Do Not Take Antacid to Cure Stomach Ulcer Pain I Stomach Ulcer Symptoms I Nutrition Expert Palak

Do Not Take Antacid to Cure Stomach Ulcer Pain I  Stomach Ulcer Symptoms I Nutrition Expert Palak

Thanks a lot for your time. My today’s topic
is stomach ulcers if you have stomach ulcer what are the signs and how to naturally treat
stomach ulcers and what is the science behind stomach ulcers why does this happen and to
permanently cure them. How do you know you have stomach ulcers you
can go to if you have the sharp pain in your stomach after eating something or throughout
the day anytime it means your stomach lining has ulcers in it.
Now how does this also happens is that caused you about due to a bacteria call H pylori
not the problem is the doctor’s whenever you have this sharp pain in your stomach your
doctor would say that it is stated that is touching your also take a and t a z and Lord
is it in your stomach know what your doctor doesn’t tell you that these ulcers are caused
due to low stomach acid so once you lower the stomach is it more of those will develop
and there are many problems coming down the line now so if it’s a health insurance pays
and you want to Tesco for H pylori problem
in and are you food so so now if you want to get a permanent relief from H pylori bacteria
or let’s say another chance you want to get permanent relief from this sharp pain in your
stomach there are two strategies Your Number One strategy is you should raise your stomach
acid and how to do it I have another video done yesterday so you guys can check all notes
in the YouTube and stomach acidity so if you have high level of stomach is it anytime the
spec period comes in it would get algae mechanical know what to do about the present ulcers and
present at bacteria which is Which is living in your stomach lining my first powerful home
remedy is flax seeds you can look for black seeds online so you take to gram of flaxseed
every day or two times a day and do it for 10 days and the 60 to 70% chance that then
this would be killed bacteria and the second remedy is garlic garlic has a very high antibacterial
properties so you take for next 10 days when you are fighting this sharp pain or let’s
see when you are fighting H pylori you take raw garlic and you crush it and just have
it to clothes off for red garlic directly just take it with water that is my strategy
number to number 30 Prodigy is take probiotics now there are people who say take probiotic
supplement some people eat probiotic rich foods soup probiotic is part of my diet everyday
either I eat kefir or yoghurt or raw milk yoghurt or I would I take sauerkraut or kimchi
combo chart I would always take some something probiotics in my diet and you would never
have acidity or dilation that’s my strategy number 3 number for H pylori bacteria or look
for sprouts in the supermarket broccoli sprout you have them a couple of broccoli sprouts
everyday for next 7 to 8 days and I’m sure one of the Chargers V strategy strategy is
green tea green tea polyphenols and green tea properties so you drink one cup of cream
soda for health insurance not 100 percent results that they will kill
H pylori because it’s a bit to antibiotic resistant bacteria sometimes I get calls and
sometimes it’s the right even if it gets killed and your stomach is so slow it’s going to
come back again so these are my strategy and plus I took step-by-step process of how to
kill the bacteria so I said and never get that ulcer or sharp pain in your stomach I
hope I give you some valuable insight and please subscribe to my channel public notary
that you don’t miss any information which is coming directly from a nutritionist and
I will help you take care


  1. U the best …. I wish I saw that video 7 months ago I already toke the antibiotics and the Dr put me on Omeprazole for months now I’m trying to get off Omeprazole I’m still in a lil pain but idk wat to do now did I should take apple cider vinegar or wait for my stomach to heal more

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