits! *bwaah* Biscuits! All or Nothing It was so nice to see you Amy! I really hope you move back to New York City! Well, I’ll keep applying for jobs there. I can’t just give up now! Amy, but- Don’t worry! Crystal to the rescue! I’m sure I have a pet clinic somewhere in my contacts. Wow! Thanks, Crystal! You really cheered me up! Have a safe trip back! LISA! It was SO nice to meet you! Yeah, yeah you too. Drive safe. I better see you both soon! Well, I’m afraid it’s not looking too good. I’m sorry, Becca, but I think it may be time to talk about our options… But, surely you don’t mean… putting Scrappy down? There must be something we can do… We can’t give up yet! Kidney failure can have a lot of different causes… There is one more thing we can try. But it’s risky! It may only make things worse. Please, Arthur. Scrappy is a fighter. He deserves every chance. Amy, we’ll need to prep for a surgery. I’ll need your help tonight. Amy… are you ready? I better be! Better! Better! *bwaah* Scrappy will be very weak afterwards. Someone should stay with him tonight, keep an eye on his vitals. I can stay tonight, no problem. Alright then. No reason to hang around. We should get started. I’ll cook some dinner for you and bring it over! Thanks, Lisa. But please no- Don’t worry, I know you’re a vegetarian. Amy, it’s time to begin. Vanishing Dog Oh my… what happened in here? Lisa! Oh no, I must’ve fallen asleep! Oh no no no! Where’s Scrappy? Hey, stay calm. Maybe Arthur took him to the lab. Let’s look around- Help! *bwaah* Help! Oh! What a relief. Those two scared the- Aww Scrappy! I’m so glad you’re okay! Umm… Amy? Grandpa! I’m so sorry! I must’ve dozed off. Lisa just woke me up… That doesn’t quite explain everything. Looks like Scrappy threw a little party to celebrate his recovery! Alright, I’ll bring him into our interrogation room. I’ll run some lab tests first to be sure he’s ok. Ugh, what a day! I feel like I could sleep for a- Who’s your best friend EVER? Crystal! Oh, you won’t believe what happened! We saved Scrappy! That’s my girl! I’m so proud! I’ve got you a job at the Pawsitive Pet Clinic in New York! It’s like the BEST veterinary gig EVER! We can be roomies again! What? But Amy, you… Wow, Crystal! Thank you so much! That’s- Hey, it’s nothing! I just miss my best friend! The city’s boring without you. Amy- But first… let’s go celebrate! Lisa, you in? You two go on ahead. I still need to close up the clinic. Okay, but don’t be too long! Or we’ll steal all the cute boys before you even get there. Amy! I’m glad I caught you. I really can’t thank you enough for what you and Arthur did for Scrappy. Oh, it was nothing Mrs. Everly. We all love him too you know! You should be proud of yourself Amy. Your confidence saved my best friend. I really can’t thank you enough. Snuggford just wouldn’t be the same without our resident pet experts! With Arthur retiring, I’m glad you’ll be taking over the clinic. Oh, dear… Didn’t he tell you yet? I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have… No, it’s ok. It’s good to know. Alright, time for us to go. Say thanks to Amy, Scrappy! But… If Grandpa’s retiring… What’s going to happen to the clinic? Closing time! Closing time! *bwaah* Why didn’t anyone just tell me? Not even Lisa! She must’ve known… Oh, stupid Amy… You just kept talking about leaving, when they were all expecting you to stay and take over the clinic from Grandpa! How can I take the job Crystal got for me now? I can’t just abandon Grandpa… Yesterday, I didn’t even have one good option. Now I have two… Heart-to-Heart Amy? You didn’t show up last night… What happened? Grandpa is RETIRING and you didn’t tell me!? Amy, I’m so sorry, I– Everyone knows but me! I had to hear it from Mrs. Everly! He’s going to close the clinic if I don’t take over, isn’t he? I just didn’t want to get stuck in the middle… It wasn’t- Lisa! We’re supposed to be able to tell each other everything! I’m sorry- Morning sunshine! Oh… Hey! What’s this all about? Grandpa is retiring and NO ONE told me! I just didn’t want to influence your plans! Hey! Enough of all this! You’re both awesome, and you’re both just trying to do what’s right, right? I’m sorry, Lisa. It’s not your fault. I guess I just don’t know how to handle this… I’m sorry too… For, you know… You just wanted me to be able to make my mind up by myself. I get it. Still… I really don’t know what to do. Should I take the job Crystal got me? And just let the clinic close? Or, should I stay here, in Snuggford? FIRST, go talk to Arthur! Then you can decide. You’re right. I’ll do that tonight. Hey Lisa, wanna grab a coffee? You know… THAT coffee? Oh, sure! Let’s go to Emily’s. She’s got the best coffee in town. Sounds perfect. As long as they have a salted caramel macchiato- Well, I’m sure they can whip up something like that… Amy? Are you okay, sweetheart? You look a little thoughtful. Mrs. Everly mentioned that you… Er, well… She said you might be retiring… You’d think I’d have learned at my age… No secrets in a small town. Listen, Amy. I would be more than happy to have you take over the clinic. But it’s your life, and it’s not fair for me to put any pressure on you. I know, but- No buts about it. You’ll always have a home here, but home should never be an obligation. Decisions like these are hard enough without all the pressure of friends and family. You’re your own woman – a strong woman. I know you’ll make the right choice by yourself. Running this clinic is just one option, one among many. I love it here Grandpa! I really do. You make such a difference here in town. But Crystal got me a job at the Pawsitive Pet Clinic in New York… I could help so many animals there too… No matter what you do, you’ll make a big difference. I’m sure of it. You know that I love you and will always support you, right? I know, Grandpa. I love you too. Amy’s Choice This decision is way too difficult! How am I meant to choose? The city is calling your name Amy. You know it’s true. All the parties, and the cute little cafes, and the boys, and- I mean, it’s NEW YORK CITY! No contest. But… what kind of work will you do there? I mean, is it helping animals the way you want to? I… I’m not exactly sure. On the phone, the supervisor just said I’d help out where I’m needed as I gain experience… But that’s perfect! You can learn all sorts of new skills and try out a whole bunch of different departments. But… won’t you miss your friends and family? The people here love you, they all know your name… I know, I love everyone here too! It’s just… I want to make a difference! I want to save animals, and do something meaningful. Wouldn’t working at the biggest clinic in New York City give me the best shot at that? Of course it would! I bet they’re doing, like, cutting edge research and all that. It’s your choice, Amy. Just make sure you know what you want for yourself. Want! Biscuit! Want! Biscuit! *bwaah* If I stay, I could have my own clinic. But I could learn so much in New York! If I leave, Grandpa will be alone with that crazy bird. But he does have Lisa, and his friends! If I go, I can stay with Crystal. But then I’ll miss home! Ugh! What am I going to do? Well, you’re looking thoughtful, Amy. Don’t worry – it’s good to have options. Well, what do you think I should do little guy? You’ve usually got quite a bit to say. Biscuit! Biscuit! *bwaah* Ah, I see. It costs one biscuit for your wisdom then, does it? Party! Party! *bwaah* I suppose waiting won’t make it any easier, will it? True. I think… I think I’m going to take the job in New York. AWESOME!!! Oh, we’re going to have SO much fun. This is going to be great! I just feel like it’s a once in a lifetime chance for me to really make a difference – to save as many animals as I can! You can stay with me as long as you like. We’ll be roomies again!!! I’m so proud of you, Amy. You made a tough decision, but I think you’ll learn a lot. Congratulations, Amy. We’re going to miss you so much – don’t you dare forget to visit! Oh, Lisa, I’m going to miss you all too! You’ll have to come to the city sometime! Well, it’s been a long day, and I guess you have some packing to do! I’ll see you tomorrow. Goodnight! Oh my! I’d better get going too! I’ve got to clean up my apartment if I’m going to have a new roomie! Yay! I’ll be back in a few days to pick you up! I’m so EXCITED! Thanks for everything, Grandpa. You’ve taught me so much. None of this would have been possible without you. Believe it or not, you’ve taught me a lot too, Amy. I’m exhausted. I think I’ll make an early night of it. Goodnight, Grandpa. I love you. I love you too. Sleep well. Not happy! Not happy! *bwaah* She made the right choice, little bird. She needs to follow her heart. Biscuit! Biscuit! *bwaah* Oh no – that’s enough biscuits for one day! You know what? I think I’ll keep the clinic open a little while longer. Maybe just another few months. First Day We have a new employee on the Luxury Ward. I’ll need you to keep an eye on her, Jack. Come on, Sherman… I’m already understaffed in Critical Care! I don’t have time- I’m not asking, Jack. Fine. But what about my new doctor? You’ll get it, Jack. Just not today. You’re ten minutes late. As it’s your first day today, we’ll let that go. I’m sorry! This place is so huge, I got a little lost. We have a reputation to maintain. Punctuality is one of our core values. It won’t happen again, you have my word! Well, best not waste too much time. I’m Jack. I sometimes help