Do I Have an Ulcer or Gastritis?

Do I Have an Ulcer or Gastritis?

I’ve had tons of trouble lately. Do I have
an ulcer or gastritis? Gastritis is when the lining of the stomach
is inflamed. It is easily mistaken for ulcers and other problems. Aren’t they the same thing? The same bacteria, helicobacter pylori, causes
most cases of gastritis. But you don’t have an ulcer until it eats through the stomach
wall. Is that the only cause? You can end up with gastritis from using anti-inflammatory
substances, though that rarely leads to ulcers unless you’re compounding it with alcohol. And the bacteria can be cured with antibiotics. True, and acid blockers ease the gastritis
until it clears up. But ulcers need time to heal unless they are so bad you need surgery. I’ve heard that both conditions can be treated
with diet. If you have gastritis, the solution is to
stop using whatever caused it. That may be alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, or something else. I’d hate to think that the whiskey shots
and medicine afterward are responsible for this. You have to quit both, because they worsen
both gastritis and ulcers. This is literally a blow to the stomach. What
can I do? Take anti-acids and pain meds. If that doesn’t
improve the situation, get to the doctor. How do I know if it is an ulcer, compared
to gastritis? It will be worse between meals and after drinking
things like orange juice and coffee. Some people with ulcers become fat because they
are constantly nibbling on food to prevent the ulcer pain. That can’t be the cause of today’s obesity
crisis. Another symptom is black poop, because blood
leaks into your digestive tract through the ulcer and through – OK, I’ll do something about it. Gosh, listening
to this is worse torture than the disease.


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