Don’t Mess With Mac and Cheese

Now, there’s a new food up for
debate you all, mac’ n’ cheese.
>>Yes.>>Okay.>>Yes, yes.>>Can’t get this [CROSSTALK]>>Okay, so let’s get this straight now, because I get in my feelings about this. Social media exploded recently after
Twitter user Jan Levenson posted this pic with the caption look
at the mac’ n’ cheese my coworker brought to our potluck today.
>>[COUGH]>>Bro, I’m so offended. She literally poured cooked macaroni into
a pot and put shredded cheese on top without an ounce of seasoning.
>>What? Not even salt and pepper?
>>But the cheese isn’t even melted.
>>Yeah.>>Dude, this picture was retweeted thousands of times with the homemade
mac’ n’ cheese getting roasted by people including director Miss Ava DuVernay who tweeted-
>>Yes.>>I think you have grounds to file a workplace grievance.>>[LAUGH]>>It’s true.>>[APPLAUSE]>>That is hilarious. [CROSSTALK]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Okay, we all, mac’ n’ cheese is an American favorite,
everybody across the world eats mac’ n’ cheese.>>Yes.
>>Yes.>>Do you guys think this is food faux pas?
>>Well, first of all can we please show what true, homemade mac’ n’ cheese looks like?
>>Yeah.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Yes. My goodness!>>And it even has the burnt, crisp edges.
>>Yes, yes!>>At the top of the edge.>>All about the burnt part.
>>Where you put it in the broiler for a couple seconds at the end, right?
>>Yes, so awesome.>>Even the Kraft Mac and Cheese, I got the box-
>>Me too!>>I eat that crap made.>>Don’t, the blue box blues is sometimes really good.
You guys don’t, nobody wants to eat Kraft macaroni-
>>Hey just, I need you to stop.
>>I love it.>>Now, when you are hungry and that’s a quick thing to just start,
it can be really tasty->>Yo, anybody else->>You add some Adobo to that, and it’s really tasty-
>>[LAUGH]>>Cheating, cheating, cheating>>But, I actually, with Thanksgiving coming up,
I actually do the big macaroni and cheese for my family.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>I do it. You guys, you have to put eggs in there.
>>Yup, mm-hm.>>You need something to hold it together. The eggs, the milk, butter in there and you’ve got to season.
>>Anybody grow up with government cheese?>>Have you ever tried to melt that? I did not know that cheese was
supposed to melt till fourth grade.>>It’s like Velveeta’s usually the best, also you’ve got to get that in there. You got that different types of cheese,
different flavors->>All kind of stuff, you know?>>But the key is the cheese has to be melted. What is happening here?
>>Yeah.>>But see that’s why you can’t everybody’s macaroni and cheese.
>>You can’t. That is true.
>>You don’t allow some people>>[APPLAUSE]>>To bring the macaroni and cheese.
>>Yes.>>If you know you can’t cook it, don’t do that.
>>Have you ever had somebody?
>>Did anybody eat that? Do we know?
>>Probably not.>>[CROSSTALK] That’s noodles and cheese.>>[LAUGH]>>I wanted to, this is random, but I do want to ask. I want a picture of who made that cheese. I just wanna look. You get what I’m saying.

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