out over here, but mostly work in Critical Care in the building next door. It’s really nice to meet you. Jack, show Amy the ropes. We’ll need to bring her up to speed. We call this the Luxury Ward. Here, we focus on grooming and accessories. Everything here looks so amazing! I’m really excited to work here! Ready to begin? Yes! Ready when you are. Phew. That was quite a busy day! This place isn’t up to our standards. Everything needs to be sterilized! Especially if you plan on showing up late for work in the morning… Oh, no sir! I’ll be- Hey girl! Can’t wait to hear about your first day!! Cell phones should be on silent at all times here at the Pawsitive Pet Clinic. Is that understood Ms. Cares? Yessir, sorry sir! Amy, you did great on your first day today. Nice work. Good to hear. Please clear up when you’re done chatting. Let’s just get this all finished up. Yeah, okay. I really appreciate your help. Ugh, crazy day. Awesome clinic, jerk boss, kinda cute colleague (who just saved me!). Meet me in an hour! Party tonight! We NEED to celebrate!!! Small Talk Don’t worry, you made it. Not funny, Jack! That guy scares me! Where is he? Sherman rarely feels the need to be on time, ironically. Why am I not surprised… So how long have you been working here? Hmm… Let me think… In total, I’ve been here for- Jack! I need you in Critical. Right now, please. On it. Amy, can you handle things on your own? Of course! Is everything alright? Sherman seemed touchier than usual this morning… Just a small emergency in Critical Care. It’s all good now. Anyway, nice job here. Everything looks- You busy tonight? Let’s hang out!!! Amy, you should really keep that phone on silent. Of course, I’m sorry! It’s just, I’m just viewing apartments tonight and… Where’s my girl??? I miss you!! CALL ME!! I’m sorry- I’ll see you tomorrow, Amy. Oh, stop ringing already! Pink Puppy Good morning little friend. And what’s your name? Fufu? That’s… Wow. Adorable. Well little puppy Fufu, what can we do for you? You need to dye it pink. Excuse me? The small animal. The client wants it pink. But… What? I thought I was being quite clear, Ms. Cares. Our clients come first. Always. He said ‘it’! ‘It’! You can’t dye a dog pink, Jack… It may sound weird, but that’s what our clients want sometimes… We even have nail polish for dogs! No joke… But… but- Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt the pets. Just do what Sherman asks, ok? Perfect! It’s pink alright! The client will be most impressed. Hey! Dog! Stop that! Amy! Let’s go have some FUN! Oh, Jack. This is my friend Crystal. Nice to meet you. Oh, so you’re Jack! You should TOTALLY come party with us! Maybe another time… I’ve got work to do. Aw, you’re breaking my heart! But you – you ARE coming with me! NOW! Isn’t the Verity Club AMAZING? I feel like a movie star in here. Speaking of which, how are you finding the job? Oh, yeah! It’s great! The clinic is beautiful. But, Amy. Why was that puppy pink? Was that meant to happen? I know, right?! Anyway, look… I really appreciate you letting me stay at your place but… I’ve started looking for my own apartment. NOOOO! You need to live with me FOREVER! You know I love you, but a girl needs her space… Psshh. You need ME in your space. Well, FINE! But you need to at least stay the weekend with me! Late Again Rough night? It was fun. Maybe too fun… How was your night? Not as interesting. I live with- UGH! Headache. Grumpy. I’m sorry! I know, I know, I forgot to silence it… Again… Sorry. OK. You were saying? It was nothing important. No, please, go ahead. Can you get the grooming station set up? It’s going to be a bit busy today. Sorry about this morning- Look. Actions speak louder than words. You could be a great vet. But not until you focus on it. I know it’s hard to hear, but I’m trying to help. Hey, I’ll be in Critical Care tomorrow. Can I count on you to handle things here? Okay. Thank you. Do you really think I could be a good vet? I’d love to work in Critical Care with you… Well, maybe you need to show you have what it takes. I will. Thanks Jack. Good news Amy! You got the place! I got an APARTMENT! Own Place Miss Cares! It’s about time… You’ve got a LOT to do. Oh? Here’s the list. OK. But, Jack isn’t here today… I’m not sure I can do everything on my own, sir. I couldn’t care less. It still needs to get done. Ugh! What is WITH that guy? Hey there. Still planning on ditching me tonight? You’re such a drama queen… But you LOVE me anyway. Very true. Still willing to help me move? Of course, I’ll pick you up after work! Everything better be finished in here! I-I did all I could, Sir, but… I don’t want to hear excuses! Right. Well, I’m… going to… the gym. Amy, I want you here at 9 a.m. sharp tomorrow! Who did you say that guy was? He’s kinda weird. Ready to move me in? After you! It’s… cozy! Yeah! It’s a perfect little starter apartment! You’d have had a little more space if you’d stayed with me. I’m gonna miss you. Crystal… we live in the same city! But being roomies was AWESOME! Come on! Let’s unpack! First Sight Good morning sunshine! How was the first night? It’s so great to finally have a place of my own! We’ll celebrate TONIGHT!! You look happy this morning. I am officially not homeless! I got an apartment! Oh, nice! Congratulations. Thanks! I think we’re going to celebrate tonight. Would you like to tag along? Maybe. Where are you headed? The Verity Club. Crystal loves it there. I’ll think about it. Alright, all set! So… have you decided? Decided what? If you’ll come out for a drink! Oh, right… not tonight. It’s… not really my scene at Verity. Awww… Alright then. Maybe next time! Have a nice evening! You too – have fun. AAAMMMYYYY! Hey there. Looks like you started without me! This is the pretty girl I was talking about! Hey gorgeous. I’m Jasper. Haha gorgeous? Yeah, right. Truly, you’re the prettiest girl here. HEY! Uh huh. Sure. I’m being serious, you know. You are? No, wait, really? Well… that’s awkward. Sorry… I guess I’m not used to compliments. I find that hard to believe. Psst. He’s messing with me, right? NO! He thinks you’re cute! Well, I screwed that up. Transition My other candidate was perfect. Amy is my choice for Critical Care. I don’t think she’s responsible enough, Sherman. Well, too bad. She’s the cheapest option. She’s always on her phone, leaves early, comes in late… My mind’s made up. We can save thousands of dollars! She’s inexperienced! I think you’re making a mistake. I’ve heard enough, Mr. Hawkins! Good morning! It would appear that you’re late. Sorry, I- Enough, I don’t have time for excuses! Jack, I’m- Actions speak louder than words, Amy. Act. Can you hold on for one second? I’d like to talk to you about something. OK. Amy? Crystal mentioned you work here. Jasper?! What are you doing here? I was thinking we got off on the wrong foot. I was hoping maybe we could try again. That sounds like a nice idea. And these are some beautiful flowers. Well, not as beautiful as you. Thank you, Jasper. Oh, Jack! What did you want to talk about? Nah, nothing. I’ll see you tomorrow. Maybe I could buy you dinner? What do you think? I’d like that! Big Dates! WAKE UP! I need ALL the details. Ugh, it’s too early for gossip… Tell me all about your date with Jasper! Now! It was nice. He’s quite charming. His family is quite well off you know. He’s a great catch! I don’t understand why he’s interested in me though… Because you’re AWESOME! Come on. Get ready. I’ll give you a lift to work. What is WITH this crazily-colored canine? Alright, I’m off. I want more date updates! Hey little one. I hope you’re back to remove that ridiculous color. Unfortunately not. Seems we need to dye little puppy Fufu again. This pup will be pink for months! Oh, this plant is so pretty! Where did it come from? Dunno. Maybe a gift from a client. So, Amy. I need to speak to you about work- Hey Amy! I just thought I’d stop in and see if you’re free. Oh, that’s really nice of you. But… I have to work the rest of the day, Jasper. Come on. What’s more important – me, or shampooing a dog? I’m just joking! But seriously, let’s go! Well, I can’t leave early again. I’m sorry- Hey, you there! Can you cover for Amy? It’s important! Jasper, don’t- Go ahead, Amy… Do or don’t. I booked us a table at a great Italian restaurant! Jack… I’ll make it up to you- OK. Maybe she’ll learn… Or maybe not. Ups and Downs Miss Cares, this behavior is unacceptable. I know… I’m still getting used to life here. I was out last night and just couldn’t get home- Listen, Amy. I get it, I really do. New life, new friends, new job. It’s a lot to take in. But you can’t be everywhere at once. More importantly, this clinic’s reputation- One thing at a time, Sherman. I don’t have time for this! Amy, it’s simple. You need to prioritize. No more excuses. Do what needs to be done. Right. I understand. I will. Grandpa? It’s so good to hear your voice. Really? Tonight? That’s great! Okay! See you then! Grandpa! Hey sweetheart. It’s great to see you. A suitcase? Are you staying for a while? The suitcase is for you. I’ve been cleaning out the clinic. It’s like walking through my memories. Found a few of your things. Thanks, Grandpa. Is that what brought you to the city? Not entirely. I’m also looking for a buyer. For the clinic… One buyer wants to turn it into a convenience store. I was hoping someone might want it as an actual vet clinic… Yeah, me too. But enough of that. Tell me about your new life! Sometimes amazing, sometimes terrible! Today, I was late and my bosses were not happy. But I was only late because I met a nice guy, and was out on a date! My one boss, Sherman, is kind of a jerk. But Jack tries to help me. I think. He was a bit grumpy today though. He says I can’t do everything at once. I have to focus. Well, well, well. Sounds like quite an adventure so far. This Jack fellow might be right. People will pull you in different directions. You should pick your own path, and ignore the rest. But… you do seem happy. That warms my heart. Thanks Grandpa. I think maybe I am happy. I love you, Grandpa. Love you too, sweetheart. The Dinner Excuse me, have you seen Jack this morning? I’m afraid I don’t think he’s in today. Ooo! So how are things with your BOYFRIEND? Oh, shush. And don’t use the ‘B’ word. He totally is, isn’t he! Hah! And it’s all because of ME. Have you and Jasper kissed yet? I want DETAILS! You know I’d tell you. Ooh, I know! Why don’t you invite him to your new place for dinner! Actually, yeah. That’s a good idea. I can cook… Well… kind of. Oh my- Oh, no, no, no! I’m in deep- Biscuit! Biscuit! *bwaah* NEWTON?!?!? How did you… wait- Newton, were you hiding out in the suitcase? Oh NO! Oh Newton, if I didn’t love you so much I’d- Oh my. Bit messy, this apartment of yours… Did the cleaning lady forget to come? Jasper, I don’t have a cleaning lady! I clean by myself, of course! Oh, you’re messing with me. Everyone has a cleaning lady! So, what happened then? Oh. Yeah. Newton happened. What’s a Newton? He’s my grandfather’s pet parrot. Apparently- A-parrot-ly. *bwaah* Apparently he doubles as a failing comedian. Anyway, he must’ve snuck into the suitcase my grandfather dropped off last night. I guess he got hungry and started looking for a snack… Speaking of hungry, how about I take you out to get a bite to eat instead? I’m sorry, Jasper… I really wanted to do something nice for you… Hey. You’re here. That’s enough for me. *bwaah* Alright, what did you call me in for? It’s my day off, you know- Amy. I’m moving her to Critical Care. Sherman, you know my stance on this. Frankly, Jack, I don’t care. She’s not ready. One day, maybe, but not today. This isn’t a discussion. Amy goes to Critical Care. Dream Job Amy, we’re moving you to Critical Care. What?! Oh, that’s wonderful news! For the record, I want to let you know that I have some reservations about this. What with the phone interruptions, leaving early, coming in late… I think you’re great with animals Amy, don’t get me wrong. But in Critical Care, mistakes can cost lives. I understand, I’ve been thinking about that too. Amy, what’s most important in an emergency? Oh, well, professionalism? Punctuality? Oh, right! You’ve been trying to show me this for ages. Act! I need to be more firm and decisive! Can you two just get to work already? Come on Amy. Let’s begin. Today was so amazing! I got promoted! That’s nice, Amy. Listen… I had something I wanted to ask you. What’s on your mind? You said your neighbors are always noisy, and are keeping you up at night, right? It’s the worst! And this apartment is quite… small… And we really like each other, right? Well, I think so- So, let’s move in together! You can move into my apartment. I dunno…. It seems a little soon… Why wait? Maybe we should get to know each other better first? Nonsense! The timing is perfect! Well, what do you think Newton? Nonsense! Nonsense! *bwaah* Let me think about it, alright? Make sure you let me know soon though! Does this bird have a cage? *bwaah* Rage! Rage! Right Reasons Jack! This place is a mess! Sorry Sherman. The night shift had a busy- If I want excuses, I’ll ask for them! Okay… Amy and I will spend some extra time today cleaning up. I should hope so! The Pawsitive Pet Clinic has a reputation- And what’s this? This box shouldn’t just be left out here! It’s a safety hazard! It’s just a shipment of products we received just a moment- What did I say about excuses? Um… that you’ll ask for them? No! No excuses, Jack. Don’t let him get to you. You too! He shouldn’t be so hard on you… He is what he is, I suppose. Amy, I’ve got a favor to ask. Turns out one of the doctors on the night shift will be out of action for a while. Oh no! What happened? She’s quite sick. I expect she’ll be out for a few weeks at least. So… we’ll need to pick up some of the slack, right? Exactly. Can I count on you to cover a few extra shifts this month? Of course! Hey you. Fancy getting together again tonight? Problem? Nope! No problem. Listen, Amy… I’m sorry for not supporting your promotion. No, you shouldn’t be. I know I messed up a lot… I needed to get my priorities straight. We’re both in this for the right reasons. Yeah, absolutely. The animals come first. Maggie Everything alright? Family emergency? Yeeaaaah, it’s fine. Just relationships, y’know? Sounds complicated. Yeah, it certainly seems it. But… should it be? Ideally not. I don’t understand why he texts me all day at work. It’s annoying. Well, tell him. I don’t want to hurt his feelings though! How do you say ‘leave me alone’, but nicely? Officer Murray and Maggie! Who’s a good girl? In for the annual check up? Yes indeed. Police dogs need to be kept in tip top condition! Well hello Maggie! I’m honored to meet a local hero! There’s my good little girl! Ready to roll? As usual, she was the perfect lady. No problems at all – she’s ready for duty! Well, what do you say to the nice doctors Maggie? It was our pleasure. Oh, I wish I could keep her! We’re always here for Maggie, Officer Murray. Well, I’ll be sure to ask for this great duo next time! It was a pleasure meeting you, Amy. It’s nice to see a new friendly face around here. Stop it! *bwaah* Morning Jack! Morning Jack! *bwaah* Is there an echo in here? Who’s this little guy? My grandfather’s parrot, Newton. Well, it’s nice to meet you, Newton. You’re rather clever, aren’t you? Are you? Are you? *bwaah* Would you mind if he stayed here today? He’s seemingly decided to just keep following me wherever I go. And he outright refused to stay at home… No problem, so long as he doesn’t distract us. Party! Party! *bwaah* Alright wise guy. Enough of that. Wow! Normally he only listens to my grandfather! I’m waiting outside. Got us a nice reservation! Busy evening tonight? Yeah. Another date with my boyfriend. You don’t seem too excited? No, it’s not that. I really like him, but… He’s asked me to move in with him. We’ve only known each other for a couple of weeks! Sounds like a tough decision to make. Cake! Cake! *bwaah* What did I say about distractions, wise guy? How ARE you doing that? Oh, that reminds me. I so need to tell you about Newton’s stowaway adventure! A stowaway huh? I’d love to hear it… Come on, I’ll walk you out. *bwaah* This BF Thing Seriously… I’m so lost when it comes to this boyfriend thing! Help me Crystal!! You worry too much! You’re AMAZING together! I think I need a break from boys… I’ll pick you up after work, let’s go to Verity! Okay – see you then! Hey Jack, do you need me to stay late tonight? Nah, I don’t think so. As long as nothing big comes up today. Oh, that’s great! I’m really missing my friends. It’s been so busy I haven’t really stayed in touch! I know what you mean. Thanks for all your hard work lately. It doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s been so CRAZY at work lately! I mean, it’s been amazing. But I’ve barely had a second to relax! Tell me about it! I haven’t seen you in weeks! And how about Jasper? How’s that going? Well, he’s handsome, and charming, and nice, but… I feel like he always wants me around. He even suggested we move in together. But that’s a good thing, right? No, I know… But, he gets so grumpy when I’m busy. I feel like I’m failing at this whole having-a-boyfriend thing. Nonsense. You’re a strong, independent woman! He should respect you for that. You have an important job, you know! You’re right. If he cares about me, he’ll understand… right? Sure Man Morning! Oh, hello Sherman. Sure man. *bwaah* Sure man. Newton seems to be picking up some slang. What’s a Newton? And what’s that bird doing here? Oh, he just gets- We’re going to give him a check up. Ah, customers! Excellent. Now, get back to work! Yes sir. We’ll get started right away! Probably best to keep our pets at home, Amy. I know! Newton just… He. Won’t. Leave. Me. Alone! I understand. I love my pets too. Oh! So, you were about to tell me all about your cool pets. Right, well- Hey workaholic. Haven’t heard from you in a while… Got some time for me this week? I’m such a terrible girlfriend… So sorry, Jasper! Work has been really busy! Dinner tonight? Sorry it’s been so busy. Oh no, not at all. But I’d better go! Do you mind if I leave a little earlier tonight? Sure man. *bwaah*. Sure man. Well, it’s okay with Newton, so it’s okay with me. A Hero to Save Well, looks like it’s gonna be a busy day today. I hope you’re well rested! Absolutely – I’m feeling great! How about you, Newton? Rootin’-tootin’! *bwaah* You mentioned you had some pets, right? I do. A dog and a cat. Who are suspiciously close friends, all things considered. So maybe opposites do attract! What are their names? A sneaky, silver cat named Sherlock, and huge black dog named Watson… He’s sometimes mistaken for a bear. Oh, they sound like quite the duo! If I ever need a crime solved… Nothing beats coming home to pets after a stressful day. Yeah, well… Make way, make way! Gunshot wound coming through! We need some help here! What’s the situation? Maggie got shot in the line of duty. I think the bullet’s lodged under her right shoulder. It may be close to her heart. Jack, Amy – please, do whatever it takes… Maggie… She… She saved my life! We’ll do our best, Officer. Everyone, I need you all at your best tonight. We… We have a hero to save! Now or Never Something’s wrong. Maggie’s still in pain. There must still be a bullet fragment in there… There is a tiny blip on the X-ray, right up against the heart. It could be anything. And it’s in a really tough spot to get to. We need to do something… She should be getting better! We checked everything! Jack. You did great. You stopped the bleeding. You too, Amy. You kept a cool head. You two! What do you think you’re doing!? Sir, we have a serious- Jack? As Amy was saying, we have a serious situation. Bullet wound. And? Well, we’ve done what we can so far. We’ve removed the bullet… …but we suspect there’s still a small, sharp fragment near her heart. Our options are limited. And risky. If we’re wrong… She’s in a lot of pain. We need to- Does the X-ray show anything? Nothing definite. We’ll be going in blind. Absolutely not! We have a reputation to maintain. The PR blowback if something goes wrong – and it probably will- What!? PR doesn’t matter right now. She’s been getting worse since this morning! We need to save her! I agree with Amy. Sherman, we do have options here. No. I have options, you two have orders. If she pulls through, wonderful. If not, there was nothing we could do. But sir- I won’t hear another word! We could get sued you know! Jack, it’s now or never. I think we’re running out of time. If we do nothing, we’ll lose Maggie. If we try to save her, we’ll get fired. No question. We need to do what’s right. We need to find, and remove that fragment – but just the slightest slip and- You’re right. Let’s get started. Prep her for surgery. On it. If anyone asks, you did this on my orders. Absolutely not! This was my idea! I don’t want you getting in trouble. I’m in charge, it’s on me. But- Listen. This is what a real manager should do. Do you understand? Wow. You work… here? Jasper? What- Come on, Amy! My parents and I are taking you to dinner! Jasper, I’m sorry. We have an emergency here- It’s always an emergency with you! My parents came all the way- This dog’s life is on the line, Jasper! Dinner will have to wait. But, Amy, come on! And you still haven’t said if you’ll move in- Out, Jasper! I’m not going to argue with you right now! Lock the doors. No-one gets in or out unless I say so. Amy – you know the procedure, so walk me through it. Okay, let’s get started. Fired? Well, I think she’ll pull through. She seems steady. Her vitals are strong. Oh, I hope she’s going to be alright! Who’s a brave girl? You are, Maggie! She’ll wake up soon enough, so we’ll have a better idea then. I’m going to call the precinct and let Officer Murray know how things went. What have you two done?! We found and removed the bullet fragment. It was the only way. You ignored a specific command directly from ME! Both of you are in BIG trouble. You hear me? Amy only did as she was told. It was my order. Then you are FIRED! You hear me, Jack? Yes, I can hear you. You are shouting, you know. All you had to do was to do what you were told!!! No. We had to do what was right. We’ll finish this after today’s shift. Jack! In my office! Right now! How’s Maggie? Woof! Woof! Careful now! She still needs to rest. But she’s doing extremely well! Oh, I was so worried! I thought she was a goner. You worked a real miracle here! Maggie’s part of the family, you know. We’d all be lost without her. Our unit really can’t thank you enough. Indeed! We put our best and brightest on the case! It was the least we could do for a local hero! She was very brave, even when she was in pain. Are we OK to take her home now? Will she be alright? Yeah, she seems to be healing up well. But we’ll need to do a full check up this week. Just give me a call at the precinct. We need to tell the local papers about the unsung heroes! Jack Hawkins and Amy Cares, right? Yup! And Jack was the lead. It’s Sherman’s Team! Don’t forget to mention the clinic! Copy that, look for your names in the paper! Right, well. I suppose we could let this one slide. You two are on thin ice though, you hear me? A Great Team Amy! I hope you caught up on some sleep. Oh boy, did I need it! Feeling 100%! Well… maybe 90%. You did great, Amy. Thanks for doing the right thing. You too! We made a great team. Yeah. Yeah, we did. Something’s been bothering me though… About the policies at the Pawsitive Pet Clinic. Well… it’s a business. It’s not perfect. But doesn’t it bother you? I mean- I know what you mean. And it does. But we need jobs. And they have excellent facilities here. Not to mention a very intelligent staff to learn from. Well… for the most part. You could always help out at the shelter if you like. I volunteer on weekends. It’s amazing, Amy. You should come with me. Definitely! Oh, that sounds perfect! You don’t mind? Not at all. As you said, we make a great team. I’ll send you the shelter’s address later today, ok? What time should I get there? Whenever you like. I’ll be around for most of the weekend. Oh, I’m so excited! Amy? Are you busy? Jasper! I’m sorry, again, about the emergency… But we- I wanted to see if you’re free this weekend. Umm… I actually wanted to volunteer at the- Volunteer?! Amy, you work all the time! What about spending time with me? Maybe you could come with me? Please? It’s an animal shelter! It’ll really make a difference- And what about moving in together? I’m sorry, Jasper. I think it’s too early for us to- Yeah, whatever. Maybe I’ll see you later. Jasper? Wait! Help Amy, I’m glad you could make it. I’m sorry your boyfriend got upset. Yeah… I guess it’s fine. Dating is tough… There are so many animals here! I’m so happy I can help out! We try to take in every animal that needs our help. Oh, speaking of animals who need help, say hello to- Help! Help! *bwaah* I see you haven’t lost your sense of humor, Newton. Crazy little bird. There is SO much to be done here! Yeah – we’ve got more work than we can handle… I’ll e-mail my university friends. Maybe they can help? That’s a good idea! Thanks, Amy. What about supplies? Well, I do most of the purchasing. The problem is getting the funding. Yeah… How do we get funded here? It’s a non-profit, so donating is tax deductible… Actually, our biggest donations come from the Pawsitive Pet Clinic. Really? That’s really nice of them! It’s… strategic. It took some convincing. Anyway, I gotta run. Same time next weekend? Yeah! Little Lady Ah!! What the- Yap! Yap! What are you doing here little lady? Huh? Are you talking to me? I didn’t realize you responded to little lady! Well I walked into that one, didn’t I? Little lady! Little lady! *bwaah* Hey Jack… This is Fufu from the clinic, right? Yeah, I heard the owner didn’t like the color anymore… WHAT?! I can’t believe those people! They don’t see animals, they see accessories. Well… it’s a good thing we’re here then! AMY! It’s been SOOO long since we last hung out together! CRYSTAL! It’s so good to see you! Oh, it’s been crazy busy lately! So this is the shelter you’ve been telling me about! There are so many cute and cuddly creatures here! It looks like she likes you Crystal! Hey! I LOVE these shoes. No biting them! Oh my, they’re like twins! So true! Crystal, we’ve found your soulmate! What?! A pink puppy couldn’t be my soulmate! My soul mate is a wealthy, handsome, tall human man! I just need to find him first… Speaking of which, shall we have a girls’ night? OK! I’ll see you at work, Jack! Funding Jack! I figured I’d find you here. What can I do for you, Sherman? Just seeing where all our donations are going. Those donations have saved a lot of animals. We truly appreciate it. That’s why I’m here. The clinic isn’t getting enough credit. We’ll need to pause funding. Our donations aren’t having the PR impact we’d hoped for. You’ve got to be kidding me- Funding stops at the end of the month! What’s his problem? Well… Did you read the article about us saving Maggie? Yeah, it was great! They mentioned the clinic and everything! It didn’t mention Sherman… You think he’s- Yeah. I think he is. And now we need to find a new funding source… Without funding, all the animals here will have no help at all. Their lives depend on us now… Thanks for coming over! I just wanted to apologize- Water under the bridge! Don’t worry about it. You seemed pretty angry… I just want to see you more. You’re so busy all the time. I know, but my work is really important to me. But… why? I love animals! I think they’re wonderful! I think YOU are wonderful. So, I know you like horses… I LOVE horses! They’re so strong and free. You’ll have to come to my family’s estate sometime… My sister, Jade, has a few of her own. That sounds really nice! Spirit Animals Yay! Crystal’s back! I blame YOU TWO trouble makers for this pink puppy conundrum! Awww, but you’re so CUTE together! It’s true, she’s like your spirit animal. WHAT? No way! You’ll just have to adopt her! Absolutely NOT! I only came here to bring her back! Sorry, we have a strict policy on returns and refunds. Well, that’s one stray puppy taken care of. Let’s get to work on the rest! Hey, volunteering is actually pretty fun! But this place is a MESS! I’m looking at you, Jack. No, I know. It’s just… we don’t have that much money. Hey Crystal, any ideas on how we could get some funding? I might know some people who could help. We could use all the help we can get! Now that Pawsitive Pet Clinic decided to stop helping… Crystal knows EVERYBODY. We could… what’s the word? Diversify. Yeah, diversify! Crystal, what do you think? I’ve got a few ideas. Lisa! Are you free next weekend? Hey Crystal! I think so. Why, what’s up? I’ve got a plan… I think you’ll like it! Girl with a Plan SURPRISE!!! Help! *bwaah* Pink monster! *bwaah* LISA! Aww, I’m so glad you’re here! Crystal has been scheming… Hey! / YAP! YAP! She told me you could use a hand. That would be amazing! We need all the help we can get. Hi Lisa. I’m Jack. Oh, you must be Amy’s boyfriend! It’s so great to meet you. Oh, no! Jasper is my boyfriend. Jack is my boss at the clinic! He also helps run the animal shelter! Can you show me the ropes today? I’d love to help! Today was amazing! The animal shelter is so great! Time for us girls to brainstorm how to keep it running. Jack says most of the support comes from the Pawsitive Pet Clinic. And Sherman is going to cut the funding… Exactly! So, here’s what we need to do. First – we’ll make the shelter look AMAZING. Next – I’ll invite all my contacts to a fundraising party at the shelter! Yeah! Maybe we’ll even find new families for some of the animals! If we’re lucky, we might get some donations and support too! Crystal, you’re really good at this! So, I’ll help get the shelter organized while I’m here. And I’ll get everything ready for the fundraising party! And I’ll get all the animals washed, groomed and ready for the big day. Alright, let’s kickstart our plan to save the shelter with a toast! Cheers! Doubts So, this is the place huh? And you must be Leslie! Amy told me all about you! Jasper! It’s Lisa! LISA! Hi Jasper, it’s so nice to finally meet you! Right. Wow, this place really could use a fundraiser. Yeah, there’s a ton to do! Fancy giving us a helping hand, Jasper? What, me? Well, I dunno… I’m pretty busy. Busy? Doing what? Oh, you know. Right. Well, maybe you could round up some people for the party? Oh yeah! That’s easy eno- I mean, I have time for that! Amy, ready to send out these fundraiser invites? Yeah, let’s go! Hey Jack, can I ask you something? What do you think of Jasper? Oh. Well. I don’t want to be mean… No, I know. I won’t say anything. It’s just, I really care about Amy, you know? Yeah. I do too. She’s… Well, Jasper doesn’t seem like her type to me. Not that I’m a romantic consultant or anything… I kinda feel the same way. But I didn’t want to say anything. Should I, you know, say something? It’s her life, and she needs to learn her own lessons. From my experience, making your own mistakes is the best way to learn. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. Yeah, I think I do. Thanks Jack. Feline Trouble Invites? Check! Party supplies? Check! Excuse me… I’m sorry to bother you. But I found this kitten on the side of the road… It had a few brothers and sisters, but sadly, they didn’t make it… Awwww. Poor little thing. Come here you. I’m sorry for bothering you all, I just- Not at all. You may have saved his life. Thank you. We need IVs, this poor little guy is starving! Put the party planning on hold for now. Let’s get to work! How’s he doing? He looks okay! Poor little guy, left all alone on the road. He needs a name I think. He looks like a little tiger. Like he’ll be a strong hunter! Hunter it is! He seems to be doing better. I agree. For now, he’s not in any immediate danger. Still, we’d best keep an eye on him over the next few weeks. Yeah, you’re right. I’ll take him home with me! Aw, that’s perfect! You could use a new friend in your apartment! Pressure’s On Ah, the two heroes of the clinic. Sir? We wanted to talk to you about something. Well, out with it then. It’s about the shelter, and a fundraiser we have planned. Fundraiser? I thought I was clear that funding would stop. We understand. But we still wanted to invite the management to- Ungrateful! Kids these days are always asking for more! Kids? No, sir. It’s not like that. We want to find- This clinic has done enough! I’ll be speaking to the CEO about our ‘community service’ programs. We need to focus on profitability. Times are tough, you know. Well, it was worth a shot. I’m not surprised at how it turned out though. We’ll fix this, Jack. We’re a team. Let’s get back to the shelter. Think we could talk to the clinic’s CEO ourselves? Amy, we love the shelter because we do right by the animals. Right? At the clinic, they don’t always act that way. True. Pink puppies and police dogs in particular. Right. So… do we really want the shelter partnered with them? But we need them, don’t we? Well, right now we do. We don’t have any other options. But we should have more options. That’s my point. We shouldn’t partner with a clinic we don’t believe in. Right? Yeah… I guess you’re right. We could make our own way. With a successful fundraiser, we could replace everything we lost and more. Oh, now I’m nervous. The pressure is on! Fundraiser Pink monster! *bwaah* OK, so. The clinic’s management have told us they won’t be attending. Well, it was a long shot that Sherman would change his mind. We’ll save the day anyway! Let’s work to win back what we lost. Right! Today’s the big day. Let’s get ready! Okay! Let’s finish cleaning up then. I’ll get all the animals looking their best! I’ll work on our fundraising pitch. And I’ll be building up the excitement! Makin’ Money! *bwaah* Oh, and it goes without saying but… We’ll be celebrating our AWESOME teamwork at Verity this weekend! YEAH! This is going so well! So many animals are finding new homes! The shelter is getting so many new donors too! Amy! I know you met them briefly, but these are my parents! It’s so nice to see you again. Sorry about last time- Oh no, think nothing of it! Still working hard, I see! Jasper’s always talks about how busy you are! I bet it’d be nice to settle down one of these days, huh? Anyway, Amy. We’re hosting a horse race next week- And we would love to have you there to help out! Jasper tells us you’re just WONDERFUL with animals. Oh? OK. I’ll have to ask my boss Sherman. I’m not sure he’ll- Nonsense. We already spoke to the Pawsitive Pet Clinic! And we’ve donated to the shelter too! Oh, wow! Thank you for donating! Amy, you should come early and stay for the weekend! But of course! You absolutely must, my dear! But I have some guests visiting and- So we’ll see you next weekend then! Thanks for inviting us to the party! It was great! Oh, it’ll be just so nice to get to know you better Amy. They weren’t really asking, were they? At least they donated… right? Oh no! What about our girls’ weekend to celebrate? It’s okay. I can head home a little early… But you came all the way from Snuggford- It’s okay, Amy. We did something great here. That’s enough for me. We’d best celebrate all we can before you leave then! A Toast! Crystal, you’re incredibly good at this you know. Oh, I know. It’s hard being SO perfect sometimes… Tons of animals found new homes. And we received more donations and supplies than ever! We saved the shelter! So, drinks tonight. Then Amy has to head off for her getaway… It’s NOT a getaway! It’s work, and they were really pushy! But… You really like Jasper, right? Yeah, I think so. He… really cares about me. And working with horses all day will be AMAZING! Alright, let’s put our new donations to good use! I’m SO happy you came to visit Lisa! We couldn’t have done it without you! It was so nice seeing you two again. And meeting Jack! It was great to meet Jasper too! He seems… interesting. Uh oh! Seems interesting? That sounds like trouble. I like Jack! He’s so kind, and grounded. Jasper seems a little too… But Jasper’s got the hair! And the horses! Well, anyway. This past week has been pretty amazing! Yeah! We saved the shelter. We’re HEROES! And I got a kitten! And Crystal got a puppy! More like Crystal was forced to adopt- Speaking of pets, I’d best take Newton back home with me! Oh yeah. He’s probably missing Grandpa. New pets, new donors, old friends… I’d say a toast is in order! To saving the shelter! And pink puppies! And best friends! Ahem I don’t care! She’s YOUR problem, little brother. But Jade, this is important to me- Not nearly as important as ME winning this competition! I NEVER lose, Jasper. Never. Please, just be- Ahem. Good morning! We’re ready to get started. FINALLY! What took you so long? Well, this is when we were told to come- Whatever. Just make sure Ash gets special treatment. Ash? Is there something wrong with her? She’s my horse. I’ll be training her to win the competition! We’ll take good care of all the horses, don’t worry. So that’s the girl? I don’t see the big deal- Jade! She can probably still hear you. Oh, Jack! I have a favor to ask. Jasper wants me to stay at the mansion until the big race… Can you check on the kitten while I’m here? Of course! Thanks! I think I want a pet horse next… They are amazing animals aren’t they? So beautiful, and strong- Ahem! I see you two are working hard. Oh, it’s alright. They sure are beautiful, these horses. And profitable! So. Are we all set to train Ash for a win, Sherman? Well, of course! I’d say the odds are in our favor… Kingsley Clan We don’t have long to train before the championship begins! Oh, Ash is all ready for you. Good lu- All ready? Is she saddled? Fed? Watered? She’s ready to run! She better be ready to win. Wha… right. Well, good luck Jade. Luck? I don’t need luck. I have talent. Oh, you think that’s funny? No, of course not! I don’t have time for this, I need to train! How long is this training session again? Too long. You rode magnificently, Jade! That’s my girl! The Kingsleys play to win! Amy, dear – come along for dinner. Oh… Er, thank you, Mrs. Kingsley, but I still have work to do… Well Jack is here. I’m sure he can cover for you. What do you say, Jack? No, that wouldn’t be fair… But of course it is! You’re part of the Kingsley clan now. We’re the ones paying the clinic, after all. That’s very kind of you, Mr. Kingsley, but- Excellent, then it’s settled. Thanks very much Jack! Some people, right Ash? Money can’t buy you manners. Sherman? What are you doing here? Oh, you’re still here! Well, I’m just… checking in. Everything’s fine here, Sherman. Right. Well, why don’t you head on home then. I’ll wrap this all up. Another World I’m so sorry about yesterday, Jack! Don’t worry, Amy. Didn’t seem like you had much of a choice. How’s it going, by the way? I mean, staying at the mansion… Well, it’s another world. That’s for sure. Yeah, sure seems like it. Sherman came by last night. He’s acting… strangely. Oh yeah? You must mean even weirder than usual? Just let me know if you see him lingering around. Sure. And you can do me a favor too! Yeah? What’s that? Check on my little Hunter tonight? Pretty please? Of course… I’d be happy to. He’s still really thin. Too thin, maybe. Well, he was homeless for a while! But he should be recovering by now… His heart rate isn’t too fast or too slow, but it’s not very strong. Do you think it’s serious? My instincts tell me to be concerned. But… but it’ll work out, right? It HAS to! Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don’t. You just need to stay POSITIVE! I’ll stop over again in a couple of days. Make sure he eats! Can do! Eating is a specialty of mine! Possessions Amy! Is Ash ready for another training session? Of course! She seems super happy today! Happy? Happy doesn’t win races! Oh, I just mean… she seems healthy. I’ll be the judge of that. I’ve won four championships, you know. Saddle her up for training. Ash is here to win! I can’t understand people like that! Animals are just… just… Possessions. They see them as possessions. Exactly! It’s insane! I agree. I guess we’ll just have to set a good example. How did you do, Jade? My time keeps getting better and better! You’ll win for sure – this is the best horse money can buy! Oh, so it’s just the horse doing the winning then? Well, you’re the best sister money could buy too! HEY! That’s enough out of you! I’m just kidding around… Alright, alright. I’ll be back tomorrow. Jack, can you please clean out the stalls? Amy and I are going out to dinner. Sure, I’ll take care of it. Have fun, Amy. Poor Amy… this feels like the wrong kind of place for her. Then again… who am I to say? Suspicions … as planned. I mean, what more could we ask for? And the odds are in our favor? Bets are coming in? Everything is set. I think this will be our biggest payout yet! Hey there. Everything alright in here? Of course! Mr. Kingsley and I were just discussing logistics. I need you back in Critical Care, Jack. We’re getting behind schedule. Sherman, would you mind stopping in occasionally to help us out? Of course, Mr. Kingsley! Our clinic is at your service. Jack, why don’t you finish today’s work. Amy can handle it after that. Alright… If you say so. Hey Jack. Everything okay? I’m… not sure, actually. But we’d better get started. I’ll explain after work today. Hey, what happened this morning? You looked so serious. Amy… I’ve been taken off of this job. Well, you’ll do more good in Critical Care, I’m sure. That’s true, but… it was kind of suspicious. What do you mean, suspicious? Well… I can’t be sure. But Sherman had an empty vial. What? What would he be doing with a vial? It may sound a little paranoid… Maybe I shouldn’t say. No, go ahead. I trust your judgment. It’s a big race. There’s some serious money on the line… Why would… Oh! Oh, no. You don’t think- I don’t know anything for sure. Let’s just keep an eye out, alright? I will. If I see anything, I’ll text you. Oh, and Jack? Can you check on Hunter? Already planning on it. Unbelievable! Good morning Sherman! Oh! Amy, you gave me quite a scare! My mistake. I didn’t expect to see you either… Well, you know… what with Jack gone… You thought I might need some help? I’m only here to be sure the client is satisfied. Oh, Ash. What has he done to you? Steroids are so harmful in the long run! All this to win a race? What is WRONG with these people? Jack – check out this video. Call officer Murray. Let’s put a stop to this! Oh, you’re here! That’s a HUGE relief. He’s still so thin, and so sleepy all the time. I’m getting worried. Let’s have a look. I think we’re going to have to take him in to the clinic if this keeps up- Jack – check out this video. Call officer Murray. Let’s put a stop to this! Oh my… That’s really not good. What? What’s not good? I think Amy’s going to try to catch a criminal! I think you can comfortably expect another championship win. Indeed! Ash runs like the wind. And Jade’s the best jockey in the city. If I win another championship, I’ll be one of the best in the world! Shall we train any other horses tomorrow, Jade? Ash may need a little rest before the big day. Absolutely not! Ash is the best asset in town! Suit yourself. I’ll need a copy of this file as evidence, Jack. Sure, I’ll email it to you now. This is quite a serious crime. Fixing a race this big, with that much money on the line… Honestly, I’m more worried about the horse. Catching Sherman in the act would be our best bet. Amy was thinking the same thing. She’s a sharp girl. Red Handed Alright, just like we planned. Maggie will bark if she sees Sherman coming in. Right Maggie? Woof, woof! Right – and Officer Murray will hide out and wait. Odd place for a stakeout, I have to admit. Right before he gives Ash steroids, I’ll arrest him. We’ll test the vial at the station. Combined with the video, we’ll have conclusive proof. While we wait, Amy and I will work like it’s business as usual. He usually sneaks in early in the morning, or late at night, to avoid me seeing him. That’s okay, Maggie and I are patient. Right girl? Woof, woof! Well, how much longer should we wait? It’s pretty late. I’d say any minute… Unless he isn’t coming tonight. He may have caught on- Woof, woof! Alright, he’s on his way. Ready? Alrighty then. One more dose, and I’ll be a rich man… FREEZE! The game’s up, Sherman. You’re under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. No! This is a mistake! You can’t- You should take a hint, Sherman. It’s over. How DARE you! Do you have any idea how much damage you’ve done to Ash! And all for money! What’s WRONG with you!? You did the right thing, Amy. Thanks Jack. That means a lot. Alright, Sherman. Let’s go. Disqualified But Jasper, seriously! What was I supposed to do? Well, I don’t know! But not this! Jade will never win now! Ash has been disqualified! But you have all these other horses, and Jade’s a good rider- You don’t understand anything about this world at all, do you? Well maybe I don’t! Not if it’s a world where you treat animals like objects- This is all YOUR fault! I’m going to lose the biggest championship of my life! Because of YOU! Because of ME? This is because somebody tried to fix this race! Let’s not jump to any conclusions, my dear. Okay, okay. Everybody calm down… Amy just didn’t understand what she was doing. She made an honest mistake! I knew EXACTLY- / She knew EXACTLY- What’s done is done. For now, let’s focus on the next best horse. But the championship is tomorrow! It’s- Then get to work! Amy, I’m sorry she shouted at you- I just need to be alone right now Jasper. I’ve got work to do. He isn’t getting worse, but this is too long of a recovery. I think something else is going on here… You and Amy can save him though, right? Situations like this one aren’t always pretty, Crystal. This poor kitten was badly mistreated before making it to the shelter. Can you let Amy know I’m taking him to Critical Care? Of course! I’ll run her down there tomorrow, right after the race. I’m going to do some tests tonight. If there is a problem, we need to act tomorrow at the latest. Oh, Ash. What am I doing here? How did everything get so… so… Jack’s here. Hunter still too thin and tired. Jack thinks we need to run tests. He’s going to Critical Care tonight. I’m coming to get you tomorrow, first thing! It just never stops, does it Ash? Loss This is it. The championship race. Everything I trained for. Make us proud dear. All of our horses are top quality, Jade. You’ll do great. You’ve never lost before, you won’t start now! Alright, I think you’ll have to go get Amy. Oh no! Is it bad? Please don’t say it’s bad! It’s… not good. That’s the same as BAD! We’ll just have to try everything we can. He was malnourished for too long. His organs are failing… I’m going now! I’ll be back soon with Amy! This is all YOUR fault Amy! You and this stupid horse! I lost for the first time EVER! It’s okay to lose sometimes, it’s not all about winning- Well what IS it all about then? I’m sorry you lost, Jade, but I don’t have time for this. I’m done here. Let’s go Crystal – there’s no time to lose. Done here? You still have to clean up and stable the horses! Your contract includes the day after the championship too- HEY! You will NOT speak to my Amy that way. Do you understand me?! You can’t talk to me- I can talk to you however I want. Amy – let’s go! Amy! I’m glad you’re here. How’s he looking? Not good, Amy. I’m sorry. Looks like you’re having a tough couple of days… You wouldn’t believe it, but… I’m actually okay! We can do this! I’ll be here. We’re a team. Yeah. We’re a team. The Last Straw I… I failed. You’re not alone. If you failed, then so did I. I was so sure… I thought there must be something we could do… But… there wasn’t. I know how you feel. It never gets any easier… Yeah… I guess this has happened to you before… Many times. Working in Critical Care can be… heavy. But you can’t carry all that weight around with you. Sometimes you do everything right, and it all goes wrong anyway. I… think I need some time to think some things through. If you ever need to talk, you know where to find me. Huh? Oh, what time is it? Did I fall asleep? It’s the morning again, we worked all night… Is he alright? Did he… Oh, Amy. I’m sorry, love. I think… I think I need to talk to Jasper. Dearest Amy. This is a gift, for you. I was hoping you’d wear it to dinner this evening. Well, that’s a strange note. Isn’t it Ash? I’m so tired of all this drama… Horses just seem so free! I think maybe you’ve got the good life… Mind if I stay a while? Someone should be taking care of you, after all… Then I guess we’ll see what this note is all about… Amy? You’re a mess! Oh, it was terrible. Hunter died this morning! Wait, you mean that stray cat from the shelter? He was my cat, Jasper. I couldn’t save him… Oh, right. Well, I’m sorry Amy. Goodness gracious, I’m sorry to hear that dear. Well… maybe this will cheer you up… I saw your note, Jasper. What’s this all about? Jasper! What are you doing?! Roses are red, violets are blue, I can only hope you’ll say I do. Through times of health, and sickness too, We’ll stand together, just me and you. I… well… I… Oh, Jasper. I’m so sorry. It’s all just happening so fast. And… the craziness with Ash, and my poor little kitten… I can’t marry you, Jasper. I’m sorry. You mean. You… you’re… You’re saying NO? You’ll come around, my dear. I’m certain of it! Indeed! Jasper is just the perfect catch. This world… Your world isn’t my world. And the fact that you would ask me now, after everything… Amy, you can’t be serious! Ouch! What the- You STUPID beast! Ssshhh. It’s alright, girl. I know how you feel. It’s a bit… crowded in here. All the Time… Good morning, Lisa. Morning Arthur! Coffee? That’d be wonderful. Thank you! Coffee! Coffee! *bwaah* Caffeine is the last thing you need, Newton… Think Amy will be stopping by to see us anytime soon? I hope so… I really miss her! Well, I certainly don’t know what this town will do without you, Arthur. This place is busy every single day. I’d love to keep it open. but I’m… well… I’m tired I suppose. Too old, Too old. *bwaah* You’re no young’un yourself Newton! Amy! Amy! *bwaah* Oh, Amy! Are you alright? Can I get you some tea, or- Oh, I’ve just -sniffle- had the worst -sniffle- day ever! Oh, Grandpa. I missed you sooo much. Amy… What happened? It’s a long story, I guess. You look exhausted. We’ll talk in the morning, if you want to. Party! Party! *bwaaa* Let’s get you to bed, Amy. We’ll have all the time in the world tomorrow. Boys How are you sweetheart? Sleep okay? I’m much better, thanks. Sorry for, well- You never have to apologize to us, Amy. You know that. But we are a little curious. Yeah! Is everything okay? Well- AAAMMMMYYY! What happened? Jasper told me the craziest thing EVER! He proposed?!?! What?! Proposed?! Oh, it was the WORST! I just… It was all moving so fast. But I thought things were going well… Oh, Crystal, he can just be so… so… selfish! And his parents… But he’s rich, and handsome, and always wants to spend time with you, and- But he doesn’t know me! He just… he only likes the idea of me… What? I’m glad it’s over. You’re better off without someone like that. Anyway, now that I’m back… Grandpa, would you like some help? That would be great! I’ve got quite a bit of lab work to do today. Well, Jack can help with the tests – he’s the best vet in New York City. She’s just being nice. I’d be happy to help though. No, really, you’re quite skilled my boy! It was great having you here. I’m glad we got the chance to work together. Amy was right about you. See? I told you! Too old! Too old! *bwaah* I’m beginning to wonder why I missed you, Newton. I suppose it’s time for me to think about heading back to New York. Well Mr. Hawkins, you’re welcome to come back anytime. Don’t hesitate to drop by. Just call me Jack, please. And thanks – I’ll keep that in mind. He’s cute, don’t you think Amy? Boyfriend! Boyfriend! *bwaah* What? Wait, no! He’s just a friend! Who’s… a boy! And… you’re a troublemaker… who’s a… Bird! He could definitely use a haircut and- Well I like him. He’s a very nice and clever boy. I think I’ve had more than enough of boys lately… Cute and clever or otherwise! Secret Recipes I’m sorry things have been so rough for you lately, but I am happy you’re here. Thanks for being here for me, too. I know you have a lot on your mind… True. Who would have thought retirement would be so much work? Are you still sure you want to sell the clinic? Well, it’s a difficult decision. There are so many memories here… The town just won’t feel the same without your clinic. You’ve made a big difference here, Grandpa. More than everyone at the Pawsitive Pet Clinic combined. I’m sure Jack does a lot of good work. Boyfriend! Boyfriend! *bwaah* So. when are you heading back to New York? I don’t know… I took a few days off work, actually. Hope you don’t mind if I stay here for a while? Are you kidding?! I’d love to have you here. Especially if you’re up for helping out with the packing… Of course! ‘Secret Recipe for world famous dog treats’. Grandpa, what’s this? Oh, that’s from way back when. Emily and I cooked up this idea of selling homemade dog biscuits. Working in a friendly town like this can lead to some crazy ideas. Needless to say, it was harder than it looked! Biscuit! Biscuit! *bwaah* I’m going to miss this place. So many memories. Yeah, me too. It’s been good to us. What do you think you’ll do next? I’m not sure yet. Maybe I’ll go visit some old friends. Do a little traveling. That sounds wonderful. Think I’ll fit in suitcase? I’ll fit! I’ll fit! *bwaah* Apparently you’ll have a partner in crime anyway! Oof! These are heavier than they look! Well, at least we’re getting a good workout. Oh! I forgot about this… Party! Party! Aaaand she’s back! She being me of course. Oh my… this place looks so LONELY now. Yeah. It’s a little sad like this, isn’t it… Looks like we’ll just have to throw a PAR-TAY! What? No, no, no. None of that. What a great idea! A retirement party for Arthur! Lucky for all of you, I just so happen to be the BEST party planner for MILES! Ladies, please… Snuggford, yeah. You know where it is, right? She does things her own way, doesn’t she. Absolutely. Her greatest strength, and greatest weakness. What’s important is that her heart is in the right place! Party! Party! *bwaah* Sorry, Grandpa. Looks like we’re all in agreement. Hey there, little lady. Where’s your mama? HEY! I ain’t nobody’s ‘mama’! Crystal! This is WAAAAY too much stuff! Crystal… that’s far too generous- I won’t hear another word of it. Amy… are you going to be coming back to the city? Well, yeah. I mean, once everything is all set here- You know I can read you like a book, right? No, I know. I mean, after everything with Jasper. I… I just don’t know what I want. I guess I’m not so sure about the Pawsitive Pet Clinic… Well… I think you should stay in the city. There are SO many opportunities in New York City. Not to mention Jack, and the shelter, and… Oh yeah, and your BESTEST most AWESOME friend in the whole wide world! I know. It’s just that, being here… back home. I guess it just gets me thinking. Well, I think you think TOO much. Too much! Too much! *bwaah* Best Friends Oh! Is Scrappy alright?! He’s doing fine. Just running some tests. After what he went through last time, it’s better safe than sorry… Better! Better! *bwaah* Amy, would you mind helping out a bit with Scrappy? Of course! You’ll need to save your energy for the party this weekend! Oh boy. I’m never going to win this one, am I? Ooo, who’s been a good boy? Well, everything looks just fine, Becca. He’s doing remarkably well for his age. It’s all thanks to you and Amy. I really can’t thank you enough. He’s my best friend. It was nothing. Nonsense. It was the opposite of nothing. Alright, little fella. Let’s let these two get some rest. She’s right, you know. You should be proud, Amy. Hey, enough of all this! Alright, I’ve got a bit more packing to do. It’s nice to see Mrs. Everly so happy. Yeah, I miss that. The clinic in New York City is a bit less- Personal? Exactly. It feels a little distant sometimes… Did someone really dye that puppy pink? I missed Snuggford. Working here feels… honest. It still doesn’t feel real that the clinic’s closing. Yeah – it’s about as ridiculous as picturing a pink puppy! Wants and Needs Biscuit! Biscuit! *bwaah* MISSED CALL from JASPER Why don’t you ever ANSWER YOUR PHONE? Seriously. Can we talk? Amy? What’s going on? Oh! I… it’s nothing. No big deal. Liar! Liar! *bwaah* Fine… Jasper’s been calling me ever since… Since… Well, you know… You know you can always talk to me… Uh oh, it’s nine! We need to open up! So… About Jasper? Jasper was a disaster. He seemed perfect, but… But maybe what people seem and what people are aren’t the same thing. The same goes for the Pawsitive Pet Clinic, too. They don’t care about the animals at all… So you’re quitting then? I think I am. I don’t know what I’ll do next, but I don’t want to work there. I know that much. Well, you could always take over Arthur’s clinic. He would be- Is that what this is all about? You just want me to take over the clinic? No. Well, yes, I do want that. But I’m just saying it’s an option. Everybody wants something from me. I’m sick of it! Crystal wants me in the city. You want me here. No, Amy, that’s- Jasper wants me to make his parents happy. The city clinic wants me to make them money. But what about what I want? What do I want for me? I need to live my own life, Lisa! Can’t you understand that? I’m sorry Lisa. I guess I’m a little out of sorts. I’ll see you tomorrow. Trial and Error I’m sorry, Lisa. I shouldn’t have gotten angry with you. I’m sorry too. No, it was my fault. I’m feeling a little… lost, I guess. But I shouldn’t take that out on you. I understand. It’s a really big decision. Yeah, it is. Honestly, I would like to take over the clinic. But… But… I’m afraid of staying here in Snuggford. There are SO many places I want to see. And it’s such a huge responsibility! I mean, I don’t know if I could run this place even if I wanted to! Ready to PARTY?! Here’s the invite. Can you two send it to all the folks in Snuggford? Looks like we have a lot of work ahead of us! Yeah. Crystal’s been busy. I guess I’ll start sending out the invites! Hey Grandpa! What’ve you got there? Oh, just some paperwork. Selling a place like this means LOTS of paperwork… Get to work! Get to work! *bwaah* So… it’s really happening huh. Still doesn’t feel real… Change is often like that. Grandpa… when did you decide to open a pet clinic? Oh, well. That was quite some time ago, let me think. I worked quite a few jobs first. Most of them valued the business more than the animals. I couldn’t work that way. The truth is – every animal requires individual attention. I wanted the freedom to do the very best I could for each animal. Bigger clinics help more animals, but focus less on each one. I guess that’s the trade off. I liked making my own decisions based on what I thought was best for each animal. Snuggford was the perfect fit. I can remember each animal’s name, quirks and personality. That… makes a lot of sense. I kinda wish I’d asked you earlier… It’s hard to know what you want. Usually, it takes a lot of trial and error. You can say that again. Biscuit! Biscuit! *bwaah* The Giveaway Well, I guess these turtles will need to find a new home… I feel like you’ve had them forever. 20 years, maybe. Longer even. Wow. They look so healthy! Turtles are tough little guys. So what should we do? Find them a new home? I think that’s a great idea. Shall we give them away today? Aww, but it’s so soon! What’ll they do without their Grandpa!? Luckily, we have a town full of animal lovers. It’ll be a little turtle celebration today! Shellebration! Shellebration! *bwaah* Well, that’s the last of them. Aww… They were good pets though. I’m sure they’ll make their new owners happy. I think so too! I have so many great memories here. Like when the turtles escaped. Newton making fun of everyone. All the puppies and kittens… We had fun, didn’t we? Absolutely! It was the best. I’ll miss this place. Can birds get fat? ‘Cause I think Newton might need to start a diet… *bwaah* Closure I come bearing gifts! Ready to start setting up? Absolutely! Ooh, but guess who I saw last night? Jasper, at the Verity Club! Oh? I think he might have been on a date. Well that’s… nice for him. I just HAD to tell you. What a- No. No, it’s okay. I haven’t really been returning his calls… Amy! I know, I know. I just… I don’t know what to say! Well, it was pretty CRAZY. What happened to you, I mean. Ugh, relationships are the WORST sometimes. Well, you just have to follow your heart. You doing okay? Yeah. With Jasper, anyway. I think… I think it was the right decision. I think we’re done. I’m glad he’s moving on I guess, but- Yeah. Yeah. Yeah! Yeah! *bwaah* Ah, what a busy day! But everything looks AMAZING! Crystal, you sure know how to plan a party! Thanks again Crystal. Grandpa may be grumpy about the attention, but he really appreciates it. Sorry for bringing up Jasper this morning, Amy. I just HAD to tell you. I know. Don’t worry about it. What about Jasper? Oh, nothing really. Just that he may be moving on. Already!? I know, RIGHT? What a- Hello? I hope this is the right- Jasper?! What are you doing here? Jasper?! What are you doing here? Oh! Amy! Hi. I… well- Well, I wanted to talk to you… Amy? It’s ok, just give us a minute. I… I think I owe you an apology. I shouldn’t have put all that pressure on you. Anyone would’ve run off. It’s not your fault. I should’ve seen it sooner. I’m sorry. I’m sorry too, Jasper… I really do think you’re great though. I just didn’t know how to appreciate that. I’d like to make it up to you… if you’d be willing to give me the chance. Jasper, I… I don’t think I can do that anymore… I’m… No, that’s okay. You’re right. I know it’s all over… I just… You know… Will you be coming back? To the city I mean? No, I don’t think I will actually. The Pawsitive Pet Clinic wasn’t really right for me. I see. Well… if there’s ever anything I can do… I know. Thanks. Well. I guess that’s it then… Thanks. For being you. Maybe I’ll see you around sometime… Yeah. Maybe. Take care Jasper. Well, Newton… what do you think? Biscuit! Biscuit! *bwaah* Some things never change. But I guess some things do. One day later… The Big Day Everything set for the party? Party! Party! *bwaah* Oh yeah! Looking AWESOME. It’s going to be a lot of fun. By the way, Amy. I found your old notepad. Thought you may want it back… Oh yeah… My old pros and cons list… Thanks, Lisa! Well I’m done with the paperwork. As of tomorrow, the building will have new owners. I can’t believe it’s your last day… We’ll have to make it a great one! Yeah! Let’s make the best of it! Biscuit! *bwaah* I think it’s only fitting that you do the honors today, Grandpa? My old pros and cons list… I wonder what I wrote in it! ‘I can learn so much in New York’ – Well, I guess I learned what I don’t want… ‘I can’t leave Grandpa alone’ – I wonder if he left the clinic open because I left? Sigh… I was such a different person back then. Time for new choices I guess… Hello! Hello! Hello! Hey Newton, what’s up? Party! Party! *bwaah* Jack! You made it! Hey, Amy. How have you been? Oh, it’s so great to see you! PARTY TIME! Oops. Did I- I mean… Did I forget the champagne? Let’s have a toast! Emily! It’s great to see you. how’s the- Puppies! Puppies! YAAAY! Oh, that bike is always giving me trouble. Fixing up the- Everyone! One moment please! I just wanted to propose a toast. To the best vet Snuggford has ever seen! Amy… are you bragging? Hey! I mean Grandpa, of course! He taught me everything I know- Yeah, I’ve been meaning to apologize for that- He saved Scrappy! And Butterball! And Cujo! Newton! Newton! *bwaah* And Daisy! Daisy is a good wabbit! To Arthur, for taking great care of every animal that ever walked through that door! To Arthur! / To Grandpa! Th-ahem. Tha- *sniffle*. Thanks everyone. It means a lot. It’s so sad to see this place go. Your clinic was better than any big city clinic, anywhere in the world! I’m such a lucky girl to grow up in a place like this. There, there… Enough with the tears. You’ll make me cry again! I guess it’s time to finally sign the sale papers. No… this isn’t right… you can’t sell it! Amy? This clinic means so much to so many people! It means so much to me! Sweetheart, you know I can’t run it any more. And I can’t keep the building just for… Then I’ll have to step up. I’ll take the practice over, and I’ll carry on the great work you do here. Amy, that’s a very big decision to make. But it’s the right decision to make. I realize that now. This is what I’m meant to do! I want to continue your work, Grandpa. I want to keep helping animals here in Snuggford! Everyone, may I have your attention please! Amy and I have an announcement to make! This is no longer just my retirement party! It’s the clinic’s grand re-opening! Epilogue This party planning is tough going Crystal! You know it! It’s a hard life… But, in all seriousness, there’s a lot more to it than I thought! Well Amy, you’re all set. You’re now officially the clinic’s new owner! Thank you, Grandpa. I can’t wait to get started! Well, while Arthur’s off on his retirement, you can always call me if you need a helping hand. Thanks Jack. Maybe I will. I’ll miss you. I’ll visit soon. Well, I’d best get going too. You BETTER come visit New York, girl. Or else! That goes for both of you! You have my word. Good! Okay, let’s go pup! What about you Lisa? Any plans? Well… You know I love working here… So… Need some help? Of course I do! How could I run this place without having my best friend here to help me? My, my, looks like our new boss is- Newton! Boss! Newton! Boss! *bwaah* Well… I was going to say ready for her first day. But apparently you’ve already been replaced, Amy! Alright – I’ll leave it to you then! Good luck! Sooo… What now? It’s nine already… Time to open the clinic! *bwaah*


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